Why Perfection is a Myth?

Real ‘Men’ & ‘Women’ are NEVER Perfect!

What is Real. Who is Real?

Within every natural authentic gemstone – there are some natural ‘dark marks’ – some natural ‘smoky substance’ – especially when it comes to ruby or sapphire. A gemstone that is totally transparent with absolute no spot – no natural bubble or smoky substance within – is generally a FAKE.

In real-life -the human being is also like a gemstone! Because just the way NO GEMSTONE is perfect – similarly NO human being is PERFECT!

Life becomes a misery when we chase for perfection. And the same life becomes a garden of bliss when we focus on BEING TOTAL.

Whatever you do – Be Total.

If you love – Be Total in your love – so much so that the person you love is GOD for you!

And if you HATE – be Total in your hate – so much so that the person you hate is SATAN for you!

And who knows – your HATE IF it becomes TOTAL then one fine day it may start transforming into LOVE! HATE can transform into LOVE – those who have been following me have read the many historical real-life incidents that I have been sharing all along on this forum!

When the pendulum of the clock goes to the extreme LEFT – a time comes when it has reached the dead-end- there is no further space to move – the pendulum has to start moving towards the RIGHT – the POSITIVE – the LOVE!

HATE can change into LOVE. In fact, a man or woman who hates is far better than a man or woman who is FAKE! Because FAKE has absolutely no future, it remains where it is. But HATE is at least REAL – and whatever is REAL – has a GOOD CHANCE to transform – to evolve – to raise the quality of this journey called life.

And so see the beauty – see the reality that only a GEMSTONE that has certain ‘imperfections’ within – is considered to be REAL. Only a MAN or WOMAN who has a certain imperfection within is considered REAL. And I LOVE SUCH MEN and WOMEN – I just love them because they are SO NATURAL – SO REAL. My heart is always open for such REAL MEN – yes they are IMPERFECT but because they are IMPERFECT – they are REAL MEN and REAL WOMEN who are song, who are a beautiful ‘poem’!

Always remember – and I share this with my genuine followers and readers – that NOBODY is PERFECT in this UNIVERSE – neither ME, neither YOU – and neither this whole cosmos! And because it is NOT PERFECT – it is ALIVE – it is GROWING – it is BLOSSOMING! Rejoice in your imperfection – because you all look beautiful only when you are – IMPERFECT, – natural – flowing like a beautiful river….

This is the beauty of this planet – this universe that whatever is imperfect is REAL – an imperfect stone with certain spots within – an imperfect man with certain drawbacks – an imperfect woman with certain shortcomings – and yet THEY ALL LOOK BEAUTIFUL – they all LOOK ALIVE – because they are R E A L.

Always remember – TOTALITY is possible – Perfection is impossible. A perfect looking rose looks good – but it is ‘plastic’ – it has NO fragrance to it.

A perfect looking gemstone looks good – but it is synthetic – it has NO vibrations to it – it is dead.

Perfection is being dead. Imperfection is being ALIVE.

So come – come you all and let us rejoice in our imperfections – because that is what makes us REAL – NATURAL.

And a man who is natural, a woman who is natural – always looks beautiful – always is a song, a beautiful dance.

Jai Shri Ganesha. Jai Guru. 🙏



Addittya Tamhankar

Addittya Tamhankar

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