Why is my marriage life not happy? I have Rahu in the seventh house.

You answer is in your question itself! Rahu – the shadow of ignorance when casts its shadow on the house of partnership (marriage ) – there is bound to be more problems than otherwise!

But it is not just RAHU – you cannot blame just the shadow? Wouldn’t it be too naive to do so! You have to see – whose shadow it is?

It is yours – it is your OWN KARMA – whose shadow (fruits) you are tasting in this human life! So understand the depth of this situation – there is no point in blaming your partner – there is no point in saying ‘she is like this’ and ‘she is doing this and that’ – she is your past karma’s fruit – remember this – until this sinks within you – you will commit the same mistake again and again and again – of getting divorced – parting ways – and so on!

And that is what happens – out of ignorance – a man, a woman with RAHU in seventh house – act out of ignorance – they do the same mistake of hurting their wife or husbands – divorcing them or causing pain to them – and the cycle goes on repeating – it repeats life after life – until a day comes – when you become aware – of your own doing – your own karma – and that is the day of you real transformation!

Don’t ask – why am I not happy with my marriage – don’t ask – why my wife is like this or has turned out to be like this – you will get hundred of answers from many people – and yet you would never be satisfied – because the *answer* is within you – the power of possibility is within you!

What should I do then? – You have to become friends – remember – LOVE is the starter – but what helps you sustain a marriage or a relationship is – Friendship!

Unless friendship grows love is bound to fail. So while love is there make sure that friendship is growing, because sooner or later the romance of love will disappear and if the friendship has not grown by that time then the whole thing falls flat.

“Love is not an hallucination, it is a moment of high passion, but one cannot remain on the high moment forever. One has to cool down, come back to earth, move on the plains; that’s where life exists. You can fly high in the sky for a few moments but then you have to come back to earth. Before you come back to the earth create friendship because that will last. So love, love as much as possible, but always remember that love has to give space to friendship.” – Osho

A man or a woman with RAHU in 7th house should become more understanding, more accomodative, more friendly – RAHU in 7th makes you a man or a woman who ‘DEMANDS’ a lot of things from his or her partner – STOP THAT – make your demand – a request – be humble – be understanding!

“To understand everything is to FORGIVE everything” says the Buddha!

True love is born only from understanding – and to understand – you have to become more meditative – take some time out of your daily chores and be with yourself – sit back, close your eyes and meditate!

Close your eyes, fall in Love, stay there. Never lose hope, my heart, miracles dwell in the invisible. If the whole world turns against you keep your eyes on the Friend. Look at Love with the eyes of your Heart.” – Rumi

So drop all these calculative thoughts of mercury – D1, D9, and there are man Ds – what I want is my followers to go beyond the realms of all D’s and enter into the kingdom of Love. This is the shrine of God. This *is* the only shrine…Love!

Be more loving – understanding towards your wife and you will see the change happening – change happens – life is like river – it is never static – life is flowing – you will change – only when you would *allow* change to happen within your ‘self’!

Mediate. Live. Love and be more understanding – that is my message – a message from God’s Fool!


Jai Shri Ganesha. Jai Guru!



Addittya Tamhankar

Addittya Tamhankar

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