When will you find the Buddha?

Technique is of the MIND. As long as MIND remains, Meditation cannot happen. But some people are behind techniques, they remain on the circumference, they never reach to the bottom of their heart!

To all my followers – especially to those few fellow followers of heart – I want to emphasis that you don’t need techniques to meditate. You need an old lion – the master!

Once it happened that a lion lost his son in the woods. And it was difficult to find him because the whole forest area was occupied by hunters, dangerous hunters. And so he had to Let Go…

The baby lion was then brought up by goats. And because he was brought up by goats – he moved like a goat. His whole body language was that of a goat. Living with the goats he started believing that he was also a goat. He chew the grass, the leafy vegetables – he remained a vegetarian. He had absolutely NO idea that he was a LION and he was a LION!

Then one day it happened that a old lion was out to hunt and when he saw the young lion walking with the goats – he was shocked. He could not believe his eyes. The goats were not afraid of the young lion. They were walking with the young lion and there was no fear. They had no idea that a lion was walking with them. The old lion somehow got hold of the young lion, because it was difficult to catch hold of him. He escaped – he tried, he cried, he screamed. He was afraid, he was shivering with fear. All the goats escaped and he was also trying to escape with them, but the old lion got hold of him and pulled him towards the river. He would not go. He resisted. He tried his best not to go. He was scared to death, crying and weeping, but the old lion wouldn’t allow him. The old lion still pulled him and took him to the river.

The river was silent like a mirror. He forced the young lion to look into the water. The young lion looked into the river, his eyes were filled with tears, so it was blurry but even then he could see his reflection in the river water. Tears disappeared and a new sense of being arose; the goat started disappearing from the mind. He was no more a goat, but he could not believe his own enlightenment. Still the body was shivering a little, he was afraid. He was thinking, “Maybe I am imagining. How can a goat turn so suddenly into a lion? It is not possible, it has never happened. It never happens that way.” He couldn’t believe his own eyes, but now the first spark, the first ray of light had entered into his being. He was no more the same really. He could never be the same again.

This is what happens when you meet the master. You are never the same again! The old lion in the story is a symbolic representation of the divine master. And the young lion is YOU – who have been living with ignorance, like a goat when in reality you are a LION!

The old lion took him to his cave. Now he was not so resistant, not so reluctant, not so afraid. By and by he was getting bold, gathering courage. He started walking like a lion as he went to the cave.

Understand the fact that the moment the young lion realized his SELF – his REAL IDENTITY – he was no more the same. He was no more walking like a goat, his SELF REALIZATION was the key to his total transformation and now he walked like a LION – fearless. All that was required for him to realize his true identity – was ‘KNOWING”.

You have to realize the fact that you are already a LION – you just have to KNOW, you just have to SELF-REALIZE by returning back to home – to the source!

You are just like that young lion who was spending his life living like a GOAT when in reality he was a lion! The old lion (Master) comes and sees the young lion with the herd of goat – and then the benevolent master hold you and take you to the river……just so that you could ‘SEE’ who you really are!

The river is the symbolic representation of your inner being – unless you look within – how can you KNOW who you really are?

It is the Guru, the compassionate master whose divine intervention encourage you to look within – just the way the old lion’s intervention encouraged the young lion to look in the river.

And then the moment you self realize your TRUE IDENTITY – you are no more a goat – a great roar arise in YOU – the ROAR OF FREEDOM.

The young lion also when realized that he is NOT a goat but a LION – a new sense of being arose; the goat started disappearing from the mind. He was no more a goat, but he could not believe his own enlightenment. Still the body was shivering a little, he was afraid. He was thinking, “Maybe I am imagining. How can a goat turn so suddenly into a lion? It is not possible, it has never happened. It never happens that way.”

When your meditation starts progressing and you find who you are – this is exactly how YOU doubt yourself. Because you have never faced the truth – you have never looked WITHIN – and when for the first time your real identity is found – you tend to doubt.

But this is just the beginning….

This is the first ‘light’ of realization that has penetrated your whole being. The young lion was also enlightened for the first time, and the moment it happened, he was NEVER the same. His could never be the same.

The young lion was NO MORE a goat. It is only when you are NO MORE what you think you are – is that you will come back to the reality of WHAT YOU ARE!

The old lion (Master) then takes the young lion to a cave. In that cave – the old lion introduces ‘meat’ to the young lion. The young lion had never in his life tasted ‘meat’ – he hesitates, he steps back – but the old lion (Master) push him further – the old lion says ” Try it first then you will understand….”

And the young lion came near the meat, something happened: from the smell, something deep in his being which had been fast asleep was awakened. He was pulled, attracted towards the meat, and he started eating. Once he tasted the meat, a roar burst through his being. The goat disappeared in that roar, and the lion was there in his beauty and splendor.

This ‘meat’ is the symbolic representation of ‘Meditation’! The old lion (Master) says “Try it” – but the young lion never in his life had tried Meditation (meat) – but the old lion insists – the compassionate master insists and the moment the young lion ‘TRY MEDITATION’ – he quickly resonates with it – he quickly is able to appreciate it because HUMAN BEINGS are by default SPIRITUAL BEINGS – you don’t have to be spiritual – you just have to self-realize the SPIRITUALITY within you!

Spirituality comes natural to all human beings.

A cat needs NO training to catch a mouse. Similarly a human being needs NO training to meditate. Meditation come naturally – you just have to remain available – and you will be available only when you remain unoccupied with any thoughts or ideas or to do lists!

You just have to RELAX. When you relax – meditation starts flowering. And you will be able to RELAX only when you have dropped the MIND and started moving beyond MIND.

Remember – the young lion was simply introduced to the ‘meat’ – he never had meat in his life – but the moment he smelled the ‘meat’ – the moment he tried the ‘meat’ – he was able to eat it – consume it and also digest it – after all he was a lion – he was BORN to eat meat! Similarly you don’t need training to try ‘meat’ – meaning meditation – you are HUMAN – you are BORN to meditate – no training, and no technique and no learning is required when it comes to meditation.

You don’t need any training, any technique to meditate – all you need is the old master – the old lion!

The old lion is needed, the old master is needed – just with the omnipresence of the divine master – the ‘KNOWING’ happens, the ‘MEDITATION’ happens – the moment you SURRENDER to HIM, then the whole ‘journey’ begins – and you NEVER are the same!

Just the way the young lion was NEVER the same. He was no more following an ignorant life of a goat – he had come to realize his true identity – the fact that HE is a LION.

The lion is within us. We all have the LION (SELF) within us. The consciousness – the GOD CONSCIOUSNESS. All we have to do is to look into the ‘river’ (WITHIN) and self-realize that the LION is WITHIN YOU. This LION is your INDIVIDUALITY, when individuality wells up – the society (herd of goat) cannot stand you – they start running away from you – because the society always FEARS the individual.

The society is nothing but the ‘crowd’. And TRUTH happens not to the crowd but only to an INDIVIDUAL.

The young lion was a part of the crowd – but the moment the old master came and showed him the way…..helped him to find his true identity….he was no more a crowd – he became an INDIVIDUAL.

The old master is needed. Guru is needed – without GURU no matter what you do – you cannot succeed! The significance of the old lion (old master) is of immense importance.

One needs GURU – but you need not search for the GURU. The GURU will come in search of you – when you are truly ready.

All you have to do is to GET READY. This readiness comes when you are slowly slowly coming closer to SURRENDERING yourself in TOTALITY to the LORD. When you start living your life in SURRENDER to the LORD than the LORD sends HIS SON (the master) to guide you.

Jesus addresses the Lord as Holy Father.

The enlightened beings are indeed the ‘messengers’ of the HOLY LORD and it is they who come to guide us towards the path of LIGHT.

The divine masters are the messengers – they are the pointers towards the TRUTH – the LIGHT.

The old lion showed the way to the young lion.

The GURU, the compassionate master also shows us the way towards the light. We have to walk the talk, we have to walk the path.

” No one saves us but ourselves. No one can and no one may. We ourselves must walk the path.” – Buddha

When you SURRENDER in TOTALITY to the compassionate master – when you no more are the DOER but have given all the controls to the master – then you truly start transforming, then there is a song to it, a dance, then everything around you is the same, but you are no more the same.

The real COURAGE is to MEDITATE. The real heroism is to SURRENDER. Very few succeed, because to surrender you need to have immense faith, unwavering faith and patience.

The world on the outside can be conquered but the world within you is not so easy to conquer. One need tremendous patience and courage to meditate and slowly slowly overcome the many enemies within you – these enemies are “Lust”, “Greed”, “Anger”, “EGO” and many such self-destructive qualities that you have been accumulating from many births and rebirths. All these distractions are born from the MIND and so unless you conquer your MIND – there is no coming to the TRUTH. There is no coming to GOD.

The LION within you can truly well up when you have conquered yourself.

You have everything WITHIN you – that you are seeking on the outside. The whole universe is WITHIN you. The LION is within you – all you have to do is to turn inward, look within and ‘see’ your true SELF – and the day you will ‘see’ the LION within you – you will ROAR for the first time – and that ROAR will be the ROAR OF FREEDOM – the ROAR of “Self-Realization”!

You are also a LION, but living with ignorance. Living with the herd of goat you have become a goat when in reality you are a LION – WAKE UP, TURN INWARD and DISCOVER YOURSELF!

Discover yourself otherwise you have to depend on other people’s opinions who don’t know themselves.

Your idea about yourself is borrowed from those who have no idea of who they are themselves. You think you are a goat, when in reality you are a Lion! An old lion is needed (the master) who can direct you and help you realize your true self. Often it happens that the master is there – the old lion is there – but you try to dodge, this way and that, it is not possible. You are reluctant, you are difficult to bring to the river, but the master will bring you. You have been eating grass your whole life. You have completely forgotten the smell of meat (meditation), but the master will force you to eat (meditate). Once the taste is there, the roar will burst. In that explosion the goat will disappear and a Buddha will be born.

This is the way of its happening, this is how it happens, this is how the ‘Buddha’ (enlightened being) is born….

The real master is not a cat but a LION! He had discovered his SELF, he has gone beyond the mind – he is no more of this world, he has gone BEYOND.

The sole purpose of the Master’s omnipresence is to help you discover your SELF.

Come. Sit down and start meditating every day. For the sole purpose of the human life is indeed to discover your self.

Meditate every day.

It is only through your self-realization that you can experience the BUDDHA (consciousness) within you – than you don’t have to search for Buddha anywhere else, then you have become a light unto yourself!

Love to all my readers and followers – raise the quality of your life by helping each other to become more meditative. 🙏

Jai Shri Ganesha. Jai Guru.



Addittya Tamhankar

Addittya Tamhankar

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