When can I expect court cases to end?

Don’t expect for the court cases to end. The very fact that you expect the court cases to end reflects that you are not ‘living’ a single day. Your mind is simply in the future and ‘life’ is in the NOW – THE PRESENT MOMENT!

You are missing life because your mind is not letting you live in the Present moment.

This is affecting your health and your peace. My suggestion is that you just flow with your life by being here now….just flow…let the case go on and on….you simply go with the flow. Let there be no expectation and no hope. A man who lives with hope is not living in the moment but in the future!

“ Unless you are totally destroyed as a Mind, there is absolutely no hope for you.” – Osho

So first the Mind has to be totally destroyed. The Mind is in Rush. “ when will this happen, when will that happen” – the mind is always in rush – the mind is always restless – that its nature!

I am helping you to understand the nature of such a restless Mind. And through your question – I am trying to help all my readers and followers to understand the futility of this monkey mind.

It is your Mind that affects your Health. In astrology terms – it is your Moon and its state that goes on affecting your health.

We all have to overcome this monkey mind and the way to do so is by slowly turning inwards. And for that one has to spend some quality time in Meditation. STILL the wavering restless mind by being more and more meditative.

In the larger interest of my readers and followers – I would like to share one of the most beautiful quotes of the Bhagavan:

I rarely answer such personal questions but maybe the answer has come for the larger interest of all those who may go through a similar phase in their own life.

My major concern – especially for all my followers is their Health. Because when you become trapped in the clutches of the Mind – this Mind gives birth to many miseries- and then most horrifying of these miseries is the problems of your deteriorating health.

So my suggestion through this question to all my genuine readers and followers is that DO NOT LET THE MIND TAKEOVER YOUR SELF.

Do not let any situation impact your decisions or choices. Make choices with your own Consciousness.

So do not let the situation impact your peace. The mind quickly makes you feel restless because you have become the mind. Once you all start moving away from the mind and moving closer to your self – the situation may remain the same or may not- BUT you remain no more the same. Then there is a song to it. Then there is a dance to it. Then everything around you is the same BUT you are no more the same. Then you have tasted for the first time in your life – the taste of true freedom. The taste of true peace and bliss.

Whenever you are worried about the external situation- it simply means that you have become dependent on the external factors of your life. Whenever I mention you – it is meant not just for the questioner but for all my followers.

Whenever your happiness is based on the nature of the external factors – you are in deep trouble. Because happiness derived from external factors or situations is short-lived. The moment the external situation changes – the level or the state of your happiness goes on changing! What is the use of such fragile happiness?

Always remember- Happiness is based on what you are from within.

So come you all and instead of waiting for the situation to change, start changing yourself.

Focus within. Turn inwards and just go with the flow of your life. Don’t interrupt.

Marriage is not happening– job is not coming your way – inlaws are not behaving properly or court cases are not getting over – do not worry because the moment you start worrying- you are caught in the trap of the mind and the mind ensures that you become as miserable as possible – leading you to many unwanted situations and more miseries.

So learn to live in FAITH and PATIENCE. Said Baba has offered the most valuable message to us – and it should be written in GOLD. The message is practicing SHRADDHA (Faith) AUR (And) SABURI (Patience).

Let this golden message of Sai baba become the anchor of your life. And I appeal to all my followers and readers – meditate on Sai baba’s golden message. It is an irony that people are offering kilos and kilos of gold to Sai baba but conveniently ignoring His golden message!

Sai Baba is least interested in how much money or gold you offer on His holy feet. Sai Baba is more interested to see how much you implement his message in your life! For it is the message of the divine masters that will help you find the way…..

And the way is not up in the sky, the way is not outward – the way is very much inward. Turn inward. And let the light of Consciousness within you become your guiding angel.


Jai Shri Ganesha. Jai Guru.



Addittya Tamhankar

Addittya Tamhankar

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