What remedies can help you achieve success in life?

A few months ago, I was on my visit to an ancient SHIVA temple. And I knew the main priest of the temple. He was a young man. Happy, full of life, devoted to SHIVA just like our Mohan. The priest’s name was Gangadhar. When I met Gangadhar, I observed closely – he looked different. He was now having a beard on his chin. I said “What happened – you seem to be on some mission.”

Gangadhar smiled and said “How you came to know?”

I smiled and said “That is not important. Now you tell me – what’s the mission?”

Gangadhar smiled and said ” Yes I am on a mission – mission of becoming a father of a daughter. The beard is my way of penance – you see.”

You see – my fellows that is the whole message. Gangadhar was already a father of two sons but in his family – from last three generations – nobody had been able to give birth to a daughter! Gangadhar had made a promise to Lord Shiva – until you give me a beautiful daughter – I will NOT shave my beard.

And that is why that beard was growing so long on his face.

And this is the whole essence – the whole secret and the whole purpose of growing a beard – or to put it in other words – this is the whole purpose of NOT shaving until you attain your wish, your goal.

So my fellows – if you are NOT getting a good job – STOP SHAVING until you find a good job. If you are not able to find the love of your life – STOP SHAVING until you find a good partner who is NOT behind your appearance but who seem to ÇONNECT with you – RELATE with you. Always remember – RELATING is beautiful. When you relate – you are not dependent on other’s love, you are simply relating – you are simply sharing the abundance of love that dwells in your heart. Only a man of love can SEE – because LOVE can feel, LOVE can SEE what others cannot! LOVE is NOT BLIND – my fellows – in fact only LOVE has eyes!

Love has eyes. Love has power – love is the strongest medicine, it is more powerful than electricity – says one of the greatest spiritual master – NEEM KAROLI BABA.

A pious woman has immense love towards God. God is more attentive to a pious woman’s prayer because nobody can love God as deeply as a woman can! Remember – Meera Bai ? – she was one of the greatest devotee of Lord Krishna! And Krishna loved her, Krishna would come whenever she would sing in His praise! That was how deep the bonding was – between Meera & Krishna!

Without dance – without love – without SANKALP (determination) – there is NOTHING EVER POSSIBLE in this human world and beyond!

And so now I will share with you all – the process of doing SANKALP. Because without doing a SANKALP – you will not get the results that you desire! So before you begin with this effective VRAT (Ritual) – there is PROCESS that you should follow – only then this remedy will work for you. So here is the process, make a note of it:

1. On MONDAY – after bath, sit before Lord Shiva’s Shiv-Lingam or Shiva’s photo.

2. Chant “Aum Namaha Shivaya” for 108 times – repeat the japa mala for 3 more times. Always use a SPATIK JAPA MALA and the SPATIK should have facets – that is very important.

3. Then take a copper glass filled with water. And using a spoon offer the water through your right hand and as you offer the water – make a promise to SHIVA – say this: “Until I get a job (or whatsoever is your immediate goal)I will NOT shave my beard.” This process in Indian context is called SANKALP. SANKALP means an intention formed by the heart and mind — a solemn vow, determination, or will.

Once you do this SANKALP (a solemn vow) – remember you should follow it sincerely if you really want your wish to be fulfilled. Right now in our country everybody is wondering that WHY our honorable Prime Minister Modi is NOT shaving his beard – but now you all must have understood the answer to this WHY? Because PM Modi has made a SANKALP – that unless and until our country comes out of this pandemic – he will NOT shave. What else can a man of his stature wish for? It is just the LOVE for the countrymen and the motherland – INDIA.

Always remember – SANKALP (solemn vow, determination) can move big mountains – so what to say about your troubles – they are nothing before the mountains!

A dream becomes a REALITY when you remain DETERMINED on attaining your GOAL.

The SANKALP (solemn vow, determination) that you have made (i.e NOT SHAVING until you attain your GOAL) – will definitely deliver the results as long as you keep your WORD – that you have given to Lord Shiva.

And when you finally attain your GOAL – then this is what you have to do:

  1. SHAVE.
  2. And offer sweets (Ladoo) bhog to Lord Shiva – at home or in the temple!

This remedy is also effective in case of women. All you have to do is to STOP cutting your hair until you attain your immediate wish or goal. Say – you are not finding a suitable groom, or a suitable partner, suitable lover – or suitable job – then do this remedy by following the same steps as explained for the men.

MAN or WOMAN – there exists NO DISCRIMINATION in the KINGDOM OF GOD. The sexual desires, the hunger, the wants, the ambitions – they all exist in BOTH – MAN and WOMAN alike! Just the body is different – the essence is the same. Once a man said there are only TWO RELIGIONS – MAN and WOMAN – but I reject to ACCEPT even this categorization – because in the KINGDOM OF GOD – there is ONLY ONE RELIGION and that is HUMANITY.

Man or woman, son or daughter – if you continue to discriminate – then GOD has no place for YOU. Because if you cannot accept the TRUTH that there is no difference between MAN and WOMAN except for their physical bodies – then how can you ACCEPT GOD – how can you FACE GOD – and even when you FACE GOD – what are you going to answer – when God says “I send you to realize the ONENESS – but you continued to live like an idiot – discriminating between man and woman?”

What are you going to answer?

The whole purpose of human life is to slowly slowly rise above all the categorizations – all the compartments that mind goes on creating and realize the fact – the ultimate truth – the ONENESS. (Nonduality).

ONENESS. Always remember – a spiritual person is NOT RELIGIOUS. And a typical RELIGIOUS person can NEVER become SPIRITUAL. These are two ends – you can fool yourself – but you cannot fool GOD – you are either SPIRITUAL or you are RELIGIOUS – you cannot be BOTH.

Decide who you are? Find who you are? And when you find, when you introspect do not let the monkey mind meddle in between. Because the mind goes on creating many illusions about yourself – which has nothing to do with the reality!

Only a spiritual person can someday – in some birth experience THAT – to which the world addresses as ONENESS.

Swami Vivekananda therefore says “ONENESS is the secret to EVERYTHING….”

It is a long journey – journey of many births and rebirths – until we all self-realize and self-experience the wonderful state of ONENESS – NONDUALITY – ADVAIT.

Love to all my readers, my close followers – stay blessed and remember to meditate every day.

Jai Shri Ganesha. Jai Guru.



Addittya Tamhankar

Addittya Tamhankar

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