What is the difference between aspects and conjunction of planets? And what are the positive conjunctions of planets?

Conjunction is Marriage of two energies coming together. If these two energies share a common bond — if their essence ( Tatva) is in harmony then such conjunction or marriage proves beneficial for the native.

Mercury Venus or Jupiter Mars or Sun Mars or Jupiter Sun are some of the fine examples of a conjunction or marriage in harmony.

However conjunction or marriage between VENUS JUPITER is the most worst conjunction in Astrology. Similarly MERCURY JUPITER is also NOT a positive conjunction for spiritual progress.

Similarly Rahu Moon or Rahu Mercury or Rahu Venus and the most worst of all conjunctions — Rahu Mars and Rahu Saturn Conjunction is NOT a positive conjunction and brings certain miseries in natives life.

Negative conjunction basically happens when two opposite energies like Jupiter and Venus come together. While one is a holy learned priest, the other is a romantic woman(Venus). Who gets more afflicted? Of course — the priest ( Jupiter).

Remember every Conjunction is a developed TATVA — essence within the individual.

One of the most beautiful ❤️ conjunction is the conjunction that happens between Saturn and Jupiter. Interestingly most of them having this conjunction are found to be spiritual by nature and they are my favorite.

Aspects is basically just the way there are people who SUPPORT AND MOTIVATE YOU while there are people who find happiness by causing HARM to you! Similarly aspects are either supportive or destructive. Aspect is the play of your past karma — when bad aspects come your way it simply means that you past bad karma has come chasing you and when good aspects come your way — it simply means that your past life good karma have come to reward you!

Reminds me of Swami Vivekananda. Swami Vivekananda was once asked “ How past karma find you?”

Swami smiled and said “ Just the way a calf recognizes his or her mother among thousands of cows similarly your karma recognizes you and comes rushing towards you — then no matter where you are — it will find you just the way a calf finds her mother!

Aspects is karmic based.

Conjunction is a Tatva — a very deeply evolved Tatva ( essence) from many past birth karmas.

The whole focus therefore has to be on improving or enhancing the conjunction and it happens only through deep faith in God, devotion and love.

But who wants to listen?

But my answer is for my close followers. They can understand — they can relate and it is relating that matters. You will relate based on your level of understanding!

Relating is always beautiful than relationship. Relationship is a closed window. Relating is always open — you can relate with many and many can relate with you — there is no possessiveness in relating and love blossoms only when you relate more with your partner.

Your relationship can survive as long as you and your partner relate with each other! Focus on relating and not on relationship. For love ❤️ will continue to blossom between you and your partner when you are able to — relate.

Live young. Live free and let there be a Let Go!

Love to all my followers. On the auspicious occasion of Hanuman Jayanti — wishing you all a wonderful day and a blissful experience.


Jai Shri Ganesha. Jai Guru.🙏



Addittya Tamhankar

Addittya Tamhankar

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