What is more effective, mantras or gemstones?

What is more effective – food or the body that digests the food? BOTH. Similarly both are important for the overall progress of an individual. Gemstone are mediums – that help you to effectively practice mantras or affirmations. So gemstones compliments or empowers your meditative practices or in plain terms spiritual practices.

But NOT everyone can afford to wear precious gemstones. So then what to do?

You simply have to then put more efforts in tuning the body vibrations by practicing Fasting, wearing some other amulets that are far cheaper than gemstones.

Always remember and I say it to all my genuine followers and readers – Mantra is the MASTER KEY that can help you all overcome the many miseries of this human life. I HAVE MENTIONED MORE ABOUT THIS IS MY NEW BOOK – ‘NO MIND’ – available on Amazon and Flipkart and also on Kindle App.

MANTRA is the MASTER KEY that can bring wonders to your being. While GEMSTONES or any other AMULETS are like tonic capsules that can empower you to focus more by improving your positive energies thereby bringing more power and strength to the MANTRA that you chant.

In the book “ Autobiography of a Yogi” – in one of the last chapters – Sri Yukteshwar Giri ( the Guru of Paramhansa Yogananda) suggests Yogananda to wear a certain type of silver bracelet – to which Yoganada says “ Does a Yogi like me need it?”

Sri Yukteshwar Giri smiles and says “ You don’t need it, but the body needs it. The bracelet prevents certain negative energies from reaching and harming the physical body. And since this physical body helps us to drive the many positive missions for the betterment of the people – it is our responsibility to protect this human body through certain Amulets.”

And so all kind of Amulets or Gemstones are of great significance and effective – BUT always remember that these AMULETS are to help you attain the higher purpose of your life and which is only to be found when you engross yourself with utmost devotion and faithfully chanting the Holy Mantra of your faith.

NAAMSMARAN ( Chanting or remembering the name of the Holy Lord) is the only and the most effective key to your spiritual progress. In this KALI YUG only the name of the Lord can save you all from the many miseries of life. Sai Baba, Neem Karoli Baba, Gondavalekar Maharaj, Gajanan Maharaj, Swami Samarth, Rangavdhoot Maharaj, and many spiritual holy saints and Yogis have emphasized the immense importance of chanting the Holy Mantra of your choice.




These are some of the most simple and sweet and very positively effective Mantras that I would encourage all my followers and readers to introduce in their daily meditation prayers.

And when you practice your meditation prayers with one of these beautiful Mantras by wearing certain gemstones or amulets- your get more ‘speed’ and ‘mileage’ to your spiritual journey ahead!

So you see, something beautiful has flowered from this question and answer – and I personally think that nothing can be as beautiful than to end this wonderful year 2019 by sharing and emphasizing on the immense importance of chanting the Holy Name of the Lord, the Guru – the divine Master.

So to all my followers and readers who have loved my answers and also loved me – here comes the last message from me and that is – NO matter how much difficulties you all are facing in the current phase of life – do this: go to the market and buy a a beautiful Lotus Beads Mala or Spatik Beads Mala of 108 beads. And then on any Thursday morning- start chanting the holy name of Lord by using the mala. Let me tell you all- MEDITATION HAPPENS ONLY WHEN THERE IS ONE THOUGHT AND NO OTHER THOUGHTS.

Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi quotes Meditation in the most beautiful way:

“ When there are no other thoughts but just one thought and you focus on that one thought – meditation starts flowering.”

That one thought is your Mantra. That one thought is the name of the Holy Lord – your master.

And so come you all – and meditate on the Lord’s holy name.

Enough for today.

It is time to meditate.


Jai Shri Ganesha. Jai Guru.



Addittya Tamhankar

Addittya Tamhankar

Astrologer & Bestselling Author of “How to Overcome Rahu” & “Why Ketu Can Heal” - Addittya Tamhankar shares his unique thoughts, knowledge through his website. This is a special SPACE where his sharing is made available to his over 15000+ unique followers. Addittya Tamhankar is also Alumni of IIM - the prestigious management institute of India. He has also authored five internationally acclaimed books. Currently he has two bestselling books on his name. To avail his consultations which is highly spiritual by nature — schedule an appointment.


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