What happens when Ketu is in Rahu’s Nakshatra and Rahu is in Ketu’s Nakshatra? Does the Cosmic Serpent bite itself?

Whether you are in Mumbai or Delhi or Chennai – the ‘law’ of India surpass the ‘law’ of your state. The decision of High Court (state) can be ruled out by the decision of Supreme Court (Country).

Similarly when your Ketu is in Ardra or Swati or Shatabhisha nakshatra – it is NOT just Rahu (state) that is the final decision maker – but it is the Lord of the Zodiac Sign (Country) that is the final decision maker.

So you have to see the placement of Rahu. Rahu is against the truth! Yesterday – a man abused me on this forum – he wrote many bad things to me – he tried to hurt me through his negativity – and this is what happens!

A man who is writing the truth, who is saying the truth – is going to be ridiculed, he is going to be criticized – he is going to be crucified!

So then what did I do? I NEVER react. Reacting is the job of the mind – the mind is a monkey it is fast to react – the very nature of the mind is to REACT!

When you are meditative – you would never react – you would respond in the most sensible manner!

And so my response was simply to BLOCK such a negative person who cause pain, who insults, who offends, and who ridicule others.

This is how I am – and this is what I encourage all my followers to do – yes – people hurt you, people say many nasty things about you – people are JEALOUS of you – but YOU don’t react – simply respond by completely BLOCKING such negative people – who comment and who suggest so called ‘edits’ – just to satisfy their ego – just to stop you from writing the truth – just to stop you from sharing the truth!

“The less you respond to negative people – the more peaceful your life will become.”

And on virual platform like Quora or LinkedIn – the best way is not to react – not to respond – but simply to KICK SUCH NEGATIVE PEOPLE by BLOCKING them AS Soon As you Can!

These negative men are ruled by RAHU – and so even if Jesus Christ or Lord Krishna comes before them – they will never change – until a day comes when they start suffering – so much suffering they go through – that though late – they realize their mistake.

“Repentance is more effective than punishment – and repentance TOO – comes only to very few people – else the majority of negative people simply die in utter miserable condition.”

And so RAHU is against Truth – and when KETU who is the SEEKER of TRUTH comes in Rahu’s nakshatra – the man never gets to the truth – he is misled by men or women who are RAHU-ish by nature! The only savior is the Lord of the sign in which your KETU is placed – if the Lord is well-placed in a positive nakshatra then the Lord has the power to stop RAHU from spoling the natural energies of Shri KETU!

So don’t be in rush – balance your judgement by observing all the angles of the placements before you conclude.

Rahu in Ketu – is like a Thug coming to a Sanayasi – ascetic – a monk! What happens? RAHU is restricted – now Rahu can only get a ticket to stand for election – if he has some good links with the Lord of the Sign in which Rahu is placed! So you see – if the Lord of the Sign is VENUS – then imagine what this poor monk can do? So one has to see the depth of all aspects before coming to a conclusion.

Now – just for a moment – let us look at the Questioner – who is asking this question. Questions come to your mind – based on your current planetary positions! – And this is the core of all – look at this – this is significant! The Questioner itself is asking about RAHU KETU and their inter-links – from this itself – it is certain that the Questioner is going through the influence of the current RAHU KETU transit! This is very deep – and this is very true!

You will ask only those questions – that are influenced by those planetary transits that influence/affect or impact you more than anybody else!

But my way of looking at things is a bit different. I always tell you NOT to focus on the NEGATIVE – on your ENEMIES – but to FOCUS on your FRIENDS – FOCUS on all that is beautiful, positive – and living the heartful way!

Don’t be much worried about what RAHU is going to do with your life – RAHU is not an alien – it is the shadow of your own desires – your Karmic journey.

And so be focused on the Lord of the Lords – Jupiter (Shri Vishnu)

Remember – it was Shri Vishnu who beheaded the demonic RAHU – and so why you worry? Just focus on the Lord’s name – and the Lord will ensure that you reach ‘home’ safely!

“You are here in this human world – for a while – and so as long as you are here – let there be a song, a dance, a poem – let there be peace, harmony and love.

“To be creative means to be in love with life. Don’t leave the world just the same way you have found it. Help the world to become better. Don’t leave the world just the same as you have found it – make it a little better, make it a little more beautiful.” – Osho

And so let us not focus only on RAHU and KETU – let us be more attentive to the Lord – the master – the Guru!

When you are following your Lord, your master – is there a possibility of anything ever going wrong? And so I encourage all my followers to follow the path of the Lord – the positive – the good – the divine!

Hate can take you to no-where, And – LOVE can take you everywhere – let us all be the followers of LOVE.


Jai Shri Ganesha! Jai Guru!



Addittya Tamhankar

Addittya Tamhankar

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