What are the results of Retrograde Ascendant Lord in a natal chart?

The word ‘Vakri’ simply means ‘crooked’. When the ascendant lord is ‘Vakri’ (Crooked) – the person in question is a crooked person. He is a crook. Now if you have any good yogakaraka planet’s drishti on the crooked planet – then there is some nullification of the crookedness – else the person is 100% crooked by nature. Also ‘crooked’ or ‘Vakri’ – means the planet is not in its normal course of action – it is not normal – and so whatever house it represent – it will 100% give abnormal results. I have seen multiple horoscopes in my 15 yrs study and practice ( I am still a learner- till the very last day of my life) I have seen that the house represented by a crooked (vakri) graha – brings some kind of abnormality to the results of that house. Example – seventh house lord Jupiter is Vakri and placed in seventh house – now some bookish astrologer will say this is good – benefic jupiter is in the house of marriage – so good – but the truth is something else. Jupiter in 7th house of marriage is not a good placement for marriage and also when the same Jupiter is Vakri (crooked) – it simply conveys one truth – the husband or wife is going to be a crooked person by nature (political/hawkish/not trustworthy) by nature. Also it depicts a broken marriage or a very unhappy marriage life. Many things are there – you cannot just come up with one rule of set – that all Vakri Planets are bad – they become bad or good – based on were they are placed. For example Saturn is good in 3, 7, 11 – so if it is Vakri – it may not give great results, but its crookedness will not be too harsh than otherwise.

Vakri Planet brings abnormality, crookedness in the matters of the house that it rules. There is no such thing as Benefic or Malefic planets – crookedness means crookedness – that’s it.

Jai Shri Ganesha. Jai Guru.



Addittya Tamhankar

Addittya Tamhankar

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