Sex, break-up & black magic

I have been receiving many emails from my ardent readers and close followers requesting to share more about the ‘heinous’ plays of BLACK MAGIC – especially in regards to physical sexual lust – mind corruption and many such plays that a common man or woman may not be aware of. Readers have been also insisting on possible solutions.

And so this new series – is specifically for all my close followers and readers. If possible I would have kept this series only for my close followers! But now it is open for all to access. Through this series I will be sharing a lot on Black Magic and how and when and who could target YOU – as a person and what are the impacts on your daily lives.

This is a highly intimate series – chances are that some of you could not digest or face the TRUTHS that I share – because BLACK MAGIC is a VAST WORLD and so the statutory warning to all my readers – beforehand – read this extensive series only if you have the guts to FACE the TRUTH – the DARK SECRETS of BLACK MAGIC WORLD.

TRUTH is HARD but if you can FACE THE TRUTH than and only then you can truly find the solutions!

In this series – I will be sharing specific SCENARIOS of BLACK MAGIC – and through these SCENARIOS – I will unravel the many secrets and nuances of this DARK SECRET WORLD – the BLACK MAGIC WORLD.

Stay Tuned. As this series continues.

Additionally – I welcome all my close followers to share their life incidents by emailing me. My email id is available on my website – Addittya Tamhankar

Together – we will explore the many heart touching and shocking events that are triggered by the world of sorcery – the world of BLACK MAGIC.

When you know the WORST – you start becoming the BEST.

Osho mentions in the very last discourse that he is perfectly aware that “certain person is doing black magic on him.”

Vasudevanand Saraswati – the Guru of the great divine master Ranga Avadhuta Maharaj of (Gujarat) mention during the last days of his life that he is perfectly aware that someone close in his family is doing black magic on him.

And many such great mystics have referred to the ‘monkey minds’ who so passionately indulge in the act of casting spells and in turn dig their own graveyards!

Through this series – I will be sharing many more such facts – real life scenarios impacted by black magic and much more…..

Join me as this unique extensive series – “SEX, BREAKUPS & BLACK MAGIC – the ultimate truth” begins….

Subscribe to my YOUTUBE channel – as this extensive series will also broadcast on YOUTUBE.

Addittya Tamhankar Astro Spiritual Insights

Stay blessed and all my close followers and readers can also reach me by email and share your stories and experiences related to Black Magic. You may find a solution if I select your life scenarios (anonymously) and in turn it may also enlighten others! After all – SHARING is CARING.

Stay tuned.

Jai Shri Ganesha. Jai Guru.




Addittya Tamhankar

Addittya Tamhankar

Astrologer & Bestselling Author of “How to Overcome Rahu” & “Why Ketu Can Heal” - Addittya Tamhankar shares his unique thoughts, knowledge through his website. This is a special SPACE where his sharing is made available to his over 15000+ unique followers. Addittya Tamhankar is also Alumni of IIM - the prestigious management institute of India. He has also authored five internationally acclaimed books. Currently he has two bestselling books on his name. To avail his consultations which is highly spiritual by nature — schedule an appointment.


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