The deeper the insights, the richer is your life. But how can you be insightful? Only when you start turning inwards. Astrology is not just mathematics; else everybody would have known this ancient spiritual science. Astrology is beyond the realm of mind – the true essence of astrology is only realized when one begins his journey beyond the mind! With over 1 million views to my answers on various astrology remedies on Quora — I realized that many of you are yet not truly aware of what astrology is all about! No – it is not a parrot talk, it is a ‘self’ – talk! The ‘self’ is superior to the ‘mind’ – the mind is elusive, your ‘self’ is beautiful and truthful! The entire journey of life is to realize the ‘self’ – and MEDITATION is one powerful medium to realize your true ‘self’!

“Discover yourself, otherwise, you have to depend on other people’s opinions who don’t know themselves.”– Osho

Come to me - only when you have read my answers on Quora and blogs on my website. Come to me only when you can truly relate to my sharing - because else you will not understand my 'language' and it will be a waste of time for me and for you. Only come when you are 100% ready to come face to face with the TRUTH. My consultation is NOT free, but it is also NOT a business for me. I select people for astrology consultation based on my choice - and my choice is based on your level of understanding and faith.

"A certain level of understanding has to be there - only the TRUTHS can be given." - Osho

My 'Door' for the best astrology consultation & remedies in Pune, Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chandigarh, and Ahmedabad is open. - but you can enter only if you are destined to, and I will answer your questions if I am destined to answer. It is all inter-connected, it is all Linked-In.

How to book consultation?

For India based seekers:

To book in-depth consultation session of 60 minutes - you can make payment by clicking on the "Contact Me" button under the services listed on this page -  which will take you to the Razorpay Payment Gateway or you can do a direct bank transfer (INR 2000) to my bank account. Bank account details are as follows:

Bank Name: Kotak Mahindra Bank
Bank Account Name: Addittya Tamhankar
Account Type: Saving Account
Account Number: 4612047026
IFSC Code: KKBK0000721
Bank Address: M4 - Virwani Plaza Avenue, 11, East Street, Pune 411001

Please WhatsApp 9960390489 - after making the payment so that a suitable day and time can be scheduled for your appointment.  Please note that waiting period is of 4 days from the day of payment.  Please make a note that no messages and emails will be entertained or responded unless the payment has been duly made. 

For Outside India Based Seekers (international audience):

Please make payment of USD $ 59 to my registered PayPal Email ID - Once payment is done, WhatsApp me on 9960390489. Expect a response within 12 hours.

Note: In-depth consultation with remedies can last for 60 minutes or more based on individual case. 

Always remember - your situation is the 'result' of your own doings (karma)
unless you accept this fact there is no coming to the truth.


My consultation is purely to help you find the right direction and remedies so that you can overcome the difficult situations of your life. I try to bring AWARENESS so that you 'see' things as they 'are' and not otherwise. I consult only those who come to me with faith and a certain level of understanding. I will go out of the way to help you - but you have to be a person who follows the heart, only then can you connect with me - only then can you understand my 'language'. So if you are a person who follows the heart - then you are welcome, and I am ready to consult you with all possibilities.


In-depth consultation & remedies

This is a special consultation service comprising 60 minutes over the phone. It covers your ongoing transits of planets, Mahadasha, and your most pressing questions of the moment. This consultation service has a wait time of 4 days and is provided strictly by appointment. A follow-up is also a part of this consultation service which happens once a month. The follow-up is limited to 3 consecutive months - from the day of consultation. 


For Appointment


Initial Consultation + Follow Ups

When will I get married? Which partner is suitable for me? How to get married? Many such questions and proper astrology specific counseling is provided with the necessary remedies that cost less. A proper premium birth chart is created specifically to address all your marriage specific questions and hand-holding is done for a consecutive 3 months from the day of consultation. 


For Appointment


Initial Consultation + Follow Ups

When will I get a Job? When will I get a promotion? Can I change my job or company for growth, is this the right time? Many such questions and questions specific to your job situation will be discussed and I will provide proper guidance to you. All you need is the willingness to listen and implement the suggestions and remedies provided by Addittya. All remedies provided by Addittya - literally costs nothing than the thousands of rupees you spend on the name of 'remedies'. When you come to Addittya - you know you will find the way.  


For Appointment


Initial Consultation + Follow Ups

Why my business is NOT growing? What is it that is coming in between my growth? What planets and what Mahadashas are causing the problems or will cause problem in future? What NAME should I choose for my company that will suit me astrologically? Many such questions are answered by Addittya - during this 1:1 discussion. Addittya ensures that you find your answers and that you continue to grow in your business. This consultation comes with a follow-up of 3 months - from the day of consultation.


For Appointment

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