Procedure for booking appointment with Addittya Tamhankar :

  1. Visit Services Page.
  2. Select the service you seek and make the necessary payment.
  3. Once payment is done, WhatsApp the payment proof receipt on 9960390489 or 9923400039

Once you send the payment receipt, a suitable day and time will be given to you for detailed consultation with Addittya Tamhankar. On the day and time of appointment – you should call on 9960390489.

Note : Appointment is given only when you make the payment. Consultation is provided on phone. So no matter where you are located (India or outside India) – you will receive in depth consultation from Addittya Tamhankar. The waiting period is of four days from the day of payment. So if you have made payment on Monday – then you will get appointment on Thursday or Friday based on Addittya’s availability.

Tips : Some tips to make your consulting session more effective:

  1. Keep a paper and pen handy to note down the remedies and many inputs that you will receive during your consultation session. Be specific in your questions. The more specific your questions are the more specific answer you will be getting from Addittya Tamhankar.
  2. During the consulting session avoid talking about what other Astrologers have told you about your horoscope as Addittya is NOT interested in knowing what other Astrologers or people have told you about your horoscope or life in general. When you come to Addittya – it in your interest to focus on what Addittya is sharing with you.
  3. Addittya’s schedule is always very busy – and so please adhere to the time and date that is allocated to you. If you miss to dial on the allocated day and time – then your appointment will be postponed to next week.
  4. Addittya Tamhankar NEVER entertains those who are interested in casting black magic or Vashikaran on others – if you are seeking these kind of services then this is not the right place for you. Addittya Tamhankar staunchly believes in the MIRACLES of GOD and NOT on man-made magic. He is a meditative being – devoted to Lord Ganesha – and so please read About Him, please read His blogs and watch his Videos on Youtube and only then come to seek His consultation.
  5. Addittya Tamhankar believes in the power of healing and so He certainly takes great interest in helping you overcome the black magic spells – and problems caused by planetary placements in your chart.
  6. Addittya Tamhankar’s consulting sessions are very warm and motivating. And so the more you open up – the more you would be able to receive the solutions to your problems.
  7. Lastly – Addittya Tamhankar’s way of Astrology and Guidance is highly spiritual by nature – so it is advisable that you pay more attention in listening to his words and his messages that he would share with you during the consultation sessions.

|| Om Gan Ganapataye Namaha ||

Jai Shri Ganesha. Jai Guru.


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