Astro Insights
Astro Insights
Astrologically what is the starting letter for selecting a suitable name for my new born baby?

Author of the best selling book “How to Overcome Rahu” – Addittya Tamhankar shares detailed information that help you to select astrologically most suitable name for your new born baby. In this unique podcast – Addittya Tamhankar speaks about the significance of NAME and the vibrations it generates. He also share the STARTING LETTER that you should choose based on the NAKSHATRA the baby is born. For example – if your baby is born on Magha Nakshatra then what would be the starting letter for you to choose a suitable name for your baby? Such questions are answered briefly in this one of its kind podcast by none other then Addittya Tamhankar.  Listen to his podcast and enlighten yourself. Want-to-be mothers should definitely listen to this podcast.

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