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“Duty comes FIRST” – this one line defines the basic essence of……read to learn more….

Beautiful sharing of His Holiness Srila Prabhupada. Lovely as always!

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The state of your heart is visible through the state of your eyes! A pure heart person’s eyes looks very innocent, very simple, very beautiful. Focus on heart meditation. Meditate every day.

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Straight to the point – never become obsessed with one dimensional life – life should be multi-dimensional – only then you mature in the true sense.

Focus within – you will look beautiful when you heart is purified. Focus on purifying your heart. Meditate every day.

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Beautiful – so deep – as always!

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Beautiful ❤️. For Buddha there is no death. HE has attained the non-duality state. For Him death is just a part of the journey. It is said that when Buddha one day said to His disciples — ” Today I am leaving this body. If you have any questions to ask —…

“You are nothing but a flower opening, so that the whole is filled with fragrance through you. If you can drop yourself, those flowers can shower this very morning, this very moment.” — Osho

Beautiful ❤️ — as always.

Signing off from LinkedIn for a few weeks. Stay blessed and reach me on email – in case you need any help.


Work has to be done. Because we need to pay our bills! However while you do your work with your hands — who is stopping you from meditating?

Mr. Ellappa Chettiar, asked:
“Why is it said that the knowledge born of hearing is not firm, whereas that born of contemplation is firm?”

Maharshi : On the other hand it is said that hearsay knowledge (paroksha) is not firm, whereas that born of one’s o…

Plunge into the inner silence again and again by practising the methods of concentration and meditation I have given you, and you will find great peace and happiness. The Gita says: “Free from ever-hoping desires and fro…

Many turning points — life is just like this. The more turning points the more you remain aware….the thrill, the adventure continues…..😊👍

A real spiritual being is never serious. He is perfectly aware that change is constant and whatever is there is momentary by nature. So what is the point in being serious? He laughs – he sings – he is in his own bliss.🙏

Sage Uddalaka says to his son Swetketu ” Son — break the fruit of this banyan tree.”
Swetketu is an obedient son. He breaks the fruit and says ” I have broken the fruit.”
Sage Uddalaka asks ” What do you see inside the fruit?”
Swetketu says ” Many seeds.…

Simplicity is the key. Simple is beautiful. The more you are on the “Path” — the more you will become simple and very natural.🙏

Sri Yukteshwar Giri Swami — Spiritual Master, great Astrologer and the only man in this century who mentioned in his legendary book ” The Holy Science” that we are NO more in Kali Yug but in Dwapar Yug. Sri Yukteshwar Giri was the Guru of the much famed P…

Please tell me the way….

Is it necessary to show the way in the interior of your own home?
This is within you….

What do you advice me to do?

Why should you do anything?
Only keep quiet…
Why not d…


Q.: Is it true that for complete beginners, meditation on an object is easier than attempting to practice vichara?

Bhagavan: Yes. As the aspirant gains one-pointedness (ekagrata) of mind, then he can commence with vichara.…

A rare picture of Anandamayi Ma with Paramhansa Yogananda.

When Friendship Becomes Divine, You Will Love All

When you love God, you can truly love others.
Your perception of souls is pure—like a crystal-clear mirror.

Whoever comes before you will be…

That’s very good sign. When BIG companies take such bold decisions — normalcy will come soon. It will also encourage other smaller companies to start Work From Office.👍

Sir William Jones, one of the most brilliant men of the 18th century, came to India in 1783 as Judge of the then Supreme Court of Judicature at Fort Williams of Bengal. He quotes on Sanskrit Language:

“The Sanskrit language, whatever be its antiquity, i…

A staunch Muslim becomes a diehard lover of the Bhagavan. Read this wonderful story:

Dr. Hafiz Syed was one of the staunch Muslims who came to Bhagavan. He was a professor and the Head of Islamic Studies at Allahabad University. Although he bore no hatre…

Dr Syed : How is Grace to be obtained?

Maharshi : Similar to obtaining the Self.

Syed : Practically, how is it to be for us?

Maharshi : By self-surrender.

Syed : Grace was said to be the Self. Should I then surrender to my own Self?


Sri Yukteshwar Giri — the Guru of Paramhansa Yogananda specifically conveys to Yogananda Swami that he should wear a certain bangle made of 9 gems for protection from negative energy that was trying to block him from attaining his mission. These details a…

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