Kundli and Horoscope Predictions

Kundli is the chart prepared based on birth date, time, and place. Horoscope is a chart representing the sun, moon, planet, stars, and astrological aspects of sensitive angles related to birth.  It is used for evaluating predictions for the upcoming future. There is a myth present behind the Kundli and horoscope predictions. Kundli and horoscope prediction enables you to have solutions for unfavorable conditions. It allows you to take charge of your own life. It can be used as a guiding tool without losing your sanctity of mind, can have peace.

Starting a career as an MBA holder, Addittya Tamhankar is a well-known Vedic astrologer and a Kundli expert not only in India but in many parts of the world as well. He is known as a spiritual guide, mentor, astrologer, writer, and one of the top podcasters.

He has cured several lives with his accurate Kundli and horoscope predictions. He has unique solutions for your astrological miseries. With his deep spiritual insights, he is engaged in curing many lives. Whenever in need feel free to contact us. We have the best astrologer present to help you out.

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