Is it ok if I go for surgery during Retrograde Mercury period?

Surgery is basically a process to bring you back to recovery stage. Mercury Retrograde is a period when you look back and correct the matters that need your attention.

So Mercury Retrograde is a PERFECT TIME to go for SURGERY – and there is absolutely no second thought about this revelation that I am doing for the larger interest of all my followers and readers.

However you have to observe whether JUPITER is COMBUST or DIRECT.

Right now JUPITER is COMBUST till 11th February 2021. And so you can go for ssurgery after 11th February.

Mercury retrograde period should NOT stop anybody from taking any medical assistance because all medical help is simply to help you GET BACK to normalcy!

You should avoid or postpone surgery only when –

  1. It is AMAVASYA – No Moon day.
  2. It is POORNIMA – FULL MOON day.
  3. Jupiter is COMBUST
  5. Lunar Eclipse day

Except for the above 5 scenarios- it is perfect to go for all kind of medical procedures and that includes Surgery as well.

What NOT TO DO during Mercury Retrograde period?

1. Don’t sign a new deal. You can revisit an exisiting proposal, brainstorm and try to find new insights but sign the deal or accept the proposal after Mercury goes DIRECT. Right now Mercury is RETROGRADE from 31st January to 21st Febraury 2021.

What you can do during Mercury Retrograde period?

1. Rethink on your ongoing relationship. Especially if you have recently gone through a BREAKUP then you can revisit the matters and see if you can get your relationship back on track.

2. You can rework your projects, find new perspectives – basically use this retrograde period to recharge yourself, correct your past mistakes, approach those men and women whom you had misunderstood. It is a perfect time to PATCHUP.

Mercury retrograde period is simply an ‘opportunity’ given by existence to REVISIT, REWORK, RETHINK, RECHARGE. At times REPEATING may sound boring – but remember sometimes when you repeat – you learn something new. Reminds me of Buddha.

Once Buddha was walking with his disciples and suddenely a fly came and Buddha just moved his hands and the fly went away. After a while Buddha stopped walking, raised his hand and repeated the same action – action of moving his hand. The disciples said ” Why are you moving your hand again – there is no fly – the fly has gone long back.”

Buddha says ” I know there is no fly. But last time when I moved my hand – it was a mechanical move. There was no consciousness to my action – the fly came suddenely before me and I moved my hand – it was mechanical by nature – it wasn’t a conscious action. But now – I am moving my hand with consciousness – this is how life should be – this is how our action should be – conscious action. Last time I moved my hand mechanically – just like a robot. It was a mistake. Now I am doing it as I should have done, just to teach me a lesson so that never again anything like this happens. Now I am moving my hand with full awareness. The fly is not the point. The point is whether in my hand there is AWARENESS and GRACE and LOVE and COMPASSION, or not. Now it is perfectly right – this is how it should have been.”

“This is how it should have been”  – this is exactly what Mercury Retrograde wants you to realize and so HE gives you a window of opportunity to ‘relook’ on matters of your life that can be improved, corrected, enhanced to a better version!

Always remember – God is above planets and stars. The Holy Father – the Holy Spirit always takes care of His children. We are God’s Children. Let there be no fear – because life begins where fear ends.


Jai Shri Ganesha. Jai Guru.



Addittya Tamhankar

Addittya Tamhankar

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