Is a Pisces woman compatible with an Aries man for marriage?

Venus is LOVE. Venus is not SEX. SEX is MARS.

Signs of Mars are more SEXY. Men who belong to the signs of MARS have more sexual drive then other signs. Aries is a sign of MARS. Pisces is a sign of Jupiter. If you go to any astrologer – he will say – it is okay because both – Jupiter and Mars are friends! Yes they are friends – nobody is denying that – but how good friends they can be when it comes to the actual sexual union? Let it be very clear that the success of any marriage is first based on the degree of the sexual union. The greater the degree of happiness from a fulfilling satisfying sex – the stronger is the bond of marriage.

A Pisces woman is more emotional, more loving, more caring – whereas Aries man is more practical, more sexual, more demanding. So will the marriage between millions of Pisces women and millions of Aries men fail?

The answer is – NO. It is purely based on the society these men and women live in. A conservative society like India – the woman of Aries may not be getting sexual satisfaction from her husband of Pisces – but will she revolt? Obviously no – she simply suppress herself and continues with her life. In a modern society too – who wants trouble of paying alimony by demanding a divorce – so the marriage continues. So it is not that Mars and Jupiter fails – it is just that is not that great – as it should have been! Mars wants more sex, Jupiter wants more guidelines – more validity – more principles – so often the sexual union which is marriage may not be that great. However, we are just discussing about the banks – when we should also look into the branch of these two banks – and that is when we come to the Nakshatra!

Aries – Ashwini (Ketu) Bharani (Venus) Krittika (Sun)

Pisces – Purvabhadrapad (Jupiter) Uttarbhadrapad (Saturn) Revati (Mercury)

Except Krittika (aries) & Uttarabhadrapad (pisces) – Except Bharani & Uttarabhadrapad – Except Revati & Ashwini – the other nakshatra matching is feasible.

So it is not that Aries and Pisces match is totally ruled out – certain nakshatra of these signs can match – the best is Bharani from Aries and Uttarbhadrapad from Pisces.

But the story doesn’t end here – you have to see where and how and what is the condition of these sign lords, nakshatra lords.

And still the story doesn’t end – because then you have to see how the Venus is placed in the charts of the bride and groom. And still the story continues – because there are many more factors to consider. And in spite of considering all the factors – still marriages fail – still divorces trigger – WHY?

Because you missed the most important factor that makes a marriage do well – and that is LOVE! That is FRIENDSHIP. That is UNDERSTANDING.

SO – if the depth of understanding is truly great between you – then just forgot about Aries, and Pisces – and get married! Let not astrology suffocate you – let astrology be your strength – let astrology be your guiding light – when you know the drawback – the defects – you become conscious, you become aware and with your awareness comes the power of healing and with healing comes the road to a successful marriage! It is all within you – astrology is just to make you aware, and I am doing just that – not an inch less and not an inch more – just a small effort to make one aware – and that is what the light (Jyot) of astrologer (Ish (self)) does – I am just a friend who is showing you the ‘way’ – to walk or not to walk – is totally individual based!

Jai Shri Ganesha! Jai Guru!



Addittya Tamhankar

Addittya Tamhankar

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