Observe your EGO

Buddha said "Now I want to say goodbye to you all. My body is old and tired, and whatever I wanted to say, whatever I wanted to share, I have shared. I want now to go into the ultimate rest." Ananda was sitting on his right side and he burst out in tears and Buddha said "Why Ananda, are you crying? I am going into ultimate rest, because there is no death for me."
Ananda said "You misunderstood me, I am weeping for myself - that for 42 years I have been following you, but I have not become enlightened yet. What will happen to me when you are gone? And I don't think that in ages to come I will ever meet anyone of your caliber. You are leaving me in a darkness that seems to have no dawn."
Buddha laughed. Ananda said " Why are you laughing? You laugh at strange moments."
Buddha said " Within 24 hours you will know. Once I am dead - within 24 hours your subtle ego will also disappear, it cannot disappear while I am alive."
A subtle ego was active within Ananda -he was the elder cousin brother of Buddha. And until Buddha remained alive - this ego was not willing to disappear, it only disappeared when Buddha left his body. And exactly after 24 hours - Ananda became enlightened -he remained in the same place with closed eyes. He opened his eyes only when his eyes of the inner opened.

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