Never Compromise

A man of awareness will NEVER compromise. He is aware - he has experienced the TRUTH - he has felt it - he has lived it - he will never compromise. Only a man who has absolute no experience, will compromise, he is still 'figuring out' - he still caught up in his 'mind' and the mind can never let you experience the TRUTH - the mind always keeps you 'busy' in many thoughts that have nothing do with the reality - the truth.

Buddha asked REAL questions

Buddha asked REAL questions. Buddha ask: Who created the world? He asked: Why am I here? Who am I? Who is creating me? Buddha changed the..

Master - the ocean of wisdom!

The disciple wonders if the master has shared all the secrets. It happened with Ananda also - Ananda was walking along with Buddha - and when there..

A man asked Buddha " Is there a God?

Buddha answered " NO - there is no God." Another man came and asked Buddha "What do you think of God? Is there any God?..

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