Buddha asked REAL questions

Buddha asked REAL questions.

Buddha ask: Who created the world? He asked: Why am I here? Who am I? Who is creating me? Buddha changed the whole religious dimension, he gave it such a beautiful turn. Buddha was not a metaphysician, he never asked a metaphysical question; to him metaphysics was all rubbish. He was the first psychologist the world had known, because he based his religion not on philosophy but on psychology. Psychology in its original meaning means the science of the soul, the science of the within. 

The extrovert religion prays to God; the introvert religion meditates. Prayer is extrovert; it is addressed to some invisible God. He may be there, he may not be there — you can’t be sure or certain; doubt is bound to persist. Hence every prayer is rooted somewhere in doubt, in fear, in uncertainty, in greed.

Meditation is rooted in fearlessness, in greedlessness. Meditation is not begging anything from anybody, it is not addressed to anybody. Meditation is a state of inner silence. 

The whole message of Buddha was to 'REMEMBER Your Self' - Just Remember to go back to your source - just Remember to spend time with yourself - just Remember to Meditate.

The last word of Buddha - before he left his body forever was - SAMMASTI. 

Sammasti means - Remember.

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