How is Rohini Nakshatra? Native of Rohini nakshatra likes power and authority?

Power is not what Rohini likes. Rohini belongs to Moon. She is soft. She is sexy. She is lovable. And where there is love, power is not required! Absolutely not required!

Rohini dwells in the sign of Taurus. A beautiful sign – I love Taurus – they are a song, a dance, a music! Rohini brings abundance of physical pleasures and comforts to the native who is born on Rohini Nakshatra. Generally these men and women are found to be beautiful and there is a certain aura of joyousness around them. Taurus is a sign that is TOTAL MATERIAL by nature. And because it an EARTHY SIGN – it has a very STRONG SENSE OF SMELL, TOUCH & FEELINGS.

On the darker side – Taurus is very passionate by nature and also high in sexuality. These are the creatures who simply like to EAT. PRAY. LOVE. They take great interest in the Art of Love making!

Yesterday someone asked a question “How LIBRA is DIFFERENT than TAURUS – because both belong to VENUS?”

TAURUS (ROHINI, KRITTIKA) are more interested in physical sex. To them LOVE is incomplete without the art of making love or having sex.

LIBRA (SWATI, VISHAKA) are more interested in the platonic love – they too want to have sex but more than sex they would want to first RELATE more and more with the lover – they find more pleasure when they can RELATE with the LOVER. LIBRA rules the 7th house – and 7th house is more about RELATING.

TAURUS ROHINI is too emotional by nature. And a person who is too emotional has absolute NO POWER but is rather weak and submissive by nature!

If you are looking for real power that moves the ‘pawn’ by operating from ‘behind the curtains’ – then that power is with ANURADHA – the NAKSHATRA that is placed exactly opposite to ROHINI! ANURADHA is ruled by SATURN. And power is always with SATURN – the EXECUTIVE POWER, the AUTHORITY always remains with SATURN and not the soft, submissive, emotional MOON!

And MOON is the one who rules over ROHINI. In fact it is said that among all the 27 NAKSHATRA (Wives of Moon) – ROHINI is the favorite wife of MOON!

And therefore MOON exalts in ROHINI! Ofcourse when you are with your most favorite lover – be it wife or girlfriend – you are going to be in a state of ‘high’ – and that is how MOON is also ‘HIGH’ when placed in ROHINI!

You see ROHINI is ruled by MOON. SHRAVAN is ruled by MOON. HASTA is ruled by MOON. But MOON liked ROHINI a lot than his other two wives – SHRAVAN and HASTA!


Come-on – who would not like a ROMANTIC SEXY WIFE? ROHINI is just like that!

SHRAVAN brings a lot of practicality – here the ‘wife’ (nakshatra) is soft and sweet and also has a certain glamour of power and authority BUT because it is placed in the sign of Capricorn – here the ‘wife’ Shravana is practical by nature. Moon says “Lets go and have a PARTY” and Shravana (the practical sweet wife) says “ Who is going to pay the bill?” So you see – Moon is turned off – then he thinks “How beautiful it would have been – if Rohini would have been here!”

HASTA – again is a wife who does a lot on analysis. Moon says “ I have liked this color shade for our office walls. Lets go for it.” Hasta says “ WAIT. I am going to watch Youtube videos on which color is best for our RASHI and then I am going to read a few more books too and then when I am 100% sure about a certain shade – only then will I give you a go ahead.”

Poor Moon again remembers his favorite wife “ROHINI” and says to himself “How sweet it would have been – had Rohini been in place of HASTA!”

So you see – MOON LOVES ROHINI because ROHINI is all about HEART and PLEASURES OF LIFE. SEX is one BIG part of the pleasures that MOON (MIND) seeks and ROHINI has all the qualities and strength to provide abundance of sexual pleasures to her or his partner.

Understand the fact that TAURUS ROHINI and LIBRA SWATI – both are SEEKERS OF LOVE & SEX. But in case of TAURUS – the weightage towards real time sex is a little more than LIBRA. LIBRA wants some spice in form of ‘intellectualism’ – ‘sex-talk’ etc. For Taurus – all that is not required – it is a BULL – if it goes hard, if it truly loves you – it simply wants to do it. “JUST DO IT” is the perfect slogan for TAURUS ROHINI & KRITTIKA!

Physical pleasures are in abundance – physical attractiveness is in abundance – physical strength is in abundance – all of these qualities makes ROHINI & KRITIKKA – TAURUS SIGN – not exactly powerful but a beautiful lovable sign.


And history is witness to the fact that ROMANCE, LOVE & KRISHNA is very closely related! The whole world remembers the beautiful bonding of Radha & Krishna! Krishna marries Rukmini but the world remembers KRISHNA & RADHA!

Radhe Krishna!

ROHINI is a star that does not have direct authority and power like that of Anuradha or Pushya – BUT – Rohini has great MANIPULATIVE skills through which it exercises its power – indirectly! Lord Krishna during the Mahabharata – actually had to manipulate certain men – of-course in the larger interest of DHARMA and safeguarding RIGHTEOUSNESS!

ROHINI and the strength it derives is totally based on where exactly the MOON is placed in your chart! If the MOON is placed in 5th, 7th, 9th, 11th – with beneficial aspects – then such a woman is a beauty – a song, a dance!

Life truly has to be like a ROHINI – a dance, a song, a beautiful painting!

You have asked about POWER – but let me tell you and to all my followers and readers – there is absolutely nothing as powerful as LOVE!

And Rohini is all about LOVE.

This world needs ROHINI – to add more love, more warmth and more beauty. We all are born to make a difference. No matter how small is the difference – as long as it is serving the purpose – purpose to make this planet more beautiful, more ALIVE – it is Enough!

Enough for today.

Jai Shri Ganesha. Jai Guru.



Addittya Tamhankar

Addittya Tamhankar

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