How is Ashlesha Nakshatra?

Without any scope, human birth is not possible. Without any ‘scope’ animal birth is not possible. Without any ‘ scope’ life in physical form is simply not possible.

You come in this physical form just because there is scope – there is some unfinished business to be finished, some unfinished work to be finished. You are never here – in this human birth – by accident.

Many times, less evolved souls, immature souls – souls who have been always engaged in eating, sleeping, and having all kinds of pleasures – souls who always have been revolving around money – power – lust – such souls rarely would understand the essence of life – of love – of humanity! And they continue to take birth exactly within those groups of souls that are very much similar to their stage of consciousness! And that is what FAMILIES are. What is a family? A group of souls that in some way or the other relate to the same level of consciousness!

That is why a Family becomes the first sign of what you are! That is why in the old days, or even now – FAMILY is first observed before getting into any relations. But this is at the normal stage.

Then there is a stage where a certain soul rises above the Family – then he is no more with the family – he has gone beyond – into the unknown, the unseen. Buddha was such a man. Jesus was such a man. And then there are many many such symbolic divine figures who went beyond – because no more their consciousness was at the level of their family – something beautiful happened within them – the consciousness was no more the same – it had risen to a much higher level – sitting in His chariot – and while travelling through the capital of his kingdom – Siddharta (the future Gautama Buddha) sees first – an old man, then he encountered a diseased man, a decaying corpse, and an ascetic. And something moved within him – understand this – something moved – that was his consciousness – almost everybody must have seen the old man, a diseased man, a decaying corpse and an ascetic on that way through which Prince Siddharta was going through – but only Prince Siddharta could feel the futility of this human life – that was the moment of his consciousness rising to the higher levels – he was no more with the FAMILY – he had arrived – he had realized – the time had come and Prince Siddharta is on his way towards the beyond – the unseen – the unknown!

After a few days, he asks his driver (charioteer) to leave him at the border of his kingdom. His driver’s name is Channa. And Channa loved his master – it was the most difficult moment for him – to leave the master – he was perfectly aware that once gone – the master (Prince Siddharta) is never going to return. His eyes became wet. Just as he leaves Prince Siddharta at the border of his kingdom – and the Prince gets down from his chariot – Channa says “I am just a driver, and also this is not my business to interfere. Your order is your order, so I have brought you to the boundary of your kingdom. But if you don’t mind let me say a few words. What are you doing? This is what everyone aspires to be – a Prince like you! You were born as Prince. Why are you leaving everything? Remember the Palace, remember your beautiful wife, remember your father, the kingdom, and the happiness it brings?”

Prince Siddharta looked into the driver’s eyes and said “I cannot understand what you are talking about. I have not left any palace behind or any kingdom. I have left ONLY a nightmare. The word renunciation means you are leaving something valuable behind. I have not renounced anything. There was nothing to be renounced. The whole thing is on fire. It was a nightmare. And I thank you because you have helped me to come out of it.”

And Prince Siddharta leaves for the beyond… Meditate on HIS words – “There was NOTHING to renounce.”

And never ever does he comes back to his kingdom. He comes only when he is totally transformed – and have become the Buddha – Gautama Buddha!

And when he comes, the whole kingdom comes to see him, all lanes and all roads are crowded – just to have a glimpse of the man whose name has become phenomenal – whose name has been the inspiration for millions and millions – and they all came except one woman – the wife of Gautama Buddha (Prince Siddharta)!

Her name was Yashodhara. And she remained in her Palace. Of course, she was mad at him. One night without telling her – without any intimation – this man had left her. It was natural for her to not to come to welcome the man with whom the whole world was in love! But not her, she remained unmoved. Buddha arrives at the Palace. He looks around, nothing has changed, he smiles. Goes to Yashodhara and Yashodhara is very angry, almost every cell of her body is boiling in anger – and now before her is standing a man – her husband – who had left her 12 years ago – Gautama Buddha!

Now, what to say! But she said – she was so much angry that she had absolutely no resistance – she just burst out with anger and said “Couldn’t you have trusted me? You could have said that you wanted to go, and I would have been the last woman in the world to prevent you. Couldn’t you have trusted me even that much?’

And she was crying. Twelve years of anger! And this man had escaped like a thief in the middle of the night – suddenly, without giving a single hint to her.

Buddha looked into her eyes and apologized. The master has no Ego, the real master understands the pain more than anybody in this whole world!
And so Buddha apologized to her – and said “It was out of non-understanding. I was ignorant, I was not aware. But now I am aware and I know – that’s why I have come back. You have helped me tremendously. Forget those old things, now there is no point in thinking about ‘spilt milk’Look at me! Something great has happened. I have come home. And I felt my first duty was towards you: to come, and to convey, and to share my experience with you.”

And the words were so beautiful, so true, so deep – that they moved the heart of Yashodhara – she could see that this man has really changed – that this is something else – that this man is something else – His glow, His Aura, His peace, His words – she could no more control herself, she burst out in tears, the whole palace moved – everybody came running and they all could see Yashodhara falling at the Buddha’s feet – rarely has this happened in the history of the human world – a wife ACCEPTING her Husband as her Guru! And with her tearful eyes flowing through the Buddha’s feet, she says

“ Initiate me, I want to be your disciple.”

Truth has tremendous strength – and for a man who himself is the epitome of Truth – what is not possible? Everything is possible – everything is possible!

The words of the master penetrate to your heart and then the MIND is lost – and in the absence of the Mind – the truth is realized. Yashodhara also realized the truth – the moment the words of the Buddha penetrated into her heart – love penetrates but that love has to be pure – only then can it reach the heart – move the heart and when the heart moves – you are no more the same – then no reason – no logic – no SCOPE – nothin ever is thought of – you just surrender to existence – to the Master and then life itself takes you through many wonderful moments and experiences that you would have never imagined of!

SCOPE is the subject of the MIND.
LOVE is the way of the HEART.

Ideally, I should have not answered this question. But then my answer is not limited to the questioner – it is for all and so I thought maybe there must be many of you who would be caught in such a futile question of finding a scope, finding a purpose – finding a meaning of living a life – and so just out of love, this answer has come.

Whole life is spent in finding the purpose – the meaning of our existence – when in reality your existence goes on meeting the many purposes of your life – but because you remain ignorant – you continue to aim for something else – when every moment of your existence is meeting the purpose of your life! How?

Watch yourself – and I repeat watch your life – witness your life – observe your life closely. Don’t judge, just observe. And you will find there is so much that is happening just because of you – your existence!

If you are a young boy – just your existence is giving strength to your mother and father. “I have somebody to take care of me” – the father and mother thinks.

If you are a husband, if you are a wife, and even if you are an 8o years old man or woman – still just your existence is helping so many men and women around you in some way or the other!

You don’t have to find the purpose of your life, you don’t have to find the meaning of your life. Meaning has nothing to do with life – remember this, always remember this.

I always find amusing – that generally people dislike or ignore the elder, the old men, and women of the house. But let me tell you – it is the EXISTENCE of these OLD MEN and WOMEN in your family – in your house – in your life – that actually brings along many positive developments! But the ignorant shallow men and women make faces – why this old woman is still alive – she is already 80+ and I am fed up of her. – this is how the immature mind talks.

But in reality, the old men and old women – are a blessing to the house – to the family and one who LOVES and RESPECTS these old fellows without having any selfish agenda – goes a long way in his or her life!

On one hand you run around astrologers and pundits and perform Shani Poojas and on the other hand, you ignore the old grandma – grandpa – or the old mother-in-law or father-in-law in your house – how are you going to find peace and prosperity in your life?

OLD MAN or OLD WOMAN in your family is the DIRECT REPRESENTATION of SHANI – remember this. If you disrespect them and continue to visit all temples of Shani – nothing ever is going to fructify in your life – and so first VALUE those who are ALIVE before you value the idols made out of lifeless stones.

Sant Kabir says: “If I could find God in worshipping stones, I would worship mountains.”

God is not in idols – idols of God are to encourage you to find God within you – because GOD IS WITHIN YOU!

But ignorant men and women do the exact opposite – they go on visiting temples after temples – while continue to IGNORE the old mother, the old father, the old grandma, the old grandpa, the old mother-in-law, the old father-in-law! They will continue to mistreat, insult, offend these old angels while they continue to worship idols after idols! And this is the whole story of human life – that what ‘is’ alive is IGNORED and what is lifeless is embraced- and that too for core selfish interests! And then these women and men ask – “Why we find no happiness in our life? Why we always struggle with money?”

Now what to answer these folks – and so I simply dont respond to their emails and calls. Because if I say the truth – they cannot digest it – and so I remain silent. Truth has to be shared – but only with those who have a certain depth of understanding. Solutions are always there – but to whom to consult, to whom to help, all of this needs to be evaluated very carefully and cautiously – because the world is filled with a majority of fools – ignorant fools. And so TRUTH has to be shared only with those who can digest it – who has a certain level of understanding AND only a meditative man can have some understanding – if his meditation is truly flowering….

Always remember the fact that Nakshatra has nothing do with the scope of your life.

What is a Nakshatra?

A specific type of cosmic energy.

The universe is vast and energies are primarily of three types- Satva (Positive, Godly, Tolerant). Rajas (Pleasure seeking, Royal) and Tamas ( Negative, Base level, intolerance).

The Nakshatra simply specify one of these energy types prominently.

All 27 nakshatras is a fusion of these 3 energies with one of the energy type in prominence.

There is no black and white story as long as the nakshatra is concerned. And there is no black and white story as far as human beings are concerned! Because no man on this planet is born as a Saint or born as a Sinner. Life is a journey – if consciousness is greater – a Saint is in the making – a Buddha is in the making. If consciousness is absent – a Sinner is in the making – A Hitler is in the making! A Saint can fall, A sinner can rise – there is no hard and fast rule – there is no black and white story – because…..

But ignorant men and women – especially less evolved souls label the nakshatra as good and bad. Just to create fear, because unless fear is created – how will you open up your wallet or purse to pay? So first fear is created – only then you will spend money. Fear sells faster than Faith – and that is the tragedy of human life. Because in general less evolved souls are too much fearful and incidentally they are in majority. So pundits and looters find it easy to make money by first labeling what is good and what is bad.

In reality, everything is useful, everything is beautiful in Gods existence.

Mind talks. The Heart simply listens. Mind ‘sees’ – the Heart simply feels. You ‘see’ through your MIND. You never ‘see’ through your Heart and that is how you go on missing the Truths – because the Mind is a monkey – a mecca of illusions – the heart is real, God dwells in your heart – Meditation is a journey from Mind towards the Heart. A meditative man speaks less, listens more, thinks less, meditates more!

This single thought that the Bhagavan mentions – is the thought of the Lord, your master – His Holy Name! How deep and how beautiful is this – I have always loved this old man – he is truly the Bhagavan – and shares so many treasures of life and so compassionately that Bhagavan Ramana Maharishi is probably the only man after centuries who have been so candid in sharing the many beautiful moments of meditative life! I humbly salute to His Holiness.

People have all kinds of issues and matters. From Sex to Suicide – almost everything. And yet they never realize that the problem is the MIND – the MIND is the world and NO MIND is the freedom from the world and beginning of a joyful life! It is difficult. Hard. But the Truth is always hard, if you can ACCEPT the truth – you have all the possibility to move on – but in reality, very few are able to go beyond the Mind because- a very few REALIZE and ACCEPT the fact that it is the MIND – that first have to be conquered – enslaved.

In the interest of my readers and followers – I would like to repeat again and again – that NO NAKSHATRA is bad or evil. Always remember that ELECTRICITY is generated only by the mixing of the POSITIVE AND THE NEGATIVE! You cannot create electricity with only the positive pole; you will need the negative pole too. Only with both the negative and the positive pole can you create electricity. Is the negative – absolutely negative??

It is complementary, so it is not against positive.

Nakshatra can be Negative. But not necessarily it should be labeled as BAD. Because it can also become an asset to an individual!

As mentioned above – out of all the 3 types of Energies that this universe is made of – TAMAS – RAJAS – SATVA , the TAMAS energy or quality is the negative energy.

Primarily all Nakshatras ruled by MARS, SATURN and RAHU KETU are in general negative in nature.

But then can we have a society that exists without having soldiers, policemen, politicians? Fighters are required, and NAKSHATRAS ruled by MARS/SATURN/RAHU/KETU – are not common nakshatras – they have a lot of depth and intensity within – so don’t underestimate the MOOLA, DHANISHTA, PUSHYA, ARDRA, MAGHA Nakshatras – in fact MAGHA is the largest – the mightiest Nakshatra of all!

And so again I repeat – Only with both the negative and the positive pole can you create electricity. You need both types of players in your team – only then can you win!

Ashlesha on the other side – is much softer. Generally, good doctors are born on this nakshatra. It has the power to suck the poison out and HEAL. And so it is a positive nakshatra – especially if Mercury is placed well in the ascendant chart. Healers, consultants, newspaper journalists, news anchors – for all kind of these professions, Ashlesha is an apt nakshatra.

There is an indication of black magic specific issues for Ashlesha more than any other nakshatra in the zodiac of Cancer. Either the person is a victim of black magic or takes interest in black magic to cause harm to others or to meet his or her self-interests. A typically emotionally vulnerable person is what is seen through the Ashlesha moon. These men are revengeful and generally never forgive.

One has to understand that Nakshatra of Moon – will provide you with the mentality or mindset of the person. While Nakshatra of the Ascendant – will provide you with the nature of the person. Example – Magha rising on Ascendant – gives a hot-tempered native – that is his nature – can’t help!

You all know the story of Durvas Rishi – he was a great Saint – but also was very short tempered! So nature is nature! Nature has no medicine – it cannot be cured because it is NATURE – natural!

But the Magha Moon is totally a different story. Magha moon gives a mind that has no direction – it is directionless (KETU). And so it goes on flowing – just the way a rock goes on flowing through the river – it just does not know where it is going! Always confused, and also no idea of what all is going around him or her! Magha Moon man thinks that he is a king – but that is just the thinking – there is no reality to it. While Magha Ascendant man has no reason to think that he is the king – because he *is* the King!

So Ascendant nakshatra is the real ‘self’ – the real ‘You’. While Moon nakshatra is what you think you are – or what you think you should be – or what you aim to become – there is no reality to it.

It is likely that the majority of you may not like my answer but those who have been following me for a while – know that I rarely share or write for any likes. Because likes are of the mind and the mind is a monkey. It is only the heart that can resonate, can love for no reason and that is true love – love has no reason to love – always remember this – you love only when there is no logic – only when there is no agenda. Love has no agenda.

But LIKE has! The Mind has. Like is of the Mind. Whenever someone says ‘ I Like you’– the mind is saying it and not the heart!

The so-called sensible pragmatic men and women of this human world first rely on LIKE. They say – first, you LIKE someone – and then you LOVE. This is how the MIND is cunning. First, it will calculate – then IF the calculations fall in favor – then it will LIKE and then it goes on to LOVE.

Such a LOVE is a manufactured LOVE. There is no naturality to it – it is a staged love and not real!

In Real love – there is absolutely no chance to think, to calculate, to apply any logic – to apply any mind – you simply love – your heart resonates, and you simply jump into the unknown – that’s love – true love!

And true love is willing to sacrifice. There is no agenda – there is absolutely no thought of finding out any scope or any purpose – you simply love – when you love, you simply love!

And that is how life should be. FULL OF LOVE!

A time should come in everybody’s life when you are no more falling in love but you are LOVE!

Falling in love is biological. Rising in love is something spiritual! Love should come from your silence, your meditativeness. To love is to give freedom to each other. When love grows deeper – freedom becomes bigger. And as you love deeper and deeper – you start ACCEPTING the person you love – the way he or she is!

It always happens – first you love and then you demand change. It simply means that your love is not in full circle – because you have accepted only the half of the person you love and the remaining half you are not willing to accept – you want to change the person. Love never demands any change! Love ACCEPTS everything without any demands, any complaints and any resentments!

A young man asked, “ What exactly is love?”

And the answer is to be found in the below picture quote:

This young man who asked this question – must be of Ashlesha nakshatra – Mercurians cannot understand love because they are so much in the head – and head can never understand love. Logic and Love are two ends that can never meet. You can either LOVE – or you can either go on scratching your head. You either LOVE or you either apply LOGIC – one has to drop for the other to survive.

And that is why LOVE MARRIAGE rarely survives because MARRIAGE is a DEAL between two families. It has LOGIC to it. It has all the calculations to it – so now tell me – how can LOVE survive in a MARRIAGE (Deal?) !!

That is why the family courts across the world have divorce cases more of marriages (deals) that were made out of Love. Maximum divorces happen in love marriages – than arrange marriages for the simple reason that Love cannot survive in deals – hard deals that are sealed by the stamp of Logic!

Arranged marriages are purely logic based deals. There is absolutely no instance of love involved – two parties meet – the man and woman. They do a lot of brainstorming. All kinds of logical questions are asked – evaluated, judged and then a final deal is signed – which is called – Marriage – Arranged Marriage! Love cannot be ARRANGED – it is not Politics!

Arranged marriages stay for long. The head remains for long. The logic remains for long. Because everything has been closely calculated.

Love marriage rarely stays for long. And yet every moment that they lived together had been the moment of wild, wild love. And for love – only a single moment is enough. Two hearts meet, melt, celebrate! And so even though love marriages may not survive for long – who cares? The lovers are happy to be in the moment of love – who cares for the future and who cares for the past – one moment of love is equal to the whole eternity!

I am all for love. And you all should also be for love! For love is our mother. We are born out of love.

And so through this question – I appeal to you all – to all my followers and fellow travelers – move away from Logic (Ashlesha – Mercury) and move towards Love (Venus). For life is less of logic and more of love. So, love, but love something that is higher – something that is superb – something that can take you towards the beyond…

Love is the solution. A wise man can love. He has the potential to love. Simply because he has dropped all his learnings and all his knowledge. A knowledgeable man, a Pundit cannot love. He is too much in his Head and the Head cannot love. Head is happy to accumulate knowledge – but knowledge cannot complete you-you remain thirsty – this thirst never is satisfied unless and until you start moving from the Head towards the Heart!

Gautama Buddha says “True love is born out of understanding!”

Get over all of these houses, stars, nakshatras, yogas – rise above all and come to the melting point – where UNDERSTANDING becomes the only law of your life!

For more spiritual motivation and insights you all can always avail the new edition of my book “Gift of Consciousness” releasing August 5th on all Amazon sites.

So Come – come you all, you all have been going through a lot of difficult phases of life – but don’t let those low phases of your life divert you away from the abode of Love. For love is the only answer to all your questions. To love – you need tremendous courage. COWARDS commit SUICIDE. COURAGEOUS and CONSCIOUS SOULS overcome all the difficulties of their life by focusing on Love. They share love, they forgive, they ACCEPT – and that is how they progress – inside-out!

Love can take you everywhere and you will be able to realize this truth only when you turn inward and help each other to become more and more meditative. There is no other miracle in this world than Meditation. It is the only science that can transform you into a new person.

And now for more spiritual insights and motivation, read the latest edition of my first published book “Gift of Consciousness” available on Amazon and Flipkart.


Jai Shri Ganesha. Jai Guru.



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