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For many days I had been thinking of giving away a few copies of my published books at a discounted rate to my avid readers and genuine insightful followers – especially those who cannot afford to buy at the MRP price. So today in case you are reading this post and you had been thinking of reading my book but were short of money – then here is one opportunity for you to get a copy of my internationally acclaimed books.

You can check below the availability and then do the payment via Paytm on 9923400039 or GPay on 9960390489. The flat all-inclusive price for each book is INR 399/- if you are based in India & US $19 – if you are based outside India.

Here is the current Stock Availability of my internationally acclaimed best selling books:

1. “Gift of Consciousness” – 7 Copies available (Internationally acclaimed book)

2. “How to Overcome Rahu” – 5 Copies Available (Best selling book)

3. “NO MIND” – 7 Copies available (Meditations, controlling the mind and stories that motivate you spiritually.)

4. “Beauty of Acceptance” – 6 Copies available (Beautiful stories with emphasis on the beauty of Acceptance)

5. ”WHY KETU CAN HEAL” – NO COPIES available at discounted price with me! This was the fastest selling book. The only way to avail a copy of this book is on Amazon or Flipkart.

Although all the above published books are available across many countries on Amazon – still this initiative is specifically for those who have been writing to me that they want to read my books but cannot afford. So now I give away limited copies at a flat affordable price of INR 399 – all inclusive – only till stocks remain.

To avail a copy – the process is simple, make the all inclusive INR 399 payment via Paytm (9923400039) or Gpay (9960390489) and then email or WhatsApp your mailing address on 9960390489. If you are based outside India – then make the payment using Paypal – by sending the payment on my Paypal email id –

After all the whole purpose of my sharing and my books is to help those who are seeking the beyond – who are looking for answers that they cannot find. If it was possible – I would have given all my books for free. But that is not how this material world operates – there are costs involved – printing cost, shipping cost, logistic maintenance cost – material costs, quality check costs! But still this is the best I can do for my readers and followers – I am sure that those who are destined will get the copy that they so truly deserve!

I always tell to my well-wishers – that NO MATTER how much this world tries to knock you down – NO MATTER how much you are ignored – NOBODY can TAKEAWAY from you THAT which you rightly DESERVE! And that’s my experience – real life experience!


Love to all my genuine insightful readers and followers. Stay blessed. And Stay safe.

Jai Shri Ganesha. Jai Guru.



Addittya Tamhankar

Addittya Tamhankar

Astrologer & Bestselling Author of “How to Overcome Rahu” & “Why Ketu Can Heal” - Addittya Tamhankar shares his unique thoughts, knowledge through his website. This is a special SPACE where his sharing is made available to his over 15000+ unique followers. Addittya Tamhankar is also Alumni of IIM - the prestigious management institute of India. He has also authored five internationally acclaimed books. Currently he has two bestselling books on his name. To avail his consultations which is highly spiritual by nature — schedule an appointment.


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