Gift of Consciousness
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Gift of Consciousness

Consciousness is bliss, unconsciousness is misery. No matter how difficult your life is, if you can live with consciousness, no situation or person can ever bring you down. Because consciousness will never let you fail, it will always ensure your well-being. The most precious gift to mankind is indeed - the Gift of Consciousness which is one of the best spiritual books has earned a great love by its readers. By referring to the Upanishads, Bodhisattvas, Bible, and Sufism teachings and stories, Addittya brilliantly reveals a unique perspective on ancient wisdom. Formatted with short insightful chapters that boost positive energy within you, this book is a great motivator for spiritual seekers and meditation practitioners.

In the gift of consciousness book, you'll learn about:

  • Beauty of living with consciousness
  • Importance of turning inwards
  • Realizing the true source of happiness
  • Beauty of being you and believing in yourself
  • Overcoming personal and professional setbacks

Addittya Tamhankar

Based in Pune, Addittya is a celebrity spiritual astrologer, IIM alumnus, life coach, and visionary motivator. Addittya believes that with deep spiritual practice and meditation the solutions to all our miseries can be found. The solution to our problems is within us – all we need is to ‘dive’ within, turn inwards, and explore our true self. From the last 16 years, Addittya has been consulting and helping people from all walks of life to find solutions to their problems.

Addittya believes in selfless service. He believes and lives with the firm belief that: “God is the creator and I am his humble servant.”


What Happy Clients Say

Podcasting a passage

Astro Spiritual Guide - Addittya Tamhankar podcasting a passage from his internationally acclaimed book " GIFT OF CONSCIOUSNESS". The passage reveals a chapter from the book - Where is your focus? Listen to learn more. 'Gift of Consciousness' Book is available on all international Amazon sites (US, UK, Australia, Canada, Germany, France, Spain, Japan) and also is available in India on Flipkart.

I would be delighted to send you a copy of my book with my autograph. If you would like to receive a copy of "Gift of Consciousness" directly from my end, feel free to approach me and I will send you the brand new copy with my autograph. Plus the copy that you order from me - comes to you at a discounted price.


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