What qualities does Saturn Venus Conjunction signify?

Feelings restricted. In these two words comes the essence (Tatva) of Saturn Venus Conjunction.

Feelings (Venus) Restricted (Saturn).

Love tragedies occur - when you love a woman but cannot propose to her. You continue to restrict your feelings for her and a time comes when someone else takes her away from you. And you cannot blame her because you never gathered the courage (Mars) instead you restricted (Saturn) your feelings and never said those three magical life transforming words - “I LOVE YOU”.

Saturn restricts. Don’t rush. Don’t voice out your feelings - is the strict message of Saturn to Venus (feelings) and so then the feelings remain within - the native goes on hiding his or her feelings and in the process delays the marriage or the possibility of forming a new relationship/friendship!

Delay in marriage is one general observation when Saturn conjuncts Venus.

Many natives with Saturn Venus conjunction settle for ‘Arrange Marriage’ because arranged marriage are ‘deals’ that are discussed between two families and so the native don’t have to put special efforts in expressing his or her feelings - all the ‘talking’ and ‘decisions’ are made by the family - it is indeed a safe tunnel for someone who feels shy in matters of love and marriage!

But apart from love matters, or love triangles - the native does well in his professional life. Venus is a dealer - and - Saturn is good at being organized, and being patient.

Saturn Venus hence gives birth to a good dealer who has the potential to do good business and if other aspects support then he attains great heights in business - becomes a known businessman - in rare cases - also becomes a business tycoon.

Henry Ford is one example of Saturn Venus conjunction. Henry Ford became a business tycoon by introducing the first commercially affordable car for middle class Americans. Saturn Venus conjunction gives a certain purpose to their business other than making money.

Saturn Venus has the ability to work in large teams, large organizations - they basically do well when they work with people - because they have the ability to bring people together, keep them together and work together - and that leads them to SUCCESS.

One more good example of a successful SATURN VENUS businessman is Donald Trump. Trump has Saturn Venus in his Ascendant Cancer! He had been a successful businessman before becoming the President of United States. And even after becoming the President - he runs the country more as a businessman and less like a leader! He cut down so many spending and pulled back from many organizations including NAFTA - just so that he can save the money (typical businessman nature). Although during his tenure - the US may have done well on the finances but it image of being a world ‘leader’ took some backslash because the world has been looking at the US as a leader but Trump made it look less as leader and more as a businessman!

Saturn Venus brings that business acumen or business sense by birth itself - they are born dealers -born businessmen. But when they do business they do it not just for money but for a certain purpose - they do business for the larger interest of the people.

Saturn Venus people are good at building teams - because they understand the significance of TEAMS and putting people together!

Although this conjunction has the potential to help the native attain the TOP POSITION in society - still you need to remember that on the TOP - you are always alone - the more you move towards the top of the mountain - the peak - the more you are alone - because at the PEAK - there can be only ONE person and not more than one! At the TOP - you are always alone!

Ascendants to which Saturn and Venus are Yoga-karaka - provide suitable ‘SOIL’ (environment) for the ‘SEED’ (quality) to grow and provide good results.

Virgo, Gemini, Libra, Taurus Ascendants - prove more beneficial for Saturn Venus conjunction.

Mercury Venus are ‘friends’ of Saturn - because they all share one striking similarity in their essence (Tatva) - what is it?


These three planets - Mercury Venus and Saturn strongly support the fact that ‘Optimism beyond Practicality is foolishness.’

Venus is a dealer - Venus is not like Moon. Wife is not like Mother!

Wife expects love in return for the love that she gives you. That is Venus. Venus therefore is related to Wife.

Mother never has any expectations for the caring, the nurturing, the love that she showers upon you. That is Moon. Moon therefore is related to Mother.

Venus is a dealer. Moon is not a dealer. Saturn loves Venus because Venus is very practical. Saturn hates Moon because Moon is very impractical!

See how beautiful Astrology can be! And so - Venus does well with Saturn. They work in harmony - sex also is not bad - as they do well in the bed.

Saturn Venus from sexual perspective - duration of actual sex is prolonged, the native (man) is not quick to ejaculate and hence can provide sexual satisfaction to his partner. If the native is a woman - even then she can have multiple orgasm - letting her partner have maximum sexual satisfaction.

Sexual satisfaction and pleasures of the bed comes with Saturn Venus conjunction - BUT - LOVE? Love is an altogether different feeling. You can have sex with the woman you feel attracted to - but not necessarily that would give way to LOVE between you and her!

Sex - therefore is easy than to LOVE! Sex is physical. Love is platonic. People are not afraid of sex - they may jump in the bed - but people are afraid of love - they will not so quickly jump into the ‘sea of Love’!

Saturn Venus native is afraid of LOVE - because he or she fears failure - fears rejection - fears falling flat on face in matters of LOVE - matters of HEART! And so Love is feared though they do well in matter of sex - they will not disappoint their partner in the bed.

Sex or sexual satisfaction is NOT a problem or a question for Saturn Venus conjunction native - Love is the real question because they often feel the lack (Saturn) of romantic love (Venus) in their life. Reminds me of VINCENT VAN GOGH - one of the greatest legendary Dutch artist whose painting were sold for millions of dollars but only after his death! During his lifetime he remained poor - but even in that poverty he painted the most amazing beautiful paintings! He never had love in his life although there was a woman with whom he had sexual relations. VINCENT VAN GOGH painted the most beautiful paintings but he was not a handsome man - he was in fact ugly - he had no looks that would attract a woman! But one day - the woman with whom he had relation - said out of compassion - just to make him feel good - she said “I like you very much.”

VINCENT VAN GOGH had never heard this. Love was a far away thing. Even someone liking him - was beyond his expectation.

He said, “Really, you like me? What do you like in me?” Now, the woman was at a loss. She said, “I like your ears. Your ears are beautiful.” And you will be surprised that van Gogh went home, cut off his ears with a razor, packed them beautifully, went to the woman and gave his ears to her. And blood was flowing….

She said, “What have you done?”

He said, “Nobody ever liked anything in me. And I am a poor man, how can I thank you? You liked my ears; I have presented them to you. If you had liked my eyes, I would have presented my eyes to you If you had liked me, I would have died for you.”

The woman could not believe it. But for the first time, VINCENT VAN GOGH was happy, smiling; somebody had liked at least a part of him.

That is the state of Saturn Venus conjunction native! Love is missing - though they continue with their life because what else can they do? What other option they have then to keep going….? Because Love cannot be bought in the market - nobody can force you to LOVE - LOVE happens in its own accord - the heart starts beating with rhythm naturally - you never know when and where and with whom you may fall in love with - because LOVE is never planned - Love happens and happen is indeed a very beautiful word!

You cannot ‘MANAGE’ love - it is not politics! Love happens in its own accord but Saturn Venus conjunction natives are not so lucky in the matters of love!

This conjunction however does well in practical matters of life - such as in business they do extremely well. This conjunction brings good judgement and bestows the native with the unique talent of CONVINCING people. Therefore this conjunction is good for sales executive, marketing executives - because they have to SELL - and to SELL something - first you got to have the skill of convincing others.

Even in POLITICS they do well - because where else the art of convincing can play a vital role than in the field of POLITICS! Because in politics you have to CONVINCE people of your credibility, your authenticity and your ability to provide GOOD GOVERNANCE! And so Saturn Venus conjunction is excellent for those who are in Politics or those who take active interest in playing politics in organizations or in groups/teams.

GEORGE WASHINGTON - the FIRST PRESIDENT OF UNITED STATES OF AMERICA - had Saturn Venus conjunction in Pisces sign. You see - a seasoned politician, George Washington is the founding father of the US.

JOHN TYLER - the TENTH PRESIDENT OF UNITED STATES OF AMERICA - also had Saturn Venus conjunction! Tyler played a vital role in the merging of Republic of Texas (which was earlier with Mexico) with the United States. He was probably the only man who became President without facing elections because President Harrison died and Vice-President John Tyler by default became the next President of the Unites States of America!

Break-up, or divorce or getting dumped is something that Saturn Venus native often face in his or her life! Because remember - though Saturn is a friend of Venus - still Saturn also is a very dry, strict and reserved planet - so often the breakup happens because the native’s partner is a cheater - or is too dominating or is too ignorant - but some pain in matters of relationship or marriage is seen with this conjunction.

Albert Einstein - the great scientist had Saturn Venus conjunction - he had two marriages. The first marriage was with 20-year-old Serbian named Mileva Marić - he had two sons from the first marriage. But they broke up - because Einstein was drawn towards his cousin Elsa - and so when Mileva discovered this - she left Einstein and moved back to Zurich. In 1919 - after living apart for five years - finally they divorced and Einstein married his second wife - Elsa Löwenthal in 1919 and then they migrated to the US in 1933. Einstein had Venus Saturn in Pisces along with Mercury and Sun. His Mercury was debilitated - being in Pisces! And yet today the world remembers him as one of the greatest scientists!

Saturn Venus also has the potential of providing the native with great acting skills! Many successful film actors and actresses has Saturn Venus conjunction - one of them that I remember is the pretty American actress Jennifer Aniston.

Jennifer Aniston has exalted Venus with Saturn in Pisces sign. Interestingly her first husband - Brad Pitt - also has Saturn Venus conjunction in Capricorn Ascendant!

Saturn is the senior most planet after Jupiter in size and in the depth of understanding!

A man who has Saturn and Jupiter in strong position is indeed a man of certain depth.

Saturn is Karmic. Venus is Romantic. Venus is Relationships. And so when Saturn joins Venus - the ‘Karmic dues is specific to relationships. Based on the quality and sign placement of Saturn and Venus - either the native succeeds in his or her relationships or fails.

Overall Saturn Venus is a good conjunction considering it brings a ‘BALANCED way of DEALING with others which helps the native to have a good social network of friend circle - because people like these natives - they are NOT aggressive - they think a lot before acting or reacting. They handle situations or matters with a balanced perspective and generally do not jump to conclusions.

When in relationship they remain steady. Still breakup happens because they restrict themselves from expressing their feelings (anger/love/joy) which leads to MISUNDERSTANDINGS - and since they don’t take lead in clearing the misunderstandings - they end up saying the word - GOODBYE.

Saturn says ‘NO’ - Venus says “Yes I should call her back.” In this fight - Saturn always has an upper hand and so the native even though wants to work around his relationship - ends up restricting himself from expressing his feelings - admitting his mistakes and in the process goes through many break-ups and delays in marriages/relationships.

But as mentioned earlier - this conjunction provides you with a native who is good in his work, possess a certain talent that helps him to excel in his career. If he is working as an employee - he loves to create a calm and warm environment around him. He likes to work in harmonious environment. He steadily climbs the ladder of his career and attains high position in large organizations.

Very efficient in executing his work and responsibilities - Saturn Venus native also does well in running a business related to luxury items or technology specific products.

Bill Gates - one of the richest man on this planet and the founder of MICROSOFT has exalted Saturn and strong Venus in Libra sign!

Always remember - SATURN never spoils the qualities of VENUS. Instead SATURN empowers VENUS - to take the lead in the corporate affairs - large organizations - among the masses.

RAHU spoils VENUS but SATURN never spoils Venus - understand the difference, savor the difference.

Saturn is a good friend of Venus - Rahu is also a friend of Venus but a bad friend!

We all have friends - some spoil us - while some become our ‘TORCH’ - showing us the right path that can lead us to success, to real growth - the growth within!

Many great personalities are born with Saturn Venus conjunction - but as mentioned earlier - it all depends on which SOIL (environment/family/Ascendant) the ‘SEED’ (conjunction) falls. When the ‘SEED’ (conjunction) gets the proper suitable ‘SOIL’ (Ascendant with other positive planetary aspects) - only then does the conjunction starts flowering and manifests into a sweet ‘fruit’! And this happening is in itself called - DESTINY - (YOGA) which takes place based on your PAST KARMA and the BLESSINGS OF YOUR GURU (the benevolent master)!

It is all inter-connected - it is all LinkedIn! And so if you are not getting the desired positive results of Saturn Venus conjunction then you need to ‘wake-up’ - you need to start looking within - you need to start turning inwards - you need to let CHANGE happen within you!

Always remember to CORRECT yourself - to CORRECT the course of your life - you cannot do it yourself - the old cannot change itself - you have to come to the Master - you have to seek the Master - and to do so - first you have to learn to live your life in surrender!

That is what Krishna says to Arjuna - “Surrender to ME”.

That is what Jesus says to his Apostles - “Surrender and Follow Me.”

That is what Buddha says to Ananda - “Remember my words - Follow Me.”

You haven’t seen God. But you can always experience Godliness in the omnipresence of the divine master!

And so the message to Saturn Venus conjunction native is - ‘ live your life by surrendering yourself to your master - and when you surrender - slowly you start learning to live your life with ACCEPTANCE!’

The absence of LOVE in your life can be filled only when you start living your life in surrender. Surrender yourself - because the master can do more with your surrender than you can do with your control.

The moment of surrender is when life begins in the true sense!

Jai Shri Ganesha. Jai Guru.

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