What qualities does Saturn Uranus Conjunction signify?

Authenticity is the essence of Uranus. Restriction/Hardship is the tatva (essence) of Saturn.

The outcome you see is a man who is authentic - REAL and yet have to face many Restrictions/Hardships in life!

It is indeed a very challenging conjunction.

Souls born around 1941 to 1942 may have Saturn Uranus conjunction in their birth charts. And souls born in 1988 & 1989 may have Saturn Uranus conjunction in their birth charts.

It is a special conjunction since it happens after every 45 years!

Whenever Uranus comes in contact with Saturn - the ‘establishment’ (Saturn) is challenged by the highly FREE-SPIRIT, INDIVIDUALISTIC, UNCONVENTIONAL URANUS!

It was during 1941 - 42 - that the Second World War was intensified - with German’s supreme - Adolf Hitler (URANUS) challenging the ‘established empire’ (Saturn) of Great Britain.

And interestingly Great Britain had a Great Prime Minister who was so stubborn and rigid (SATURN QUALITIES) that in the British Parliament - House of Commons - he said:

Saturn brings endurance, patience and persistence. Churchill was a perfect Saturnian. Hitler (Uranus) was brilliant in his strategy and he made all kind of efforts to force England to surrender - but it was Winston Churchill whose patience, daring and endurance - eventually brought victory to the Allies and Hitler had to commit suicide!

Basically URANUS disturbs the ‘established regime or routine or system’ that Saturn signify.


And so authenticity comes naturally to Saturn Uranus conjunction native.

Uranus is NOT fake like RAHU. Rahu's 'rebelling' attitude is primarily to gain importance, attract attention and to earn some cheap publicity.

Uranus is not like RAHU. Uranus native has a certain purpose, he rebels but that rebel is not to attract attention or to get easy publicity - that fire of 'going against the norms' is purely born out of a purpose - a higher purpose!

The reason I brought RAHU to this topic is because you all should understand that 'going against the norms of the society' is found in both - RAHU and URANUS. Both are highly unconventional by nature. But you all should understand that the 'INTENTION' is altogether different. RAHU's focus is on 'ME' - whatever stops me from having PLEASURES of this material world is ENEMY to RAHU. Then RAHU REBELS. But when it comes to URANUS - the focus is not on 'ME' - the focus is on those exploitations that are happening on the name of Religion, Tradition, Custom - and so URANUS native REBELS but the intention is NOT 'self-centered' it is NOT about 'ME' - it is about the OTHERS. The intention is to the 'HELP OTHERS FROM GETTING EXPLOITED' and so the URANUS native rebels for the LARGER INTEREST OF THE PEOPLE!

It should be noted that Hitler had been a witness to the exploitation that the Jews in Germany were doing - right from his young age. Uranus cannot stand exploitation. Although there had been anti-Semitism in Germany and rest of the Europe - Hitler took extreme (Uranus traits) steps to eradicate the Jews from Germany.

Although history has labelled Adolf Hitler as the most evil person - still Hitler’s love for his motherland - his love for the German people cannot be doubted. And as always whosesoever wins the battle - always paints the defeated side as EVIL! The VICTOR writes the ‘history’ and it always is ‘one-sided’! The Allies won the Second World War (Britain, US, Russia) and so nobody would dare to question - if they (Allies) told the TRUTH!

Even to claim that ‘Hitler also had his side of story’ is now considered as a SIN - you will be strongly condemn - I will be strongly condemn because TRUTH is HARD - and shallow people cannot digest the TRUTH - they will always condemn you - ridicule you and so TRUTH is not found so easily - for that you have to look within! One should remember that if Hitler would have not helped Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose - then it would have been impossible for Netaji to form the first Indian National Army - INA!

URANUS is a planet of MASSES - HE REBELS - HE GOES AGAINST THE TRADITIONS (SATURN) BUT HE DOES THIS TO BRING A NEW FRESH PERSPECTIVE TO MANKIND. In ancient India - a widow - no matter whether she is just 18 yrs or 20 yrs old - she would have had to spend her whole life as widow. She was not allowed to marry again. However in the modern AGE - social activists and social reformers stood against such hypocrite society that won't allow a widow to marry second time! Uranus represents these social reformers and activists! RAHU is that man who use to take advantage of such young widows - by sexually exploiting them - encouraging them to against the ethics (RAHU) so that they succumb to their physical demands! That is how millions of widows in the PAST were sexually exploited and not allowed to marry because the traditions and the so called scriptures won't let them to marry second time! On the name of TRADITION and RELIGION (SATURN)- third class cheap sexual perverts had been sexually exploiting - using such young widows.

But as the AGE changed - as URANUS influence increased - these age old tradition were opposed - but NOT for personal pleasures (which RAHU does by the means of exploitation). The whole intention of the KING OF SKY - URANUS is simply to stop exploitation of weaker sections of society and to help them get fair justice.

And that makes URANUS a truly authentic entity whereas RAHU simply wants publicity - that is why I always say that RAHU is a Politician while URANUS is a real-time social activist who works for the larger interest of those sections of the society who are condemned, wronged and ridiculed by the society.

A man who exploits young windows, women on the name of religion and 'traditions' is RAHU.

While a man who fights for the weaker section of the society - helps them, provides them with 'JUSTICE' is URANUS. He is the Robinhood of the poor!

And this human world had many such 'Robinhood' from the very beginning of the time however they became more influential and their 'voice' got a platform only in this AGE - the AQUARIAN AGE! Interestingly URANUS dwells in the sign of AQUARIUS.

Somehow I have started falling in love with the zodiac sign - AQUARIUS! When there was a time when I hated the sign Aquarius!

It happens - it always happens that the person you hate the most - becomes the LOVE of your life! HATE can transform into LOVE - anytime! But FAKE LOVE - what about FAKE LOVE? It is as good as a plastic rose - looks perfect but has no fragrance to it!

And so there is always a strong possibility that a man - a woman who simply HATES you - can someday also start loving you! Because at least their HATRED is REAL -and whatsoever is REAL - is beautiful - URANUS is also REAL - and only a person who is truthful to himself can truly understand the immense potential of URANUS - can resonate with the higher altitudes of URANUS!

RAHU is FAKE. They say they LOVE but that LOVE is limited to SEX - limited to PLEASURES of the BODY.

URANUS is REAL. If HE says "I LOVE YOU" - then he will go to any extent - he may jump for you - he may go to the extremes - he has a touch of spirituality to his being - he will remain with you even though you cannot provide him with any sexual pleasures or satisfaction! Because in the dictionary of URANUS - it is clearly written that - "WHEN YOU LOVE, YOU SIMPLY LOVE."!

A FAKE BABA - a FAKE spiritual being is a perfect RAHU. He will work a lot on his appearance - but from within - there is a lot of chaos - a lots of desires - sexual desires, desires for money, power, fame! But on the circumference - he will put on a very calm face when within there is so much anger, so much lust - so many desires are boiling to come out!

And URANUS - URANUS will not even let you know who he is - because he simply doesn't care about his appearance - he simply doesn’t care what others would say about him - because he has absolutely no interest in ‘show-off’! If he is a real spiritual being - he will not require to showcase anything because those who can smell the ‘fragrance’ of the rose are naturally drawn towards the rose - the rose need not have to scream and say “I am a rose” - the seeker comes on his own towards the real rose which has many thorns - because whosever is REAL is never PERFECT - and whosoever is UNREAL, FAKE is always seen to be PERFECT!

Whether he is a multi-millionaire or a real spiritual master - he will never let you know by doing any show-off - because one who has millions of dollars in his account don’t need the effort to show-off his richness - he is rich and that is a reality. Similarly a real SADHU, a real SUFI, a real spiritual MASTER don’t have to take any special efforts to show-off - those who can understand, those who can resonate with his words - with his sharing - are drawn towards him - naturally - BECAUSE they too are REAL - only a REAL is attracted towards the REAL. The reason many get caught in the trap of FAKE beings and FAKE BABAs is because they themselves had been FAKE or they themselves had been utterly ignorant in realizing what is REAL and what is UNREAL!

This understanding of what is REAL and what is UNREAL comes from within. For that you have to turn inwards - for that you have to think beyond the scriptures - beyond the four walls of this society and this quality comes through the blessings of URANUS - when the QUALITY OF URANUS grows within your being - then you become courageous - then you can voice out your feeling - your thoughts fearlessly!

URANUS men and women are GOD LOVERS - they are NOT GOD FEARING people.

SATURN men and women are GOD FEARING - they are NOT GOD LOVING people.

Buddha wants God Loving beings and not God fearing beings.

URANUS overwhelms SATURN and thus the SATURNIUN quality is now highly reduced - transforming the tradition conventional being into a totally unconventional modern being!

The generation born in 1988 and 1989 have SATURN URANUS conjunction. Mostly those souls who were born between January 1988 to December 1988 - have a close conjunction - with SATURN & URANUS - both in Moola Nakshatra (Sagittarius Sign)!

The NEXT generation with this unique conjunction will be born in the year 2031 however actual close conjunction will happen sometime between 2032 January to 2032 July.

Eccentric nature is a trademark of URANUS planet.

Saturn signify KARMA. The native’s “karma” is highly impacted by his or her eccentric nature.

Mercury is the younger brother of Uranus - meaning a lower version. Uranus is the BIG BRO - and so along with intellectuality - there is also a touch of eccentricity - suddenness - impulsiveness.

And Saturn (KARMA) is highly impacted by these peculiar URANUS traits.

End result - the person takes decisions impulsively. Many times does something so suddenly - that his or her partner keeps wondering if he is the same person or somebody else!

It is difficult to judge a SATURN URANUS native - you may think he is a cat and he may turn out being a LION! You may think she looks so boring - and she may just transform herself into a shinning DIVA!

The coming together of SATURN URANUS is like the OLD AGE meeting with the NEW AGE! It is a confluence of the OLD with the NEW!

Leading Hollywood Actress - Emma Stone born in 1988 November has Saturn Uranus Conjunction.

Cricketer Virat Kohli and noted Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma has Saturn Uranus Conjunction.

Saturn’s Practicality gets a boost from Uranus because you all should remember that Uranus is the higher version of Mercury and Mercury is to the core - a very practical planet.

Cricketer Piyush Chawla and Ishant Sharma also has Saturn Uranus Conjunction.

Traditions, customs, conventions don’t appeal much to Saturn Uranus conjunction natives. If at all the horoscope has a good placement of Jupiter - then they try to BALANCE the OLD traditions with the NEW outlook!

BALANCE is the word! For a SATURN URANUS native - the horoscope should be well-balanced else the person goes to extremes!

Individuals who has a good balanced view - can do exceptionally well with URANUS SATURN conjunction - because remember - this is a CONTRAST MARRIAGE and the marriage can work only if both the partners - Uranus and Saturn can find a middle ground - and that is possible only when the individual is matured enough to take a balanced view of life.

Saturn Uranus Conjunction happened in the year 1899 as well! It is a very special conjunction and since it happens after every 45 years - it is indeed unique and does produce some unique ‘individuals’!

However - the most interesting point of this conjunction is that - it simply doesn’t do well in politics!

In fact I would suggest that natives with this conjunction should NEVER get into POLITICS!

And there is a beautiful reason for it!

Uranus is a planet that is more interested in the beyond - something that is unconventional - something that can bring value to the society - something that is extra-ordinary!

And so natives with this conjunction do extremely well in the LABORATORIES - meaning they become great SCIENTISTS!

Politics is BORING and a native having URANUS SATURN - is not much interested in politics and should never jump into politics!

SATURN is a die hard politician but when URANUS joins in - it is like Doctor Emmett L. Brown from the movie “Back to the Future” - who calls himself the ‘Student of All Sciences’ joining in!

Doctor Emmett L. Brown - the doctor who appears highly whimsical, eccentric and yet highly intelligent is a perfect representation of planet URANUS!

Interestingly the movie “Back to Future” was directed by a genius who also is a strong Uranus influenced individual - Steven Spielberg! In fact his Uranus is with Rahu with a direct opposition to Mercury! Whenever there is conjunction, opposition between Uranus and Mercury - you get a highly intellectual being and when you Moon Venus Jupiter together in Libra than the artistic talent and the extreme intellectuality gives birth to great creation that Steven brought before the world in form of ‘movies’! Steven has Venus Moon Jupiter in Libra.

Saturn Uranus conjunction is clear NO for politics and moreover individuals with this conjunction are also not much interested in making a career in politics.

It is a conjunction that brings forth CREATIVITY - in form of movies, poem, entertainment games, scientific discoveries. Native finds its happiness in the world of creativity - then be it anything under the sky as long as they can showcase their creativity - their performance - they are happy!

Charles Best - the co-discoverer of Insulin also had Saturn Uranus conjunction - he was born in the year 1899. Virologist & Nobel Prize Laureate - FRANK BURNET was also a Saturn Uranus conjunction native - he too was born in 1899!

Highly intelligent beings - but with a touch of eccentricity - Saturn Uranus conjunction native also are good in giving surprises!

And when it comes to ‘surprises’ and ‘suspense’ - how can I miss the thriller movie maker, screenwriter and director- Sir Alfred Hitchcock!

Known as the "Master of Suspense", Alfred Hitchcock directed over 50 feature films! He is one of the most influential and extensively studied filmmakers in the history of cinema. Born in 1899, August 13, Alfred Hitchcock also had Saturn Uranus conjunction! In fact the number 13 itself is a URANUS NUMBER! Something unique always happens on the 13th of every month - that is a general belief among the masses, especially in the US - WESTERN countries!

The number 13 is very powerful number - it gives birth to EXTREME INDIVIDUALS - you will become a SAINT or a MURDERER - you will become a great SCIENTIST or a SERIAL KILLER - you will become extremely RICH or extremely POOR, you will remain JOBLESS or you will become a CEO - there is no middle ground for URANUS - you are either at the lowest point or the HIGHEST PEAK!

That is why common people fear the number 13 - because majority wants to live a mediocre life - reaching the top requires the urge to take RISKS and those who are willing to take risks can reach the top and the view from the top is always beautiful!

EXCEPTIONAL - that is the word that comes to me - when it comes to SATURN URANUS conjunction!

Whether it is drama, acting, games, scientific studies, discoveries - or whether it on the BATTLEGROUND - URANUS brings exceptionalism to Saturn (Karma) - actions!

In the US - they consider themselves as EXCEPTIONAL! And in many ways it is true - because the Land of America is often called the FREE LAND - where innovations, discoveries, unconventional ideas and modern outlook and moreover standing in support of HUMAN VALUES, HUMAN RIGHTS is perceived with high regards.

URANUS is the perfect representation of the AMERICAN VALUES - (HUMANITY, LIBERTY, FREEDOM) and so the American leaders take pride in their “American Exceptionalism”.

Always remember - whenever URANUS conjuncts a planet - it brings along its ‘exceptionalism’ - and so every URANUS conjunction that happens in a horoscope is of great significance!

Uranus is EXCEPTIONAL - and that reminds me of one of the GREATEST INDIAN LEADER - Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose.

Coincidently today - January 23 is the birth anniversary of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose - the most exceptional leader who formed the very first Indian National Army with the help of Germany and Japan and gave a very tough fight to the Britishers in the Second World War!

One man challenging the mighty British Empire was indeed an exceptional courage and adventure which Netaji Bose successfully executed during 1941 to 1945 - when he was accidentally killed in plane crash!

Netaji Bose had SATURN URANUS conjunction in his 8th house! His DEATH was also exceptional with a lot of mystery around it since many believed that Netaji was not killed in the plane crash but escaped and lived many years as a monk - by the name “Gumnami Baba”

8th house anyhow is a house of mystery and when you have URANUS SATURN - then it is obvious that mystery is going to exist around Netaji’s death. It is also possible that he may have truly lived a life of a monk - because ‘transformation’ is always a special trait of the 8th house!

Today on HIS birth anniversary - as a proud Indian - I salute to Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose.

The honorific title ‘Netaji’ was first addressed by the Indian soldiers of the Indische Legion and by the German and Indian officials in the Special Bureau for India in Berlin, which was later used throughout India.

But truly - how beautiful Astrology can be - 8th house Saturn - with URANUS and we all know how many sudden turns and twists were in the life of the greatest Hero that India had ever known - Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose!

Saturn Uranus always has immense potential to give birth to EXCEPTIONAL souls - one that I recall is Field Marshal K. M. Cariappa. He was the first Indian Commander-in-Chief of the Indian Army. He led Indian forces on the Western Front during the Indo-Pakistani War of 1947. He was appointed Commander-in-Chief of the Indian Army in 1949. He is one of only two Indian Army officers to hold the Five-star rank of Field Marshal; the other being Field Marshal Sam Manekshaw.

Field Marshal K. M. Cariappa had Saturn Uranus conjunction in Scorpio sign and he was born in Leo Moon sign!

The list of many such known figures is unending because this conjunction simply has the potential to bring the best and the exceptional!

The essence of it is that URANUS simply gives potential to do something out of the box to the erstwhile Saturn who generally always loves to operate in old-fashioned way - the sentence that Saturn loves the most is “We have always done it this way.”

And this is what URANUS dislikes and works around to help the native come out of this typical conservative conventional mindset.

Saturn always loves to walk on a well-beaten path - a path on which everybody walks and is a safe bet!

However URANUS is dashing, has the daring to try something new - to take an altogether different approach -a unique path!

And so whenever Saturn Uranus conjunction natives face a dilemma on which path to select - always select the path that is not well-beaten but utterly new.

TAKE THE RISK - that is the message to all SATURN URANUS conjunction natives - while SATURN says to you “Walk safely” - URANUS is simply saying to you “JUMP - just JUMP and take the risk.”

Because it is only when you take risks that you can attain the beyond - the higher altitudes of life!

To a wonderful planet like URANUS - life is either an adventure or nothing at all!

Take risks. If you succeed you will be happy. If you fail, you will be wise!

There is nothing to lose - you just have to take a leap of faith because everything that you want is always on the other side of fear!

Life begins where fear ends.

Saturn brings fear - but when Uranus comes along - you can always overcome the fear by taking the right ACTION!

Always remember - Thinking will not overcome the fear - but Action will. The path to success is to take massive determined ACTIONS.

Jai Shri Ganesha. Jai Guru.

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