What qualities does Saturn Sun conjunction signify?

Sun is the source of consciousness! When the early morning rays of the sun fall on your eyes - you wake up. Sun plays a vital role in the process of 'self-awakening'. You can live your life when you are conscious - as long as you are ignorant you continue to 'exist'. There is a big difference between living and existing which is filled only by your state of consciousness!

Sun is the light of consciousness. Saturn is the 'Judge'. And so when they both come together - the native is blessed with the unique quality (Tatva) of making decisions, making judgements with consciousness, awareness. And that is how these native cannot stand INJUSTICE, cannot tolerate DISCRIMINATION, cannot accept SLAVERY.

Svatantra Veer Savarkar (स्वातंत्र्यवीर सावरकर) is one beautiful example of Sun Saturn conjunction. He could not tolerate the slavery and the injustice that the British forced on his fellow countrymen - he REVOLTED - he stood against all odds and fought with the mighty Britishers.

Svatantra Veer Savarkar (स्वातंत्र्यवीर सावरकर) was indeed the greatest freedom fighter that India had ever known. Reminds me of Mahatama Gandhi’s words - when he appreciated the great qualities of Veer Savarkar (स्वातंत्र्यवीर सावरकर).

Great freedom fighter is born with SATURN SUN conjunction - because as mentioned - they cannot stand injustice, they cannot tolerate discrimination, the ‘Light of Consciousness’ when conjuncts the ‘Judge’ of the Universe (Saturn) - how can you expect the native to TOLERATE INJUSTICE? Impossible - he will revolt - he will rebel - he will fight till his last breath BUT he will NEVER COMPROMISE.

SATURN SUN conjunction native (evolved souls) NEVER compromise - they will prefer to DIE than to compromise.

There was a great man - a black man who fought for his countrymen- who revolted against the imperial British cruelty in South Africa - and his name was Nelson Mandela.

JUDGED - you see - Saturn Sun conjunction natives as mentioned earlier - are very conscious when it comes to judging - Nelson Mandela also was a Saturn Sun conjunction native!

Saturn Sun conjunction equals to Judging with the Light of self-consciousness.

Whenever Saturn comes in contact with Outer Planets (Planets that appear after our planet Earth - such as Mars, Jupiter,Uranus, Neptune, Pluto) - a certain depth of understanding is seen. And when the KING OF THE UNIVERSE - SUN conjuncts Saturn - then you can understand how deep understanding a native with this conjunction has! Such a native perfectly understands the SIGNIFICANCE of LIFE than anybody else!

Nelson Mandela and his wife - both had to go through many hardships (Saturn) but they continued to fight for self-rule (Sun). On one such occasion - Mandela’s wife was sentenced to prison. But Nelson Mandela is not moved - or is shaken - instead he writes a beautiful letter to his wife who is in prison. In the letter to his wife - Nelson Mandela emphasizes on the SIGNIFICANCE OF MEDITATION - he writes:

“You may find that the cell is an ideal place to learn to know yourself, to search realistically and regularly the processes of your own mind and feelings. In judging our progress as individuals we tend to concentrate on external factors such as one’s social position, influence and popularity, wealth and standard of education… but internal factors may be even more crucial in assessing one’s development as a human being: honesty, sincerity, simplicity, humility, purity, generosity, absence of vanity, readiness to serve your fellow men – qualities within the reach of every soul – are the foundation of one’s spiritual life… at least, if for nothing else, the cell gives you the opportunity to look daily into your entire conduct to overcome the bad and develop whatever is good in you.”

However the letter is still not complete - the last lines of this BEAUTIFUL LETTER must be written in GOLD - here are the last lines of the letter to his wife:

“Regular meditation, say of about 15 minutes a day before you turn in, can be fruitful in this regard. You may find it difficult at first to pinpoint the negative factors in your life, but the tenth attempt may reap rich rewards. Never forget that a saint is a sinner that keeps on trying.” - Nelson Mandela

How deep is the LAST LINE - Never forgot that a SAINT is a SINNER that keeps trying.

Loved it - I just loved it - so much so that I am speechless. Only a meditative being can truly understand - resonate with this beautiful last line which reveals that it is only when you keep trying - keep trying and trying and trying - that one day you will SLIP out of the MIND and attain enlightenment - the key is ‘keep trying’ - never give up! The most significant point for you all to remember is that no matter what you are - you have to KEEP MOVING, and you can move on only when you keep trying!

Great things happen to those who always keep trying, keep going ahead, keep moving….

Saturn Sun conjunct natives perfectly understand the significance of being persistent.

This PRESERVERANCE comes through the conjunction of Saturn Sun and the native never gives up - he always keeps trying - remember Nelson Mandela - he is such a great man of perseverance that not only he himself is persistent in his efforts but he also brings awareness to his wife by helping her realize the significance of ‘perseverance’ - the significance of ‘trying again and again until the GOAL is attained’!

Interestingly SATURN SUN conjunction creates a great interest in BODY BUILDING! My father also had Saturn Sun conjunction and although he passed away when I was 14 - still I remember few instances when he had mentioned about his devotion towards body-building. “I was a body builder” - he had said then.

And indeed that is a truth. Later in life I came across many SATURN SUN conjunction natives who were either great body builders or who had great stamina.

When the topic of ‘body building’ comes - how can we forgot the great actor and body builder - Arnold Schwarzenegger!

Arnold Schwarzenegger also has Saturn Sun conjunction in Cancer sign! Virgo Ascendant - Arnold looks young even when he cross 50 years age. VIRGO ascendant has that special magic - I have seen many VIRGO ASCENDANT men and women who look astoundingly YOUNG even when they cross 60 years age! YOUTHFUL LOOK is the USP of VIRGO ASCENDANT - many VIRGO WOMEN look beautiful and young even in their late 50s! In exception cases even a woman or man who has VIRGO MOON - looks youthful in spite of being aged! That is the beauty of being VIRGO in nutshell!

SATURN SUN conjunction (SEED) need to fall in the perfect ‘SOIL’ (Ascendant sign) to manifest positively!

Virgo, Libra, Gemini, Taurus, Aquarius Ascendants are perfect ‘SOIL’ for the ‘SEED’ of Saturn Sun conjunction to grow, to flower, to manifest positively.

STRUGGLE comes naturally to SATURN SUN conjunction natives.

My father had come to Mumbai with just 10 Rupees note in his pocket - you can imagine how much struggle he must have had to go through - but PERSISTENT EFFORT - a CONTINUITY - NOT GIVING UP attitude qualities that come from SATURN SUN conjunction- finally helped him reach the peak of FAME - he became a very famous Journalist in Maharashtra, a best selling Author of several novels and later ran many known newspapers and magazines of his time. Politicians, Film Actors, Spiritual dignitaries like OSHO, JIDDU - my father had been with all as a part of his profession. He also got into daily soaps (tv serials) and scripted over 6 television serials during those times (1990s). Even today people remember him - a few years ago I had been to my native hometown in Goa. I had planned for a visit to a very ancient Shiva temple - and so when I went, I met the main priest of the temple, he was a very well educated old man - a PHD holder! And when he got to know about my father - he said “I remember your father - I was a great fan of his books - I have read almost all of his books. And also I used to read his weekly magazines….I was very young then….but I remember….”

22 years had passed to my father’s death and still this man remembered my father - that too while in Lord Shiva temple - I could have wished nothing more than to witness such a beautiful moment!

So although SATURN SUN conjunction brings STRUGGLE but it also provides you with the QUALITIES to FACE THE STRUGGLE and ATTAIN the GOAL! Always remember a man of curiosity never has a GOAL to attain - BUT a man of perseverance has a GOAL to attain - there is a certain PURPOSE to his life - a certain unfinished business that need to be finished this birth - this life.

Alike Arnold Schwarzenegger - the Russian President Vladimir Putin also has great attracting towards body building.

Connection with Administration always comes when Saturn conjuncts Sun. Vladimir Putin has been the Head of Russia from 1999! Arnold Schwarzenegger also later became the Governor of California.

Vladimir Putin has Saturn Sun conjunction in VIRGO sign - 6th house!

Saturn Sun conjunction natives generally come from a very humble background and they start their career from the lowest rung - but steadily grow and progress and a time comes when they attain the highest post in the office. Vladimir Putin began his career as a KGB (A committee for state security) officer in 1985. He later became the head of FSB (Federal Security Service) state security in 1998. Just after one year - in 1999, Putin’s destiny took a U TURN - making him the Acting Prime Minister of Russia. On 9 August 1999, Putin was appointed Prime Minister of the Government of the Russian Federation by President Yeltsin. And then exactly after one year - in May, 2000 Putin was elected as the President of Russia. Today he is the longest serving President - 20 years in power - till date!

Unless there is a good BALANCE in ACT - unless there is conscience - you cannot remain in power for so long! Saturn Sun conjunction brings this unique quality of making right decisions by following the voice of the heart and balancing the act.

When you have TWO EXTREME POLAR ENDS (SATURN & SUN) within you then you have to learn how to BALANCE THE ACT and natives with this conjunction indeed master the art of balancing which in turn gives them an edge over others!

The most unique observation in regards to Saturn Sun conjunction is that the native typically is born in a common man’s house (Saturn signify commoners) - however with his perseverance, determination and fighting spirit - he rises to the status of KING (Sun signify King or Someone at the top post).

SATURN (Commoner) comes in contact with SUN (KING) - and so it is observed that the native though belongs to a family of commoners - still comes in contact with someone who is on the TOP POST - example - Vladimir Putin was born in a common family (Farmers/Laborer) however he comes in contact with Russian President Boris Yeltsin who becomes his Godfather and selects Putin as his successor.

Based on individual’s level of Karma and Consciousness - the ‘Godfather’ story manifest - meaning irrespective of status, level or position of the native - at some stage the native meets his GODFATHER (Sun) who helps him progress in life.

Saturn Sun conjunction native is a Street Smart person - meaning he learns more from experiences than from classroom sessions! He can quickly understand your real motive - your real agenda - even though you try to MASK yourself with a sweet talk and a pretty face.

We all have enemies, in fact nowadays we also have enemies on the ‘Virtual Platform’ - since our major time and energy is spend on virtual world - the world of internet - the world of web - the world of social networking! So we have may ‘JEALOUS’ and ‘SICK’ secret enemies on the social platforms like FB, Quora or for matter LinkedIn! But a SATURN SUN conjunction native never is quick to REACT and GET MAD at his enemies - he thinks without getting angry - he is always cool but thinking something very dangerous on how to strike at his enemy without being angry without making much noise! In fact a Saturn Sun conjunct native never hates his enemy because that affects his judgement.

To execute a certain operation - one has to be very secretive and should never let his enemies know about what is his next move - and Saturn Sun native is an expert in being very secretive, he never lets his enemies know about what he is thinking - and what he is up to!

When it comes to power - Saturn Sun native is perfectly aware that nobody gives you power, you have to take power - you have to snatch it with all your might and intelligence.

Saturn Sun native is in fact a highly cinematic character who goes through many adventures and many ups and downs and many power games - in nutshell their life is a perfect MASALA MOVIE!

Saturn dislikes Sun. The commoner dislikes the King. The son dislikes the Father! And so the native is someone who never received affection from his or her father. Either the father is very strict or the father is very dry and insensitive towards the son. Many times the father of the native is a loser or has lived through more miseries than otherwise. But the father angle is not positive though the relation with mother is good. Still somehow the native feels that he has not received the kind of love and caring from his parents that he is supposed to receive - a feeling of being treated unfairly is always lurking within their mind - and this feeling of being treated unfairly - not receiving what they rightly DESERVE - remains throughout their life - no matter where they go - they always feel that they haven’t got the LOVE that they deserve!

And this is the whole problem with human beings in general - that they think that they deserve LOVE - they want to earn LOVE - but that is NOT possible - Love is not deserved. You cannot earn it and you cannot do anything to be worthy of it. Love is a sheer gift.

Love is experienced - when you are receptive to LOVE! The moment you receive my Love - the moment you receive Love from someone - you have experienced love and the man who has shared Love with you - who has loved you is also happy! But that is not what happens in this human world!

You expect that when you have loved someone - than that someone should also love you back! And that is where you miss - you miss the whole essence of love - you miss to realize that love needs no validation - love needs no response - love needs no ‘give and take’ - because love is NOT a deal - love is a feeling - a pure feeling!

As long as someone receives your love - it is enough! Remember - he could have rejected your love - but he is receiving your love.

True LOVE needs nothing in return, expects nothing in return - when you love, you simply love!

Love is happy to give - always happy to give! And you will give only that what you have! So to love other - you have to first start loving yourself - only then can you love - only then can the fragrance of your love reach the farthest shores of this planet and beyond!

You will love yourself only when you are living in the state of AWARENESS!

Reminds me of a beautiful story. There was a great sage - and many people followed him but he never initiated anybody as his disciple. His followers would come from faraway places and say “Accept us! Initiate us into the truth you have achieved! Open the door of your temple to us also — we are thirsty.”

But he would say, “You are not worthy, you don’t deserve. First become worthy of me!” And his conditions were such that nobody was ever able to fulfill them. His would put such conditions - ‘Be truthful for three years, not a single lie; for three years be celibate, not even a thought of a woman or a man — and so on and so forth.’

Those conditions were impossible! And those conditions are such that the more you try to fulfill them, the more you will feel it is impossible. You can be a celibate if you don’t bother too much about it; but if you think too much about celibacy then you will be surrounded by many, many women in your mind.

Many people had tried and nobody was successful, so nobody was initiated. Then one day - the great sage was dying - he was on his deathbed - and only 3 days were left for his death - he called his closest followers - they came. The sage said “ Now you go, and whosoever wants to be initiated I will initiate — only three days are left!”

The people knew him well and they said, “What about your conditions?”

He said, “Forget all about those conditions! In fact, I was not ready to initiate anybody; hence, I was insisting too much on the conditions. Now I am ready! and I am full and I want to share. Now forget all about the conditions — whosoever wants to come, fetch them! And be in a hurry because only three days are left.”

He initiated any and everybody, whosoever came. People could not believe it! They asked, “What are you doing? We are sinners!”

He said, “Forget about it. I was not a saint up to now — that was the only trouble. I had nothing to initiate you into. There was no door — I was standing outside the door myself. But now the door has opened — now I have to share. Now there is no question of any conditions.”

This is how it happens - when you become LOVE - when you experience LOVE yourself - only then can you initiate others into the shrine of LOVE!

Only a man, a woman who is capable of being alone - can truly love!

Life of the native with Saturn Sun conjunction is so full of tragedies and swings and many upheavals that often LOVE is missed - but as mentioned above - the message to all Saturn Sun conjunction native is - learn to love yourself - learn to appreciate and be grateful to the man, woman who receives your love - who resonates with your love - they need not respond to your love, they may have some compulsions - they may have some different expectations - that is fine - that is perfectly fine as long as they receive your love! Because love succeeds the moment it is RECEIVED by those to whom you GIVE!

It is a beautiful conjunction - especially for evolved souls - souls who are taking efforts to move towards the state of consciousness - this conjunction indeed is a blessing in disguise!

In the Upanishads - there is another word for BRAHMIN - DWIJ!

And the word DWIJ has a beautiful deep meaning to it. The Upanishads mention that not by birth is anybody a brahmin but only by knowing the BRAHMAN (ब्रह्मा - the ultimate reality) one becomes a Brahmin! And the another name for Brahmin - DWIJ means twice born! The first birth is of the body - the second birth is of the consciousness! DWIJ - BRAHMIN!

So beautiful is this and this is what Jesus also says to Nicodemus “You have to REBORN - a second rebirth is necessary.” Jesus is also referring to the second birth - which is DWIJ - second birth of the consciousness - of living in the state of consciousness!

No matter how much you travel - you may go all around the world and you may read all the scriptures of all religions and faiths - and yet at the ROOT of all is - CONSCIOUSNESS!

Sun Saturn conjunction is indeed a great conjunction since it has the potential to bring consciousness to the forefront - it is a conjunction that never give up - reminds me of Thomas Edison.

Thomas Edison - a legendary scientist who is the fourth most prolific inventor in history, holding 1,093 US patents in his name. Edison has Saturn Sun conjunction in Aquarius sign.

As mentioned above that these individuals never give up - they keep trying and trying until they succeed -until the bulb lit up!

These natives possess the quality of perseverance, never give up attitude which indeed is the foundation of success.

Can you imagine - how many times Bill Gates must have failed before inventing the WINDOWS system? He failed multiple times and yet he never gave up.

Bill Gates also has SATURN SUN conjunction in Libra Sign - Saturn is exalted.

Many legendary figures are born with this conjunction but the essence that you all should understand is that this conjunction gives a STRONG CHARACTER - WILLPOWER and CONSCIENCE that enables the native to do well in his profession.

The native with this conjunction may have setback in personal life - may lack the love - may lack the affection from father - but it does well - extremely well in professional life.

Life is just like that - it never come in PICTURE PERFECT mode - where there are PEAKS - there are also VALLEYS - DEEP VALLEYS - and that is how life is - that is how the nature of life is!

That is how life is and in case of Saturn Sun conjunction - this appears more prominently - the native succeeds in attaining his professional goals - but suffers on personal front.

Always remember - you feel ALIVE when you work towards a certain GOAL - a MISSION - a PURPOSE!

Saturn Sun Conjunction is beautiful because it brings a certain GOAL a PURPOSE to your life - and then you are no more the same - then you are fired up - then you are ready to RISK everything - then a great ROAR arise in your being - the ROAR of FREEDOM - then you are no more a sheep - you become a LION - you become Courageous.

A Saturn Sun conjunction native is a person who is willing to lose the sight of the shore - because it is only when you have the courage to move away from the shore that you can explore NEW HORIZONS!

Change is the nature of life - except change everything else changes and native with this conjunction are open to change - their whole life goes through many changes - and in the process they evolve - they mature!

And so the message to natives with Saturn Sun conjunction is - that though you are well equipped to sail through the many storms of your life - still it is necessary that you RELAX - and spend some quality time with your family. Because personal life is always at stake - love relationship is always at stake - marriage is always at stake - so it is necessary that you maintain a good WORK LIFE balance and focus on enhancing the quality of your relationships.

Personal life is indeed a life that deals with relationships - be it with your lover, or with your parents - or with anybody - as long as your relationships are in good shape - blossoming - flowering - your life in general also stays healthy, stays in good shape!

So that’s the message - Focus on enhancing the quality of your relationship and life will continue to blossom….

Love yourself. Live free. Live young. Let Go and always remember - there is always someone out there who loves you!

Jai Shri Ganesha. Jai Guru.

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