What qualities does Saturn Mercury Conjunction signify?

“Sounds boring.”

On the circumference - this is the very first impression of Saturn Mercury conjunction natives.

But that is NOT the total truth!

It happens, it always happens that people ‘judge’ based on what ‘appears’ - though the fact of life is that what ‘appears’ on the ‘circumference’ is not always the truth!

A RAHUISH man or a RAHUISH woman goes by appearances and so they are often cheated!

A KETUISH man or a KETUISH woman never goes by appearance - it is difficult to cheat them - because they are evolved beings - they are NOT intellectuals like RAHUISH - they are INTELLIGENT beings!

And you all must understand that INTELLECTUALISM is a poor substitute to INTELLIGENCE. INTELLIGENCE is born quality - it comes naturally to you - it is spontaneous.

SATURN MERCURY conjunction brings this unique eyesight - the capacity to see into things - into problems - into what lies beneath the appearance!

SATURN’s depth brings a certain level of intelligence to this conjunction. The typical Mercurian intellectualism is upgraded to the state of intelligence - and then you see somebody as great as Albert Einstein - one of the greatest scientists that the world had ever known and probably the only scientists who openly expressed his faith in GOD!

Einstein had SATURN MERCURY conjunction in Pisces sign. His Mercury was debilitated - and yet he became one of the GREATEST SCIENTISTS - the most notable inventions of his is the Atom Bomb (Nuclear weapon).

Great thinkers (Mercury) having a certain depth (Saturn) of understanding - a certain born intelligence are born with this conjunction.

Reminds me of Nikola Tesla - yet another great inventor who was also an electrical engineer, mechanical engineer, and futurist. Nikola Tesla is best known for his contributions to the design of the modern alternating current (AC) electricity supply system. Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison were contemporaries - Tesla was initially associated with Thomas Edison’s company - ‘Edison Machine Works’ in New York City before he started his own company. Tesla went on to establish many laboratories and had many inventions patented. His alternating current (AC) induction motor and related polyphase AC patents, licensed by Westinghouse Electric in 1888, earned him a considerable amount of money. Tesla became well known as an inventor and demonstrated his achievements to celebrities and wealthy patrons at his lab, and was noted for his showmanship at public lectures. One of his significant invention was in the field of wireless lighting and worldwide wireless electric power distribution - Tesla was simply fascinated and fired up with his ideas of inventing wireless lighting system.

A rare picture of Nikola Tesla sitting in front of a spiral coil used in his wireless power experiments at his East Houston St. laboratory.

Tesla was a genius and today in Croatia and Serbia where he was born - there are many places named after him. A beautiful museum in Belgrade is also named after him - it is called - The Nikola Tesla Museum.

It is said that the 1915 Nobel Prize in Physics was going to be awarded to none other than the two greatest scientists and inventors - Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla. However both rejected the Nobel award. It was rumored that Edison being senior to Tesla - was not willing to share the award with Tesla. Both sought to minimize the other's achievements and the right to win the award; and that both refused ever to accept the award if the other received it first.

I was wondering what if both - Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla - instead of being staunch enemies - had been great friends - then the world would have got so many more inventions!

But existence had something other plans. Edison and Tesla remained hostile to each other - and the world had to bear the ‘cost’ of their rivalry!

However Nikola Tesla remained a shinning star in the world of scientists of those times. On his 75th birthday - many scientists send him congratulatory letters - one of them was ALBERT EINSTEIN! The same year, Nikola Tesla was also featured on the front cover of TIME magazine.

Nikola Tesla had SATURN MERCURY conjunction in Gemini sign. A perfect placement for Mercury - being in its own sign and a suitable placement for Saturn - since Saturn feels relaxed in Mercury’s sign - Gemini!

Although Tesla was born in an orthodox Christian family - still in his later years - he was strongly pulled towards the teachings of BUDDHA. At one occasion he was quoted as saying:

"Buddhism and Christianity are the greatest religions both in number of disciples and in importance".

However what is significant in regards to Nikola Tesla - is his FAITH in GOD! In spite of being a great scientist - with highly rational approach towards life - still Tesla believed in GOD - and not only did he believed in God but also expressed his faith in God in the most touching words….

It is said that once a team of great scholars asked Albert Einstein - “ How it feels to be the smartest man alive?”

Einstein answered “ I don’t know - you’ll have to ask Nikola Tesla.”

Tesla was indeed a great genius. Saturn Mercury conjunctions can produce such genius beings!

Probably there is no other SCIENTIST and INVENTOR as GREAT as NIKOLA TESLA - because he was the only scientist who believed that SCIENCE can make GREAT PROGRESS the day it starts studying all that which is NOT scientific but SUPERNATURAL!

Einstein, Tesla - these were altogether different kind of scientists - who had strong belief in God and had known the power of supernatural world - and the significance of CONSCIOUSNESS! Tesla mentions that in this universe - there is core from which he receives certain ideas, thoughts, messages!

This ‘core’ that Tesla mentions is - the CONSCIOUSNESS! Albert Einstein also states that a problem cannot be solved from the same state of consciousness - you have to raise the level of your consciousness!

Consciousness is at the root of or existence - and both scientists - Einstein and Tesla not only emphasize on the significance of consciousness but also the great significance of energy, frequency, and vibrations!

Tesla must have realized that the world is filled more with HATE than LOVE! And so he quotes:

Great genius souls are born rarely - the wise men of this human world would always remain grateful to Nikola Tesla for his great inventions and for the wonderful revelations and books that he authored.

Tesla never married, explaining that his chastity was very helpful to his scientific abilities. Probably rarely would you see someone not getting married just so that his mission and abilities are not affected by the distractions that marriage or companionship brings along!

I simply salute to the great genius legendary inventor and scientist - Nikola Tesla, who believed in God and actively expressed the existence of the supernatural - the ‘core’ of the universe through which the ‘ideas’ - the ‘messages’ come!

Beautiful - simply beautiful and so true!

Saturn Mercury conjunction brings the same depth of understanding that Saturn Jupiter brings - the difference is that Saturn Mercury has more scientific, pragmatic touch to it.

This conjunction gives birth to great thinkers, innovative ideas as well as it also produces great businessmen. Depending on the ‘SOIL’ (environment - Ascendant, planet placements) - the ‘SEED’ (conjunction of Saturn Mercury) sprouts and starts flowering.

The common factor that exists is the depth of understanding, deep thinking and pragmatic approach towards life.

Native sounds ‘official’. Generally is found to appear very formal. Likes to talk with elderly people or people who have a certain depth of understanding. Generally you will NOT find the native with SATURN MERCURY conjunction chit chatting or just fooling around like MERCURY VENUS conjunction natives. He is highly reserved individual who is never found fooling around or engaging in conversations on some shallow topics. They generally belong to ‘GROUP’ of people who are sincere, serious thinkers with a certain GOAL, MISSION or PURPOSE in their life. They are not like those ‘college boys and girls’ who just spend time in flirting and chit chatting on useless topics - they are individuals who are born to make a difference in people’s lives.

Saturn brings a purpose to Mercury - leading to a life of purpose!

It is good to know the purpose of your life. But people often have fancies of having a purpose that is something ‘greater than life’! In reality - each one of us is serving the PURPOSE of our life by just being there for those who need our HELP! Just by your mere PRESENCE - your husband/wife, your daughter, your old father/mother - your young brother/sister - they all are being ‘HELPED’ indirectly or directly - just by your PRESENCE! Many times - young ignorant men and women wonder that WHAT is the purpose or use of the OLD GRANDMOTHER or FATHER in LAW or MOTHER in LAW? But they forget to realize that the PRESENCE OF ELDERLY PEOPLE IN THEIR HOUSE - is indirectly HELPING them - because SATURN is the sole signifier of OLD ELDER PEOPLE - and when you RESPECT the OLD PEOPLE in your HOUSE - in your FAMILY - you are indirectly worshiping SATURN! And when SATURN stands behind you - when SATURN SUPPORTS you - nobody CAN cause harm to you!

But who wants to listen?

People are shallow. They disrespect their elders - their old grandmother/grandfather or old mother-in-law or father-in-law and then they expect good things to happen! How is that possible? But people are more interested in hurting those whom they ‘think’ - are useless people.

In reality - NOBODY IS USELESS. And I repeat again - NOBODY IS USELESS. Even the old father - the ailing mother - the jobless brother or sister you have in your house - even they are NOT USELESS. Because when you have nobody to listen to your worries and your pain and your sufferings - it is these ‘men and women’ of your house - who support you - listen to the agonies that you want to share with someone - it is these ‘useless’ men who help you to UNBURDEN your worries and miseries by lending you their ear.

Only a man who RESPECTS his old father, his old mother - succeeds in the true sense! By luck one may earn million dollars but - PEACE, JOY, HARMONY and HAPPINESS flows only when you realize the significance of those who CANNOT DO anything for you (because of their age) and yet you TREAT them with utmost LOVE. And that’s what defines YOUR REAL CHARACTER.

Saturn Mercury are NOT shallow people. They understand the gravity of the situation, they also understand the significance of OLD PEOPLE. The conjunction of SATURN (love for the OLD) with Mercury (intellect) brings a natural inclination towards taking care of elderly people and respecting the elders.

Respecting the elders defines the depth of your character.

But who wants to listen?

People accumulate their ‘KARMA’ by living with IGNORANCE. DISRESPECTING and HURTING those who can DO NOTHING for them. And then when SATURN comes - they start feeling the heat - then they start running around temples and calling Astrologers! NOTHING IS GOING TO HELP YOU because you have dig your own graveyard by DISRESPECTING your ELDERS - by hurting and humiliating those men and women who have been a victim of situations.


And you can implement this remedy only when you BECOME AWARE - only when you become CONSCIOUS of your ACTIONS (karma).

And the ‘way’ towards AWARENESS does NOT go from the OUTSIDE but from WITHIN.

And that is why - you should LOOK WITHIN - turn inwards - and you would be able to do so - only when you start meditating.

But shallow people want answers that are focused on the ‘outside’ - because they are perfectly aware that to go inside - to look within - to turn inwards NEEDS tremendous COURAGE. And they are not courageous people - they are cowards who just want ‘others’ to chew for them - they are mere believers and NOT seekers! Buddha wants SEEKERS and NOT believers. Buddha once said to his disciples - “DO NOT GIVE YOUR PRECIOUS TIME TO THOSE WHO ARE MERE BELIEVERS. BECAUSE A BELIEVER is not a person who can JUMP WITHIN - only a SEEKER can jump within - because he has the COURAGE - he wants to EXPERIENCE GOD and not just believe in GOD!”

A believer is a weak person - he just goes on believing - he is always in search of a messiah who can chew for him - he forgets the fact that how will his hunger satisfy if somebody else chews for him!

But a SEEKER is a totally different phenomena - a seeker is a courageous man and always remember - MEDITATION needs tremendous COURAGE - because within you there is a lot of chaos and to face that chaos - and yet NOT GIVE UP needs great COURAGE!

Courage comes when you are walking on the PATH OF TRUTH, PATH OF LOVE!

Love has immense strength - when you are in deep love - you can do ANYTHING - you may have been a ‘cat’ your whole life - but when LOVE comes - when LOVE flows through your veins, your blood, your heart - suddenly a great transformation happens within you - then you are no more a ‘cat’ - a great roar arise within you - the ROAR OF FREEDOM - you become a LION!

Never underestimate the POWER of LOVE - because when a man or a woman is in LOVE - then they are no more a ‘cat’ but a ‘LION’ - a roaring LION!

SATURN MERCURY conjunction when gets a good support of VENUS (LOVE) - then you see someone as great a singer as Paul McCartney! Paul McCartney gained worldwide fame as co-lead vocalist and bassist for *the Beatles*. A self-taught musician, McCartney is proficient on bass, guitar, keyboards, and drums. He is known for his melodic approach to bass-playing.

You will be surprised to know that the ex-Beatles singer and composer - Paul McCartney is one of the most successful composers and performers of all time. His honors include two inductions into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (as a member of the Beatles in 1988 and as a solo artist in 1999), 18 Grammy Awards, an appointment as a Member of the Order of the British Empire in 1965, and a knighthood in 1997 for services to music. As of 2020, he is also one of the wealthiest musicians in the world, with an estimated fortune of £800 million.

And remember - he never went to any SCHOOL to learn MUSIC - he is a self-taught musician!

Genius are born - they don’t have to go to schools - they just start singing their song - and the ‘following’ keeps growing!

Paul McCartney who later was revered by the British Royal Throne - as Sir James Paul McCartney - has Saturn Mercury conjunction in Taurus sign! Taurus is in itself a Venusian sign - and so SATURN MERCURY got the proper ‘SOIL’ to blossom the ‘artistic’ talent which came naturally to Sir James Paul McCartney!

Whenever Saturn comes in contact with ‘inner planets’ like Venus or Mercury - it brings a certain DEPTH to the TALENT which results in creating a ‘MAGIC’ - a great CHEMISTRY - a great CREATION!

Saturn Mercury conjunction natives are NOT shallow people - a time comes in their life when they realize certain horrendous TRUTHS of life! One such TRUTH made Paul McCartney - a strict Vegetarian!

Saturn Mercury conjunction brings a certain depth of understanding which in turn brings a transformation within.

Indeed - SATURN brings a great deal of understanding to the youthful intellectual MERCURY!

All you need is a proper ‘SOIL’ (environment - placement and support of other planets) for the SEED of SATURN MERCURY to sprout and grow into a beautiful Christmas tree that the world would appreciate!

When the subject is about having a certain ‘depth of understanding’ (Saturn Mercury conjunction) - it reminds me of the most popular Prime Minister of England - Margaret Thatcher.

Margaret had a very strong SATURN MERCURY conjunction - mainly because of an exalted SATURN in LIBRA sign! Her Saturn Mercury conjunction was in Libra sign and there is no doubt that she was one of the most shrewd political figure during those times. In fact she is regarded as a BRITISH STATESWOMAN and she was the longest serving Prime Minister of England - from May 1979 to November 1990.

In her later years of administration - she was also addressed as the ‘IRON LADY’ for her uncompromising politics and leadership style. As Prime Minister the policies that she implemented came to be known as Thatcherism.

SATURN MERCURY conjunction although brings a very PRACTICAL SENSE of matters - still at times it falls short of understand matters that are beyond ‘money’!

It is said that it was a tradition for every Prime Minister of England to receive honorary doctorate degree from OXFORD UNIVERSITY however Oxford University denied the honor of awarding an honorary doctorate to Margarete Thatcher because she cut the budget for Oxford University - particularly for RESEARCH IN LITERATURE!

Too much of ‘calculative’ budget conscious nature is what this conjunction brings along.

One of the most cinematic world famous Hollywood film star having Saturn Mercury conjunction was Christopher Reeve who is best known for playing the title role in the film - SUPERMAN (1978).

Nobody could match the level of performance and the magnetic appearance that Christopher had! Many other actors played the role of SUPERMAN in the sequences of Superman Series but they all proved secondary to the power-packed performance of Christopher Reeve!

Christopher Reeve later in his life met with an accident which lead him to paralysis. He was never able t recover- when he came to know about his state of being paralyzed - the first words that he spoke to his wife - Dana Morosini - were “ Maybe we should let me go."

Dana’s eyes were filled with tears - she said “I will support whatever you want to do because this is your life, and your decision. But I want you to know that I'll be with you for the long haul, no matter what. You're still you. And I love you."

That was how beautiful their love was! Interestingly - Christopher had fear of marriage because his parents had divorced and he had to been through the sufferings that it brings. And so even when he had a long time relationship with Dana - he would hesitate to propose her!

Then one night while having dinner with Dana - Christopher reveals that “I just put down my fork and asked her to marry me.”

Dana said “Yes” and they both got married. Dana remained alongside Christopher until he passed away in October 2004.

Christopher Reeve had Saturn Mercury conjunction in Virgo sign. Mercury was strong and Saturn is always comfortable in Mercury/Venus zodiac signs!

But as mentioned earlier - this conjunction brings a certain depth of understanding - precisely in the later years of life - Christopher Reeve never believed in any religion - although at the later years of his life - he did realize the significance of spirituality.

Saturn Mercury conjunction is indeed a ‘seed’ that someday brings you face to face with the REALITIES of human life! And what can be the greatest reality than to realize that spirituality is the basis of everything!

The SUCCESS of your life or relationship is based on how spiritual is the foundation of your life or relationship. When you have spiritual foundation at the center of your relationship - then the bonding between you will blossom, flower and continue to grow in leaps and bounds!

Although Saturn Mercury conjunction native begins with a pragmatic practical approach - but as he matures by age - so does he starts realizing the significance of spirituality and then begins his journey of transformation!

The journey of transformation is bound to be of many ups and downs - and it is these high and low phases of the journey that contribute to our transformation!

You all should understand that Saturn Mercury conjunction has more to do with the deeper aspects of human life and less to do with the typical business perspectives of human life.

And so you will find many deep thinkers, philosophers, scientists and significant artists who are born with this beautiful conjunction. World famous spiritual master - Osho also had Saturn Mercury along with Venus Moon Mars in Sagittarius sign.

One of the greatest spiritual master of recent times - Sathya Sai Baba also had Saturn Mercury conjunction along with Sun and Venus in Scorpio sign.

Saturn Mercury conjunction - is not much about doing BUSINESS in marketplace - but rather doing a ‘BUSINESS’ of helping people to BE HERE NOW.

And so natives with this conjunction should take efforts to look within and explore the spiritual side of your life. The potential is there - potential to grow spiritually - potential to bring a certain higher quality to your life - all you need is ‘efforts’!

Efforts are needed because GOD is ever waiting for YOU - the only thing between you and GOD is the DOOR. And efforts are needed to push open this DOOR!

Reminds me of a story - once it happened, a high priest was asleep when God came in his dream. And God said “ Wake up - because I am coming to your temple - tomorrow itself.” And then God disappeared. The high priest woke up - and he could not believe what he saw in his dream! How can God come? He wondered. And he also doubted. The next day - he told the other priests about his dream. And the other priests laughed and said “Are you serious? You must be joking. Never such things happen.”

But the high priest thought what if God really comes? And so he decided to wash, clean the whole temple. And so the whole temple and its premises were scrubbed, washed and cleaned thoroughly. It was decorated with flowers and flags and festoons. Lamps were lit and incense burned. Perfumes were sprayed and every kind of preparation made. The priests tired themselves out in the course of the day, but God did not turn up. Every now and then they looked up the road, they were disappointed, and they said, “Dream is a dream after all; God is not going to come. We were fools to believe so. It was good that we did not inform the people of the town; otherwise they would have simply laughed at us.”

By evening the priests gave up all hope, and they said, “Let us now eat the sumptuous food cooked for God. It has ever been so: what we offer to God is consumed by us in the end. No one is going to turn up. We were crazy enough to believe in a dream. The irony is that we knowingly made fools of ourselves. If others go mad, they can be excused, because they don’t know. But we know God never comes. Where is God? There is this idol in the temple; it is all there is to it. And it is our business, our profession to worship him.” And then they ate well and went to bed early as they were tired.

When all the priests went to sleep - at MIDNIGHT a chariot arrived at the Gate of the Temple! And then the sound of steps were heard - one of the priest heard the steps - he woke up and said “ Lets go and see who has come so late - it must be GOD.” The other priest said “ Are you crazy - it must be the sound of the clouds - now sleep back and don’t disturb us.” Another priest said “ I also heard the sound of chariot - please HE must have come - I can feel HIS presence - come on lets go.”

The priests said “ You are also mad - why will God come at such a strange time when the whole town is asleep? Now go back to bed and enough - now don’t speak a word - we are already very tired.”

The next morning when the priest arrived at the footsteps of the temple - they started realizing their foolishness - because on those footsteps - they could see a few footprints. Surely enough someone had climbed the stairs during the night. And then they noticed some marks of a chariot’s wheels on the road, and there was now no doubt at all that a chariot had arrived at the gate in the night. And strangely enough the footprints on the steps were absolutely uncommon and unknown. The priests could not control themselves - they started crying loudly - a few of them started rolling on the ground - heavily regretting for not believing in God’s message. God has said “I will come in your temple” - but they never believed - they used their RATIONAL BRAIN - and committed the greatest mistake of their life - missed the greatest moment of their life - meeting with GOD!

And this is how rational people - so called LOGICAL people goes on missing GOD - when GOD is knocking on their door! Always remember - God knocks at every door - but people cannot believe - cannot listen - they go on rationalizing the way the priests went on rationalizing and that is how they go on missing GOD - that is how they go on missing LOVE. God is Love and Love is REAL!

In India - there is saying that “A Guest is God.” But for a moment if you turn around this saying than the reality occurs - which says “God is Guest.”

Unless you take the ‘efforts’ in opening the door - in removing the hurdle from the way - how can you experience God - how can you realize the true essence of spiritualism?

This ‘door’ that is between YOU and GOD is - the MIND. Unless you push away the MIND - the SELF cannot speak - cannot come forth!

And that is why - MEDITATION is necessary.

What stops you from meditating is your IGNORANCE. People live with IGNORANCE and then they expect PEACE! How is that possible? You are eating chilies and expecting the bliss of having a sugary cake!

Saturn Mercury conjunction natives should worship Lord Hanuman (Saturn) and Lord Vishnu (Mercury) for progress in life. Always remember - you can always correct the course of your life - mistakes happen - but those mistakes can become a stepping stone towards real progress only when you learn from your mistakes. In Buddhism - they say that there is nothing called SIN - but only a MISTAKE!

It is simple. Yes it is simple only if you can understand your mistake, accept your mistakes! Because the moment you realize your mistake - then and there itself you start transforming - you start changing for GOOD!

Always remember - there is no such thing called SIN - it is the society that has made this word to create FEAR within you - in reality there is no such things as SIN but only an ACT that was committed in the absence of consciousness! And so never consider yourself as a SINNER.

And so to all Saturn Mercury conjunction natives - the message is simple - Stop being too hard with yourself - stop being too self critical - love yourself, flow like a river - take it easy, don’t be too serious - and always remember to laugh!

Laugh out at things that didn’t turn out as expected - and continue to live your life by not being serious - because seriousness is illness and happiness comes only when stop being serious about everything in life. Because remember - GOD is always joking.

A wise man never takes life seriously because when you are serious all the time - you go on missing the true moments of life - the joy, the bliss - you miss, you simply miss by being serious!

Why people are always found in serious mood?

Because man’s nature is to CLING. Man goes on clinging and when you go on clinging - you are always fearful of losing that you cling to! And so man goes on making long faces - serious looks because he is NOT willing to live his life in a LET GO!

A real saint is always smiling - he is also has a great sense of humor - because he understands that life is just a flow - and there is absolutely NOTHING to be serious of!

And so - laugh, laugh your heart out - because when you laugh - you truly live in the moment! When you laugh for those few moments you are in a deep meditative state. Because when you are laughing your heart out - thinking stops! And so it is a very precious moment of life because it is impossible to laugh and think together!

Catch such precious moments of your life - don’t let them slip out of your life.

When you laugh - you always look beautiful - no matter what color you are and what religion and what looks you have - there is only one ‘solution’ that makes every face appear beautiful and the name of that solution is LAUGHTER!

Laugh every day - and remember that the laughter has to be a blissful laughter! Not laughing at others but laughing at oneself because fools laugh at others - wisdom laughs at itself!

Bliss is different from happiness. Bliss has nothing to do with the outside world - it is a ‘spring of joy’ that wells up from - WITHIN!

That is how when a Saint laughs - his laughter moves everybody present around him - because it is a blissful laughter!

Live. Love. And Laugh - because life is short and if you continue to remain serious - then you will miss, simply miss the whole beauty of this wonderful journey called - LIFE!

Jai Shri Ganesha. Jai Guru.

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