What qualities does Saturn Ketu Conjunction signify?

Saturn holds the key to your material success. Because Saturn means ‘Being Organized’ and it is only when you remain organized that success can follow you!

Saturn loves those who follow an "Organized Approach." Being organized is being in control. And Saturn loves to be in control of situations - of people - of things that matter. Administration is the most favorite subject of Saturn!

The success of any administration is based on how things are kept in GOOD ORDER.

Putting things in GOOD ORDER - in an organized way is the key to your success. The more you are ORGANIZED the more you can SUCCEED. The quality of 'being organized' comes from the blessings of Lord Saturn! Organized structures also come under the realms of Saturn! That is why all ORGANIZATIONS (private or public limited) are signified by Lord Saturn!

Disciplined, Organized, Pragmatic, Practical and Shrewdness is what Saturn brings to the table.

And when such a highly dynamic power-centric Saturn comes in contact with a Sanyasi (Ketu) - imagine what can happen!

Reminds me of Diogenes the great divine master (Ketu) meeting the highly dominant and ambitious Emperor Alexander the Great (Saturn)!

Saturn and Ketu - are like two contrast ends that generally should never come together - because if they come together then one of them gets TRANSFORMED - and generally the one to get TRANSFORMED is not KETU but SATURN! It is ALEXANDER who gets transformed when he meets the spiritual saint - DIOGENES! And not Diogenes.

One who has left everything behind - one who is no more of this material world - one who has ABSOLUTELY NO INTEREST IN SEX, MONEY and one who simply believes through HIS own experiences that LOVE IS ENOUGH - that POWER is not required - for such a man there is no need for any transformation - he has already been through the greatest transformation of his life - SPIRITUAL TRANSFORMATION! For him - being in his own bliss was more than enough!

Diogenes was in his own bliss - he had transformed into an enlightened being and transformation happens only through the benevolent hands of enlightened beings - and so when somebody like Alexander the Great (SATURN) comes to meet the divine spiritual master - Diogenes (KETU) - then Alexander (SATURN) starts going through spiritual transformation. That is how KETU spiritualizes Saturn - when Saturn Ketu conjunction happens!

It is said that Diogenes (Ketu) used to roam naked and had absolutely no possessions whatsoever except a small wooden bowl!

He had kept only a wooden bowl with him so that he can drink the water from the nearby river. But even that ONE POSESSION - the wooden bowl became a great liability for Diogenes. Because in the night he would sleep beneath a tree or in a graveyard or anywhere where he would find a peaceful place to rest - but then the question of the safeguarding the bowl would arise! And so he had to wake up three time every night just to see that the bowl is safe and nobody has stolen it…..

Then one day Diogenes came across a stray dog. And the dog was drinking the water from the river and he had NO bowl! Diogenes was a very unique man - a divine being - he thought if a dog don't need a bowl to drink water from the river then why am I keeping this bowl with me? Even I can drink water with my hands….and so then the bowl was also thrown away - now there was nothing - NO ASSETS - absolutely nothing! And Diogenes laughed - a big loud belly laugh and happily started walking around the town.

That is how KETU is - everything is thrown away just so that the real joy - the real peace - the real bliss can be experienced!

And on the other hand is Saturn - highly material, practical, possessive, and shrewd planet and there is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WRONG to have these qualities - because the role of SATURN is to ADMINISTER - to RUN THE ‘SHOW” in an ORGANIZED manner - to JUDGE with PRACTICAL VIEWS and FACTS - so you have to understand the ROLE of SATURN - and when you understand the role of SATURN - of an ADMINISTRATOR - then you will find all the above mentioned qualities (GUNA) of Saturn justifying and necessary to operate successfully in this material world!

And therefore SATURN is extremely important for MATERIAL SUCCESS (WEALTH, FAME, and even SEX)!

The idea of Saturn coming with Ketu - simply scales down the qualities of Saturn!

Because KETU is minus.

And when Saturn joins Ketu - the mathematics appears in favor of KETU and against Saturn!

In short - this conjunction is not so good for material progress however does well for spiritual progress.

Remember - Alexander (Saturn) cannot remain Alexander, the Great when he comes in contact with someone as great as the spiritual (Ketu) master Diogenes. Saturn starts losing its qualities - its practicality, its shrewdness, its judging nature - then such a Saturn simply gives way to Ketu (Diogenes)!

And as the association of Saturn continues with Ketu (Diogenes) - the native starts losing interest in material world - his ambition starts fading away - his perspective towards life starts changing and then a day comes when Saturn is no more Saturn but has transformed into KETU - Diogenes!

Now this whole understanding that I have shared with you all is based on a Kundali or Chart that is SUITABLE for SPIRITUAL TRANSFORMATION and has all the ‘ingredients’ (planetary placements) that can actually let someone like Prince Siddhartha to transform and become Gautama Buddha!

But when the horoscope is ordinary - of a common man - of a common soul - then this conjunction directly affects the whole STRUCTURE and FOUNDATION of life. The person has absolutely NO SENSE of ORGANIZING HIS WORK - is a laid back person who rely on ‘others’ to seek success!

‘Minus’ is not always bad. If ‘Minus’ is applied to the matters of the house that deal with the negativities of life then that ‘Minus’ also turns out as a ‘Blessing in Disguise’!

When Saturn is ruling 6th, 8th, or 12th house - then the conjunction with Ketu proves beneficial - becomes a blessing in disguise!

Although along with CAPRICORN - Aquarius is also considered as Saturn’s sign but in reality CAPRICORN is the sign of Saturn whereas Aquarius is the sign of Rahu and Saturn. Aquarius has two owners - Rahu and Saturn.

And so when Capricorn falls in 6th, 8th or 12th house - this conjunction works better than otherwise. Leo Ascendant, Gemini Ascendant, and Aquarius Ascendant therefore is a SUITABLE SOIL (environment) for the SEED of Saturn Ketu conjunction to fructify!

One good example of SATURN KETU conjunction placement in Leo Ascendant chart is of Miss World and noted actress — Aishwarya Rai Bachchan.

Tom Cruise also has Saturn Ketu conjunction but it should be noted that his Saturn is in Capricorn sign itself! When Saturn is in its own sign or exalted in Libra then the conjunction works positively. It must be NOTED that as mentioned - KETU spiritualizes Saturn - and so TOM CRUISE slowly and steadily got very much interested in Scientology.

The English dictionary defines the term “Scientology” in the following words:

“Scientology is a religious system based on the seeking of self-knowledge and spiritual fulfilment through graded courses of study and training. It was founded by American science fiction writer L. Ron Hubbard (1911–86) in 1955.”

The connection of KETU with material Saturn - at some stage brings great interest in spirituality and the native just like Tom Cruise is drawn towards a more spiritualized way of life!

SATURN KETU is definitely NOT for Politics or for any government jobs or positions. There was a man - a great man and he was one of the greatest scientists that the world had ever known. His name was Isaac Newton. Isaac Newton is widely known for his ‘laws of motion’ and ‘universal gravitation’. recognized as one of the most influential scientists of all time and as a key figure in the scientific revolution. His book *Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy*, first published in 1687, established classical mechanics.

Although Newton was a great scientist still he never had a reliable source of income! And so he wanted a Government Job. It is not just in India that people consider Government Job as a reliable source of income - it is a universal phenomenon and so even Newton had a wish to get a Government Job! However it is said that the Government IGNORED Newton’s request for a high post Government job. Newton continued to write letters after letters, tried to use his influence and his contacts but he was NOT granted a government job for many years! Always remember SATURN KETU conjunction never provides a Government Job - and by chance with the support of other planets even if you get one - then that will happen too late in your life! Newton finally got a High Government Post as Warden but at the age of 52! And he remained glued to the job until he died!

Isaac Newton had Saturn Ketu conjunction in Gemini Sign.

A man or woman having Saturn Ketu conjunction should stay away from politics. In fact natives with this conjunction generally don’t take much interest in politics or has any political ambitions. However the desire for ‘Government Job’ may exist though as mentioned in case of Isaac Newton - this desire is either never fulfilled or is fulfilled with delays.

Any association with GOVERNMENT (SHANI) or with ROYAL THRONE (SHANI) - proves disastrous for native having SATURN KETU conjunction.

Reminds me of Edward VIII.

Edward VIII became the KING OF ENGLAND and the Dominions of the British Empire, and Emperor of India on 20 January 1936.

However the SATURN KETU conjunction in his birth chart won’t let him rule for much long - he was abdicated from the ROYAL THRONE OF ENGLAND - within a span of 12 months! On December 11, 1936 - King of England and Emperor of India - Edward VIII was abdicated because he fell in love with an American Socialite - Wallis Simpson who was divorced from her first husband and was pursuing divorce from her second husband. The Royal British Monarch also is the HEAD OF CHURCH and in line with the traditions of the CHURCH - it would not allow divorced people to remarry in church if their ex-spouses were still alive. For this reason, it was widely believed that Edward could not marry Simpson and remain on the throne. Wallis Simpson was perceived to be politically and socially unsuitable as a prospective queen consort because of her two previous marriages. The Church won’t let Edward VIII to marry Wallis Simpson and Edward's refusal to give her up led to his abdication in December 1936.

Edward stepped down from the royal throne - to marry Wallis Simpson. He was succeeded by his brother Albert, who became George VI. George VI reigned from December 1936 till his death in 1952. He had no son, and so his elder daughter - Elizabeth became the Queen of England!

Today the family of Queen Elizabeth that reigns over England is the extended family of George VI and NOT Edward VIII! See how the play of destiny is! If Edward VIII had remained in power - if he would have not fallen in love with a divorced woman hailing from the class of commoners - then today his son or daughter would have been in place of Queen Elizabeth! But that is how SATURN KETU conjunction is - it won’t let you stay in power - by luck even if you become the King or Queen - you will be dethroned or you will LEAVE (KETU) THE SEAT OF POWER (SATURN).

SACRIFICE or forced to sacrifice power, forced to give up authority is a peculiar nature of KETU - especially when a conjunction happens between KETU and SATURN.

Interestingly at times even when SATURN KETU conjunction gets support of other planets and you attain power - you become the KING - still a time comes when either you are forced to step down from the seat of power (throne) or you are treacherously killed (assassinated). One of the most powerful Iranian rulers in Iranian history - Nader Shah ruled as Shah of Iran for 9 years but was assassinated during a rebellion. Nader Shah had SATURN KETU conjunction in his 8th house LIBRA SIGN along with SUN MERCURY VENUS. Libra Saturn was exalted - he attained power - he became the Shah of Iran (King of Iran) but KETU made sure that he is dethroned by hook or crook. Eventually he was killed or assassinated on June 20 1747!

The affect of KETU is so strong that even though he had exalted Saturn and strong Venus in Libra - still it could not prevent him from losing power - KETU always ensures that the AUTHORITY/POWER (SATURN) at some stage is either dropped candidly or by force!

One has to remember that getting abundance of money, power and fame DOES NOT imply that the native is good by soul and character!

SHANI - is all about following ethical ways, being civilized, being conscious of actions, and behaving as a gentleman.

KETU simply negates the qualities of Saturn - the person irrespective of whether becomes a KING or remains a Pauper - is often misguided and remains lost in illusions and fantasies.

A strong good CHARACTER shapes in the true sense when you start moving away from PERSONALITY and come closer to your INDIVIDUALITY!

INDIVIDUALITY is signified by the placement of your SUN.

PERSONALITY is signified by your ASCENDANT LORD and its placement.

The more you are an INDIVIDUAL - the more you realize that INDIVIDUALITY is DIGNITY and RESPECTABILITY is SLAVERY - the more your MIND starts looking within - starts turning inward and that is the beginning of a real good CHARACTER! CHARACTER is signified by MOON and the ASPECTS to MOON and MOON SIGN LORD!

A man who runs his whole life just to gather more and more and more respect is in real danger! Because ONE MISTAKE - and the whole glass house of RESPECTABILITY will come crashing down. That is how people commit suicide because they have been chasing respectability and in this mad rush have completely ignored, forgotten their INDIVIDUALITY which is indeed the REAL YOU - the reality of who you are!

An individual is NOT BOTHERED of who talks what about him - or who thinks what about him - he or she is just like a beautiful flower that goes on blossoming - a flower never thinks about the flower next to it - it just goes on blossoming - growing - expanding……

That is how an INDIVIDUAL lives his life - by EXPANDING HIS AWARENESS - HIS CONSCIOUSNESS! He has absolutely no interest in BECOMING LIKE SOMEONE - he is just happy to BE.

Being is enlightenment. Becoming is ignorance!

But who wants to listen? From the very beginning - the society and the mother and the father and the whole world around you starts asking you right from your school days - “Tell me son - what you want to become? If you want to become a scientist then you should try to become like Albert Einstein.”

And then the poor boy spends his whole life in BECOMING like Albert Einstein when in reality - GOD - the existence wanted him to BE and not become.

Reminds me of a beautiful story….

There was a monk, his name was Hanyatara and and he had become very old, his followers were standing around his death bed and the old monk was waiting for death to arrive….and suddenly he started crying….his followers were puzzled because they never had seen him crying and now on his death bed…..when death could come anytime…..he was crying…..

One of them stepped ahead and asked “ Master - why you cry? Are you afraid of death?”

The old monk looked into the eyes of his follower and said “ No. I am not afraid of death but I am afraid that after death when I will stand before God - and God will say “ Hanyatara - I had send you to live your life by BEING HANYATARA - then why you spend your whole life BECOMING like BUDDHA, like KRISHNA, like JESUS? If I wanted then I would have created hundreds of Krishna and hundreds of Jesus and hundreds of Buddha but I created only ONE KRISHNA, ONE JESUS, ONE BUDDHA and so did I created only ONE HANYATARA - then how did you miss BEING HANYATARA? How did you miss…..”

And when God will say this - I will be left with no words - because my whole life I had been trying to become like Jesus, like Buddha, like Krishna - I just never tried to BE MYSELF - I never lived my life by BEING HANYATARA……”

And this is the state of all HANYATARAs who spend their whole life in trying to BECOME like someone and goes on missing their individuality.

A STRONG CHARACTER (STATE OF MIND (Moon) is born out of a STRONG INDIVIDUALITY (STATE OF SOUL (SUN)! And always remember - CHARACTER has NOTHING to do with how much MONEY and what LUXURY BRANDS you own. CHARACTER has to do with the kind of heart, moral principles and AWARENESS you have in your being.

When you say “I belong to FIRST CLASS” - the wise observes not what brand you wear and what car you drive - but the values and the depth of awareness that you have within.

Personality is seen from your Ascendant. A man or woman whose Ascendant lord conjuncts Ketu - lacks personality but can have a great individuality! So Ascendant Lord conjunction Ketu is not always bad provided the native’s whole chart is spiritually inclined! Because INDIVIDUALITY is the real YOU while PERSONALITY is a MASK!

And it is always good to drop the mask (personality) and embrace your ‘individuality’ - by being yourself!

When SATURN KETU conjunction happens in the ‘SOIL’ of Capricorn Ascendant or Aquarius Ascendant - and provided that the chart is spiritually inclined - that the native is KETUISH - then such a conjunction work wonders and helps the native to progress in his or her spiritual journey!

KETU helps the native to drop the ‘FALSE FACE’ (mask - personality (Ascendant)) - KETU makes the distance between you and the divine much less - because the more you start moving away from your ‘Personality’ - the more you come closer to your SELF (individuality) and that is indeed the first step towards the DIVINE!

Anyways - KETU is a highly spiritualized entity - and so when materialistic planet SATURN comes in contact with KETU - then the native sooner or at the late stage of his life - becomes spiritual - and starts taking effort to satisfy his spiritual thirst. And always remember - when SPIRITUAL THIRST is activated within your being - then indeed that is a sign that YOU are the blessed one!

A few examples we have seen - Tom Cruise who became spiritual as he became old or Aishwarya Rai - who also is spiritually inclined in her personal life. Or for matter - ISAAC NEWTON - who also was spiritual - in fact he wrote many works that would now be classified as occult studies and religious tracts dealing with the literal interpretation of the Bible.

So SATURN KETU conjunction - at some stage pulls you towards spiritualism and then there is no looking back - the road is straight and you just have to keep walking…..

Many women remain unmarried even though they appear beautiful. And many men remain unmarried even though they appear handsome!


Because marriage has absolutely NOTHING to do with your APPEARANCE or your current BANK BALANCE.

Marriage has to do with your SELF-KARMIC DUES!

If there are NO DUES to be addressed in regards to marriage - then how can Marriage happen?

If I have absolutely NO DUES PENDING on my CREDIT CARD - then how can I make a payment? And even if I can make a payment still the CREDIT CARD COMPANY cannot accept it because their computer system will simply not let them accept - it will throw a 404 ERROR!

But shallow people don’t understand. Especially the father and mother - because they simply want to follow the conventions - by hook or crook my daughter should get married - my son should get married. Now if your daughter or son has absolutely NO BALANCE left - then how can MARRIAGE happen?

But human beings - especially majority people are shallow - and so then they start visiting black magicians to somehow PUSH their children into the knot of marriage!

And this is how people MANIPULATE destiny - trying to change the course of destiny by hook or crook! And then what is the END RESULT?

Marriage happens - because the black magician uses many ghosts and souls and jinns to enable the marriage - but then after a few days/months or years the marriage ends up in DIVORCE or if not divorce then into a DISASTER.

Astrology is simply to help you understand - whether there is a BALANCE left - for you to get ‘BONDED’ in a MARRIAGE.

Astrology is simply to help you understand - whether there is a BALANCE left - for you to get ‘BONDED’ in a JOB.

Understand the word ‘ BONDED’ - because SATURN works through BONDS and BONDAGES!

A JOB is a BONDAGE. You cannot go outside your office until you put 9 hours of work! It is a PRISON but it is a NICE PRISON because it PAYS you MONEY in return for BONDED LABOUR that you do!

And so even though any office JOB is a BONDED LABOR still it is acceptable to you because it pays your bill.

But do you know - that from the very beginning of time there have been BONDED LABOURERS who are NOT PAID but simply made to work - the society calls them SLAVE.

Slavery is also SATURN’s ARENA. Though a very strict Saturn’s arena!

SLAVERY MARKET was the most blooming market in the United States and also during the imperial times in INDIA! Women and Men who were slaves - were sold for few coins.

Even the ‘food’ that was served to the Slaves was not as a reward but a means to keep them ALIVE so that they can continue SLOGGING for their owners - often called as masters.

SATURN is connected to SLAVERY.

And the same SATURN is also connected to the regular JOB that you do in your office for which you are PAID.

It all depends on the condition of Saturn - the condition of other planets in your chart. During the era of Abraham Lincoln - there were millions of SLAVES spread across the United States - so it is natural that many of those slaves may also have had SATURN exalted in LIBRA! Because Saturn remains in a sign for 30 months!

So you cannot just conclude by observing the sign placement of Saturn - there are many other factors too - such as conjunctions, D9 chart, Ashtavarga, Sub Lord etc. Although from a generic perspective you can say that all the Black Slaves having SATURN in LIBRA will have better masters - who would be kind enough than the others!

Many people argue that the current AGE or YUG is KALI-YUG. But in reality the current AGE is DWAPAR YUG. KALI YUG ended long back - Swami Yukteshwar Giri in his book “HOLY SCIENCE” clearly mentions that KALI YUG has ended and DWAPAR YUG has begin.

Recently Sadhguru also resonated with this wonderful revelation done by Sri Yukteshwar Giri - the Guru of the much famed Paramhansa Yogananda.

“ We are in Dwapar Yug and not in Kali Yug.” - Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev

And that is true - because if you see back in history and you see the current times - then you will realize that MANY BAD THINGS AND CUSTOMS such a SLAVERY, OPRESSION OF WOMEN, WIDOWS DENIED SECOND MARRIAGE, and many such pathetic customs and traditions have been totally rooted out of today’s world. In fact the coming of DEMOCRACY in itself is a sign that KALI YUG has ended because under IMPERIALISM people suffered a lot.

In fact I see many great technology revolutions' happening in coming decades - where you all will see more and more clean environment - the growing presence of automation and robotics in human life and a time will come when cars will fly and they will run on water! We all are moving towards a BETTER AGE - a more ADVANCED AGE because you all should remember that KALI YUG has ended long back during the 1600 AD - and around 1700 - United States was founded and then slowly modernization - inventions of technology and liberal ideas and rebellious unconventional ideologies started evolving and in past 400 years - starting from 1600 AD - much has changed and it has changed for GOOD - for the betterment of the HUMAN SOCIETY!

SATURN KETU is total contrast and you all must remember that ELECTRICITY is generated only when TWO OPPOSITE POLES come together!

And so you see ACTION - TRANSFORMATION happening within the native - as the conjunction of Saturn Ketu gets more and more matured.

Occasionally this conjunction delays the ‘maturity’ within the native. Saturn brings maturity but when Ketu joins Saturn - the native remains somewhat childish in his behavior or outlook towards the society.

But from spiritual perspective it is good to be like a CHILD - because only a child lives in INNOCENCE and spirituality wells up only through the garden of INNOCENCE!

"Spirituality grows through your innocence, not through your knowledge. Innocence one day becomes knowing, but it never becomes knowledge." - Osho

Saturn Ketu conjunction therefore is a great blessing in disguise for those souls who seek spiritual growth. Because this conjunction brings the innocence that eventually pulls you towards GOD - towards the divine!

Remember the NANDI - BULL who stands facing the SHIV LING of Lord SHIVA?

The NANDI - BULL is the most favorite of SHIVA because of its innocence!

Lord Shiva loves INNOCENCE - because LORD SHIVA himself is also INNOCENT and therefore is addressed by the ancient seers as BHOLE NATH! BHOLE is a Hindi word and it means - INNOCENT!

NANDI - the BULL is child-like! He is NOT childish - He is child-like.

This child-like state comes to the spiritual seeker when he or she starts slipping out of the MIND!

Because the whole problem is as far as the MIND is in play - the moment you start overcoming the mind - the moment you start slipping out of the mind - you arrive at the ‘child-like’ innocent stage!

But unfortunately people create great businesses out of spirituality - looting and exploiting men and women alike so the question of slipping out of the mind never comes because when the so called BABAS and SWAMIS are busy in appeasing the GREED of their MIND - how can they liberate themselves and so then they remain stuck - they continue to do all sorts of MAKE UP - saffron dresses and tilaks on foreheads and long beards and fancy facial looks - forgetting the fact that REAL SANYAS is NOT on the OUTSIDE but WITHIN.

REAL SANYAS or renunciation is not about going to the Himalayas and growing a long beard and wearing fancy robes - real SANYAS is simply dropping the “I” thought.

The holy bible beautifully mentions the essence of real Sanyas - it says:

“ I Must decrease and YOU (God) must INCREASE.” - Matthew verse from Bible

In fact every religion - mentions the same - that ‘I’ (ego must decrease while the presence of GOD in our life must INCREASE!

But who wants to listen?

And so the miseries - the frustrations!

Saturn Ketu native should definitely worship Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu. Vishnu will provide you with wealth because in material world - nobody will give you anything for FREE. And it is my understanding that you should also NOT ask anything for FREE unless you really are in trouble. There is a deep science to it but will reveal some other day.

Shiva helps you balance the qualities of Saturn - brings more awareness to your being and so native with this conjunction should worship both - SHIVA and VISHNU!

It is a beautiful world where SHIVA sings in praise of Vishnu and Vishnu sings in praise of SHIVA! But shallow men and shallow women have created rifts by ‘compartments of SHIVA’ and ‘compartments of Vishnu’ - and then they ask “Are you SHAIVA or VAISHNAV?”

In reality both are the two side of one coin! SHIVA makes way for your liberation - HE is addressed as the GOD of DESTRUCTION - but this destruction is the destruction of all your illusions of your mind.

And Vishnu is addressed as the GOD who nurtures the material world - provides wealth.

In fact in Maharashtra there is a beautiful place near Shrivardhan (Konkan) and it is called HARI-HARESHWAR. It has a beautiful SHIV LING along with VISHNU and it is very close to the sea. It is a beautiful sangam where HARI (VISHNU) HARESHWAR (SHIVA) come together and the devotees come from faraway places to worship this thousand years old temple established by Rishi Agastya.

I earnestly prostrate before HARI HARESHWAR.

A beautiful real picture of Hari-Hareshwar. Interestingly this holy divine place is the deity of the mighty PESHWAs who defeated the Mughals and ruled over major territories of Indian subcontinent.

Overall Shani Ketu conjunction is a beautiful conjunction from spiritual point of view. Native can progress on his or her spiritual path by devoting himself at the feet of Bhole Nath( Shiva) and Achyut (Vishnu)!

|| Har Har Mahadev. Jai Jai Ram Krishna Hari. ||

|| Jai Hari Vitthal ||

Stay blessed and always remember - KETU - can heal you only if you can listen to his message - KETU is simply helping you realize that it is NOT life that is frustrating you - it is you who is NOT listening to your life. Life wants you to ACCEPT - life want to you to live in LET GO - life wants you to be GRATEFUL - because only a man who has a grateful heart is a blessed man - then no matter how many mountains of difficulties stand before him - he will be helped - he will be nurtured - he will be provided with all that he needs because GOD LOVES A GRATEFUL HEART.

Happiness comes only through GRATITUDE. Blessings shower upon you only through GRATITUDE. Love comes your way only through GRATITUDE. The master - the Guru comes in search of you only when your heart is full of GRATITUDE!

Let GRATITUDE become a part of your life and then there will be a song to your life - a dance - then everything around you will be the same but you will be no more the same - then life will start transforming in the true sense - that is the way - that is how it happens - that is the way of its happening!

Develop an attitude of Gratitude. Always say ‘thank you’ to those who help you, remember them and the kindness they showed towards you.

Spiritual dimensions open up - the doors to your material success open up - only when you express gratitude every moment of your life. The vibrations of GRATITUDE attract more positive things in life.

A man who says ‘Thank You’ from the bottom of his heart is indeed a man who finds success in life - because GOD always takes care of those who remain GRATEFUL!

God provides you in abundance when you remain in the state of Gratefulness!

Be grateful - and always remember to value all that you have in your life! Because our FOCUS should be on what we have and not on what we don’t have - for that is the surest way to be happy!

Jai Shri Ganesha. Jai Guru.

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