What qualities does Saturn Jupiter Conjunction signify?

Shani - कर्म (Karma/Actions).

Jupiter - विवेक (Conscience/inner voice (morals, principles)).

In two words comes the whole essence (Tatva) of Jupiter Saturn conjunction - Actions executed by following the inner voice - Conscience.

The English dictionary defines the word Conscience in the following words:

“the inner sense of what is right or wrong in one's conduct or motives, impelling one toward right action.”

A man - a woman having Jupiter Saturn conjunction - has a certain depth of understanding - because you can LISTEN TO YOUR INNER VOICE only when you are willing to turn inwards!

The native is born to follow the dictates of conscience. - it is indeed the most beautiful conjunction of all Saturn conjunctions - the native is a blessed soul!

Always remember - a man who follows certain principles - certain ethics - is someday blessed by the master. So it is NOT that a blessed man is - a man of conscience - it is a man of conscience who earns the blessings of the Guru - the supreme master!

The society may pressurize you to do a certain thing - but YOU must always follow your conscience - Jupiter Saturn native always follows his conscience - his inner voice.

Shani is understanding the gravity of the situation - Shani is being sincere.

When Jupiter conjuncts Saturn - then the sincerity is more than average. Person is very sincere towards his profession and his commitments.

One should understand the difference between being serious and being sincere!

You become serious when you think that you are the DOER. “I” am doing it - “I” am the doer - “I” should be able to do it - the greater the “I” - the greater you are remain serious.

But look at Buddha. Buddha is not serious but sincere. Look at Mahavira - Mahavira is not serious but sincere. The real spiritual enlightened beings are never serious but they are sincere - very sincere.

Sincerity is always good - Seriousness is not.

I am doing my job with sincerity. But if I become too serious in executing my job then stress starts building upon on me - then I start worrying - then I fear failure - you see - this is what happens with common beings who taking everything so seriously because they believe that they are the DOER.

But Krishna was saying to Arjuna - “Don’t be too serious - I am telling you to shoot that old man - then just shoot - be sincere to the CAUSE for which you are fighting this battle - then don’t see whether the old man is your grandfather or your father or your brother - just SURRENDER to me and FOLLOW MY ORDER (AADESH) - remember you are just a medium - you are NOT the DOER.”

And Arjuna shoots - he shoots without being too serious - he is not serious - he is just SINCERE to the CAUSE for which is fighting the greatest war of his life - MAHABHARATA!

The master is always in search of someone who is like ‘Arjuna’ - and let me tell you all - in one million only one can be Arjuna - only ONE - that too after a long long search and test - that the master finds his ‘Arjuna’!

Arjuna, John, Ananda, and many such unique individuals are chosen by the master - because the real disciple is always CHOSEN by the master - the real man is always chosen by God.

Jesus chooses all of his 12 Apostles - Krishna chooses Arjuna - Buddha chooses Ananda - it is always the master who chooses his disciple and not the disciple who chooses his master.

Jupiter Saturn ‘DNA’ men and women have the BASIC FOUNDATION to get READY - to remain AVAILABLE - because they have a certain DEPTH OF UNDERSTANDING - a certain CLASS - a certain FLAIR - which makes them the ideal GROUND to stand up and get ready.

But - every conjunction fructify based on the ‘ANGLE’ in which you are born!

There are 4 ‘ANGLES’ - let us see what they are:


On which ANGLE are you born is based on which ASCENDENT SIGN - you are born?

If you are born on ARIES, LEO, or SAGITTARIUS ASCENDENT SIGN - then you fall into the


If you are born on TAURUS, VIRGO, or CAPRICORN ASCENDENT SIGN - then you fall into the


If you are born on GEMINI, LIBRA, or AQUARIUS ASCENDENT SIGN - then you fall into the


If you are born on CANCER, SCORPIO, or PISCES ASCENDENT SIGN - then you fall into the


Saturn Jupiter Conjunction will give results based on what ‘SOIL’ it is sowed - if it is sowed in the SOIL of DHARMA - then this conjunction will imbibe more RELIGIOUS SANSAKAR on SATURN - the RELIGIOUS QUALITY OF JUPITER -TRASNFORMS the PRAGMATIC SATURN - leading to a CONSERVATIVE PERSON who will stand against ABORTION LAWS- basically anything that goes AGAINST the NORMS OF RELIGIOUS SCRIPTURES.

When Saturn Jupiter Conjunction is sowed in the SOIL of ARTH - then SATURN takes the UPPER HAND and JUPITER has to follow SATURN’s orders. So now SATURN’s PRAGMATISM takes the front seat - religious beliefs and conservatism takes the back seat - this conjunction anyhow is a positive conjunction - so here it helps the man or woman to do well in business - in their profession as such. They are able to make good decisions (Saturn’s Pragmatism gets more strength from Jupiter).

When Saturn Jupiter Conjunction is sowed in the SOIL of KAMA (Sexual Angle) - then the person get more philosophical in the matters of relationship/marriage/sex. Here Saturn plays as benefic and Jupiter - a spoiler. So if at all anything good that has to come then it comes from Saturn and not Jupiter - here Saturn has the upper hand - while Jupiter simply follows Saturn’s orders.

When Saturn Jupiter Conjunction is sowed in the SOIL of MOKSHA (Spiritual Angle) - then the person is blessed in many ways! Here Jupiter is the BOSS - and Jupiter drives Saturn - to enable the native’s spiritual progress.

So it all depends on WHICH SOIL you are BORN! SOIL matters a lot - (Ascendant Angle) matters a lot!

Many times it happens - especially during the old times - that marriages were decided based on the BACKGROUND - the IDEOLOGIES - the THOUGHTS - the LIFE STYLE of the FAMILY from which the woman comes! You see - SOIL - matters - in Marathi there is one beautiful saying - “जशी खाण तशी माती“ - Meaning “The SOIL (daughter/son) is BASED on HOW the KHAAN (MINE (Father/Mother) is.”

Similarly - SATURN JUPITER CONJUNCTION is BASED on WHAT ASCENDANT SIGN is - because as explained above - every ASCENDENT SIGN falls in a certain ANGLE (RIGHTOUSNESS/PRAGMATIC/SEXUAL/SPIRITUAL) - so the conjunction RESULT is based on which SOIL (Angle) it takes birth - to which Ascendant Angle it associates with!

Associate is a very beautiful word - COMPANY MATTERS!

There was a young man - a very lovely person - always truthful, always understanding and also always forgiving. He was just like a bird - like a flower - like a beautiful painting!

One day he fell in love with a girl. And the girl was not an ordinary girl - she was a very beautiful girl - her beauty was such that even the priest would forgot all about the scriptures - her smile was so mesmerizing that ever the most serious person would forgot all about his seriousness! She was indeed a DIVA - an ‘Apsara’ walking on this planet!

So it was natural for our young man to fall in love with her and he was also a handsome man! And so love started blossoming between the two - then he had no time for me - it happens - once you are in LOVE - you forgot everyone around you - you become so much focused so much glued so much engrossed - as if there is nobody in this whole world as IMPORTANT as the MAN/WOMAN you LOVE!

That is the way of LOVE - that is how it happens - when you LOVE - you simply LOVE!

And so I was happy that finally the man had found the LOVE of his life - time went by - and after 6 months - on the streets I found him - he was broken - he was depressed - he was no more the same - he recognized me and he said “ I am devastated - she left me - she abandoned me - I am stuck now I don’t know what to do?”

This is the story of every man who comes in contact with a WOMAN who is WRONG for HIM! Readmy WORDS again - read again and again - because I am NOT saying that the WOMAN was BAD - I am saying the WOMAN was BAD for HIM - understand the difference - because this is significant.

The WOMAN may be GOOD for other man - but for this young man she was NOT suitable - when a GOOD SEED falls in a SOIL which is not suitable for its GROWTH - its BLOSSOMING - the what happens? The SEED simply decays - dies - deactivates.

The fault is NOT of the SOIL - the fault is NOT of the WOMAN - the fault is also NOT of the SEED (MAN). The whole fault or ‘destiny) is that the SEED (MAN) fell in love with the SOIL (Woman) who is NOT suitable to HIS NATURE - HIS GROWTH - HIS BLOSSOMING!

You understand - exactly this is how CONJUNCTION works - when a certain CONJUNCTION falls in a suitable SOIL (Ascendant Angle) only then it starts blossoming - and it is only when it blossoms that it can provide positive results in its totality!

Let me tell you all - that the SEED (Jupiter Saturn conjunction) is of excellent quality - and you may have known everything about this SEED and its great potential - but you miss to understand that a SEED grows to its full potential only when it falls in the right place - in the right SOIL - in the right ASCENDENT ANGLE!

Saturn belongs to the GROUND LEVEL. The daily actions - the daily chores of life.

Jupiter belongs to the HIGHER ALTITUDES. The ideologies, the thought quality, the vision, the purification, the depth of understanding and the conscience - the values and principles and ideals.

Here SATURN gets SPIRITUALIZED - meaning the KARMA of the individual is of HIGHER QUALITY - of much HIGHER ALTITUDES. It is an excellent position for the native if other aspects and suitable Ascendant Angle (SOIL) is present.

When you start WORKING (SATURN) for HIGHER CAUSE (JUPITER) - then life is no more the same - everything around you is the same but life is no more the same - YOU are no more the same!

Reminds me of Henry Ford - a man of values - and a man who also had SATURN JUPITER conjunction.

Henry Ford created the first automobile that middle-class Americans could afford, he was the FIRST INDUSTRIALIST from AUTO INDUSTRY who helped the middle-class men and women to attain their dream of driving a car!

On October 1st, 1908 - Henry Ford and his Ford Company introduced the FIRST CAR which was affordable automobile, and which made car travel available to middle-class Americans. It was named as the - FORD MODEL T - also popularly known as ‘Leaping Lena’ or "tin Lizzie".

Henry Ford had SATURN JUPITER conjunction in second house - VIRGO. So his ASCENDENT was LEO and as explained above - his conjunction was falling in DHARMA - Religious Righteousness!

Henry Ford was highly religious and also was anti-Semitic. Saturn Jupiter conjunction for DHARMA ANGLE brings JUPITER in the forefront - and so JUPITER brings more liberal thoughts - more HUMANITY - more TOLERANCE and more UNDERSTANDING. Henry Ford during those days was actively hiring BLACK AMERICANS in his factory - which was NOT NORMAL in those days! He also hired women and handicapped men at a time when doing so was uncommon.

Saturn Jupiter conjunction brings thoughts and perceptions of a certain higher altitudes - as explained above. It is a BLESSED conjunction - but one has to see if the BLESSINGS showered through this CONJUNCTION or the SPECIAL SPIRITUALIZED QUALITY evolving through this CONJUNCTION - truly materializes in its totality or not - and that as explained above is based on the SOIL it falls in!

You have the eyes - I also have eyes. You have heart, I also have a heart. Your heart beats just the way my heart beats - you ‘SEE’ what I ‘SEE’ - BUT you will appreciate ONLY that which is WITHIN you - remember this - this is significant - to realize the beauty of a painting, of a poem, of a writing - a certain depth of UNDERSTANDING has to be there! To realize the GOODNESS of a certain creation - GOODNESS first has to be within you! You will appreciate and you will able to appreciate only THAT which also is within you - which is also is blossoming within your being!

The whole story of human life is based on the ‘compatibility’ of the SEED (quality) and SOIL (environment).

There are many good singers and many good actors - but not everybody gets the proper LAUNCH or BREAK (SOIL) to blossom - to grow into a STAR!

And my fellows - and my readers this is where the HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS comes into picture to which we address as GOD!

You may have the TALENT - you may have the SKILL - you may also be knowledgeable - but all of this is can truly manifest into SUCCESS when you MEET the RIGHT PERSON who can give you the CHANCE - the perfect PLATFORM to take that JUMP and experience the STARS!

SEED needs suitable SOIL to grow.
MAN needs suitable BREAK to grow.
SATURN JUPITER conjunctions needs suitable LAGNA (ASCENDENT) to grow!

It is all inter-linked, it is all LinkedIn! In reality the whole world is connected - those who feel disconnected is because they haven’t yet switched on to the JOURNEY WITHIN!

And that is the message to all my good fellows who have SATURN JUPITER conjunction - you have the potential - you have the DEPTH of understanding - you can GROW WITHIN - all you need is to take that first step towards your SELF - start meditating - the journey may be long - may be of many births and rebirths - but always remember - every journey begins with a small step.

Many times people try to MANIPULATE the situations of their life - by ways of black magic, white magic, or by plotting, intriguing, scheming around - they think that by doing so - they can GET WHAT THEY WANT - many times they also GET WHAT THEY WANT but later on they REGRET HEAVILIY because what you get by manipulating is NOT always GOOD for you - and therefore the WISE man - the MEDITATIVE man - the MAN who says “I AM SPIRITUAL’ - NEVER EVER MANIPULATES SITUATIONS because he is PERFECTLY AWARE that it can BACKFIRE - and it does backfire terribly

People are shallow - the majority is shallow and so the business of black magic is flourishing across the world - because people are in hurry - they are in rush to get what they want - someone is not getting married - they try to FIX themselves by doing all the SETTING - but what happens later is so terrible, so horrible that the less said the better! Whenever you get things that you want by indulging in BLACK MAGIC - REMEMBER you are MEDDLING in the AFFAIRS OF GOD - you are intervening in the LAWS OF GOD - and when you do this - you are all set to experience many setbacks and miseries in your life!

By manipulating the course of destiny - you may get married when you are NOT supposed to get married. By manipulating the course of destiny - you may get promotion - when this is not the right time for you to get promotion - but people don’t want to listen - people follow their MIND and the MIND is a monkey - the MIND is restless - not willing to be patient - and that is what Sai Baba has been saying his whole life - BE PATIENT,BE FAITHFUL - but people will just visit Shirdi - but will not listen and not follow the words of Sai!

Sai Baba says “Meditate (Dhyan) on my name and sleep. I am with you - why you worry? I will not let anyone to cause trouble to you - you only have FAITH and PATIENCE.”

But who wants to listen?

People are running all over - to magicians and to all kind of arts of magics so that they can quickly get married - so that they can attract the man or woman (VASHIKARAN) - so that they can get a job - so that they can get a promotion - the mad world of these shallow people is so vast that it is beyond the power of expression - these people CANNOT WAIT - they CANNOT UNDERSTAND GOD - they CANNOT UNDERSTAND SAI - they CANNOT UNDERSTAND JESUS.

The DELAYS - that you don’t understand is for your GOOD. It happens - it happens many times - that you want to catch a bus and you are so much in rush - but you don’t get it and somebody else gets it and then later you realize that the BUS had stopped in the middle because it had got PUNCTURED! You see - then you realize that WHY GOD DIDN’T LET YOU BOARD THAT BUS - because although you were thinking (based on your small understanding) that the BUS is good for you - still the compassionate GOD - the benevolent MASTER is perfectly aware that the BUS is not fit for you - there is some other BUS on your way - that is good for you - you cannot see that other bus because you live on the ground while GOD is watching from ABOVE!

The most beautiful and significant question that you can ask yourself is “How a certain SEED (quality) falls in the most perfect and most suitable SOIL (environment) - who initiates this happening?”

GOD. The answer is GOD - the ultimate CONSCIOUSNESS - Krishna Consciousness, Christ Consciousness, Buddha Consciousness - names may differ but what remains is CONSCIOUSNESS - GOD CONSCIOUSNESS!

Now the next question would be “ How to ensure that ‘I’ (soul) falls into the right SOIL ‘Family’ or ‘My quality and my talent gets the right opportunity the right platform the right break?”

SURRENDER. Simple - the most difficult questions always have the most simple answer. SURRENDER!

When you live with SURRENDER - to your LORD - to your MASTER - then the miracle can happen! Then you can be PLACED in the RIGHT ENVIRONMENT - then your TALENT can get the right BREAK and the perfect platform.

Unless you surrender - how can GOD lift you and drop you in the suitable soil or environment?

That is why all religions and all divine masters encourage you to SURRENDER!

Lord Krishna says to ARJUNA - “Surrender”

Jesus says to his followers “Surrender to ME”

In fact just like Bhagavad-Gita - the most important message throughout the Holy Bible is the encouragement to surrender before God.

Islam - the name itself means “Surrender”! Islam is a highly intense religion and it emphasizes on the significance of living your life by surrendering to Allah (God).

Basically - ALL RELIGIONS - simply encourage you to live your life by SURRENDERING YOURSELF TO GOD.

Because only then can GOD pick you (SEED) and drop you in the environment (SOIL) that is suitable for your GROWTH!

The beauty is in BELEIVING IN GOD - the beauty is in living in total SURRENDER!

Always remember - this MIRACLE - of YOU (SEED) falling in the suitable SOIL does not happen by AFFIRMATIONS - the MIRACLE happens only when you start taking EFFORTS!

To understand conjunctions (seeds of a certain quality) - you all need to first understand the significance of the SOIL in which the SEED falls! That is where you all have been missing - and my whole effort is to simply help you all find the way….

The character of the SOIL (Environment - Ascendant Angle) is determined by the SEED (Conjunction)!

See how beautiful is this - if the CONJUNCTION (Seed) is not providing the desired results then you can know understand - Why?

The fault is NOT with the SEED (conjunction) - the fault is with the SOIL (Ascendant Angle)!

And if this FAULT has happened in this BIRTH - then you now know that even this FAULT can be FIXED - only when you start living your life in SURRENDER.

How beautiful is this - how deep - I am speechless - I am touched - I am moved - only a meditative soul - only those who have been following me closely - only those rare beings who are meditating daily - can truly understand the depth of this beautiful quote and this beautiful sharing!

By living in surrender - the divinity within you comes into this world of duality (DVAIT) - which is not of this world! You see - this is the miracle of SURRENDER - this is what all the divine masters have been emphasizing their whole life - but who wants to listen?

But those who can listen - those who can resonate - those who can relate - can truly progress in life - and when I say ‘progress’ - it has NOTHING to do with your cars and bungalows and pleasures of bed and fame and money - it has MORE to do with your INNER BEING - because the PROGRESS - the GROWTH WITHIN cannot be taken away from you - nobody can STEAL it AWAY FROM you - because it is something that is NOT OF THIS WORLD! It is of the BEYOND - it is the unconditional LOVE that only the MASTER can relate and only YOU can relate to!

Saturn Jupiter conjunction natives are GOD LOVING beings - faithful beings and as mentioned above - this ‘SEED’ is of HIGH QUALITY - of HIGHER ATITUDES - of HIGH LEVEL - can make a person highly spiritual - highly intuitive - and a good consultant, counselor. A flair of philosophical touch but with more focus on spirituality is seen in these natives. Lastly - they are NOT just believers - they are also SEEKERS!

And Buddha wants SEEKERS - the master wants SEEKERS - the Buddha is NOT interested in GOD BELIEVERS - BUDDHA is ONLY INTERESTED in GOD SEEKERS.

The first thing that Buddha says to His followers is "Remember only talk to seekers." There are many who are inquirers but who are not seekers. Many are curious but not seekers. The curious person is childish. Every child is curious but not interested in knowing. The seeker is not curious - he wants to KNOW - and to KNOW he is willing to JUMP - he is willing to take the effort - that is why Buddha always searched for SEEKERS and not believers.

Always remember - God believers will simply come and ask “Where is God? How is God?”

But a seeker - a real seeker will comes and say “ Please show me the way to experience God - I want to experience God myself.”

Always remember - you will get answer based on the questions you ask! To the God Believers - Buddha answers “ There is NO God.”

But to a seeker - Buddha simply goes beneath the banyan tree - closed his eyes and went into deep meditation! And the seeker is always an intelligent man - he is a man of heart - and those who follow their heart - WORDS ARE NOT REQUIRED - just a signal - just a sign - just a small action is more than enough! And so the seeker observes Buddha meditating - and so he thinks that this must be the ANSWER - and so he too seats beneath a tree and starts meditating and after a while - when it is getting dark - he opens his eyes and Buddha is now standing before him - the man starts crying - he is overwhelmed by the compassion of the master - he says to Buddha “ You have shown me the PATH - and I am so thankful to you - I have no words to express my gratitude - but I will always remember you and I will always remember your answer.”

Remember - SAMMASTI - that was the last word of Buddha - just REMEMBER to go back to your source - just remember to meditate every day - because GOD can be experienced only through meditations - only when you meditate with love and devotion!

JUPITER SATURN natives are seekers - now depending on the evolution - on the level of the horoscope - the native seeks - some seeks money - some seek bed pleasures and luxuries - some seek power - some seek fame - and then there are FEW - very FEW - one in a million - who seek “THAT” which is BEYOND this material world - beyond the reach of your HEAD!

Someday you all should read the book “I am THAT” by Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj - one of the greatest masters of recent times! This beautiful divine book is translated by Maurice Frydman and is a great spiritual motivator for those - who are SEEKERS and not just believers!

How deep is this quote of Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj - the moment you self-realize that you are NOT the body and you are NOT the mind - then the real ‘journey’ begins to which the world addresses as ‘spiritual journey’!

Saturn Jupiter Conjunction is specifically addressed by the ancient seers as a GREAT CONJUNCTION - because it is the coming of TWO BIGGEST PLANETS - it is like the STATE (SATURN) coming together with the CHURCH (JUPITER)! This December 21st - this GREAT CONJUNCTION is happening in the sign of CAPRICORN - so souls taking birth in the last week of December 2020 - certainly have something good coming their way!

Saturn’s decisions are influenced by Jupiter - if Jupiter falls in an Ascendant Angle that favors JUPITER.

Jupiter’s decisions are influenced by Saturn - if Saturn falls in an Ascendant Angle that favors SATURN.

It all depends on which SOIL (Ascendant Angle) the SEED (conjunction) falls!

If you have lived your past births and rebirth by surrendering at your Lord’s feet - then this conjunction of yours must be in the right SOIL and if you have been utterly ignorant and living your life with arrogance and by hurting others - then it is obvious that this conjunction of yours must be in the WRONG soil - in a WRONG company!

Always remember - COMPANY MATTERS - with whom you are - MATTERS - who you are following - MATTERS - what you choose is MATTERS.

The quality of your thoughts and the quality of your choice is totally based on the LEVEL OF YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS. If you really want to make good choice in your life - then you have to start focusing on expanding your consciousness!

And once you start expanding your consciousness - then everyday is a NEW DAY - then BOREDOM never comes - then every breath - is - a FRESH BREATH!

Message to Saturn Jupiter conjunction native is simple and straight - “Don’t worry about the destination - don’t worry about the results - just focus on doing what you are supposed to do - and the rest will follow in its own accord!

Jai Shri Ganesha. Jai Guru.

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