What is the significance of Saturn Jupiter conjunction in 8th house for Libra ascendant?

Any positive planet in 8th house – is not bad but rather good! When the KING of the universe – goes in the darkest place – what happens? The dark place is no more dark – it ‘lightens’ up! It is no more a graveyard – it has now become a meditative place. It is no more just a common mountain – it has transformed into ‘Mount Kailash’ – it has become special, it has become the ‘Abode of Shiva – the supreme consciousness’!

And so Jupiter in 8th house is a special blessing – it is in no way negative but very much positive! What is negative is the ‘Strict disciplinarian’ coming to the darkest place of your birth chart. Saturn in 8th house brings difficulties in life – but because the KING of Universe – Shri Guru (Jupiter) is also placed in 8th – you can survive the difficulties that Saturn brings in with this placement!

It bring inclination towards occultism – person wants to dig and get to the bottom of the subject – so in a way it is good placement for researchers, scientists, detectives, CID officers, CBI officers. If other aspects are supportive than it is also a good placement for having a disciplined spiritual life! Such a placement encourages the individual to stay fit and maintain his or body by being disciplined.

This placement – definitely gives a long life – provided Venus is placed in a positive house in a beneficial Nakshatra (star) . The best remedy is to visit Goddess Laxmi temple – every Friday – worship her – the name of the Lord has the power to make your life less of miseries and more of happiness! Such a man or woman should definitely worship the female deity – with utmost faith and love!

The greatest strength of those men who are learned and have self-realized is the willingness to forgive and the strength of love.


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Jai Shri Ganesha! Jai Guru!

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