SATURN SERIES: Conjunctions, House Placements & Signs

‘Tatva’ (तत्त्व) is a beautiful Indian word. It means the ‘true essence’ - the real substance! And the true essence is derived only from the state of consciousness - God consciousness! Some call it ‘Krishna Consciousness’ - some address it as ‘Christ Consciousness’ - the words may differ but the ESSENCE (tatva) remains the same - CONSCIOUSNESS!

Buddha-tatva. Guru-tatva. Tatva is not something that you contemplate - tatva comes from the state of consciousness! Tatva is derived from consciousness! Buddha-Tatva means Buddha Consciousness - it is through the supreme consciousness that you realize the ‘true essence’ of each and every thing in this world. One who can realize the true essence (TATVA) - will never fear GOD - instead he will always LOVE God!

“If on this planet there is someone with whom we are fearless than that someone is GOD! If there is any substance (TATVA) in this world with whom we feel safe and fearless then that TATVA is almighty GOD. Because we are part of GOD - we have come through HIS blessings - our source of existence is GOD - then where is the question of fearing GOD?” - Osho

Shallow men and women fear GOD because they consider themselves as different from GOD. The wise - the faithful - the Yogi is perfectly aware that HE is a part (ansh) of GOD and so he prays to God but his prayer is out of LOVE - out of Devotion and NOT out of fear!

The whole story of your life is based on the quality of your TATVA - consciousness!

You fall in love - then you ‘conjunct’ with the man you love - you see - two Tatva coming together!

Now there can be instances where two physical bodies come together - just to have sex - just to have sexual pleasures! And let me tell you - there are many such instances that happen every minute around this vast human world.

So two physical bodies - two Tatva - can come together - can melt into each other - irrespective of whether the ‘amalgamation ’ of two physical bodies is happening out of love or out of physical sexual needs!

The point is - whenever two physical bodies ‘connect’ with each other - the ‘essence’ (tatva) of those two physical bodies is also MIXING - CONJUNCTING - COMING TOGETHER.

So then what happens?

And that is the whole essence of this series - to find what happens!

When amalgamation of two physical bodies happens through SEX (Sexual partner) - or through intense MENTAL level (Friendship) - or through intense SOUL LEVEL (Love - Soul -Mate) - then the TATVA (essence) of both individuals MIX UP - leading to a POSITIVE OR NEGATIVE outcome!

From all the three possibilities that lead to the conjunction of two physical bodies - SEX is the most basic - then comes the conjunction through FRIENDSHIPS and then comes the bonding of Souls ( Soul Mate) - platonic love.

Platonic Love is of higher altitudes. It happens without any physical contact and yet it is very deep and very intense! If this platonic love gets an upliftment through the evolution of the higher self - then it transforms into Spiritual Love which indeed is the highest layer of Love!

Physical Sex is not difficult to attain - because physical sex happens through ATTRACTION or through sexual NEEDS. Infatuation can lead to actual physical sex - but it is not necessary that physical sex always leads to a lasting relationship or bonding! Otherwise we would never have had any breakups or any divorces!

So physical sex is not the answer to lasting relationship - let this be very clear.

It is only when you are CONNECTED at the SOUL LEVEL - that the bonding remains forever! Love therefore has many layers - many levels - the LOVE of Buddha is NOT HOT - and yet it is long lasting because it is unconditional - it is selfless. Majority of the people are behind HOT LOVE - even when they eat Dog - they want ‘HOT DOG’! And so not everybody can relate to the LOVE of BUDDHA - because BUDDHA’s Love is total - it has no shade of HATE - it has no flavor of SPICE - it is like a flowing river - cool and calm - whosever comes to HIM - is welcome!

Human beings feel LOVE only in CONTRAST! That is how the marriage house in your birth chart is! Always in CONTRAST to your ASCENDANT house! Every Ascendant Sign is always OPPOSITE the 7th HOUSE of MARRIAGE and the 7th HOUSE LORD also is always OPPOSITE - CONTRAST in TATVA (essence) to the ASCENDANT LORD!





So you see every ASCENDANT SIGN and LORD stands in contrast to the 7th house SIGN and LORD!

Marriage - SEX - Love between common beings happens through the CONTRAST and so you see the CONTRAST between the 7th House Lord (Sexual/love partner) and Ascendant Lord which signify YOU!

A Girlfriend and Boyfriend feel the “love" when there is fight - arguement and many such spices that keep their love alive! In the morning they will fight and they will argue but by evening they will cuddle up in the bed and melt in each other by having intense sex!

This is the very essence of love that exists between lovers - it is NOT like Buddha Love - it has the spice - it has the Hate - it has many expectations and it is always conditional!

So when two TATVA come together - both individuals are affected! If you are sleeping with an arrogant rude ignorant man - then those qualities will definitely PENETRATE into your being. NEGATIVE always gets an upper hand in the affairs of common beings - so even if you are POSITIVE WOMAN - still if you are sleeping and having sex with a negative nature (TATVA) man - then that negativity will penetrate into your being!

One night stand sexual contacts also affect the individuals because when two physical bodies come together - when penetration happens then the whole Tatva - essence is impacted.

You may have read or watched movies where a man sleeps with a woman and after having sex with her - suddenly his life starts changing for good! As if he is blessed with some kind of lottery! Now that is a positive side. But many men or women start facing issues in life after having sex with certain individuals! It all depends on the CONJUNCTION of the Tatva of two bodies!

This is how the TATVA (essence) works when two bodies come together!

Many times it happens that in the beginning you both come together - you both fall in love with each other - then you both get into the bed and then finally the ‘amalgamation’ - SEX - happens. Two TATVA have crossed each other -mixed with each other - the ‘vibrations’ of the TATVA has got entangled with each other - and this how you become DEPENDABLE in your relationship - because your TATVA (essence) has mixed with your sexual partner and your sexual partner’s TATVA has mixed within your being - the mixing of two tatva has led to a CONJUNCTION - that can either make you or break you - only time will tell - only the future will tell!

That is why match making (Gun Milan) was encouraged by ancient seers. But when you are fired up with sex - how can you wait? You jump in the bed and then begins the miseries of your life!

Ignorance indeed is the greatest curse.

Many times it happens that your boyfriend with whom you had so many wonderful nights and great sex - starts moving away from you - or your girlfriend starts moving away from you - the break-up is on the cards - but why this happens?

The answer is in one word - TATVA!

When the TATVA (essence) that initially had brought you both together - when this TATVA starts changing - starts upgrading - when this TATVA starts transforming in you or within both of you - the BREAK-UP is on the horizon!

How it happens?

When your quality of thoughts, your level of life style, when your perspectives start changing - when you start transforming - and your girlfriend is not with you in this phase of transformation - then she remains BEHIND while you move ahead of her and so then the ‘RANGE’ is not reachable - then the ‘NETWORK’ is not available to connect - because you have reached the HIGHER ALTITUDES of LIFE while your girlfriend is still stuck in that same ignorant lifestyle - in that same common basic level of lifestyle!

Then the BREAK UP happens - and so when you are moving ahead - when you are meditating - when you are taking efforts to raise the QUALITY OF YOUR LIFE - then you should also ensure that your GIRLFRIEND joins you - else one day - you will compelled to break-up because when your girlfriend cannot understand your ‘language of silence’ - then how can the relationship work?

Once it happened - there was a young man - and he was slowly moving towards a spiritual life - was becoming meditative - but one day he came and said to the master “ My Girlfriend says that my love is not HOT - she says I am cold. And I think she must be true.”

The master smiled and said “ You have already given up to your girlfriend - you are believing in what she is saying about you….”

The young man felt embarrassed - bowing before the master - he said “ I am sorry master - I just thought she much be true and I must be wrong - please guide me.”

The master said “There is nothing wrong with your love - you are getting better and better - you are becoming more and more lovable - but your girlfriend is left behind. You are moving into meditations - you are becoming fine, filtered - purified but your girlfriend is still stuck - in your ‘journey’ - she has been left behind - it is not her fault, because had you encouraged her to follow your ‘path’ - she too would have had the same essence (tatva) - the same level of understanding - then she would have responded to your love - then she would have been happy with you!”

You see - whether you are married or your are in a relationship - always ensure that your partner follows your steps - so that the GAP between you doesn’t exist - and when there is NO GAP - then relationships work.

Conjunctions also work like Relationships! When the TATVA (essence) of both planets is complimentary to each other - when they come from same backgrounds - when they enjoy same tastes - when they share the SAME LEVEL of understanding - when ‘physically’ they resonate and compliment each other - when their NATURE match - then something beautiful happens from this CONJUNCTION (RELATIONSHIP)!

In this series of Saturn Conjunctions - we are going to see which CONJUNCTIONS work - which don’t and which conjunction affects either of the two! Because many times - the husband is good - gentle - understanding - and also forgiving - but when his wife is crooked, is ignorant and is negative - then even a good husband is bound to be affected by such a bad negative companion!

After all - all these planets and stars and houses - they all are nothing but WE (human beings)! All the planets and stars are simply representative of those PEOPLE - those MEN and WOMEN who come in our life. When time comes - a certain woman comes - a certain man comes in your life and when time comes - the man or woman leaves you - the coming and going of people continues - some bring joy - some cause pain - some just come for the sake of coming and waste your time!

Always remember - Many people will come and many will also leave - you simply remain focused on those who stay - appreciate those who remain.

Many times a certain woman or a certain man leaves you - and you feel upset. But you forget the fact that they have left you - so that someone who is much better - much deserving can come in your life! Their leaving you is simply a ‘process’ for creating a space for those beautiful souls who are to come in your life!

Existence know better than you. God knows better than you. And so whenever people leave you - you should realize that there time has come to an end and someone out there - someone better than those who left you - their time is about to begin - they are about to take entry into your life - your world!

It all comes to the SUBSTANCE - ESSENCE (TATVA). People leave when they can no more match to your frequency levels - they leave automatically - you don’t have to do anything special - you don’t even have to say “Go Away” - they will “Go Away” - either because they cannot stand the GLOW OF YOUR GROWING LIGHT or either because you they have GROWN WITHIN - their LIGHT is becoming so brighter that you appear DULL before them!

And so when CONJUNCTION happens - when RELATIONSHIPS happen - be conscious to observe the TATVA (substance, essence, frequency of vibrations) between you and your partner!

DIVORCE happens - BREAK-UP happens - when the frequencies between both partners don’t match anymore - they may have slept and they may have had sex for many years - but from the beginning of time it has been observed that SEX is impotent to bring a lasting bonding - a lasting relationship!

Only the TATVA - the FREQUENCY - the level of UNDERSTANDING between the two - can seal the bonding - can retain the relationship and so it is very necessary that when two individuals come together - they observe each other’s frequency - they observe each other’s nature - observe each other’s ideologies - and moreover observe each other’s depth of understanding!

Buddha says “True Love is born out of Understanding.”

Understanding between two individuals (Graha/Planets) is possible only when both are walking on the same path! When both are prayerful - when both are meditative - when both are kind - when both are forgiving - when both live in a Let Go - only then the understanding is possible - only then the blossoming of the relationship (conjunction) is possible!

Understanding is an Art and not everybody is an Artist!

The depth of understanding is based on the depth of your meditation - your prayerfulness - and how pure is your heart!

Once it happened - a young woman and she was a beautiful woman. And she was in love - but one day she committed a mistake. And she felt guilt - she would not answer her lover’s calls - she was afraid to confront her lover - she was afraid of revealing her mistake to her lover!

But her lover was not a common being - he was a meditative man - he was a man of awareness!

He met her. She remained silence. She thought that her lover may ask her many questions - may raise many doubts - but her lover remained quiet. A man who understands your silence will understand your situation. Finally she said “ I have committed a mistake and I don’t know how to reveal it to you….”

The lover said “ It is okay. I forgive your mistake. Let us move on.”

The woman’s eyes became wet - she was touched by her lover’s depth of understanding!

CONJUNCTIONS work when there is ‘UNDERSTANDING’ between the two - RELATIONSHIPS work when there is ‘UNDERSTANDING’ between the two!

In this series of Saturn conjunctions - we will see whose UNDERSTANDING - whose TATVA (essence) match well with SATURN - who STAYS WELL in RELATIONSHIP with SATURN as I start sharing the ‘chemistry’ of the following conjunctions:


And what a coincidence - today is Saturday! And so with the blessings of Saturn - let us embark on this new journey of ‘Saturn Conjunctions’. I never decided the day - I never plan anything - it all happens - and so has this series started - and so if it has started by HIS order - then it will also complete by HIS blessings! When HE is the doer - then you don’t have to worry about reaching the destination - you just have to keep walking - and the ‘way’ appears on its own!

And so join me in this ‘wonderful journey’ of exploring Saturn Relationships (Conjunctions) - as I keep walking with the master, with God - because the journey is NEVER towards GOD - the ‘journey’ of this wonderful life is always WITH God!

Jai Shani Dev.

Stay tuned - and stay blessed as this series starts unfolding…..

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STAY TUNED and remember - it is only the QUALITY of your KARMA that can RAISE the QUALITY of your LIFE. So if you want to have a good quality of life - then start focusing on doing GOOD KARMA - avoid hurting others - and start helping those who DESERVE your help!

"Our prime purpose in life is to HELP other and if you cannot help others then atleast DON'T HURT others." - Dalai Lama

Stay tuned as the SATURN SERIES continues......

Jai Shri Ganesha. Jai Guru. 🙏

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