Saturn in the 9th House

Karmath. It is a Marathi/Hindi word (कर्मठ).

This one word captures the basic essence of Saturn 9 native. The English dictionary defines ‘Karmath’ as - "Scrupulously exact in the discharge of all religiously enjoined acts and works".

In simple words - a person who follows all religious acts and rituals with perfection, he or she considers all the religious rituals and acts as 'Rules' that must be followed at any cost.

Such a person cannot offer the holy water of Ganges to a thirsty crow - because his 'KARMATH NATURE' (कर्मठ) obstructs him - he want to offer the holy water to the dying crow but his deep religious ideology stops him from offering water to a crow who is dying of thirst - because offering holy water to a filthy ugly bird like crow - is against the religious scriptures and so how can he go against the scriptures? What will God say? His thinking is that if he offers the water to the crow then it will be an act of sin. And so he denies water to the dying crow.

Up in the sky - God is laughing - because GOD has NO religion - and so GOD would have loved this man - had he offered the holy water and saved the crow from dying of thirst!

The religious hardliners and pundits would have condemned him for offering the holy water to the crow - but GOD - GOD would have hugged him tightly - would have blessed him!

But - a Saturn 9 native cannot go against the religious scriptures - he is too much into it - he is a Karmath (कर्मठ) person - who would never dare to break his religious boundaries. He fears the religious pundits. Whenever he miss to follow his religious custom and traditions - he feels guilty, he feels that he has committed a sin.

From the very beginning of time - religions have always enslaved people by making them feel guilty!

It is a strange world - where religion has become larger than GOD! Reminds me of a beautiful story.

There was a great Sufi Saint - his name was Farid. People fondly addressed him as Baba Farid.

One night Baba Farid had a divine dream. In his dream he reached Paradise. And the whole of Paradise is decorated, millions of lights, flowers everywhere — some celebration is going on — and great music. Baba Farid enquires, “What is going on?”

And they say, “Today is God’s birthday — we are celebrating it. You have come at the right time.”

So he stands underneath a tree to see what is happening, because a great procession starts moving on the road. A man is sitting on a horse; he enquires, “Who is this man?” and they say, “Don’t you know him? He is Hazrat Mohammed.”

And then millions and millions of people behind him, and he asks, “Who are these people?” and he is replied to. “They are Mohammedans, followers of Mohammed.”

And then comes Jesus, and millions are following him. And then comes Krishna on his golden chariot, and millions again are following him. And so on and so forth… the procession continues, continues, continues. And then finally, in the end, on an old donkey an old man is coming. And nobody is behind him; he is just alone. Baba Farid starts laughing looking at this man — it is hilarious: nobody following him. And why should he be going on his donkey? He asks, “Who are you, sir? I have seen Mohammed, Christ, Krishna, Mahavira, Buddha — who are you? You look like a kind of joke! And nobody is following you.”

And the old man is very sad and he says, “Yes, I am God. This is my birthday. But some people have become Mohammedans, some have become Christians, some have become Jews, some have become Hindus — nobody is left to be with me.”

At that moment - at that very moment Baba Farid woke up from his sleep - and he called all his disciples and said to them “ From now onwards I am no more Mohammedan. I have had a great revelation through my dream. Now I am no more part of any organized religion — I am simply myself. I would like to be with God, at least one person following him.”

“I would like to be with God” - how beautiful and how deep are these words of Baba Farid - an enlightened being never follows any religion - he simply follows God. He is aware that God has NO religion.

But Saturn 9 native cannot understand the language of Baba Farid. He remains deeply entangled into the many religious dogmas and scriptures and conventions. This is how he has been from his many past births - this is how he continues to be - until a day comes when he meets his master - his Guru!

Long back - it happened. There was a great Yogi - people addressed him as Akkalkot Swami Samarth. Akkalkot Swami Samarth had a close disciple and his name was Chollapa. Chollapa must be a Saturn 9 individual - he was faithful but he was too religious. And he had a habit - a very old habit of worshipping the silver small idols of Rama, Krishna. Every morning - he would spend one hour worshipping - the idols. He would give bath to the idols, he would offer flowers, apply sandalwood paste to the idols and there were so many things to do….

One day Akkalkot Swami Samarth blasted on Chollapa - Swami said “Chollapa - when are you going to come out of this entanglement? When are you going to stop spending time in performing this religious rituals and start meditating?”

From that day - by the divine wake-up call from the master (Akalkot Swami Samarth) , Chollapa stopped wasting his time in doing all those religious rituals and instead started spending time in meditation - so a divine intervention can help Saturn 9 individuals to come out of the RELIGIOUS KARMAKAND (कर्मकांड)and realize the true essence of life - the true essence of God.

I prostrate before His Holiness Akkalkot Swami Samarth - one of the greatest Yogi - greatest Avatar who once walked on this planet.

Saturn 9 individuals belong to traditional family - where the father of the native is also very religious and ‘Karmath’ by nature.

Being religious and a staunch follower of scriptures - many people with this placement become good religious preachers - provided they have support of other planets.

A religious person can never become spiritual - because spirituality has NOTHING to do with religion. Religion (9) and Spirituality (12,8,5) are two ends that never met. You are either a religious person or a spiritual person.

Religion is like RAHU. RAHU is an expert in making things ‘APPEAR’ which in reality they are not. Similarly every religion preaches brotherhood - every religion says that you can reach God - so every religion ‘appears’ to be GOOD - but in the end - every religion says that it is only through our religion that you can reach God! :)

Religion is an organization. And every organization (religion) claims its right on God’s Kingdom! Whereas God has no religion - so without following any religion - you can reach God - Buddha was able to reach God, Jesus, Mahavira, they all were able to reach God without following any religion.

God is Love. And Love is real. To experience God, to experience Love, to experience the ultimate Truth - you need to be FREE - you need to have absolute FREEDOM which organized religions cannot give you.

Religion can become a ‘BRIDGE’ between you and God - that was the intention of establishing a religion - but unfortunately organized religion has only made human life more miserable than otherwise.

Swami Vivekananda in one of his speech in London questions the ‘authenticity’ of religious priests.

“The priests only give us an assurance that if we follow them, listen to their admonitions, and walk in the way they mark out for us — then when we die, they will give us a passport to enable us to see the face of God! What are all these heaven ideas but simply modifications of this nonsensical priestcraft?” - Swami Vivekananda

Swami Vivekananda emphasized on the fact that God is not in temples and in idols but within every human being. His message was simple - stop being religious and being a hardliner - instead realize the true essence of God - realize the fact that God has absolutely NOTHING to do with any religion.

You are the TAJ MAHAL - so beautiful - so deep - so moving - how to express the depth of these beautiful words of Swami Vivekananda - I am speechless, I am simply speechless!

Only a man who is meditating, only a man who is coming out of the ‘worldwide web of religion’ - can truly understand the words of Swami Vivekananda.

The whole purpose of sharing these ‘gems’ is to help Saturn 9 native realize the fact that to experience God - you need not be KARMATH ((कर्मठ) but rather drop all your religious beliefs and realize the fact that GOD is within you and not on the outside - not in the temple - not in the church - not in the mosque.

A question is always asked “Then why I feel good when we visit temple?”

The answer is “It is because the ‘God consciousness’ resonates with the purity of the temple - the mosque - the church.”

So it is not that there is something on the outside that makes you feel Good - it is something INSIDE you that resonates with the outside - and that is why you feel good - the point - first there has to be something GOOD within you - something ALIVE within you - Consciousness within you!

You also miss to realize that NOT everybody visit temples to seek GOD - there are many who visit temple for finding ‘suitable bride or groom’ - there are many singles who visit temple to find ‘ a girlfriend or boyfriend’ - there are many stressed out people who visit temples for a ‘change in environment’ - and so it is not that everybody feels good - feels or seeks the divine in a temple - it is ONLY those few who have the divinity WITHIN - who are DEVOTED within - only those few who feel good - feel that God experience in a temple or in any clean place under the sky - because they themselves have started to turn inwards - they have started to realize their SELF - they have started to experience the Godliness within!

“Religions do not come from without, but from within.” says Swami Vivekananda. And religion that comes from within is the real religion - that has no regulation but absolute freedom - only that religion is the real religion that brings TOTAL FREEDOM with absolutely no conditions whatsoever!

Religion can never give you absolute freedom. In fact all religions have been against freedom - they simply bind you block you suffocate you - you can experience the ultimate fragrance of consciousness only when you slip out of religion - not until then!

That is the whole message to all Saturn 9 natives. If you can understand - if you can resonate with the message I share - there is a possibility that you can break the repeating cycle of of your births in which you have always been KARMATH (कर्मठ) - where in you have always been so much engrossed in KARMAKAND (blindly following the rituals and religious scriptures) - else life goes on repeating - the ‘pattern’ of being KARMATH (कर्मठ) remains - just the ‘way of expression’ - the ‘design’ changes - but the ‘patter’ remains as it is!

Saturn 9 placement may give birth to a typical KARMATH (कर्मठ), conservative, religious hardliner, orthodox person - but that doesn’t imply that it is bad from materialistic perspective. Along with these born qualities - they also are highly disciplined people and this quality of living life in a disciplined way - brings the much success that they seek.

A religious man can be a good philosopher - and so Saturn 9 has all the ‘ingredients’ to become a good philosopher.

Always remember - philosophy has absolutely NOTHING to do with Spirituality. A philosopher can never become spiritual - and a spiritual being is never a philosopher.

A spiritual being simply lives moment to moment - it might happen that you are with the master for many days and yet the master may ask you “Do I know you?”

Now you may not understand - why such a question - because the question asked by the master “Do I know you?” is indeed a very deep message! The message is “I am in the present moment - I don’t keep any memories because memories are of the PAST - and when I am HERE & NOW - then how can I know who you are - even though you may have been following me - you may have been with me for many years! And so the master may ask “Do I know you?” - because the real master always live in the present.

Saturn in the ninth brings ‘burden’ of philosophical thoughts, burden of strictly following the religious scriptures, burden of getting entangled into KARMAKAND (rituals and religious practices) - and so ideally this is not a very good placement for Saturn unless there is presence of Jupiter or Mercury or Venus in the 9th house.

Saturn work wonders when is with Venus, Jupiter and Mercury! But the same Saturn can become real messy when he joins Moon, Mars, Rahu or Ketu.

The worst conjunction to happen with Saturn is the conjunction of SATURN MOON or SATURN MARS or SATURN RAHU in the 9th house.

Saturn Moon person is political and just loves to plot, conspire against his enemies. It is said that the most cruel and cold blooded Emperor Aurangzeb had SATURN MOON conjunction - and interestingly the King who gave him a tough fight - Chatrapatti Shivaji Maharaj had JUPITER MOON conjunction!

Finances - Income - Network of friends - and overall popularity is impacted by Saturn 9 - but it all depends in which sign and nakshatra Saturn is placed - and if Saturn is Yogakarak or Marak planet. If Saturn is positive from sign and ascendant - then this Saturn may slowly and steadily bring prosperity to the native.

Communication, progress in life - worries and burden of siblings or problems from siblings (depending on Saturn’s quality) is seen.

However Saturn 9 miraculously safeguards the native from legal disputes, conspiracies, and secret enemies. This Saturn makes the person less arguing and more understanding.

Saturn 9 native is pragmatic by nature. This Saturn is not good for spiritual progress however it brings material progress late in life - after the age of 40.

As mentioned earlier this is not a bad placement considering you get a typical religious, conservative, highly educated, materialistic person who also takes great interest in philosophy - and who also is interested in spirituality but wants to explore spirituality by the means of TECHNIQUES and METHODS!

And because they are behind technique and methods - they fail to realize the true essence of spirituality - the miss to experience the bliss of meditation. Because as Saint Kabir says - to realize God - to experience God - to experience spirituality - you don’t need methods and techniques - you need a devotional heart - unwavering FAITH and PATIENCE and great intensity, passion!

In our country itself - there are several example of uneducated men and women who have become Great Saints - because they were such lovable beings - such a beautiful men of heart - that they simply ‘jumped’ with intensity and love and experienced God - experienced the divine.

“Meditation happens beyond mind. No technique can go beyond mind.” - Osho

Technique and methods are related to your MIND. So if you want technique and method to meditate then you want to entertain the MIND! And as long as you meditate with MIND - meditation cannot happen in the true sense. And so if you want to experience the bliss of meditation then you have to first learn to keep aside your mind - your thoughts - only then can your meditation flower - can blossom.

The only ‘key’ to activate your meditation is to remain unoccupied - to relax.

Always remember - Saturn is strong and does influence many events of life when is found in 1, 4, 7, 10 & when is found in 5th and 9th house. And so Saturn Mahadasha plays a vital role in the native’s life.

It is said that Rev Martin Luther King Jr - who was a social activist and a religious preacher had Saturn 9. He earned his Ph.D. in Systematic Theology from Boston University. As mentioned above - they are good preachers and Martin Luther King was also a great preacher, public speaker. He took great interest in philosophy and was an active social worker who fought for the rights of Black Americans. Martin Luther King’s father was Baptist and he too was a public speaker and a well known figure.

As mentioned - this Saturn is not a provider of wisdom - because when you are religious and preacher of a specific religion with a conservative outlook then you may be intellectual - but certainly not wise - because wisdom comes only when you move out of your mind - out of the conventional society and its dictatorship.

Saturn 9 natives are often exploited by the society pundits and so called religious baba - infact Saturn 9 is a perfect ‘spot’ for exploitation because they are so much ‘believers of God’- so much into ‘religious beliefs’ that they become an easy target for exploitation!

Once it happened. A man asked Buddha " Is there a God? Buddha answered " NO - there is no God." Another man came and asked Buddha "What do you think of God? Is there any God?
Buddha answered "YES - there is GOD."

Late evening an old man came and said "There are people who believe in God and people who don't, I myself need to know if God exists, please help me."

Buddha did not speak - instead he gave the answer through his actions. He sat beneath the tree, closed his eyes and went into deep meditation.

The old man thought that this must be the answer - so he too sat down, closed his eyes and started meditating. After a while the old man opened his eyes, touched the feet of Buddha and said " Your compassion is great. You have given me the answer. I will always remain obliged to you." And then happily he left.

When the man left - Ananda asked Buddha " To the first man you answered - God doesn't exist. To the second man you answered "God exists." And to the last man - you said nothing but just went into meditation. I don't understand your answers - I am still naïve - please help me understand, master..."

Buddha smiled and said " The first and the second man just wanted an answer - they were not seekers. The last man was a seeker - he wanted to 'experience' God and not just 'know'. He was able to 'relate' - he was a seeker. I want seekers and not believers.”

Buddha wants seekers. And this has been the case with every great master! Because it is only the seeker who can attain - who can experience - who can walk towards the beyond!

Buddha rejects the first two inquirers - because they were NOT seekers but only believers!

Buddha says “You have to walk yourself - I can show you the way - but it is YOU who have to walk - it is YOU who have to jump. It is YOU who have to work out your own salvation.”

And that is the whole message for Saturn 9 natives - that don’t just be believers - because believers are either rejected by the real masters or are exploited by the fake masters! That is the whole story of believers of this human world. And so if you - and I say it to all my readers as well - that if you truly wants to walk on the spiritual path - if you truly want to experience God - then you have to find it yourself and you will be able to do so when you seek.

You have been believers all your lives - many past lives - NOW is the time to turn the tables - now is the time to break the repeating cycle of mistakes - now is the time to become a SEEKER!

To follow Buddha - you need guts - because Buddha says “ I want Seekers and not believers. I want someone who is willing to follow me in the dense forests and in the deep valleys without questioning -without fearing - without raising any doubts.”

Only a SEEKER can follow Buddha - Ananda followed Buddha for forty years! But his devotion - his intensity of seeking the truth was rewarded by Buddha himself- because when Buddha was dying - he said to Ananda “ Exactly 24 hours after my death - you will attain enlightenment.”

And the words came true. Ananda became enlightened exactly a day after Buddha died . He was sitting in lotus position with closed eyes and he opened his eyes only after he attained enlightenment. Tears started flowing through his eyes - he could still remember the word of his master - Gautama Buddha - Buddha had said “ You will become enlightened after my death.”

That is how the love of the master is - everything happens at the right time - you need not rush - you need not worry - you just remain with your master - you just be in love with your master and the miracle happens - this is the way of its happening!

Buddha is so much focused on seeking a true seeker that HE addresses his disciples - he tells them “ Talk to seekers. Address yourself only to seekers. Don’t waste your time with childish people who are curious about each and everything. Their questions may look very great, but their hearts are not in their questions. They have asked just to ask; they are not interested in finding the answer and they are not ready to risk anything. If they can get the answer free, maybe they are ready to listen; but they are not ready to pay. And life's real questions are not to be solved in such a cheap way. You have to pay and you have to pay with your whole being. You have to get involved; it needs commitment.”

And let me tell you all - only a SEEKER - a true SEEKER can commit himself - such a seeker can someday become a disciple! That is how Buddha choose his disciples from the seekers!

And so Saturn 9 natives - the ‘message’ to you all is - ‘Be a seeker and not just a believer’.

We all do mistakes in life - and that is perfectly fine. But what is not fine is that if we don’t learn from our mistakes then we remain as ignorant as we were from the very beginning of time.

And so always remember - there is nothing in this human world that cannot be corrected - there is no such thing as SIN but only a mistake.

You can always correct your mistake - it is simple.

The more you start slipping out of the mind - the more you would start realizing the fact that life is simple and solutions to all your problems are also - simple!

Jai Shri Ganesha. Jai Guru.

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