Saturn in the 8th House

8th house is the house of miseries. Your miseries are found through the source of 8th house! And transformation also happens through the blessings of the 8th house and the 8th house lord!

First comes the miseries - the difficulties - the sufferings and then when you go through these sufferings that you TRANSFORM - you EVOLVE - you CHANGE into a person you never had imagined of!

And so 8th house is the most beautiful house - 8th house is a blessing in disguise! You can become Godly - only through the proper channel of the 8th house! The real depth is seen in the 8th house - that is why - SCORPIO - the 8th Zodiac Sign is the natural zodiac of the 8th house - because SCORPIO is a sign of intensity - a certain depth - a certain level of understanding! Only a man who has a certain level of understanding can be given the TRUTHS!

8th house is the house of DARKNESS - the DIFFICULTIES - the UNKNOWN - the FEARFUL - and yet we tend to forget the fact that STARS are only seen in DARKNESS!

It is only when you are going through the difficulties - through the dark phases of your life that you become wise - you learn about certain deeper aspects of life that otherwise you would have never learned! And so it is only through the 8th house that a Buddha is born!

Do you remember the story of Prince Siddharth (who later became Gautama Buddha)?

Prince Siddhartha was never allowed to go around the capital city of his kingdom because his father - King Śuddhodana was briefed by his Royal Astrologer and Mystics that sooner or later his son will become an ascetic. And so King Śuddhodana always prevented his son from going away from the Royal Palace. But one day Prince Siddhartha sneaked out with his charioteer whose name was Channa. to go around the capital and it is during this visit that he came across 4 Sights that change his life forever! These 4 sights are directly connected to the matters of the 8th house!

The first sight - an old man. Prince Siddhartha had never seen an old man. He asked the charioteer - Channa. And Channa said “ This is how life is - everybody becomes old.”

The second sight - was of a sick person suffering from a disease. Once again, the prince was surprised at the sight, and Channa explained that all beings are subject to disease and pain. This further troubled the mind of the prince.

The third sight - was of a dead man. And looking at the dead body - Prince Siddhartha realized that human life is so vulnerable - that the pleasures that he is seeking are so momentary by nature! He realize that SUFFERING is at the root of human life!

The fourth sight - was however the TURNING POINT of his life. The fourth sight was of an ascetic - and he was so happy, so joyous - and he looked so enlightened - there was not a single moment of suffering or misery around him - Prince Siddhartha was touched. He realized that what a fool he had been - seeking pleasures of body - hundreds of maids - so much of sex, so much of wealth - so much of power - but all of this is going to fade away with time - someday he may also become old - someday he may also catch diseases - someday he may also die - but look - look at that ascetic - his body may have become old but he looks so energetic - he looks so healthy - he looks so blissful - and he is also serving the poor - he is healing the diseased men and women - he is truly living a life of purpose - while I am just a burden on this planet - and that moment Prince Siddharth returned back to his palace - many beautiful dancers and maid were waiting to entertain him - but now he was no more the same Prince Siddhartha - awareness had burnt all the ignorance within him - now he was aflame. He waited for the night to fall. And then when the whole Palace was asleep - he secretly left the Palace with his charioteer Channa.

Channa was the last person to see him walk away into the deep forest….and Channa cried, Channa loved his master - Prince Siddhartha - he cried - he burst out in tears as Siddhartha stepped into the forest - into the unknown- little did he knew that now - his master is no more going to be limited to his kingdom - but is going to be the master of this whole world - that for centuries to come - the world is going to remember him not as Prince Siddhartha but as Gautama Buddha! One of the greatest historic moment was happening on that dark eventful night - and nobody was there to witness the moment except for Channa - the charioteer!

Just the SIGHT - just the WITNESSING of SUFFERINGS, DEATH, MISERY and ASCETISM - moved young Siddhartha - he must be a highly evolved soul - because just by witnessing the matters of the 8th house - he decided to jump - to transform - to move into the forests - to move towards the beyond!

8th house represents exactly all of these sufferings, diseases, death, and ascetism! And 8th house also represents accidents - suddenness - Prince Siddhartha also comes across all of these 4 sights accidently - suddenly! It just happened - and through this happening - the future BUDDHA was BORN - that was the moment when the world got its first Buddha - Gautama Buddha!

Before stepping out of his kingdom and moving into the unknown, the deep forest - looking at the charioteer - Prince Sidhartha says “Thank You for helping me move out of this material world - I will remember you for your kindness.”

Channa, the charioteer is unable to control himself, tears start flowing through his eyes as he gets the very last glimpse of Prince Siddhartha briskly walking into the dense forest. Channa returns back to the Palace and Prince Siddhartha is set on the most wonderful journey of his life - the journey of transformation - spiritual transformation!

8th house is the very source of transformation - when Saturn comes here - the native feels a certain compulsion to transform - to bring a change within himself.

This Saturn 8 shows that there is a heavy karmic balance specific to the 8th house and 8th house Lord that need to be addressed, finished in this human life.

Depending on the overall QUALITY of SATURN 8 - the native then naturally keeps flowing towards completing his karmic dues or desires specific to the 8th house.

For example - a very positive Saturn 8 native will take to meditation. Will move towards the real spirituality that has absolutely nothing to do with occultism.

A positive SATURN 8 native never goes behind hypnosis and occultism and tantra sex, black magic and all kind of those rubbish nonsensical substance that has absolutely nothing to do with spiritualism.

The stage of a real YOGI - a real Buddha comes only when you reach the state of NO MIND. And real spiritual journey begins when you take efforts to reach towards reaching the state of NO MIND - because meditation happens only in the state of NO MIND.

All your ideas of hypnosis and past life regressions and tantra and black magic is related to your MIND - and as long as the MIND is in the play - there is absolutely no spirituality in it - people take spirituality for anything that sounds supernatural - and that is how they miss - they simply miss the real spirituality - they remain stuck in all kind of fancies - hypnosis, tantra and what not.

And so a real positive SATURN 8 person never falls for all those kind of fancies (tantra, black magic, casting spells, hypnosis and past life regressions) but rather such a positive SATURN 8 native remains focused on attaining the state of NO MIND!

One good example of such a positive SATURN 8 native is Osho himself! Osho had Saturn in his 8th house but along with Saturn in the 8th house, Osho also had four more planets in the 8th house of his birth chart - Venus Mars Mercury Moon & SATURN.

A positive Saturn 8 individual is a REAL PERSON - and he is REAL because he is highly individualistic - he values his individuality and NEVER runs behind respectability.

Man runs behind respectability - he goes on doing all kind of things - even compromises with his principles just to gain RESPECT! But then what happens - one mistake and the whole mountain of RESPECTABILITY comes crashing down - but an individual just lives by being himself - he NEVER compromises - he NEVER bends his rules - he is a man of principles - he would rather die than to live his life running behind respectability - making everybody happy! A man who tries to make others happy so that he can get something in return is the most foolish man - because then he loses his control over his life - then he becomes a puppet of ‘OTHERS’ - he may earn a million dollars but in reality he is a lost man - a totally lost man.

A positive Saturn 8 person is a highly realistic person. He talks about SEX - he educates people about SEX - he is NOT a hypocrite who will say Ram Ram Ram in the morning and will spend his night watching naked women and sexual erotic performances. HE is WHAT HE is. Probably nobody else has shared so much - has talked so much and has authored so much about meditation, spiritualism and love as much as Osho has - and yet people remember him for his talks on sexuality!

The majority is of shallow people - and so they don’t understand anything else than SEX! Now who can help them? It is in nobody’s control - people understand based on their level of understanding!

SATURN loves all that is REAL. PRACTICAL. And 8th house is also about the REALITY OF HUMAN LIFE. Because what you see on the FACE is not REAL - a woman may look beautiful - a man may smile - but what is beneath that beauty and that smile is something that can be known only by a man whose 8th house is activated. And so the REALITY of the situation or a person is found from the 8th house. Saturn in the 8th therefore makes the PERSON - a real GENUINE person - who also seeks genuine people - authentic people - because as you all know - like-minded people always come together - it happens naturally - energies that are similar in nature are driven towards each other - and you don’t need any introduction - just an eyes contact is enough - just the voice is enough!

Jesus selected all of his 12 Apostles (disciples) just by voicing out two words - “FOLLOW ME”

And they never had known about this young man - they not even knew his name - Jesus would simply appear before them and would say “Follow Me” - but those two words were so powerful - so deep - and so moving that all the 12 Apostles - simply dropped everything and they started following this young man whose name was - JESUS!

And so positive Saturn 8 individuals follow and are driven towards those who are also REAL BEINGS - AUTHENTIC BEINGS!

Negative Saturn 8 - is a totally different story. When Saturn is negative - not in a good suitable sign - afflicted by Rahu, Ketu or Mars - then the person is not real - but is a thug. Such a person then gets attracted towards all lower levels of mysticism - such as occultism, esoterism, black magic tantra spells, etc. Then the whole atmosphere of the KUNDALI (chart) changes from BEST to WORST.

So Saturn 8 has two sides - POSITIVE and NEGATIVE. Positive side can give birth to someone like Osho while negative side can give birth to a Witch - a black magician - a hypnotist.

This position of Saturn is very sensitive and vulnerable - with good support of positive yoga karaka planets - it can bring you world fame (Osho) or it can simply drag you into the under-world (PATAL LOK) black arts of magic.

Saturn in the eighth house is basically a placement that is GOOD for a man who has renounced and is living a life of a Yogi - a Preacher - a Teacher - a Sanyasi. Because the whole message of Saturn is to focus on the matters that are beyond human eyes or human reach. Saturn is asking to go to the depth - to the root of human life - and so this is not a great placement from materialistic point of view.

Alone Saturn in the 8th is also not a good placement - as mentioned earlier such a Saturn need some support - some mixing of other energies (planets) in order to bring a certain positive flavor to life.

For a materialistic person - this Saturn brings delays in promotions, pressure on savings, finances. This is also not a good placement for gambling or for taking risks in stock markets. Saturn likes to play safe - and so as long as the native plays safe - he is safeguarded. Saturn 8 is not a risk taker. They generally prefer a tried and tested path.

In-laws are always found to be rigid and constantly supervising the native. Generally woman with Saturn 8 - are found under the pressure of their in-laws. Many times - if this Saturn placement is weak or too bad - then the mother-in-law becomes a headache for the native.

Many women with Saturn or Rahu in the 8th - face challenges after marriage - mainly because of their mother-in-law or father-in-law.

Always remember whenever 8th house is inhabited by strict planet like Saturn or too much demanding entity like RAHU - then the in-laws become the primary source of miseries.

Saturn anyhow is strong in the eighth house - especially between 10 degree to 20 degree. One interesting point is that such a person is often compelled to keep secrets. Those secrets can be specific to their own life or other’s life. They are good at keeping secrets. Many terrorist who have negative Saturn in the 8th house as well as many Gangsters and druggist and smugglers who have Saturn with negative planets in the 8th house are keepers of many secrets that the police find difficult to unravel from them. The police really have to work hard to make them reveal the secrets!

Secret keepers, sexually active - many natives with Saturn 8 - find Tantra Sex more attractive than the normal fast track sex.

What is Tantra Sex?

In Tantra Sex - the partner don’t fight with each other - don’t nag each other before having sex.

Tantra Sex - is when you both meditate before having sex. When you slow down on your breathing. Because while having sex if the breathing is fast then ejaculation happens very fast and the love making gets over before it begins!

When the pace of breathing is too fast then the act of sex cannot fructify - cannot flower in totality - cannot reach the state of orgasm until you learn to control the pace of your breathing while having sex!

The ancient seers and sage who also were master in the art of love making - see how deeply they had observed and shared the ‘keys’ to having a proper sex - that satisfy you and your partner!

When you have Tantra Sex - you have to first worship each other - because Tantra sex is not between two human beings - it is between God and Goddess!

The SHIVA LINGA is a union of SHIV and SHAKTI - this SHIV is the conscious MAN and this SHAKTI is the conscious WOMAN - and so before sexual union happens - they both have to first worship each other - because remember when you are having Tantra Sex - you are not having sex with a woman - but a Goddess! The whole essence is that before sex - both partners should respect each other - worship each other - in the ancient INDIA - sex was not a taboo but was considered as a highly holy act - because sex was not just a pleasure seeking act but an act to attain a certain bliss - to conceive a child! And it is only when both partners are meditative - silent and peaceful and calm that they can have a sex with a positive mindset.The whole quality of the child is based on the quality, the environment, the specific auspiscious day and the mental state in which you have had sex. Nowadays couples just jump over each other and have sex just the way they have their fast-food burger!

Saturn 8 takes great interest in sex and generally doesn’t disappoint his or her sexual partner. They perform well in the bed.

It happens often that when you are too much into something - you start feeling burdened! That is exactly what happens with Saturn 8 - too much of indulging in the dark world of human beings - too much of indulging in sex, in tantra, in study of the occult - makes the native feel burdened (Saturn).

One good thing of Saturn 8 - is that this Saturn also regulates the negative matters of 8th house - such as black magic, Aghori - and so the native is safeguarded from such evil acts of magic. Rahu in 8th house OR Shani in 8th house - the native anyhow goes through the attacks of black magic spells - but the difference is that when RAHU is in the 8th - the person also does black magic on other - but with SHANI in the 8th - the person is attacked by black magic though because of Saturn these attacks are regulated and the person gets some relief than otherwise.

It is said that Saturn 8 gives long life - but it is not true in the real world. Generally people with this placement take exit in 70s - or before 70s. So it is not a hard and fast rule that Saturn 8 always gives long life. My father died at the age of 47 - and he had Saturn in his 8th house.

Saturn also signify the FATHER - and so when Saturn is in the 8th - the father is either always found to be in trouble or FATHER remains absent in life. But Saturn 8 native generally is not fortunate enough to receive fatherly love.

Saturn 8 person is fearless. Rahu 8 person is fearful. Saturn is REAL. Rahu is Unreal. Saturn is authentic. Rahu is fake. And so Saturn 8 - is REAL AUTHENTIC PERSON.

Always remember - you are attracted towards exactly that person who shares the same level of authenticity! The REAL CONNECTIONS are those who come without any invite - and the REAL FOLLOWERS are those who follow by listening to their voice within!

And when you listen to the voice within your heart - then you always end up doing something good - and this ‘doing’ is what goes on accumulating as your KARMIC BALANCE.

Saturn simply signify the ‘KARMIC BALANCE’ that you have to finish in this life. SATURN is not SANCHIT KARMA - because SANCHIT (Reservoir of Karma) is vast - it is a collection of many past births and rebirths that you have went through. SATURN is PRARABDH karma. Prarabadh Karma is a small portion of the SANCHIT KARMA that you are going to go through this human life. When Saturn is placed in the 8th house - it simply signify that the Prarabadh Karma of this life is specific to the matters of the 8th house.

Look at Osho - His whole life revolved around spiritualism and meditation. Because along with Saturn rest of the 4 planets were also placed in the 8th house - it clearly shows that the soul had been on the path of spiritualism from many lives! Osho himself reveals that in last life he was a Buddhist - and he had practiced intense meditation.

Another example is of my father - his whole journalism and his over 14 bestselling novels of those times- revolved around spiritualism. He met many spiritual masters of his time - particularly had a brief contact with Osho. My father had Saturn Mercury and Sun in his 8th house. And he earned a lot of fame and popularity during his mid thirties.

8th house planets has the potential to make you famous.

So 8th house placement of Saturn is not as bad as it is being made out by a certain section of the society. Always remember - a lotus blossoms out of mud!

Amitabh Bacchan has four planets in his eighth house. So 8th house is not a bad house or a house that you all should fear.

People always try to run away from their own darkness - their own shortcomings - their own shadows!

Let me tell you all - unless and until you DEAL with your own darkness - your own shadows and shortcomings - you CANNOT deal with the darkness of others.

People fear the 8th house because people fear the dark. People are scared of the 8th house because people are scared of death.

Death is just a happening - just the way the night falls and you go in deep sleep. Death is the night of your life - it is not the end of your life - after the night - again the morning comes - and with the morning (new birth) - the joy comes! We exist in time but we belong to eternity.

Reminds me of Jesus - Jesus says “Lord, give me my daily bread.”

Jesus is not even asking for tomorrow - Jesus is simply asking for the daily bread! How deep is this and how moving - I am speechless!

The master is always in the NOW moment - the real master cannot ask anything for tomorrow - because he is never thinking of tomorrow - HE is simply thinking of NOW - the PRESENT MOMENT!

The meditative being simply lives in the NOW moment - he is perfectly aware that PAST is no more and FUTURE is not yet - NOW is the only moment - life flows in the NOW moment - if you miss NOW then you simply go on missing life!

The whole purpose of life is to find peace WITHIN - when there is PEACE within then why would you have to go anywhere else? Then why would you have to go to the Himalayas?

It is a strange world - people who cannot find peace WITHIN go to the Himalayas to find peace!

Peace is not to be found on the OUTSIDE - but WITHIN. Kabir never went to the Himalayas - and there are many great saints who never had to go to any Himalayan mountains or anywhere else - simply because they had such a beautiful heart and such an intensity towards GOD - that they found their peace within. Always remember if you cannot find peace within you then you cannot find peace anywhere else.

It is a beautiful coincident because I am talking of finding peace within and the subject is of Saturn 8! Saturn 8 - is also all about finding peace - because the whole essence of ‘spiritual journey’ is in finding the eternal peace within!

The whole message to Saturn 8 natives - is to find your inner peace! And the native does take efforts - in fact from many lives after lives he has been seeking this inner peace. And yet many fail - they fail to experience inner peace because they fail to live their life in total ACCEPTANCE!

Acceptance is the key - when you learn to ACCEPT - Saturn 8 starts showering his blessing upon you!

A man asked “But why I am not able to ACCEPT all that life has provided to me?”

The answer is “Because you are still stuck - you are still not willing to LET GO.”

You see - it is all inter-connected - first you got to learn to live in a LET GO - only then can you ACCEPT and only when you start living with Acceptance - that you can truly progress in life.

Someday you all should read my book “Beauty of Acceptance”.

The moment you learn to ACCEPT yourself - you become BEAUTIFUL!

Life is an eternal journey - the more you rebel - the more you reject - the more you are unwilling to accept - the more you remain behind - only a man who goes on living his life with ACCEPTANCE - move on - keeps moving ahead - and that is how he grows - he progresses in life - the key is ACCEPTANCE!

A man who accepts everything that life provides with a sense of GRATITUDE - becomes a BUDDHA!

The journey of Saturn 8 native is towards becoming a Buddha - the journey is set - the goal is set - the destination is known - only the ‘way’ is often not known.

My sharing, my answer is simply to help you all - find the ‘way’.

Buddha says “You have to work out your own salvation.” The master can show you the way - the teacher can light your way - but finally it is you who have to walk - and always remember the more you keep walking down the way - the way will start becoming more and more clear.

Keep walking, the most beautiful aspect of a successful man is that he never give up - he keeps walking - because he is perfectly aware that the ‘way’ continues to appear as long as he keeps walking.

Keep walking - walk with faith and not by sight.

Jai Shri Ganesha. Jai Guru.

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