Saturn in the 7th House

To love, to marry, there need not be any restraint - never restrict yourself - when you love, you simply love!

But Saturn in the 7th brings restraint. The native doubts, thinks a lot before jumping into a relationship. Moreover this a kind of man or woman - who is 'programmed' is such a way that they get into a relationship with a person only when they are 100% sure that they want to marry that person and the person is also going to marry them. Remember it is SATURN - and SATURN wants LEGAL UNION and not just a few nights SEXUAL UNION! So when they sleep with a partner - they would expect the partner to marry them - moreover they sleep with someone only when they are sure that - the relationship is going to convert into a marriage.

Saturn in sexual houses (3, 7, 11) does well. Such a man is able to sexually satisfy a woman and a woman with this placement is also able to sexually satisfy the man. Saturn is physical by nature - Saturn loves to 'cling' - loves to remain glued - and so sex is great when you have a Saturn in the 7th house. Orgasm is possible only when you remain 'glued' for a long time - and you will remain 'glued' when you 'delay' the act of ejaculation - and so men with this position can satisfy a woman - sexually, because they can 'delay' the act of ejaculation. In the recent sexual studies scientist have been observing the growing fascination of G-spot among the lovers - Saturn 7 men has the potential to reach the G spot thereby enabling their partner to achieve orgasm during penetration. The G Spot (Known as the Gräfenberg Spot) was introduced by Dr. Beverly Whipple after she discovered that using a “come here” motion along the inside of the vagina produced a physical response in women. She believed that this region could be the key to women achieving orgasm during sex.

The most significant aspect that human beings long for is sexual satisfaction. Ironically people talk about everything in marriage or relationship except for sex. And this is the primary reason of many marriages/relationships breaking apart.

Always remember we are born out of sex - and ignoring sex, condemning sex is condemning the very source of our existence!

Saturn 7 native never condemns sex but puts restrictions on having sex - though when the actual act of sex comes - Saturn 7 is perfectly potent to sexually satisfy his or her partner.

Saturn in the sexual house of 7th - is physically potent to provide sexual satisfaction to his or her partner. Now if you have KETU in the 7th (KETU is exact contrast to SATURN's nature) - then sex is flop - because KETU in 7th is unable to satisfy his or her partner sexually - but Saturn is material - strong and has immense stamina and so Saturn does well in sexual house - 7th.

Many times a native with Saturn 7 may be on a spiritual path but is married! So when you are married - when you have a wife/husband - then you cannot ignore sex. Then the question arise - how to go through the usual ‘sexual relation’ while going through the spiritual journey? And the answer is - having sex with your legal partner (husband/wife) or with your live-in partner by remaining detached - this kind of sex is Tantra sex.

Always remember - even though you may have started becoming spiritual - still you cannot ignore your wife’s or your husband’s sexual needs - ignoring their needs is like keeping them deprived of their basic rights - and so I appeal to all those who are married - to not to ignore their partners - many people are misguided - they are told that to remain spiritual or to progress spiritually - they have to STOP HAVING SEX with their legal or love partners! Suppressing never helps - it only leads to more complications and scandals then otherwise!

Saturn’s nature is to SUPPRESS - Saturn in 7th house of sexuality - tries to SUPPRESS his or her sexuality. The native should not suppress - but should take efforts to express his or her sexuality - sexual needs to his partner.

"Suppression means only trying to hide certain energies that are there, not allowing them to have their being, not allowing them to have their manifestation." - Osho

Saturn 7 should express - it is only through expressing yourself that you can transform. Transformation means changing energies, moving them to a new dimension!

By repressing your sexual needs - you avoid sex - then you remain stuck. Once you go through your own sexual experiences then you will understand the futility of it - but for that first you have to experience sex!

Celibacy is good and celibacy is possible - but only when you have truly understood - truly realized the futility of sex - until then there is absolutely no sense in stopping yourself from having sex - or for matter - repressing your sexual needs and wants.

The majority of modern day - Babas, Sadhus and Nuns and Monks have simply repressed their sexual needs and that is how every day you read so many sex scandals happening in Ashrams and Monasteries and so many monks and nuns and sanyasi get caught - because they ‘run away’ from sex - they don’t face it - they don’t experience it and that is why our SANANATAN VEDIC LIFE STYLE shared by the ancient seers and sages was so well-researched - because the divine masters and sages were perfectly aware that SEX is a part of HUMAN LIFE and so they emphasized on ‘MARRIAGE’ - because in a civilized society (especially of those times) - marriage was one way of satisfying the sexual needs of human body. And so many known sages and seers of those time were MARRIED and they had CHILDREN and yet all of this never obstructed them from progressing in their Spiritual journey and studies! Yagnavalkya Rishi was married to Maitreyi and he had one more wife by the name of Katyayani, who bore him three sons (Chandrakant, Mahamegh and Vijay).

The great Parashara Muni (Sage Parashar) was once attracted towards a young woman - and her name was Matsyagandha - she was the daughter of a fisherman.

And one morning - she was asked to escort Sage Parashar in a ferry boat. It is said that Sage Parashara was attracted towards the sensual beautiful girl and asked her to fulfill his desire of having sexual intercourse with her.

Matsyagandha denied because she was afraid that people on the seashore may see them having sex. And so Sage Parashar created a new island from his supernatural power and asked Matsyagandha to land the boat there. Matsyagandha landed the boat on the new island and she said “You are a great Sage - a Saadhak and still you want to have sex with me?”

Sage Parashar was eager to have sexual intercourse with her and so he created a dense fog which enveloped the entire river so that nobody could see them having sex. And then Sage Parashara had sex with Matsyagandha - out of which a son called Krishna Dvaipāyana was born. It is this Krishna Dvaipayana who later came to be known as Vyasa Muni - the same Vysas Muni who authored the greatest scripture that the Hindus hold with high regards - the scripture of MAHABHARATA!

Sage Parashar named Vyasa as Krishna Dvaipayana because he was dark-complexioned and hence was called by the name Krishna (black), and also the name Dwaipayana, meaning 'island-born' - because he was ‘conceived’ on an island and must have born on an island too because his mother - Matsyagandha with whom Sage Parashar had sex on an island - was a daughter of a fisherman!

The great Sage Vyasa who authored MAHABHARAT was born to a a woman who never married Sage Parashar - Sages like Parashar were so great that their every act had a certain purpose - in this case the ‘sex’ Sage Parashar had with Matsyagadha was for the coming of Vyasa (Krishna Dvaipayana) - Vyasa played a very important role in the KURU dynasty - the dynasty of KURU survived because of Vyasa - Sanjay was able to ‘broadcast LIVE’ the Mahabharata war because of Vyasa - and because Sanjay broadcasted the Mahabharata - the Bhagavad Gita conveyed by Krishna to Arjuna came to light and reached to people - to generations after generations and to us and beyond us as well! So the contribution of the great Sage Vyas (Krishna Dvaipayana) is extremely significant. During those times the divine Sages had the knowledge of when and what planetary position they should have intercourse so that the right kind of soul takes birth - and most important point that you all must understand that during those times - SEX or intercourse was initiated for enabling a soul to take birth - so intercourse was not done for mere pleasure but with a specific goal that serves the larger interest of the society.

So many such real stories are found in our ancient Indian historical context - the point that I want all my readers - spiritual seekers and also Saturn 7 natives - is that ‘SEX’ has absolutely nothing to do when it comes to your spiritual journey - if you are married you should not keep your partner deprived of sex - in fact Sage Parashar was not even married to Matsyagandha and still had sex with her on an island!

In ancient India - sex was NOT a taboo and sex was NOT condemned as it is now! And whatever you condemn - always becomes a subject of great interest - that is how the human nature is!

Saturn represents the MASSES - and when we talk about MASSES we should understand that the majority portion of the MASSES consists of downtrodden common men and women.

7th house also represents the OTHER - meaning the SOCIETY - and so if other aspects are good then such a person is quiet SOCIAL person - many have become SOCIAL FIGURES as well! And so popularity or fame is based on the 7th house and 7th house lord - when both are in good shape then the native is well-known in his social circle - now it depends on the other planetary aspects - the greater the support of other planets and yoga - the more FAMOUS and KNOWN is the person.

Marriage is delayed with Saturn 7 - but marriage is NOT denied. Interestingly - the native always keeps a watch on his or her partner or the partner puts certain restrictions on the native - but the 'marriage environment' is not FREE and LIBERAL - the 'torchlight' of Saturn is always on the head - and the question of "Whether the partner is LOYAL to me?" is always lurking their mind. In fact to have a girlfriend with Saturn 7 is a good idea provided you love her immensely - because such a girlfriend generally will not dump you but will walk the aisle holding your hand and when the priest asks "Do you want to marry him" - she will say " I do"!

So having a girlfriend with Saturn 7 is a safe bet than having a girlfriend with Rahu 7!

Native with Saturn 7 is potent to provide sexual satisfaction to his or her partner but one has to understand that Saturn love limitations. And so there is always 'limitation' - a 'limit' to their sexual adventures - it is like 'have good food but in limited portions'! From a positive perspective it is a good thing because anything TOO MUCH tends to fade out the 'fun factor' - tends to fade out the 'sexual excitement' - so in a way when you put certain 'limitations' - the excitement remains - the fun factor is intact and you are waiting for that next sexual adventure! So Saturn's limitation on sexual contacts is not as bad as it is being framed to be!

Now if the Saturn in 7 is negative or is afflicted then delay in erection, problem in penetrating - if it is a man then 'problem in getting erection' is seen or if it is a woman then 'pain in vagina while penetrating or vaginal opening is small for penetration' - such issues are seen. But this is only when Saturn is not comfortable - meaning is afflicted by Rahu/Mars or by Uranus/Neptune.

Otherwise Saturn in 7th is a positive placement for a healthy fun-filled sexual life - and there is absolutely no second thought about it.

A good example of Saturn 7 is the Bollywood superstar - Shahrukh Khan.

In his horoscope you will find Saturn 7 in Aquarius sign - as mentioned above - Positive Saturn 7 gives immense sexual satisfaction and popularity. And Saturn in his own sign - Aquarius is very strong and positive. In fact Aquarius is the favorite (Mul Trikon) sign of Saturn! Also as mentioned above - the partner of such a native is always trying to check if the native is 'loyal' to her or not! Generally DIVORCE is NOT seen with this placement. SATURN is SOLID BONDING - SATURN is SOLID UNDERSTANDING - SATURN is SOLID AWARENESS in regards to image in the SOCIETY (7th house) and so they generally don't go for divorce because that would tarnish their image in the Society (7th house) - among the masses (7th house).

And so a temporary separation or not talking with each other is okay for Saturn 7 - but legally breaking the marriage is out of Saturn's arena and so when you are married with a Saturn 7 man or woman - you know - that they are never going to divorce you and if you try to divorce them then these natives will not give in to your divorce petition - they will give you a run for your money and life! Never take 'panga' with Saturn 7 wife or a Saturn 7 husband - they are not the divorce-type men or women - when they 'jump in a marriage' - they jump to hold your hand - forever! They are the diamond - and 'diamond are forever'!

This Saturn impacts the father - father is missing or father pass away at early stage of native's life. The person becomes successful but after the age of 32 - late or slow BHAGYODAYA - meaning late or slow success in career is seen. But once they find success - then the success factor remains with them for a very long time (Saturn is to stay and so success stays for long).

You can call them "LAMBE RACE KA GHODA" - "Ek Baar Speed pakad lega to sapko peche chod dega" - meaning "the are the kind of horse that is destined for a long race - and so initially they run slow - but once they catch up with speed they leave everybody else behind - then it is impossible to catch up with them.” - Once they find the ‘sutra’ (secret talent) that help them create the ‘magic’ - then they are ahead of everybody - then they rise in life - then their success goes on multiplying.

Saturn feels home in the SOUTH direction. Seventh is the South direction of the birth chart. Coincidently today is Saturday and it reminds me of the great Hanuman who resides in the SOUTH - in Rameswaram - a place located in the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu.

A beautiful the picture of the famous Panchmukhi Hanuman Idol located in Rameswaram.

Hanuman is synonymous with Lord Saturn - whosoever worships HANUMAN with devotion - receives the blessings of Hanuman and Lord Saturn - such a person always sails smoothly through Saturn periods (Mahadasha).

It is said that Lord Hanuman took to Rameswaram during his last days of mortal human life. You see - Lord Hanuman loves the SOUTH direction and so does Lord Saturn. And so every Saturday one who worships both - Lord Hanuman and Lord Saturn - is a blessed soul. In many parts of India - you will find Shani Maruti or Saturn Hanuman temples. Because people worship both - both are synonymous and why Saturn loves Hanuman is something that we all should understand.

Hanuman has the greatest quality of being DEVOTED to his LORD - Lord Rama!

Hanuman is always so HUMBLE - so GROUNDED - and so SERVICE oriented - and so LOYAL to HIS master - Lord Rama.

SATURN LOVES all of these beautiful QUALITIES of HANUMAN and so whosoever worship LORD HANUMAN - Saturn loves that man or woman - because when you worship a certain deity than the qualities of that deity penetrate within your being and so when you worship Lord Hanuman - then the qualities of being DEVOTED, LOYAL, HUMBLE, SERVICE oriented also strengthen within you!

Jai Veer Hanuman!

SATURN and HANUMAN - both love the SOUTH DIRECTION - if you worship a SOUTH FACING HANUMAN IDOL then you will overcome all hurdle and difficulties of your life.

SATURN in 7th house is therefore a good position for Saturn. People tend to make a lot of fuss out of SATURN in SEXUAL house - they miss to understand the fact that SATURN is materialistic by nature - he also wants SEX but through LEGAL UNION - through a proper custom and through society validation. Saturn is great because SATURN has brought a certain sense of CIVILIZATION in the society. But in spite of SATURN's presence - still you will find certain men and women having oral sex on the streets in certain western countries - imagine what will happen if SATURN would have taken a holiday!

There is a common thread between Saturn and Rahu - both are POSESSIVE by nature - both like to CLING - both like to remain ATTACHED - but what is not common between them is - RAHU wants MORE - while SATURN is AGAINST wanting MORE - Saturn says "be happy with what you have - be content with what you have, be grateful for what you have" - and that makes SATURN superior than RAHU.

Happiness is being CONTENT with what you have!

Every morning when you get up - always ask yourself “another day! What is your idea? Do you choose misery or blissfulness?” And who would choose misery? And WHY? It is so unnatural — unless one feels blissful in misery, but then too you are choosing bliss, not misery.

Saturn’s message to everybody - to all human beings is in two words “Be happy” with whatsoever you have.

But those ignorant beings who cannot understand the message of Saturn are found to be in deep miseries and then they come and ask “Why I am so miserable?”

The cause of your miseries is your ‘GREED’ - ‘UNWILLINGNESS to ACCEPT ALL THAT LIFE PROVIDES YOU WITH’ and your BIG FAT EGO.

Saturn is Great because in the whole universe it is only LORD SATURN who teaches a good lesson to a man or woman whose EGO has become larger than life!

Ego remains - EGO is in me, EGO is in you - we cannot drop the EGO completely - those who ask you to drop EGO completely are fooling themselves. Ego remains - what you need to do is to SCALE DOWN the EGO as much as possible - read the holy verse of the BIBLE - where John says:

Saturn LOVES the person who stays GROUNDED, who lives with a much reduced EGO - who understands Humanity and who follows the Rules set by the society!

So Saturn is against all those who REBEL - Saturn is the planet who says “SETTLE DOWN” - RAHU is the shadow that says “NEVER SETTLE”! Understand the difference. Savor the difference.

Saturn exalts in the Nakshatra of Rahu (Swati - Libra sign) - because of the similarities it has with Rahu's nature except that SATURN knows where to STOP while RAHU is without brakes - and when you are driving a car without breaks - you know you are going to hit somebody or get hit by somebody and that is how Rahu brings miseries but NOT Saturn!

How beautiful is this all - only when you can find the true essence of these cosmic energies to which the human world addresses as 'Astrology'!

A positive Saturn in the 7th house when aspects the Ascendant with its 7th Drishti - then the person's body remains in shape. When I was 27 - I had visited the US for the first time in my life and I was shocked to see so many fat men and women - and they were young but fat and bulky. The US has its own problems - one of it is 'obesity'! But Saturn 7 native generally is not found to be fat and bulky - the cautious nature of Saturn helps them to remain in shape - even if they don't exercise much still they remain in better shape than the rest of the crowd.

Saturn in 1st house and Saturn in 7th house men and women generally are found to be in shape - at least they are not too fat or obese.

Saturn 7 is by default a positive placement - now if the same Saturn is also found to be in his own sign - Capricorn/Aquarius or Libra or in Taurus- then then it is like 'sugar in milk' and the native is blessed and his or her wish of buying that first home comes true. They also buy luxury brand cars.

Saturn is very conscious when it comes to dealing with WOMEN. 7th house is directly connected with the opposite sex - and so if a man has Saturn 7 then generally such a man treats women with respect and because of they are gentle towards woman - they also enjoy immense support from women - such a man is popular among women - because such a man is perfectly aware that you cannot understand a woman - you can only love her!

Saturn 7 native generally don’t face much problems from woman. Overall Saturn 7 is a good placement though the only drawback is delays - the native has to face delays in marriage, in promotions, in getting that ‘chance’ or a ‘break’ - and so IF Saturn 7 native can practice PATIENCE and have FAITH - then the ‘journey of life’ will be much smoother and easier!

Sai Baba whole message was in two words “FAITH & PATIENCE”.

My father died when he was 47 - and just before he died on 6th March 1995 - he had visited Shirdi on 5th March 1995 - and I was with him, and he had said that when he went before Sai Baba - he had absolutely no wish to express - as if his whole head had gone blank. I later realized that this was a ‘message’ from Sai Baba to my father - that your time has come to exit from this human world - you have done enough - you have written many books on spiritualism, you have interviewed many spiritual dignitaries - you have run many popular weekly magazines and newspapers of your time - you have scripted many television serials - it is enough - now you can come back home. And the next day after we returned from Shirdi - on 6th March 1995 - my father died of massive heart attack!

Death can come anytime - that is why I try to do use as much of your time in being positive, in doing something positive - in spreading the message of love and harmony. Always remember life is short - and active years of life are even more short! So decide for yourself - if you want to spend your life in hating and hurting others or by loving others?

How long can you hate someone? If the person you hate is truly a beautiful person - then someday your perspective may change - someday you may stop hating and start loving!

To all Saturn 7 natives - my message is simple - Express yourself - don’t worry much about what will ‘others’ say or think - to live by expressing yourself is the real living! And always remember life is all about ‘ing’ - life is a verb and not a noun.

So don’t repress your feelings, don’t repress your sexuality - don’t put restrictions on yourself - JUMP into the known - because life can be lived only when you are willing to jump - willing to take the RISK!

Everybody cannot JUMP - everybody cannot take the risk - only that person who can risk their life - can attain something that is beyond the reach of the common man! Be that person - life is short - take the risk - be a gambler, be adventurous!

Always remember - we come with empty hands - and we exit from this human world with empty hands - so there is absolutely nothing to lose - then why you repress yourself? why you restrict yourself - live you life to the fullest - live your life by being HERE and NOW - PAST is NO MORE and FUTURE is NOT YET - NOW is the only moment - BE HERE NOW - be playful, sing a beautiful song - and make the most out of this precious moment - the NOW moment!

Live. Love. Let Go. That is the surest way to be happy!

Jai Shri Ganesha. Jai Guru.

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