Saturn in the 6th House

There is nothing in this world as beautiful, as holy and as divine as the opportunity to ‘SERVE’!

And SIXTH house is directly connected to this beautiful aspect of Human life - to SERVE!

Saturn is also all about SERVING - because through serving others - by serving others - you become more humble, you remain GROUNDED - and that is what Lord Saturn likes the most - to stay GROUNDED!

But shallow men and women don’t understand the true essence of Sixth house - they miss to understand the true essence of Lord Saturn! The whole essence and the whole message of Lord Saturn is “SERVE others - SERVE yourself - SERVE your country - your society - your father - your mother.”

Those who SERVE others - someday find themselves!

This is the message of Saturn - that to find yourself - the find your true identity - you have to start serving others - how deep is this - and only that man who can understand this - can understand SIXTH house - can understand the significance of the SIXTH house - the significance of SERVING OTHERS!

Many SINS and many miseries and many troubles can be nullified just by SERVING others - just by doing SEVA without expecting anything in return!

But who wants to listen?

People are running all over the temples and doing thousands of rituals - they think that by doing so they will come out of their troubles - that never happens - because SATURN wants SEVA - SATURN loves SERVICE to HUMANITY!

Always remember - LOVE means to SERVE!

See how beautiful is this - SATURN is such a great master! Because it is Lord Saturn who instils the sense of SEVA - SERVICE - SERVITUDE within us - when you SERVE others - you LOVE others!

In fact you can SERVE others only when you LOVE to SERVE - your SERVING fructifies only when you serve others out of compassion - out of love. Serving others and being compassionate is the very essence - the very backbone of Vaishnavism - a prominent sect of India.

Saturn is very close to Vaishnavism - maybe that is the reason why we had Mahatama Gandhi who was a staunch Vaishnav and who initiated the teachings of Lord Saturn - Equality, No discrimination between casts - and serving others with love! The bhajan “Vaishnava Jan To is one of the best bhajan that reflects the true essence of serving others - something that Saturn wants the world to understand - something that the Mahatma wanted the world to implement.

A man who is grounded, a man who never let the EGO get into his head, a man who loves to serve others selflessly - and a man who remains ordinary - is the man that SATURN loves!

And when Saturn comes in the sixth - the ‘SERVING’ sense of the native is very strong. In fact these natives remain in service than in business.

You can become a good businessman or businesswomen only when you FIRST become a good servant! Unless you have self-realized the immense significance of SERVING others - you cannot succeed in business - so the first step to become a good businessman is to LEARN HOW TO SERVE!

Saturn simply want you all to understand the significance of Service, Humility, Compassion & Love.

A sixth house Saturn man or woman are conscious in the matters of serving others - and so they do well in private and Government job.

Service mindset is the nature of Virgo Sign! A Virgo sign woman or man generally NEVER let the opportunity to SERVE pass - they are active service oriented individuals - that is one good quality of VIRGO sign. And when Saturn is in the sixth house (irrespective of what sign HE is in) the VIRGO quality comes to such a Saturn - naturally - because in the KAAL PURUSH Kundali - the SIXTH house is comes under VIRGO SIGN and so does in the LAAL KITAB Kundali that always begins with ARIES Ascendant and ends with PISCES.

And so this SIXTH SATURN is equivalent to a VIRGO SATURN!

VIRGO is a sensual sign - the symbol is of a VIRGIN WOMAN! And Saturn is always soft towards Woman! Woman is the one who has gone and who goes through many hardships - and on top of that she is the only one who PROVIDES LIFE to this planet - because so far MAN has not been able to give birth to a new life - it is only the WOMAN who give birth to a new life - we all are born out of the womb of our mother and not the father!

For many centuries - MAN has been dominating over the WOMAN - and the poor WOMAN had absolutely no option than to remain a puppet in the hands of the MAN!

But in this Aquarian AGE - Saturn & Uranus is in action. Now in this AGE - Saturn with Uranus will not allow the exploitation of woman - women will continue to get her ‘dues’ her ‘rights’ of which she was deprived for decades.

And so SATURN perfectly understands the high tolerance levels of the Woman - also Saturn is always soft towards the weaker section of the society - and Woman though is as intelligent as Man - still physically and emotionally - she is more vulnerable than the man!

And so SATURN is always soft towards the Woman and those who Men who cause TROUBLE to WOMAN - are very nicely taken in Saturn custody and then Saturn makes sure that they get the punishment for all the troubles that they have had caused to a innocent woman!

So if you all are SATURN devotees - if you all are visiting Saturn Temple on every Saturdays and fasting on Saturdays - then always remember ONE thing - NEVER cause trouble to a woman - if she is innocent and truthful and you cause trouble to her than SATURN’s RED ZONE begins for you and then you are in a mess - a deep mess!

The society - the country - the whole world gets into trouble - into a deep mess whenever MEN have caused much trouble to WOMEN - if we love SATURN then we have to FIRST LEARN TO RESPECT WOMAN.

Saturn 6 native is exactly against all those men who exploit woman. Saturn 6 men generally stand for Woman’s Right - for Woman’s Empowerment.

Woman should be empowered but woman should not copy men - should not try to become like men - many woman feel that woman empowerment is like becoming exactly the way a man is - that is not woman empowerment - woman empowerment is being real - being who you are - being ORIGINAL.

Saturn is all for woman empowerment - but the definition of woman empowerment in Saturn’s dictionary - is NOT copying MEN and trying to be like MEN - but to fight for equal rights - and equal treatment - with no discrimination whatsoever when it comes to WOMEN.

Slavery - slaves - slave trade - this all comes under the 6th house domain. Understand - there are always two dimensions to each act that we execute - we can serve and we can get someone to serve us!

So 6th house if is about serving then the same sixth house is also about getting served by others! So servants - maids, employees - they all fall in the sixth house domain.

Similarly - one of the greatest serving profession is the profession of Doctor. And so all doctors and physicians are also seen from the sixth house domain.

Saturn in the 6th house - gives a strong sense of duty. And so many military officers do well with this position of Saturn. Even Doctors do well - because the greater the sense of duty - the greater is the success. And so natives with SATURN 6 do exceptionally well in service jobs - even if they rise to become leaders - they take great interest in being a servant leader - they understand the whole essence and beauty of Servant Leadership!

Saturn 6 individuals - if other aspects are positive - then they can rise in their careers and become great Servant Leaders - many also set examples of Servant Leadership!

A real LEADER is one who says ‘YOU are IMPORTANT.’

While a mediocre manager is someone who says ‘I am IMPORTANT.’

The SATURN STYLE LEADERSHIP is the SERVANT LEADERSHIP. And interestingly this is a new kind of leadership that is emerging across the world - this is AQUARIAN AGE - my fellows we are already in the AQUARIAN AGE - and AQUARIUS is a highly LIBERAL sign by nature - highly PROGRESSIVE by nature - in plain words - highly modern by nature.

This MODERN AGE is the AGE OF AQUARIUS - AQUARIUS is home to SATURN. In fact Aquarius is the MOOL TRIKON RASHI - and so instead of CAPRICORN - it is AQUARIUS that is the favorite of SATURN!

People have very wrong assumptions about SATURN - they have painted SATURN as a very conventional planet - but in AQUARIUS the same SATURN breaks all conventions and becomes unconventional!

Saturn 6 are good servant leaders - even though they rise to top position - they like to remain grounded.

6th house is also about physical strength. And so stamina, physical health - is connected to 6th house. Saturn in 6th house - gives a good stamina to work hard - and native works really hard - they are HARD WORKERS - and not smart workers - they believe in hard work.

On the negative side - this hard working nature can turn into workaholic nature - and then begins the real problem - then they start falling back on maintaining a good work-life balance and that creates disputes in family!

Saturn 6th aspects 8th house - in a way Saturn regulates 8th house matters which is a good thing - it becomes a blessing in disguise - as all those dark shadows and mysteries and sudden happening of 8th house are now regulated by Saturn 6! Saturn 6 also cast its 7th aspect on the 12th sign - this also is a blessing in disguise - because all those troubles of 12th house (ghost, paranormal activities, secret enemies and their activities) - all of these is also regulated by Lord Saturn!

And so SATURN 6 turns out to be a ‘blessing’ for the native - it is the FRUIT of HIS or HER past life good karma - that this life SATURN has come to SAVE them from the TROUBLES of 6, 8 and 12th house matters!

Theodore Roosevelt - the 26th President of United States (1901–1909)- is a good example of Saturn 6 individual! He was famously addressed as a Trust - Regulator - because he regulated the TRUST by giving chance to only those big industrialists who were clear of corruption. Saturn 6 - as mentioned above -regulates the ‘matters of the 6th house’ - cheatings, any discrepancies, corruption etc.!

Franklin D. Roosevelt - the 32nd President of United States (1933-1945) - is also a good example of Saturn 6 individual. In fact Franklin D. Roosevelt - often referred to by his initials FDR played an instrumental role in bringing the SECOND WORLD WAR to an END by dropping the first ATOM BOMB on Japan (Hiroshima Nagasaki) - when this kind of NEW BOMB nobody knew about - the AXIS allies realized that there is no other option than to GIVE UP and ACCEPT DEFEAT! And so FDR regulated the SECOND WORLD WAR which was killing millions of people, Hitler wasn't willing to stop, the Japanese were not willing to stop the bloody war - but it was FDR who finally had to take the BIG DECISION - he dropped the NUCLEAR BOMB and the WAR came to an END. Many criticized FDR but had he not dropped the bomb - the cruel Japanese would have continued killing many more than those who died in Hiroshima Nagasaki.

Interestingly FDR became the 32nd President of the US - when his SHANI MAHADASHA begin! And his SHANI was in the 6th.

Shani 6th is a positive placement - these people are good schemers. They like to come up with new schemes. They also like to plot - secretly plotting - planning - is something that these individuals are good at. And so they do well in politics, be it at national level, state level or corporate level - but Politics is in their blood.

Sharad Pawar - the Genius of Politics and famously addressed as the Maratha Strong Man - a statesman - also has SHANI in his SIXTH house.

I had mentioned in the very beginning that Saturn 6 individual are very sincere in their service. PM Modi at many occasion has appreciated the Maratha Strong Man - Sharad Pawar and his party NCP for following the parliamentary norms.

“Today I want to appreciate two parties, NCP and BJD. These parties have strictly adhered to parliamentary norms." - PM Narendra Modi

At one occasion PM Modi states that in politics he was able to progress by holding Sharad Pawar’s hand.

“I have personal respect for Sharadrao. I was Gujarat chief minister. He helped me walk by holding my finger. I feel proud to pronounce this publicly,” - PM Narendra Modi

Shani 6 or Saturn 6 individual is an altogether different person - someone who is highly pragmatic and also political by nature - but at the same time also very good at maintaining BALANCE - in everything they do. They don’t mix ‘business’ or ‘work’ with pleasure or take it to personal level. They are very professional people - who also has the skill to maintain cordial relations on personal level with their opponents which honorable leader - Sharad Pawar has always been good at!

Even now - Maharashtra was able to get a Government - because he joined hands with a total contrast ideology party - the Shiv Sena! Saturn 6 individual has that special quality of GETTING THING DONE through other people. In this case he established the government - got things done through the Shiv Sena.

Saturn 6 is a very deep subject. Saturn falling in the 6th is a sign that the person can do a lot of social work. He is a socialist by nature - many also become communist - because between socialism and communism - there is a very thin line - very thin line. In fact SOCIALISM and COMMUNISM are very much inter-connected.

And who can explain this more better than Vladimir Lenin - the Father of Communism - the man who brought COMMUNALISM in RUSSIA!

SATURN therefore represent both - SOCIALISM and COMMUNISM. Because there is not much difference between the two.

The moment socialism or communism comes - the protests, the fights, the civil war also follows. What happened in USSR when communism failed? The whole country became a battlefield - civil war and so much of mess!

And when there is a mess- conflict - fights - who comes to save you - the COURT!

And so SATURN 6 also bring court cases - because when you are doing something good for the society - certain men and women will always try to create problems by dragging you to the court! So this Saturn in certain situations compels the native to climb the steps of court.

Generally individual with Saturn 6 win the court cases - provided there is no negative aspect to Saturn.

Since the matter of the court has come, I am reminded of a beautiful story!

It happened - there was a young man - and he was the disciple of Lao Tzu. And he must be a man with Saturn 6. He was appointed as the JUDGE. And the case was presented. The whole courtroom was packed, the King was also present.

Two men came before the Judge. One was a wealthy merchant and the other was a poor man. The wealthy merchant said “ This man has looted two bags of rice from my storage. Arrest him Sir. Arrest him and give me justice.”

The Judge looked at the poor man and said “ What you say?”

The poor man started crying - he said “ I and my family have been starving for last 6 days - I have a very young daughter - she is 5 years old, and I have a son who is 8 years old - and I could not see them starve - my wife stopped me - but I couldn’t resist - I went and took two bags of rice from his storage.”

The wealthy merchant said “ Good you admitted your crime. Now the case is closed - Sir - put him in the lock-up.”

The Judge looked at the soldiers of the King and said “ Put this merchant in the lock-up”

The merchant became red with anger. The whole courtroom was surprised. The King was also surprised. The merchant said “ What is this - why are you putting me in the lock-up? What have I done wrong? Why me?”

The Judge looked into the eyes of the merchant and said “ The whole town is starving due to flood and you remained insensitive. The whole town was dying because of hunger - because of starvation - and you were happily feeding your family without having a single thought about the people of this town. The poor man has stolen two bags of rice - he has admitted to his stealing - but the larger question is WHO IS RESPONSIBLE for pushing him - compelling him to steal? The real culprit is not him but YOU - and ignorant insensitive selfish people like you will not WAKE UP until you are kept in the lockup.”

The merchant was arrested - but the KING became restless - because he thought today he has send the merchant to the prison - tomorrow he may send me - because I am also not much concerned about the people of my kingdom - and so what if someday I am also caught!

And so the next day - Lao Tzu’s disciple - the JUDGE was removed!

This is how society is - they all want to know the TRUTH - but they cannot FACE the TRUTH!

And Saturn 6 individual loves to fight for the right of the poor people, Saturn 6 also does a lot for poor people - based on his or her capabilities and power they always try to bring a good change in other people’s life - that is the reason that many socialist men and women are born with Saturn 6.

Generally Saturn 6 individuals cannot be caught or trapped or framed in cases - the enemy tries hard to frame them but they fail because Saturn 6 like a crow is always sharp and cautious.

Sixth has more to do with social work, society, servitude, conflict of interests, court cases and servants, employees - Saturn when is in the sixth - all these factors are regulated and so generally such a person never exploits his or her servants, employees or anybody who is weak or belongs to the weaker section of the society.

Worship Lord Saturn, donate food on Saturdays, continue to work for the weaker section of the society - and while you do so - also find some quality time for yourself because sixth Saturn keeps you busy in work - and you tend to ignore your near and dear ones.

Sixth Saturn individual always feels good when he or she has a pet dog. These are more dog-lover people - and keeping a pet dog always proves lucky for them. Sixth is connected to pet animals - but if you cannot keep a dog - you can always go out and feed the stray dogs - but never miss a chance to feed others - to serve others - and that is the message of Sixth Saturn, that is also the message of Sai Baba.

Saturn 6 individual - should understand that spiritual progress for them is more through KARMA YOGA. So you all - Saturn 6 individuals expand your horizon - reach to more people - help more people - because only by serving others you can progress in the true sense. And this is more specific to Saturn 6 individuals.

“The secret of karma yoga which is to perform actions without any fruitive desires is taught by Lord Krishna in the Bhagavad-Gita.” - Swami Vivekananda

Sixth Saturn is precisely focused on KARMA YOGA! See how beautifully we have arrived at this beautiful revelation!

“The PATH OFWORSHIP - through WORK” - that exactly is what Saturn 6 is and is supposed to be! If you are lost - you had been trying to find the purpose of your life - then Saturn 6 fellows - through this answer through this sharing you have got your answer in two words - KARMA YOGA! Focus on your work - through your service to humanity - through your service to people - you are going to walk on the path of worship - because for you all - the path of WORSHIP is through WORK.

And so get back to work - stay focused on your work - it is your work that will speak - it is your work that will take you to higher places - SATURN is ‘KARMA’ - ‘WORK’ and when Saturn is in the 6th - you always love to work - you always continue to work - work never stops - and you never retire - for in Saturn 6 person’s dictionary - the word ‘retirement’ doesn’t exist. It is only ‘work’ that keeps them alive - and so they are always found ‘working’ on something, their work never ends - they always like to be in ACTION.

But one need to understand the true essence of ACTION - KARMA.

Lord Krishna uses three words: Karma, Akarma and vikarma.

According to Lord Krishna - What is KARMA (ACTION)?

Krishna says mere doing is not action.

Action or Karma happens when you do it thinking that you are the DOER.

According to Lord Krishna - What is VIKARMA (INACTION)?

Inaction or VIKARMA happens when you do it thinking that you are NOT the DOER. That there is NO DOER. it is action without a doer. It means absence of the doer. An egoless action is inaction.

Inaction is not laziness as is generally understood; it is very much action, but without a doer at its center. This thing has to be clearly understood. If the center, the ego, the I, the doer, ceases and only action remains, it is inaction. With the cessation of the doer every action becomes inaction. Krishna’s every action is egoless, and therefore it is inaction. Even when he is doing something, he is really in inaction.

And between KARMA and VIKARMA comes AKARMA - or non-action, which means a special kind of action which happens on its own accord! Example - breathing - it happens on its own accord! There is neither a doer nor a doing so far as acts like breathing are concerned. Similarly the blood circulates through the body, the food is digested, and the heart beats. How can you categorize such acts? They come in the category of non-action, which means action happening without a doer and without a sense of doing.

The state of Saturn 6 individuals is still stuck in the KARMA (Action - I am the DOER sense) - Lord Krishna’s message and the master’s message is - take efforts to move from KARMA to the stage of VIKARMA ( Inaction - I am NOT the DOER sense) - for that will help you all to progress in the true sense - for that is the the Real GROWTH - the GROWTH WITHIN.

As long as you continue to execute your ACTIONS (KARMA) by thinking that you are the DOER - you will continue to attract more miseries than otherwise.

Krishna is helping you to come out of this suffering - to come out of this sense of “I” am the doer - the larger question is - are you willing to listen?


Jai Shri Ganesha. Jai Guru.

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