Saturn in the 5th House

Without love - there is no juice in your life! Then you remain a dry arid desert land.

With love - the arid desert starts transforming into an oasis, greenery starts appearing all around - life is no more the same, everything around you is the same - but you are no more the same! That is the beauty of love - when love arrives in your life - you become 'alive' in the true sense, you become full of life in the true sense!

5th house is all about LOVE! Leo is the sign that is also all about LOVE! There is probably nobody else who can feel more than a Leo. A lion has a large heart - he can forgive, he can let go, he can love!

5th house is all about LEARNING! You can learn only when you have the 'thirst' to learn. Jesus says - "Blessed are those who are 'thirsty' - for they shall be filled." This 'thirst' - this passion to 'learn' is what the 5th house is all about.

5th house is all about LETTING GO! Only a man of heart can let go - only a meditative man or woman can let go. The better the 5th house, the better is the quality of Letting Go.

Somebody had asked me - how to Let Go - the answer is simple, and yet very significant only if you can understand!

Understanding is also related with your 5th house! Understanding is something that has to be earned within and not on the outside.

How to Let Go? You will be able to Let Go - only when you take control of your mind. As long as you remain a slave of your mind - the mind will never let go. Moon is feminine by nature and the nature of female is NEVER TO LET GO! If you see history - then you will find that women have been more revengeful than men!

The MIND is the REASON for you not being able to LET GO - once you start realizing that YOU are NOT the MIND - once you start realizing that you are the SELF - then you will be able to LET GO - and that is why RAMANA MAHARSHI says “Self realization is the greatest service you can render the world.”

A man who is coming closer to self realization - a man who expanding his consciousness level can LET GO.

Die to the PAST - only then can you LIVE in the PRESENT!

5th house is also related to meditations. The more you meditate the more you can increase the level of your understanding.

5th house and 5th house lord decides the depth of your understanding.

LOVE. LEARNING. LETTING GO. 5th house is house on fire! It is a AGNI (fiery) house. In our Vedic Sanatan Dharma - FIRE holds immense significance - because all our rituals are related with FIRE! Havan, Hom, and all Vedic rituals are simply impossible to execute without FIRE! And so 5th house represents rituals of fire - vedic rituals (Hom, Havan).

Now tell me - how can your perform Hom and Havan without the proper Mantra, Shloka, Reading of scriptures?

And so Mantra Vidya, Strotra, Shloka, Reading of holy scriptures is all connected to the house of 5th!

You see - this is a very significant house - it is one of the prominent DHARMA SIGN (Religious sign).

Now the word religion has been abused for many centuries - but when I say 'religion' - I simply mean following righteousness - being moral - or to put it in a very straight and simple words - then to me, religion is living your life with consciousness! Religion has nothing to do with GOD - God has NO religion - says the Mahatma - Mahatma Gandhi.

And so the really religious person has absolutely no desire to walk towards with God. His ‘journey’ is NOT towards God. His journey is WITH God.

Consciousness - 5th house is also related to Consciousness! How? Because SUN sits here - the LORD of the UNIVERSE dwells in the house of 5th. And SUN is the source of our CONSCIOUSNESS. When you get up in the morning - and look at the rising sun - how refreshing - how 'alive' you feel! The Bible says "Joy comes in the morning" - this morning is consciousness - when you live with consciousness - only then 'joy' flows in your life, only then 'happiness' flows in your life!

To the Brahmins - the rising of the sun is the most significant moment of the day! And who can understand this more than someone like me who is a born brahmin! During the ancient times - the pious Brahmins would stand in the river and offer water to the rising Sun by reciting the holy Gayathri Mantra! Those were the most beautiful days - it was a penance, it was a Sadhana - it was the immense love towards the Sun - the center - the consciousness of our life!

The Brahmins are the upasak (worshipper) of the SUN. Surya Sadhana or Surya Upasana is seen from the house of 5th - 5th is Leo and Leo is the home of Sun! Who is a real Brahmin?

A real Brahmin is that man who is not just born in a brahmin family but who also follows the Brahmin lifestyle!

What is the real Brahmin lifestyle?

The real Brahmin lifestyle consists of reciting the shloka, chanting the holy Gayathri mantra - three times a day standing in the water and offering water to the Sun - eating vegetarian food WITHOUT using onion and garlic in his meals. The whole lifestyle of a true Brahmin is TOTAL SATVIK and TOTAL SURRENDER to LORD, the MASTER.

A true Brahmin also spends time in deep penance - daily, his devotion towards God is beyond the power of expression.

In the old days - the ‘CASTE’ was decided not by BIRTH but by the Master ( divine Sages, and Seers).

When at a very young age (7 or 8 years old ) you were admitted in the ASHRAM of the RISHI - the RISHI or the SAGE (divine master) would OBSERVE your in born QUALITIES and then decide who you are - whether you are SATVIC (BRAHMIN) - whether you are RAJASIC (KSHATRIYA) or whether you are good at doing all kind of dealings (VAISHYA) or whether you are simply good to serve by your immense physical strength (SHUDRA).

It was the master (teacher) who used to decide your CASTE based on your QUALITIES and not based on which family you are born!

But with time the 5th house of the whole ‘society structure ’ started becoming corrupt - and so neither were the kind of masters living anymore and neither were those kind of students and then so began the way of defining your caste based on your birth family!

So 5th high is a house that is of higher levels, higher altitudes - and so 5th house is related to men and women who belong to the community of scholars, pundits, saddhak (meditative beings), learners, seekers, basically a high class house - and it is necessary to realize that the QUALITY OF LIFE is based on the depth of your understanding, depth of your learning, depth of your heart, depth of your love and depth of your devotion and depth of your SURRENDER towards the master, the lord!

Transformation happens always through surrender to the GURU (master) - to GOD and not otherwise. GURU is GOD, because it is only through the benevolent GURU - the MASTER that we can see GOD!

5th house therefore is related to VIVEK - VIVEK BUDDHI. VIVEK BUDDHI means following the path of righteousness - being human - being tolerant - being forgiving. And so 5th house is directly connected to POSITIVE THINKING. Because only when you are positively thinking that you can practice VIVEK BUDDHI.

Pundits, Scholars, Learned men - they all owe a big to the house of 5th! Because it is the 5th that has it - the source - the sun - the light of consciousness is only to found in the house of 5th!

The disciplined, ethical Saturn 'regulates' the matters of the house in which he moves. So now when Saturn is in the 5th house - you get a discipline obedient student. He or she is sincere in their studies. They are like those staunch followers of the master - the teacher and so no matter how the teacher or the master is - they remain true to their mission of learning - and following the master's word!

Reminds me of a story - it is NOT factual but it is significant and has a message that only a meditative being can truly understand!

It happened - there was a young man, he must be like me. His name was Bhola. And he travelled all over the country to find the master - the perfect master. But there was no luck. Then one hot afternoon as he was walking through the foothill of the Himalayan mountains - he found his master. And the master was sitting beneath a tree - Bhola went to the master and said " I want to be your disciple."

The master smiled and said " You are accepted. From now you are my disciple."

Bhola asked " Now what am I supposed to do?"

The master said, “Once you have surrendered to me, you are not supposed to do anything. Just believe in me. My name is the only secret mantra for you. Whenever you are in difficulty, just remember my name and everything will be all right.”

Bhola touched the feet of his newly found master. And then Bhola started following the master's word. He started reciting the mantra with deep devotion and love. And a time came - a day came when Bhola started walking on the river water! And all other disciples of that master were shocked - how is that possible? They were also reciting - they were also following the master - and still how come they never had those 'powers' that can make them walk on the river just the way now Bhola was walking?

They all went and reported to the master - they said " You haven't understood that man - he is not a common fellow - he is something special - he is now walking on the river."

The master said, “What?”

They all ran towards the river and Bhola was walking on the water, singing songs, dancing. When he came to the shore, the master asked, “What is the secret?”

He said, “What is the secret? It is the same secret that you have given to me — your name. I remembered you. I said, `Master, allow me to walk on water’ and it happened.”

The master smiled. The master decided to take one more test. The master asked Bhola "Can you jump from that hill?”

Bhola said “Whatever you say.”

He went up on the hill and jumped, and they were all standing in the valley waiting — just pieces of Bhola will be there! Even if they can find pieces of him, that will be enough — the hill was very high.

But Bhola came down smiling, sitting in a lotus posture. He came just under a tree in the valley, and sat down. They all surrounded him. They looked at him — not even a scratch.

The master said " What is the secret?"

And Bhola said " Your holy name, Master."

And the master hugged Bhola - it is said that when the master died - if there was anyone who cried the most - then it was Bhola.

Bhola became a great master - but he never made anybody as his disciple - when asked "Why?" - He said " Not everybody can jump from the hill." Nobody could understand what his answer meant - they could have understood only if they would have known his story - his devotion - his love for the master!

Saturn 5 brings such deep commitment - it is a good placement for a student, and it is also a good placement for someone who is trying to become a disciple - a Bhola!

I have always been saying that a man who can fall in love - can someday also fall in love with GOD!

5th house is indeed the Mecca of all love affairs because love is connected to heart - to feelings. It is only when you can feel - it is only when you can connect with someone that you can love that someone! And so matters of heart are seen from the 5th house. 'Preeti' or 'Preet' is a local Indian word which means LOVE! 5th house is all about Preeti!

Saturn in the 5th scales down the Preeti or LOVE to ordinary meaning normal level.

When Venus is in the 5th house - then the LOVE is no more ordinary love - it is spiritual love - in Indian context the Sufi address such a higher spiritual love as ISHQ! Person is a diehard romantic person - depending on the other planet placements this love can drag him or her into drinking or into prayers!

When you love, you simply love! Love relationships are seen through the 5th house/5th house Lord. And those men and women who have positive 5th house/lord - they fell in love, they are lovebirds - again and again they keep falling in love! And in most instances - they also succeed in their love relationship. They generally don't face break-ups - there are millions and millions of love stories - that have blossomed and have been converted into a legal union (marriage) - these all have good positive placements in the 5th house and the 5th house lord is also in a cool position!

As far as Saturn in 5th is concerned - generally LOVE AFFAIR is rare to happen with this placement because SATURN is AGAINST LOVE MARRIAGE. Saturn wants a proper ‘setting’ in which the two families meet - discuss and then based on the outcome - marry their daughter and son. Saturn is traditional - loves the old system of arrange marriage - and so generally brings a conservative flavor to the marriage which is quite traditional in nature.

LOVE MARRIAGE happens only when - Fifth house Saturn makes a connection with the SEVENTH house lord - then a LEGAL sexual union (marriage) takes place out of- affection/love/attraction between the two.

But in most cases 5th Saturn is not very keen in love marriage - he or she simply settles down for an arranged marriage. Marriage is an institution - legality is involved - and Saturn loves all that is LEGAL, OFFICIAL!

Now don’t ask me if those who do arrange marriage experience orgasm. That is a based on ‘situation’ and the state of ‘affairs’ between the two - if the arranged marriage slowly gives birth to LOVE in the hearts of both - husband and wife - then the same arranged marriage remains no more arrange but transforms into love - and when you are no more husband and wife but ‘mad lovers’ - orgasm is possible, it is always possible.

Saturn in 5th typically gets your married in an arranged manner and then if seventh house and Venus is positive then - love blossoms after marriage.

Your ACTIONS - your KARMA is based on the level of your CONSCIOUSNESS! 5th house is the house of consciousness (SUN- LEO) and so that is the reason why 5th house is connected to your PAST LIFE KARMA because all KARMA/ACTIONS happen based on your state of consciousness! And so when 5th house is habituated by RAHU - or - by SHANI RAHU or by MARS RAHU - or by VENUS RAHU, or by SUN RAHU - then it is not a good sign - reveals that the native was involved in certain acts of ignorance to which the world calls 'SIN'!

SIN happens when there is absence of consciousness.

When you see a beautiful young girl walking on the dark street of Delhi - alone - you will either try to flirt with her or you will either protect her - help her to reach home safely. So every situation tests your state of consciousness - if you are living with consciousness then the 5th house becomes stronger - if you live with ignorance then the 5th house goes on falling and a time comes when you are to be seen nowhere and then you start asking "Why my life is so miserable?"

So those who have a fifth house populated by Rahu and various conjunctions with Rahu - must introspect - because the last birth karma was not that great - life can repeat itself unless you become mindful and AWARE in this birth!

5th house is therefore very important house - the moment you see that 5th house is corrupted - you don't even need to know about the person - the person is indeed a corrupt/ignorant person - a typical shallow person.

Fifth house lord sitting in 6th house - person gets into conflict with his or her lover. Not a good position.

Fifth house lord in 8th house - person gets dragged into black magic - TANTRA SEX - and basically screws up his or her life. Generally fails in love relationships - often have to face ‘shocks’ in relationships - is prone to get cheated by his or her sex/love partner.

Fifth house inn 12th house - Love happens behind the curtains. A very secret love affair - nobody knows what is going on - until one day the break-up happens. Many love relationships and bed pleasures - but the native seem to be not happy with whatever he or she gets - the sense of ‘completeness’ is missed - the native wonders ‘why this feeling exists?’ and they always are in search of finding the answer.

Saturn in the 5th house brings responsibility of children. When Saturn is positive with good aspects - then delay of child birth is not seen - instead the woman becomes a mother much faster than expected because now SATURN wants to make her responsible mother. There are many 'Single Moms' who are divorced or had child out of love and not out of marriage - such a child is called 'love child' - because his/her birth has happened not from wedlock but from 'love-lock'. So then the woman becomes a 'single mom' and you can understand how difficult it is to be a single mom - the woman feels burdened (Saturn) - it becomes moreover a DUTY (Saturn) to ensure that her child is brought up in a comfortable traditional regulated (Saturn) environment.

The ignorant shallow man may think that Saturn 5 cause much burden on the mother - especially a single mom - but in reality through the ‘difficulties and challenges’ - Saturn trains the single mom to mature into a much courageous wise woman.

That is the basic essence of Lord Saturn’s blessings. People misunderstand Saturn because they don’t want to leave their comfort zones! But Lord Saturn brings difficulties in your life to awake you - to help you evolve into a much matured person.

Whether you are a single parent or not - as long as you have children - with this placement you always feel burdened, and strong sense of duty towards upbringing your child in a most traditional conservative environment (Saturn).

Any connection of Saturn with Sun, with Rahu, with Mars - only makes the matters worse for the native than otherwise.

Generally good planets, positive planets should be placed with Saturn in the 5th. That brings the best out of the native’s intelligence!

5th house is intelligence. And so Saturn gives a very sharp intelligence to these natives - have you seen a ‘crow’ closely. Next time you come across a ‘crow’ - observe the eyes of the crow - they are so sharp - so alert - so cautious - this is how Saturn 5 man or woman’s eyes are - very alert, sharp and cautious!

5th house Saturn gives birth to a clever person. The native is clever and the children of the native are also clever.

Lord Saturn is clever - you cannot cheat Saturn - because Saturn is clever - very clever.

Of course ‘being clever’ is poor substitute to being ‘wise’. But as far as ‘earning money’ is concerned - a clever person gets the edge because the wise is never behind money!

And so the ‘lawyer’ earns more than the ‘judge’! Because the lawyer is clever - the judge is wise!

The ‘lawyer’ have to fight for his client - wisdom cannot help him much - because wisdom cannot take side of the ‘false’ - clever can.

Now Saturn gives this ‘clever’ quality to the native - HOW he uses it is based on his level of consciousness (SUN) and his definition of ‘righteousness’ (Jupiter)!

So you see - every KARMA that you execute - that I execute is not based on just ONE PLANET but a whole combination of planets - just the way when you ‘talk’ - many parts of your body are activated - tongue, teeth, throat, glands, saliva - so many and many more - so for just one action ‘TALKING’ so many things in your body are activated - similarly for every ACT - a combination of planets are activated.

Fifth house person is a clever person - does well in politics - plays safe - plans, plots, intrigues and the native thinks ten times before making that one ‘move’.

Saturn 5 impacts the seventh house - and so if seventh house is already in poor state (RAHU in 7th or MARS in 7th) then you are in for a ‘marriage drama’ - that can either end in a divorce - or much agonies in marriage or delays in marriage or lack of sexual satisfaction in marriage!

But Saturn 5 is all set to damage the marriage prospects - it is as if the ‘fielder’ is positioned and watching when the batsman makes a mistake and he is caught.

However if seventh house lord is strong and positive aspects are on the 7th house - then marriage sails smoothly - else the ‘fielder’ (Saturn) is perfectly positioned for the ‘catch ‘and get you’ - out - bowled!

So if you have Saturn 5 and you are happily married then be aware - don’t try to act smart and cheat your wife/husband - else you will be ‘caught and bowled’!

Saturn 5 is not a great placement for NETWORKING!

There was a AGE when we all looked at the PC computers as if some alien has come to our planet. Then Laptop was introduced and we thought this is another alien and then the INTERNET and we wondered ‘how can I send a message without ‘writing’ a letter - and sending it via a sealed envelop?” But then we got used to the INTERNET - the emails and then all of it - the PC, the LAPTOP, the INTERNET, the EMAILING became a part and parcel of our human life!

But the with the invent of INTERNET and through social platforms FB, Quora, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn- slowly a NEW AGE started emerging - the AGE OF NETWORKING!

Today if you want to stay in business then NETWORKING on social platform has become a MUST! As if the whole importance has shifted from ‘Real WORLD’ to the ‘VIRTUAL WORLD’.

Saturn 5 is a traditional conservative person who is ‘doubtful’ of the ‘authenticity’ of the Virtual world. They are not social by nature - are not skilled in social networking - now because social networking has become a must for the survival of business - they are compelled to network and when you do something out of compulsion - the results are not that great!

Saturn 5 also casts its 10th aspect on the third house - the native is not free to express, feels a certain pressure from the society - from the seniors - and so many times these native keep their thoughts to themselves.

Wherever Saturn falls - that house matters comes under the heavy surveillance of Saturn. You can say - that the ‘PAST KARMIC DUES’ are specifically related to the matters of the 5th house!

Now 5th house just like other house - is VAST and signify many aspects of life - most of which I have shared in the very beginning of this sharing. LOVE AFFAIR, LEARNING, LET GO - are the three pillars of the 5th house - and the fourth pillar is the CONSCIOUSNESS!

And so 5th house is very dear to me - it is very dear to the master - it is very dear to the evolved souls - the Yogi, the Mystic, the Spiritual Seekers!

Pure Intelligence is available in the 5th house - but which planet sits here - which planet aspects to this house - where the house lord is placed, in which nakshatra is place - all of this goes on shaping the level of intelligence!

On the outer circumference - with Saturn 5 - the person is only clever and not intelligent and wise as such.

Fifth house is not a very comfortable position for Saturn - because Saturn is not in favor of DHARMA SIGNS - ARIES, LEO, SAGGITARIUS!

SATURN has absolutely NOTHING to do with RELIGION or RIGHTEOUSNESS. Because SATURN simply focus on the PRACTICAL FACTS of the MATTER. Therefore SATURN does well as a JUDGE. A JUDGE gives his judgement based on facts and figures - and that is exactly how SATURN is!

That is why all the entire COURT OF JUSTICE is under LORD SATURN! Only a man or woman with a positive strong Saturn can become a good lawyer or a judge.

5th house is the ‘software program’ - you come to know on how the person is ‘programmed’ (coded) by the developer (God) and so when Saturn is here - the ‘coding’ is not very dynamic in nature, the ‘coding’ is not very cool in nature - instead the ‘coding’ is very traditional - not out of the box but typical - predictable in nature!

What this means is that person with Saturn 5 is NOT adventurous, not romantic but simple, straight and highly pragmatic traditional type individual - who is ‘kind of boring’ - but serves the purpose by attaining his goals - be it in examinations, competitions or in career - he gets what he wants - but to get what he wants - he will not try to change himself - he will just keep trying until he cracks - until he attains what he had wished for.

Don’t expect any heroism from Saturn 5 guy - he is too not interested in being a hero - he simply plays his character - and his whole focus is simply on getting to the practical goals of his life. Rarely do we see artist born from this placement! Because Saturn has absolutely no interest in art - he is more interested in things that are real and things that can deliver something that can be consumed and used with physical hands. So manufacturing, construction, IT hardware, ship dockyard, all that is ‘physical and practically consumable’ is what Saturn 5 person is interested and not in those poems, poetries, acting and romances of the world!

These individuals are practical people - and through their practical way of life they continue to learn and grow.

In the house of SUN - 5th house - Saturn is not welcomed. Instead Jupiter is welcomed, Moon is welcomed, Mars is welcomes - but a staunch contrast (enemy) of SUN is certainly not welcomed in the house of 5th - the house of LIGHT!

Saturn coming in 5th means the ‘SPARK’ - the ‘LIGHT’ - the ‘GLOW’ becoming dull!

In plain words if I have to put it in one line - than for Saturn 5 native - LIFE IS LOGICAL - period.

In reality life is not a logical process.

But Saturn 5 native never understand this because that is how they are ‘programmed’ (5th house) - when the software cannot understand your ‘language’ it simply throws the 404 ERROR!

The takeaway for Saturn 5 individuals is that they should get out of the head and get into their heart.

Sincerity, Studios nature is good but life cannot be lived by being too serious - you got to give yourself some light moments - a good laughter. Take it easy - should be your policy!

Take it easy.

There was a young man - he lost his job, then he lost his wife, then he lost his children, then he lost his home - everything was lost - then he wondered now why he is still alive! But then while roaming around the narrow lanes of his village - he came across an old man - and the old man was seated beneath a huge tree - the banyan tree!

The young man wondered - what this old man is doing beneath a tree that too in the at 2 AM in the midnight! He came closer - now he could see the old man more clearly - there was something about this old man - a certain fragrance lingered around him - and the old man looked so joyous - his eyes were closed but the young man felt as if the old man was ‘watching’ everything! Unable to control his curiosity - the young man stepped ahead and bowed before the old man - and said “ Sir - Who are you?”

The old man opened his eyes - and the young man was touched - there was so much of love, so much of compassion in those eyes - he wondered if he ever seen such beautiful eyes in his whole life - he quickly bowed again and said “ I am sorry Sir for disturbing you - I know you were meditating.”

The old man said “ I am not meditating. I am meditation.”

The young man was moved by those words - that ‘voice’ was so deep - that ‘voice’ was so pure that he realized that he was standing - he was now with someone special.

The young man said “ Sir - Can you guide me. I am a lost man.”

The old man said “ Lost men only come to me - what is your question?”

“I have lost everything - now what to do - I don’t know what to do? Please guide me.”

The old man said “ Losing and Gaining is the nature of this human life - so when you lose everything - existence ensures that again you start gaining! This is the way of happening, this is how life goes on - so why you worry?”

The young man said “ But now what am I suppose to do?”

The old man smiled and said “ What happens when a child falls down?”

The young man said “He gets up and starts walking….”

Looking into the eyes of the young man, the old man said “Then why you are still fallen? You also get up and get going. What has gone has gone - Past no more, and future is not yet - NOW is the moment - the child is not worried about anything - be like a child - God’s child and get up and start walking….”

The young man realized his mistake - he realized that he was stuck in his PAST - he realized that he was thinking too much about his FUTURE - and he totally ignoring the NOW moment - the PRESENT moment - he realized that LIFE is always flowing in the NOW moment - he realized that he had been taking life too seriously - he realized that he should TAKE IT EASY .

The old man’s message was also the same - TAKE IT EASY. The young man moved on - he started again from ZERO - the villagers also became happy - they helped him - and a time came when the same young man became the most wealthiest man of that village!

The old man was gone - masters don’t remain for long - but whenever the young man would pass by that banyan tree - he would sit, he would fondly remember the words of the old man - and then he would wonder where the old man must be?

Nobody knew where the old man went but the young man who was now no more old - always remembered the message - TAKE IT EASY.

That is the message from me to all Saturn 5 natives - when you take it easy - life also becomes easy.

Relax. Nothing goes away from you - that is yours and nothing comes to you that is not yours!

So why worry - have a cup of tea and just go with flow - and you will be just fine.

The tea is a symbol of awareness because it doesn’t allow you to sleep! So when in doubt - when you feel lost - don’t forget to have a cup of tea.

The Zen masters have been offering tea to all visitors who visit their monastery - people think it is just a cup of tea - they miss to realize that the ‘cup of tea’ is not just a cup of tea but a message - that don’t sleep - stay awake. Don’t get serious - learn to relax because when you relax - the answer comes - the way appears - the solution is found - the key is to take it easy - and relax.

Jai Shri Ganesha. Jai Guru.

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