Saturn in the 4th House

"A woman was about to give birth to a child. And she was a tribal woman, in the forest she was trying hard -- and yet the baby was not coming out...." said a great Yogi with whom I was having a cup of tea.

"What happened then?" I asked with curiosity.

The Yogi smiled, he was a great Himalayan master. His whole appearance itself was so soothing. His aura, His smile, His deep voice - I waited eagerly to hear what he says next...

And he looked up in the sky and said " I was passing through the forest, and you know I always carried a pack of cigars with me - that was my only possession!"

And so while passing by, I came across this tribal woman - and she was in utter pain - I could see her trying hard - but the baby was not coming out - she must have felt my presence - looking at her - I took out a cigar from my packet - lit it with a matchstick and after taking a deep puff of the cigar - I just touched that burning cigar on her right thigh - and the burning cigar touch was so severe - that quickly the baby came out - I still remember - a beautiful baby girl - the woman was relieved from the severe pain that she must have been going through for many hours - she collected her newborn baby - touched my feet and said something in her local language - it was a 'Thank you' - her eyes became wet - out of gratitude she hugged my legs tightly and then she left."

Even today I remember this beautiful insightful incident that the great Himalayan master shared with me. You all must be wondering what is so insightful about this incident?

Let us all revisit the incident once again - because unless you all understand the true hidden message behind this incident/story that the master shared with me - you cannot understand the true essence of Saturn in the 4th house!

And so - what exactly happened? The master was passing by - the 'baby' was STILL STUCK inside the mother's womb - still not coming out of her womb- still not getting detached from the mother - still attached deeply - and then the master just gives a touch of the 'burning cigar' on the mother's right thigh - and the baby comes out - detached from the mother - finally!

How deep was the message of this whole incident that the master shared compassionately with me!

Reminds me of Saint Kabir - in the whole history of India - there has been no saint as great as Saint Kabir! And Saint Kabir or as we all fondly address HIM as Sant Kabir - was exactly like the great Himalayan Yogi whom I had met - Sant Kabir will simply get you rid of the REAL PROBLEM - and will not waste time in solving your problem!

The real PROBLEM is your ATTACHMENT. The real PROBLEM is that you remain in the WOMB of your mother. You grow - you marry a beautiful woman, you become a husband and yet you STILL remain in the WOMB of your MOTHER - ATTACHED!

The story shared by the Himalayan master - was a message that 'until you remain ATTACHED with your MOTHER - you will continue to suffer - you will remain stuck - and neither the mother nor you will experience the freedom - because you are still in her 'womb' (attached) and she is also unable to LET YOU COME OUT OF HER WOMB (attached) - she also remains attached!

And Buddha says - that no matter whether it is your father or your mother - ATTACHMENT is a sure ticket to hell.

AND when the master comes - he gives a slight shock - a slight touch of the 'burning cigar' and both become detached - both experience relief!

Remember - always remember - AWARENESS - ENLIGHTENMENT is not something that comes in your comfort zone - it comes only when you go through a certain PAIN. That ‘BURNING CIGAR TOUCH’ - may appear as VERY INSENSITIVE for those shallow men and women who have absolutely no depth of understanding levels - but the wise is well aware that ‘consciousness’ comes only through the fire of suffering!

It is only when you go through a certain ‘PAIN’ that you become DETACHED - the ‘baby’ comes out of the mother’s womb - it is no more attached - it is smiling, playing, laughing because NOW it has become DETACHED!

How deep is this all - how beautiful is this all - but not everybody could relate - and may be that is reason why everybody cannot experience the beyond - why everybody cannot become the Buddha!

Saturn 4 men and women are too much attached to their mother - their home, their locality. Saturn in itself is a planet that goes on CLINGING - just the way a baby is always clinging to his mother!

And then this ATTACHMENT towards mother creates a HEADACHE for the WIFE of the native - because no matter how much she does for him - he always appreciates his mother - the wife always has to take the backseat because the native is too much attached to his mother - he just can’t listen anything against his mother!

A woman who marries a man having SATURN 4 - should be mentally prepared to face the consequences of her husband’s too much attachment with his mother. This situation often leads to a conflict between the wife and the husband.

The same is applicable for a man who marries a woman with SATURN 4 - in fact he should be consider accepting his wife along with her mother - it is like that 1 on 1 offer - that you just can’t refuse!

Saturn hates to move. Once he gets into a certain place - he remain there for a very long time. And so generally Saturn in 4th house native generally rarely shifts his or her house - they like to settle down!

Have you all seen the advertisement of the mobile brand ONE PLUS? Here it is:

This ‘NEVER SETTLE’ mindset comes when RAHU is in the 4th house - but when SHANI (SATURN) is in the fourth house - the man or the woman is interested to SETTLE.

If Saturn is not in a dissolving Nakshatra like ‘Moola’, or disinterested nakshatra like “Magha” or in a fiery nakshatra like “Ashwini” - then the woman or the man settle down early in life.

But if Saturn is found in MOOLA, MAGHA, ASHWINI - then the person finds it difficult to settle down - let this be very clear that his or her mindset is to SETTLE - but their karmic quality is such that they are not able to settle down.

SATURN in the 4th house is equivalent to SATURN in CANCER! In fact in the KAAL PURUSH Kundali, 4th house is the house of CANCER ZODIAC! And the LAL KITAB simply follows the KAAL PURUSH kundali - meaning as per LAL KITAB - the ASCENDANT is always ARIES.

Saturn in the 4th is just like SATURN MOON conjunction. The undercurrent of the native’s psyche is kind of depressive - and because 4th house is related to emotions - here SATURN tends to REPRESS the emotions - the person spends most of his or her life in REPRESSING their FEELINGS - which in turn keeps impacting their health - because repression is NOT good - it leads to many complexities.

Saturn FOURTH house is a woman who generally is found to be conservative as far as her sense of dressing is concerned. Generally you will find them wearing conservative - not much revealing dresses - as Saturn when is in the very center of the birth chart - the typical ‘modern way of dressing’ is something that the native is not comfortable - even when they wear modern dress - they are much on the conservative style and not very open and revealing.

It is difficult to find a girl or a woman who has Saturn 4 and she has come out openly and expressed herself - her emotions - her feelings to a man whom she loves!

In general - otherwise also - woman never proposes the man - that is okay - not proposing is one thing - but the same woman at least gives some ‘signals’ to the man whom she loves - so that the man gets the ‘message’ - so that the man himself steps ahead and ‘proposes’ her!

And that is what happens around the world - the woman never is the first to propose - she keeps quiet - she waits, she waits and she waits and she goes on waiting until one fine day the man himself comes and opens his heart out to her - says those four magic word “ WILL YOU MARRY ME?”

This proposal - this happening of two lovers coming together and getting married is possible only when the woman gives some ‘signal’ - when the woman ‘express’ her feeling - her longing - her love to the man she loves! But SATURN 4 woman never says anything - they are so good in repressing their feelings that the man who is in love or who wants to marry - should be smart enough to understand her feelings and step ahead to propose! You can say that it is an ‘IQ test’ for lovers who fell in love with Saturn 4 woman!

Saturn 4 man is also not expressive and so the woman has to take special efforts to make him speak - in fact waiting for a Saturn 4 man to propose is in itself a great test of patience for her - because this man is so slow - and so unexpressive that he simply never speak his heart out - it is indeed a challenge for the woman who is in love with a Saturn 4 man!

There was a man who was on his spiritual path - but LOVE can happen - and I say this to all my fellow followers and readers - LOVE can happen anytime to anyone - and so this man fell in love - and the woman with whom he fell in love - also was in love with him! So it was not just a ONE WAY traffic - it two way!

But now the BIG QUESTION arise - who is going to propose - the woman waited - the man definitely would not show courage to even speak his heart out - in fact he had not even touched her but was just in love with her! And then one day the woman decided to ask - she goes to the man and says “ Rishi - I love you - will you marry me?”

Now Rishi (his name was Rishi) - so now Rishi was in big dilemma - he was also in love - he also loved her - but he never imagined that the woman he loved would propose him upfront! Now what to do - because he was on the path of self-realization and now he thought that this LOVE - this BONDING - this RELATIONSHIP will become a hurdle to his spiritual path!

And this is what many think - and this is how they all go on missing life - they go on missing love - and then they think that by rejecting love - by rejecting relations they can attain to the state of self-realization!

In reality - LOVE - strengthens your path towards self realization and not otherwise!

When love is there - there is no sexuality. Sex is ugly only when there is no love - but just animal lust!

And so Saturn 4 person should never repress their feelings - that is the most important takeaway for Saturn 4 natives to take from this sharing.

Depending on the quality of Saturn (past karma) - the ‘JOB’ of the native is. Generally with this placement freshers who have Saturn 4 - find it difficult to get a job - even after getting job - they always feel BURDENED - Saturn in the 4th house always makes the person feel BURDENED.

BURDEN of OLD PARENTS, BURDEN OF WORK, BURDEN OF GETTING THOSE CERTIFICATIONS and also BURDEN OF FRIENDS. This Saturn 4 person - a repressed person often feels burdened - you will never see them smiling - as they always have some burden to be lifted - and carried all along their life!

YES - it is a tragic placement - tragedies, now those can be love tragedies - (when you don’t express - it is obvious the man or woman you love secretly will walk away with someone!) or those can be tragedies at work place - again the same thing (not expressing - and so they often are exploited at workplace). But TRAGEDY is a word that always is found in the dictionary of Saturn 4 individuals.

TRAGEDY is something that anyhow happens - if you get what you want, still tragedy happens - else you may not have seen so many divorces happening - especially divorces in love marriages! The man wanted to marry a woman - he fell in love - finally he proposed - he got the woman. Now what - he got her - but then still what happens - DIVORCE! So even if you get what you want - tragedy happens.

And if you don’t get what you want then - also there is a tragedy!

But getting what you want - and then losing it - is a better tragedy than not getting at all!

So Saturn 4 should try to get what they want by EXPRESSING themselves to the fullest!

Society is always trying to suppress you - don’t say this - don’t write this - don’t share this - because the society is filled with more shallow people - they are afraid - they are insecure - and so such a society of cowards and shallow men and women - goes on dictating you - to suppress and that is how this society has ‘killed’ many beautiful men and women - just by forcing ‘suppression’ on them!

When you want to transform - when you want to change the quality of your life - you should focus on EXPRESSING your feelings - only a man who expresses himself - only a woman who expresses herself look beautiful - real beautiful!

Express. You live in the true sense only when you express yourself. Until then you just exist.

Saturn in the fourth house - when falls in between 6 degree to 20 degree - it give much positive results - mother is good, properties are good - generally person is emotionally stable - though the nature of repressing remains. But still such a Saturn from 6 degree to 20 degree is much better than Saturn falling in between 21 degree to 30 degree - such a Saturn often brings communication gaps - such a person finds ‘communicating’ a challenge - because often he or she is misunderstood - they say something and the others derive some other meaning which is not the real meaning!

The Saturn 4 person also suffers on the career front - because now Saturn casts its 7th aspect on the 10th house and 3rd aspect on the 6th house - so ‘daily routine work’ - 6th house and ‘career’ - 10th house is always under the close supervision of SATURN!

So what this means is that these men and women generally end up on a job where they get a BOSS that just loves to do micro management. Generally woman like a lot to do micro management - and they make the life of her employees - a hell! But poor Saturn 4 person - no matter whether the BOSS is a woman or man - they always get a BOSS who closely supervise their activities - as if he is not just a BOSS but a JAILER!

And so SATURN 4 men and women should make a point to report with all details to their BOSS - because if you miss to express your weekly status report in a most effective way - then not just you but your BOSS also gets in trouble!

That is the message for Saturn 4 natives - in plain words - learn to express yourself effectively so that you can prevent the many miseries that otherwise may become a part and parcel of your life!

Whenever Saturn falls in KENDRA house (1, 4, 7 or 10th house) - the person has a STRONG SATURN INFLUENCE. Now if the SATURN is of good quality ( in a positive nakshatra) then this KENDRA HOUSE PLACED SATURN can steadily carve a ‘ladder’ using which the native rise in his life - then a times comes when he becomes the BOSS. Many government officers get promoted with this placement but this promotion is limited to their local department - so if a person starts his career as a clerk - then one day he may reach to the position of the boss to whom he was reporting as a clerk. LOCAL PROMOTION or LOCAL RISE is what Saturn 4 gives provided this SATURN is good for the native. If a man with Saturn 4 starts as a party worker - then a time comes when he becomes a local corporator. But his ‘reach’ remains limited to the Municipality or at the most up to District level.

So you can say that with CONSISTENCY and HARD WORK (SATURN) - the native becomes a LOCAL DADA - but not beyond that. Saturn equals to Restrictions, Limitations!

Mother remains - but father passes away is the general saga of Saturn 4 person. Generally the mother remains and the native executes his duty towards taking care of his mother - I have seen men who lost their father at early stage of their life but their mother remains until they themselves cross 50 years!

Long back - I had a friend - he was a NADI READER, he was for Tamil Nadu. I have never visited Tamil Nadu although I have many friends and contacts from Tamil Nadu - someday I plan to visit the state - maybe via a tour company! And so this man lost his mother when he himself was 52 years old! And yet he was so much disturbed by the loss of his mother - he took a month leave. Even when he joined back - he remained upset for a while! He had Saturn 4 - as mentioned above - they are TOO ATTACHED to their mother - and you don’t find every time a master who can give that ‘burning cigar’ touch so that the attachment ceases to exist - well that was on a lighter note!

So overall Saturn in the 4th house is not a very desirable placement - after all who wants a life that is always under the SURVELIENCE OF SATURN MAHARAJ! We all want some fun, some light moments - some laughter - who would like to live a life by having that SERIOUS look all the time?

At least NOT ME!

“Life is not serious. Intensity is a very different thing from seriousness. ... If you are serious, you can never really be intense; you can only be tense.” - Osho

Seriousness is illness - but when SATURN is in the KENDRA HOUSE - the person generally is found to be serious by nature. They take everything so seriously! I can imagine what a person with SATURN 1, SATURN 4, SATURN 7 and SATURN 10 would feel if they lost their job, home, or girlfriend/boyfriend!

A MARS person may say “ If not HEMA then SEEMA will come - cool down man.”

But a SATURN person will be so tensed “ Hema has left me - now what now what…..”

These are serious type men and women - and one who is serious cannot become a saint - because the real saint is never serious - but always living with absolute NO SERIOUSNESS!

We are told by the society to be serious - and then we remain serious our whole life - then we may earn a few million dollars - a few cars and bungalows and a few awards and prestige and respect but then on the other side we lose being ourselves - we miss living life the way we want - we miss those laughter moments that we wanted to experience but somebody behind us always was compelling us to be SERIOUS! And this is how we GAIN material things but we LOSE in BIG WAY on those light moments that brings life - the much needed ‘oxygen’ that keeps us alive and refreshed! But we end up in becoming a perfect plastic rose - we run our whole life behind perfection - only to realize that perfection is an ego trip - perfection is a myth!

“To be serious in the world is very paying. It makes you more successful, more efficient, more respectable. All that is true, but the more you succeed in the world, the more you fail in the inner; the more respectable you become in the world, the less and less respectable you are in your own eyes. The more you have medals and rewards and degrees, the less and less rich you are. One starts feeling very beggarly.” - Osho

I have met many men and women - they are very successful people, millionares and yet they look so serious - I wonder when they would laughed the last time? In fact once I asked one of them and he said “ Let me go back to see when was the last time I had laughed - I had a good laugh.”

So you see people are driving Mercedes and BMW and then have to recollect the moments of laughter - what kind of richness is this? What kind of life is this? Eating on gold plate and yet so miserable.

Only laughter makes a man rich, but the laughter has to be blissful.

You all may have seen some people grouping together in a garden and then they start ‘laughing’ - what kind of madness is that? It is just a MAD NOISE!

Laughter should be blissful - it should come naturally and not by any efforts!

In fact only HUMAN BEINGS can laugh - I haven’t see a dog laughing or a cat laughing - but only humans can laugh - but look at the tragedy of this human world - majority of them always remain serious - damn serious!

A spiritual being - a real spiritual being is NEVER serious - he is full of humor - he is full of life - he is full of jokes - he understands the fact that GOD is always Joking!

To Saturn 4 - the message for your real growth is simple and straight - be a joyful person - take life as it comes - laugh out on that which didn’t work for you - express yourself and always remember the message of the master:

When you take thinks lightly - when you self-realize that all that is happening in and around you is nothing but a JOKE - then you remain relaxed - you remain rooted within - then there is no question of any ego - then there is no question of any anger - then there is no question of any revenge - you simply laugh out- and when you laugh - when your laughter is a blissful laughter - you are becoming a buddha - you are truly becoming spiritual!

SATURN 4 - the feeling of burdened can only be dropped when you learn to laugh - when you learn to live in the moment - when you stop worrying about the future! Laughter is spiritual health, and laughter is very unburdening. While you laugh, you can put your mind aside very easily.

Spiritualism blossoms in the garden of ‘laughter’ - in the garden of ‘love’ - in the garden of ‘letting go’ - only then you be truly spiritual - only then there is a possibility of you becoming a buddha!

Sick. Yes - this is a very good word - Saturn brings this sickness because this Saturn 4 makes you SEROUS by nature. So you have to work around - you have to let go - you have to let change happen within you - if you really want to change!

My sharing for Saturn 4 is for you all to change for good - after all - I can always take you to the river - but it is you who have to drink the water and you will drink only when you are ‘thirsty’!

Only when you are ‘thirsty’ - only when you truly want to ‘transform’ that you will start changing - and that is how Jesus says “ Blessed are those who are ‘Thirsty’ for they will be filled” meaning they will be shown the right path. Many of you are in search of the master - a genuine follower and his name is Rajiv - yesterday he emailed me - and he is good person - a regular follower of my answers and posts - and he asked me - what will those do who have no master - or who have not found their master?

You don’t have to seek the master - you just have to focus on the ‘THIRST’ for GOD within you - as your THIRST grows - so does the benevolent compassionate master will come in search of you!

I have never met my master in person. He is no more in the physical form so does that mean that HE is not watching me? In fact HE is watching me more closely than anybody else! And similarly there are many spiritual seekers whose master is no more in the physical form. I would love to share one beautiful quote of the Bhagavan whom I love the most.

So it doesn’t matter whether your Guru (master) is in physical form or is not in physical form - what matters is how deep is your THIRST?

This sharing can be an eye opener for Saturn 4 men and women - especially for those who are willing to change - those who want to raise the quality of their life!

We will now move to Saturn in the 5th house.

Enough for today. Need some rest.

You all - also take some rest, rest is what helps you to recharge - focus on recharging yourself as much as you focus on recharging your mobile! :)

Jai Shri Ganesha. Jai Guru.

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