Saturn in the 3rd House

Third house Saturn connects me with two specific words - Strategy. Organized.

Saturn loves everything that is ORGANIZED.

Mercury loves everything that is STRATEGIC in nature.

From the KAAL PURUSH Kundali perspective and LAL KITAB methodology - third house Saturn is typically situated in the sign of Gemini (Mercury)!Lal Kitab follows a simple method of having ARIES as Ascendant - because it follows the natural zodiac (Kaal Purush Zodiac which begins from Aries and ends with Pisces.

And so Saturn in the third house is equal to Gemini Saturn - here Saturn makes the person pragmatic, practical, persistent - and this person simply NEVER GIVE UP! He is someone who will keep coming again and again until his goal is attained! Third house is all about 'DOING' - but 'how you do it' is what the planet in the third house decides. Mars in the third - person is quick to take action, Saturn in third - person ponders, analysis, weighs the consequences of his actions (Mercury trait) AND then takes the ACTION!

So you see - SATURN in third is a person who is slow in taking action - and therefore this is an excellent position for BOARD ROOM EXECUTIVE (C-class) - in fact many with this position attain high executive roles in companies. Always remember 'big decisions' cannot be correctly taken in an impulsive manner. For that - you need someone like Saturn 3rd person who can do a very good analysis before reaching to the final decision.

Third house is also connected to SEX. On a deep level - during the actual act of sex - the man need to 'hold on' - because if he ejaculates in a very short time, then his sexual partner is left dissatisfied!

Now this is a very deep subject - that why certain men ejaculate very fast - but Saturn in 3rd person - generally has a good control on postponing the ejaculation time because 3rd house is KAMA house (3, 7, 11 are KAMA House - meaning SEXUAL houses) - and so Saturn is the master when it comes to CONTROLLING or RESISTING - and so such a man while having sex - generally ejaculates late - which in turn becomes a great asset for his sexual partner - who can enjoy more sex and satisfy herself to the fullest!

Interestingly man gets mad and excited and hard when he sees a nude woman - in fact man wants sex all the time - but you all will be surprised to know that many men FAIL when the real act of sex is in play BECAUSE the majority of men ejaculate too soon - leaving their sexual partner unsatisfied!

A man when attains orgasm when he ejaculates. But a woman attains orgasm as long as the act of sex continues. A man can have orgasm once during sex - but a woman has the capability of having multiple instance of orgasm provided the man is able to provide her with that kind of ultimate sexual pleasure.

Many marriages and relationships fail because the partner is not able to sexually satisfy his partner. When sex ends in max 5 minutes - when the man ejaculates within just 5 minutes of the foreplay - then imagine how difficult it must be for the woman who just had begin getting warm.

In maximum cases - woman remain unsatisfied because man can have orgasm much faster than the woman - and the woman needs multiple orgasms - only then she can be completely satisfied sexually!

To a normal human being who is NOT yet on a spiritual path - for such a married or bachelor man- the very first moment of experiencing ecstasy comes only through Orgasm!

And so for a man or woman - both - reaching the stage of Orgasm becomes important - else they simply go on missing the ecstasy - and that is how many marriages and many relationships fail - because either the man is unable to provide sexual satisfaction or the woman! But when Saturn is placed in the sexual houses - 3, 7, 11 - the man is capable of providing sexual satisfaction to his sexual partner. Now if the sexual partner has MARS in her 3rd, 7th or 11th house - then she is a woman on fire - and so then Saturn 3 finds it a challenge! But those are exception cases - not every woman is on fire - not every woman has Mars in 3, 7, 11!

Sex is at the very center of our human life - always remember this. The more we discuss it the better it is for our society - especially our Indian hypocrite society. Always remember you CANNOT condemn SEX - because SEX is there - our whole body is born out of SEX - in each cell of our body - sexuality dwells - human beings just like all animals are sexual by nature.

“Don't condemn sensuality, it has been condemned by the whole world, and because of their condemnation, the energy that can flower in sensuality moves into perversion, jealousy, anger, hatred a kind of life which is dry, with no juice.” - Osho

Many monks and nuns fail to overcome sex because all they do is that they go on condemning sex. They go on suppressing their sexual needs - and SUPPRESSION is dangerous - and that is how you read so many sexual scandals happening in Ashrams of Babas and Sadhus - why? Because these suppressed sexual needs - can ERUPT someday - at the most unexpected moment!

And so the solution to slowly overcoming sex is by first ACCEPTING sex in its totality - once you accept that sex is something that is deeply rooted within your physical body - then you can start experimenting - that is exactly what Mahatma Gandhi did - in his Autobiography “Experiments with TRUTH” - he writes about his sexual experiments - something that Nehru tried him to stop, but Mahatma Gandhi continued with his experiments with Truth - until he got his answers.

I admire Mahatma Gandhi because to publicly share his sexual experiments is indeed a courageous act which not many would dare to do.

Always remember NEVER repress your SEXUALITY or SEXUAL NEEDS - instead understand it, accept it - only then you can work around and transform the sexual energy into spiritual energy!

“Sex is raw energy. It has to be transformed, and through transformation there is transcendence. Rather than transforming it, religions have been repressing it. And if you repress it the natural outcome is a perverted human being. He becomes obsessed with sex. “ - Osho

People think and fantasize a lot about SEX and sexual partner/s - but when it comes to actual sexual act - within a matter of minutes the ‘play’ gets over leaving the partner utterly dissatisfied - and wanting for more….

Saturn 3rd is moreover traditional person when it comes to performing sex. And so he generally avoid 'doing sex by finger' which in Indian context is called "Hasta Maithun" - a Saturn 3rd person generally does sex - the traditional way - all by using the sexual organ and not the fingers.

In Indian context the sign Gemini is addressed as ‘MITHUN RASHI” - MITHUN is actually MAITHUN - MAITHUN means sexual intercourse. And so Gemini is a highly sexual sign. And when Saturn is in the third house - the person is also highly sexual by nature but follows traditional path of attaining sexual pleasures - meaning gets into legal unions (Marriage) to satisfy his sexual craving and needs of the body.

Saturn in 3rd definitely impacts the 'matters of children'! Now - if this Saturn is retrograde - then the Saturn 'Supervision' on the native is loosened a bit. So then this Saturn becomes positive. Else a normal Saturn in third either delays child birth or the native becomes a father - but a father of daughters and not a son. Now times are changing - Sons are becoming useless and daughters are becoming the 'bread winners' of the house - so considering the AGE of TODAY - this negative is not real negative but rather a very POSITIVE development.

Always remember - a planet impacts the house that is after it and before it!

And so many times the relation between the native with Saturn 3rd and his/her mother is very attached. You all need to understand that SATURN is all about ATTACHMENTS. KETU is all about DETACHMENTS!

A Saturn MOON native is found to be always ATTACHED. A KETU MOON native is found to be always DETACHED.

3rd, 7th, 11th

11th house - Acts executed by the arms - hugging, oral sex, kissing.

7th house - Acts executed by the sexual organ.

3rd house - Acts executed by the hands.

Saturn is all about that which you can TOUCH! Solid, physical - is what Saturn represents. And so when Saturn is in the third house - the connection of HANDS (3rd house) with something that is SOLID, MATERIAL by nature is seen!

What is SOLID MATERIAL? Iron, Steel, Cement, IT Hardware parts - moreover METALS is something that Saturn considers as SOLID and all metals are directly connected to SATURN because not only they are solid but also they are found beneath the earth and Saturn is the LORD of PATAL LOK - meaning all that is below the ground - MINES, UNDERSEA - UNDERWORLD!

And so people with Saturn 3 position can do exceptionally well in the profession of construction, manufacturing, mining - wherever the connection with metal comes, the Saturn 3rd native can do well - and generally they end up doing well - and that is for sure.

Saturn exalts in Libra sign - but not in the entire libra sign! Saturn exalts only in the nakshatra of RAHU - Swati Nakshatra!

And so Saturn in 3rd does well only when Saturn is in between 10 degree to 20 degree in the 3rd house. Because Ardra Nakshtra in Gemini falls around this same range - and as mentioned earlier Saturn in third is equivalent to Saturn in Gemini and so if your Saturn is in the mid degrees then such a Saturn will definitely give more positive results than the Saturn falling between 1 degree to 10 degree or 20 degree to 30 degree.

Slow progress, because slow in action. And so Saturn 3rd person experiences delay in promotions or in attaining the kind of fortunes (bhagya-uday) that he expects in his or her life.

Interestingly if maximum planets are placed in the 12th house - and Saturn in 3rd is NOT retrograde then - progress is slowed down and person at times becomes frustrated.

Saturn in third is a perfect placement for depressions. Yes - such a person goes into depressions - and you all will be shocked to know - that many C-class executives have Saturn 3rd placement - and they have had all the pleasures of life - but any failure or rejection or low phase get them into depression must faster than those who don't have Saturn in the 3rd.

3rd house is highly connected to your psyche - psychology, mindset and HOW you are PROGRAMMED is something that your third house decides!

Having only a single SATURN sitting in the 3rd house is actually a safe sign as far as mental health is concerned - but still SATURN is SATURN - it brings certain pressures that leads the person into depressions especially if his or her moon is weak in the chart.

Saturn is all about DUTY. Jupiter is all about RESPONSIBILITY.

Understand the difference. You may prepare a cup of tea for me using the best international tea powder and fresh milk, and add all kind of exotic flavors. But still the tea will not touch my heart - it may give a nice 'kick' to my head but the heart will remain unmoved!

And then there is this man who invites me at his home, and he is so much happy to have me at his home that he prepares the tea with exactly the same ingredients that you had used but his tea tastes like heaven - the very first sip of his tea moved my heart - what is the difference?

The difference is that special ingredient that he added will making the tea which you never had - and that ingredient is called - LOVE!

When you do something out of LOVE - it is not just a DUTY but a responsibility!

Saturn is only limited to DOING or EXECUTING a given task - and so DUTY is what Saturn is related to!

You will see - maximum of Government officers - having a strong SATURN - because a strong saturn brings a strong sense of DUTY! Depends on the QUALITY of STRONG SATURN you have in your horoscope - you will become a central government or state government employee! Superior quality of Saturn will get you into central government service - while good quality Saturn will get you into state government service. SATURN is what decides whether you are eligible for Government service or not.

Many times people criticize Government officers for their slow pace of work - but you forget the fact that this how the nature of SATURN is - to do everything steadily - and all Government service employees - from IPS officer to base level officer - comes under SATURN's influence - infact Saturn is their Godfather.

Saturn 3 is good for government officers who work in the government owned steel industries and factories. Saturn 3 is an excellent placement for BODY BUILDING - many body builders are born with this placement. If other aspects support than this body building nature can become a great asset for those who are destined to join the Military!

Have you ever seen a German hound dog? Well the specialty of all hound breed dogs is that they are bark less dogs - meaning they bark less and focus on the actual ACTION - biting!

Similarly Saturn 3rd men and women talk less and focus on the actual execution. They can be dangerous - but they also look cute just the way this German hound dog looks - see how he is observing closely…

Saturn 3rd natives are exactly like this German hound - they are great observers and observation is the higher form of intelligence!

Saturn 3 natives make less noise (bark less like hounds) and takes the action (bite) when they think it is - TIME - to 'bite'(executing authority)!

These native focus more on ACTION - as they are they GERMAN HOUNDS - they will not say much - they will be those kind of men who will express their “I LOVE YOU” moment to their girlfriend by NOT saying “I love You” - but by directly ‘Kissing’ on her lips!

Saturn 3rd position means Saturn in a house that is highly sexual by nature! And so to understand Saturn 3 - you also have to understand about sexuality.

Sexuality has a lot to do with your intelligence. Because the same sexual energy transforms into spiritual energy - so at the root of all - is the sexual energy - the 8th house and 3rd house is 8th from 8th house!

"So really it happens that the more sexual a person is, the more inventive he can be. The more sexual a person is, the more intelligent. With less sex energy, less intelligence exists; with more sexual energy, more intelligence, because sex is a deep search to uncover, not only bodies, not only the opposite sex body, but everything that is hidden." Osho

Saturn 3 is very much interested in all that is hidden. Mysteries attract this person and they also find professions related to ‘investigations’ - many with this placement do well in government agencies such as in the CBI, FBI, and in the NCB (narcotics control bureau) - basically wherever investigation comes - these natives do well because they like do to through investigation - they are born detectives!

Saturn 3rd scales down the longevity of the native. Being in the 8th from 8th house - native generally cross 70. But long life of 80 or 90 years is not seen mostly with this placement. Max between 65 to 72 - the native exits from this human world.

Many with this position - marry late in life. Many remain bachelors through out their life - there was one such man - and he was a great German scholar, his name was Emanuel Kant.

Emanuel Kant is probably the best example of Saturn 3 native. He is a perfect example of Saturn 3 natives who are absolutely caught up in the mind. He lived so much like a robot - that he never used to be late to the university. All his students would wonder - because no matter if it rains, it may rain fire, it may rain cats and dogs, it may be utterly cold, snow falling - whatever situation, Kant would reach the university at exactly the same time all the year round, even on holidays. Such a fixed mindset, almost mechanical. He would go to the university on Holidays too - at the exact time - and library was kept open specially for him, because what would he do there the whole day? He was a known philosopher. He would leave the university at exactly the same time everyday.

One day it was raining heavily and one of his shoes got stuck in the mud. He did not stop to take the shoe out because that would have made him reach the university a few seconds late - that was impossible. He left the shoe there. He arrived with one shoe. The students could not believe it. Somebody asked, "What happened to the other shoe?"

He said " It got stuck in the mud, so I left it there, knowing perfectly well nobody is going to steal one shoe. When I return in the evening, then I will pick it up. But I could not be late."

Discipline is what they like to follow. It is a good placement for those who aspire for Government or Military posts.

But what delays their marriage or frustrates their relationship is their slow pace in making decisions.

A beautiful woman once fell in love with Emanuel Kant. She was impressed by Kant’s intelligence and his disciplined lifestyle. In the beginning she waited - thinking that Kant will propose her - but Kant was not a man who would ever propose and so after waiting for many days and seeing no sign of any proposal coming from Kant - she went to him and proposed him.

Kant said “ I will think over it.”

Now how can someone ‘think’ about love? Either you say YES or NO. You cannot think when it comes to LOVE - either you love, or you don’t love!!

But to a pragmatic intellectual logical person like Kant - it was not a proposal but a business deal. And so he thought, and he not only thought, he went to the library and concentrated on the books about love, marriage. Then he noted down in his notebook all that was in favor of marriage and all that was against. And he thought and thought and thought, and it is said that weighing the pros and cons, he decided in favor of marriage because a few points were more in favor than against. So it was a logical decision.

Then he went and knocked at the girl’s door, and the father said, “She is already married and a mother of three children. So much time passed… you come a little late.”

So you see - Saturn 3 brings too much of analytic mind - and so the takeaway for the native with Saturn 3 placement is that you should try to get out of your head and get into your heart!

Saturn in Sexual House of 3rd in the chart is a signal that LOVE will arrive late in your life - but sexual satisfaction will be attained as well as you will be able to sexually satisfy your partner.

This placement definitely does not bring any sexual dysfunction - rather person does sex in a traditional way - stays away from drugs - because when you start taking drugs - you start losing interest in sex! And so the person lives with awareness - trying to ‘build’ his or her life with a proper planning.

Yes - Saturn 3 natives are good planners and good plotters too!

Making large city plans, airport plans - they are good at it. Interestingly they also take interest in architecture works and generally like to visit art galleries', museums. They take great interest in history of their community, country, heritage. Are traditional by nature and also take pride in following the traditional way of life.

Overall Saturn 3 is a native who NEVER GIVE UP. He is consistent, persistent and a hard worker - who slowly and steadily like a ‘goat’ continues to climb the ‘mountain’ - and a day comes when attains the peak of the mountain - the world then recognizes him as the CEO, or COO or Managing Director!

A C-class executive position - is what Saturn 3 can bring along - if the native has other positive supporting planets in his or her birth chart.

Never challenge a Saturn 3 person and never undermine a Saturn 3 person - they are like the ‘long race’ horse - who in the beginning runs at slow pace - but once he catches speed - then with his lightening speed - he leaves others behind!

It is a strange thing - that those boys and girls who were thrown outside the classroom, those men and women who were ‘labelled’ as ‘useless’ - have later become great Actors, Actresses, Presidents, Prime Ministers, Yogis and great Mystics!

Society is shallow - they go by ‘appearances’ - they forget the fact that ‘appearances’ are fake - what is REAL is not on the outside but WITHIN!

The real journey is the one - WITHIN.

Look within - the more Saturn 3 can introspect the more they can progress and that is indeed a message for not just Saturn 3 natives but to all who want to transform - to grow - to experience the higher altitudes - the higher ‘mountains’ ...

Love is contagious and so when you love, love something higher - something that can take you to the higher altitudes of life.

Jai Shri Ganesha. Jai Guru.

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