Saturn in the 2nd House

Saturn in second house is the most beautiful placement. Saturn is a friend of Venus - and you all must have known this fact from many sources that you may have come across. But the question I want to ask is - WHY?

Why Saturn is a friend of Venus and what it has to do with Saturn in 2nd?

Saturn is material by nature. Saturn is all that which is REAL - physical - something that you can TOUCH.

Venus is material by nature. Venus is the next step - that is now taking the PLEASURES of the physical body - physical things!

You see - BOTH compliment each other and that makes them good friends!

And 2nd house is the natural house of TAURUS (as per KAAL PURUSH Kundali) as well as per LAL KITAB - the 2nd house Saturn is always shown in the sign of Taurus - because LAL KITAAB follows the natural (KAAL PURUSH) kundali that begins from Aries in first house and ends with Pisces in the 12th house.

In the sign of Taurus - second house, Saturn feels home. Such a person is pure materialistic by nature. My mother has this position of Saturn - and she was very materialistic by nature. My father interestingly had exact opposite - Saturn in 8th house and so he was not completely materialistic as my mother! Saturn 8th house extends Longevity ONLY if is placed in a friendly nakshatra else Saturn 8th definately brings death much earlier than expected. My father passed away when he was 47.

Saturn second house - is a perfect placement for 'SAVINGS'. Such a person's bank saving account is generally found to be in very good shape - because SATURN's nature is of ACCUMULATING - and so when SATURN is in the second house - the 'ACCUMULATION' of money happens - it may happen slowly - but it goes on building a good savings for the future! Saturn is all about accumulating - while Ketu is all about letting go! And so when Ketu is in the 2nd house - the bank balance is not great - whereas when Saturn is in the second house the bank balance is great.

Love of VALUES, PRINCIPLES, ETHICS is something that Jupiter in 2nd house brings. But FOLLOWING Values, Principles, Ethics is something that SATURN brings!

See how beautiful this all can be - how insightful astrology can be - only if you observe through your heart and not the head!

And so Saturn in 2nd woman or man are very particular about following certain ethics, principles and are generally found to be good law abiding citizens.

What I eat? How much I eat? Diet Conscious. Because SATURN is all about AWARENESS and so when Saturn is placed in the second house - the woman or the man becomes diet conscious - but a bit late in life. After 40 - they start becoming diet conscious - and then they begin with small limited portions of diet. Saturn is related to limitations! And good friend Saturn wants every individual to set LIMITATIONS - because as Lao Tzu says - "Too Much is the Only Sin"!

Possessions is something that Saturn loves to have! And so such a woman or man generally have good collection of artworks, and if fourth house is positive than they also find good properties and become owner of multiple properties after 40.

In general observations - it is found that this Saturn generally moves the native out of his or her birth place. Happiness from mother is somehow less - especially if fourth house is afflicted by Rahu or Ketu or Sun. Foreign settlement gets a boost - since Saturn 2 is one 'supporting' aspect for foreign settlement provided there are other foreign settlement aspects to the native's chart.

Saturn 2 are highly possessive men and women. To have a boyfriend with Saturn 2 placement is a big headache for the woman - and to have a girlfriend with Saturn 2 placement is a great challenge for the man!

There are boys/men who cry when their girlfriends dump them - and then they start blaming the whole world - when in reality it is there own shortcoming - their own ignorance - their POSSESSIVE nature that eventually push them into a forced BREAK-UP!

And then there are girls/women who lose their boyfriends - because they become too possessive - and as you all know - LOVE ceases to EXISTS the moment you become POSESSIVE.

Saturn is in the second house with absolutely no other planets in conjunction - then such a man or woman is very possessive by nature. If Venus in the birth chart is NOT positively placed - then the LOVE LIFE of such a man or woman goes for a toss - and there is absolutely no doubt to this observation. Period.

Whichever planet is in the SECOND impacts the FIRST as well as the THIRD house! When I am standing in a queue - only the man/woman who is before me and after me - are going to receive my vibrations!

Similarly the PERSONALITY and NATURE is impacted by this SATURN 2 - though not 100% as when SATURN is in the first house - but 25 % - for sure!

So such a person like the FIRST HOUSE SATURN person is also a SATURNIAN but with a much lesser version - than the FIRST HOUSE SATURN. So for example - if FIRST HOUSE SATURN is too dry and cold blooded - then the SECOND HOUSE SATURN will be 25% dry and cold blooded! But some impact on personality - face - nature is seen with SATURN 2 as well - though on a scaled down mode.

I talked about the STINGY nature of SATURN FIRST - but when SATURN is in the SECOND house - the person becomes too STINGY and spends MONEY very cautiously - in fact the native with SATURN in second house hates to spend - but you cannot label them as FREE LUNCH SEEKERS - because SATURN generally doesn’t like anything for free - so they are not those FREE MONGERS - (I want everything for FREE - type people) but they generally put a lot of control on their spendings!

To marry a woman having Saturn in Second House is good - especially if you are a spendthrift! Because then at least she will SAVE FOR THE RAINY DAY!

Yes that is the perfect phrase “SAVE FOR THE RAINY DAY” - Saturn second woman or man just loves to SAVE for the RAINY Day.

Saturn second - generally a good placement to OVERCOME BLACK MAGIC SPELLS - and I say it with extreme consciousness - because here the person becomes very practical and generally finds a practical way to overcome such BLACK MAGIC SPELLS and often also succeeds!

Interestingly - I had a friend whose Saturn was in second house - but he was facing certain issues from BLACK MAGIC. He never mentioned to me - but one day he came to meet me and I was as usual busy in my gardening - he said “ Addittya Bhai - I am going through certain problems….”

I said “ People come to me only when they are in problems - so tell me what is your problem?”

He said “ I am facing insomnia - no sleep in the night - also sexual problems - not able to do sex as I was able to do in the earlier days - also depression keeps coming now and then - although I have good money but I seem to have lost - totally lost, please help me Addittya Bhai.”

I said “ Don’t worry - I have a good friend - and he is one of the BEST BLACK MAGICIAN but HIS MAGIC is to REMOVE the black magic spells and NOT to cast! His name is Arjun. You come tomorrow evening and I will introduce you to Arjun.”

Arjun was a great man. He was one of the most learned BLACK MAGICIAN - and as usual he had met me accidently while I was visiting a temple! And the moment he met me - he could see something - he became a very good friend - a time came when Arjun said to me “ Addittya Bhai - if anyone is trying to cause harm to you - bullying you or troubling you, you just tell me his name and I will see what to do.”

I said to him “ Arjun - you know me - I generally don’t retaliate - because my master takes care of all such men and women who are causing harm or trouble to me.”

Arjun smiled and hugged me. He was a very good person by heart and he had spend over 10 years in learning the art of BLACK MAGIC!

The next day Arjun met my old friend and then helped him overcome the black magic spell - Saturn second does help the native to overcome obstacles such as black magic spells or evil conspiracies of the enemies who operate behind the curtain.

This is in general a GOOD placement for SATURN and if this SATURN gets support of EIGHTH house lord - then such a person becomes a KNOWN PERSON - meaning a FAMOUS PERSON.

Conjunction of JUPITER with SATURN in the second house is extremely positive and I personally love such men and women. They are indeed the blessed souls!

Conjunction of JUPITER with VENUS is good from material perspective but from spiritual perspective - VENUS afflicts JUPITER - and so it makes the person at time very sexual and at times very spiritual! You can say that it is a kind of ‘bi-polar psych’ - where the person can experience BOTH - VENUS (Romance) and JUPITER (Religiousness) - it is a dicey conjunction, can turn to positive or negative dimensions based on other planetry aspects.

SATURN RAHU in second is a disaster - this is a perfect yoga that can lead to poverty. Basically not a desirable placement - native is not trustworthy and is generally not pious and righteous by nature. Such a native is TOO POSSESSIVE and TOO MATERIALISTIC by nature.

SATURN KETU is something where KETU dissolves SATURN’s qualities leading to a total chaos in person’s family life - financial life at some stage in life. The person cannot take a certain stand on certain situations or matters of his life. He or she lacks confidence and is often not sure of what to do in a given situation.

Always remember - whenever Saturn is associated with Rahu or Ketu in the second house - eyesight suffers, teeth quality suffers - dentist visits increase - person eats street food - such a person is not much conscious about maintaining hygiene. Imagine if you hire a ‘cook’ with this placement - it will be a risky affair!

Saturn Mercury or Saturn Venus conjunction in second house is a positive placement provided Mercury and Venus are Yoga-karak for your birth chart.

Saturn in second house - in the first 10 degree is hard. Saturn falling from 10 degree to 20 degree is the best. While Saturn falling from 20 degree to 30 degree is average.

So the real creamy part for Saturn in SECOND HOUSE is between 10 degree to 20 degree! Here in this range - Saturn truly does well - because this range gives equivalent results alike to Saturn being in Rohini Nakshatra!

The quick takeaway lesson for natives with SATURN in SECOND house is that - you should become less possessive and let your boyfriend or girlfriend have their own life in their own way. If you are married then you should let your husband or wife have the FREEDOM to express themselves. FREEDOM is expression, REPRESSION is suicide. So Saturn in Second House should let others live freely so that you too can enjoy living your life freely!

As we move on to the third house Saturn results - I fondly remember my mother who had Saturn in second house - God bless her soul, today and always.

Jai Shri Ganesha. Jai Guru.

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Chayanika Rawat

Thanks for everything....... For Your Being in this beautiful happy peaceful journey of our life..... Thanks for such a good EXPLANATION...... God bless you....

Chayanika Rawat

Thanks for such a good explanation...... Thanks for everything.... Thanks for your being...... God bless you.....


Ur writups are very INTERESTING. My saturn 🪐 is in second house as per kaalpurush kundali it is Good as u say so & laalkitaab says too.However not vEry correct what all u have expr.
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