Saturn in the 1st House

First House is directly related to your HEAD. And Saturn is related to your LEGS! When LEG is in the place of HEAD - you can imagine what a mess it is! First house is ruled by MARS (Aries Sign) and SATURN is a staunch enemy of MARS. And so Saturn in the first house is not at all a comfortable position for SATURN. When SATURN comes at the CENTER - FIRST HOUSE - the individual is a socialist person. They generally support the 'EQUAL' rights, 'EQUAL' income, 'EQUAL' opportunities.

SATURN comes in two flavors - CAPRICORN flavor and AQUARIUS flavor.

The Capricorn flavor is conservative by nature.

The Aquarius flavor is liberal by nature. (The seers therefore address Aquarius as a Positive Saturn Sign while Capricorn a Negative Saturn Sign.)

First House in Astrology is directly related to the ‘Nature’ of the individual. In Indian context we address ‘Nature’ as ‘Swabhav’!

So here Saturn directly impacts the NATURE of the individual. Understand the fact that NATURE is not your MIND. Your MIND is NOT natural. It is given to you by the society. Your mind develops based on the ‘society’ in which you are born. But your NATURE is something that you are born with!

Nature is in fact the state of NO-MIND. When you are living naturally - when you live by being yourself - you look beautiful!

But now Saturn is in the FIRST. Here Saturn stops you from EXPRESSING and you are compelled to REPRESS!

You see - the whole story of Saturn in First House is related to the NATURE of the individual - Saturn simply makes sure that the individual finds it difficult to EXPRESS NATURALLY!

Then comes the Personality! FIRST HOUSE or ASCENDANT is your MASK - your personality.

Now your personality gets the SHADE of SATURN.

So how will you APPEAR as a PERSON?

Stingy - in Indian context we call such a person ‘Kanjush’ - a Miser!

Slow-pace person - moves slowly

Cautious person - thinks ten times before making a decision. Even when they go out to buy vegetables - they will spend a lot of time in bargaining, in scouting for something that is best but also comes at the lowest price.

There was one Police Commissioner - he was stingy to such an extent that he would simply take lift from civilians if he had to travel for personal reasons from one city to the other!

But there is ONE GREAT QUALITY that comes out of this placement and that is the person is extremely HONEST, DUTIFUL, and SINCERE by nature!

This Police Commissioner that I was well acquainted with - was indeed the most clean officer who never had accepted any bribe in his whole career. In fact one day when his family expenses were shooting up - he called every one in the living room and said “If you all don’t control your spending then I will have to start accepting bribe.”

So Saturn in FIRST house people though are stingy, narrow minded people - still they become great Government Officers - simply because of their sincerity and honesty.

Nature. Personality. Behavior. Saturn impacts all these three aspects and leaves the typical SATURNIAN mark.

The most interesting fact is that these men and women generally NEVER become FAT. The NATURE (Narrow minded, highly critical of others, cautious, self-conscious) impacts their BODY STRUCTURE in such a way that the ‘FAT’ look never appears. And by transit or dasha - even if such a person becomes FAT - soon they become conscious and start loosing weight! And they loose weight much faster because they implement ‘STRICT’ diet and follow it in a disciplined way.

Interestingly JUPITER in FIRST HOUSE men and women generally become FAT or BULKY while SATURN in FIRST HOUSE men and women generally are found in perfect shape or at times very thin - based on the quality of SATURN!

And this QUALITY of SATURN is based on the ZODIAC SIGN in which SATURN is placed!

Let us explore the various Zodiac Signs and how Saturn resonates with each sign.


Ashwini - In Ashwini - Saturn debilitates. It is the most unwanted and undesired place for Saturn to be! Interestingly - exactly opposite to Ashwini (KETU) is the Nakshatra of Swati (RAHU) in which Saturn exalts! So you see Saturn Loves Rahu. And the same Saturn dislikes Ketu. And this is a very deep subject. Why Saturn dislikes Ketu?

Ketu is spiritual by nature. Saturn is material by nature. Ketu is NOT BOTHERED about giving punishments - Ketu will simply say “Let Go”- but Saturn will NEVER - LET GO!

So see - a man or woman with KETU in Ascendant can easily LET GO - but a person with SATURN in the FIRST HOUSE will never LET GO!

Ketu is Buddha. He renounced everything. Saturn is the Statesman, the Authority Figure, the Politician who can NEVER renounce!

Ketu is the SHUNYA. The ZERO. The Nothingness. And Saturn says “What am I suppose to do when there is NOTHING? Absolutely NOTHING?


Ketu says “ I don’t need much”

Saturn says “ I need everything that is necessary because I have to LIVE in this material world.”

Ketu is impractical.

Saturn is practical.

Now tell me how can a Administrative figure, an IPS officer, or a shrewd politician stay in a ‘Monk’s’ hut?

Saturn feels exactly the same when it is placed in KETU’s Aswini Nakshatra!

Jupiter will feel good. Mars will feel good. Because the righteousness (Jupiter) and positive energy (Mars) can always feel home in a ‘monk’s abode!

But Saturn - no, never! Saturn will get frustrated in Ketu (monk’s) hut!

And so when Saturn is in Aswini Nakshatra (Aries) the result is NEGATIVE. Where does this negativity impact? NATURE, PERSONALITY, OUTLOOK. Person’s outlook towards life is not optimistic but pessimistic. Personality is not warm but cold. Nature is not expressive but extremely repressive! We must express what is inside us in one form or another, because there is no separate language for expressing the inner.

But SATURN in Aswini native simply goes on suppressing and this suppression - leads to his or her PHSYICAL APPEARANCE - which also looks suppressed meaning - THIN, BONY.

So you see - the NATURE impacts the BODY STRUCTURE! NATURE affects the PHSYICAL BODY in the most brutal manner than anything else and this is something nobody would have shared with you all - but I am sharing, because otherwise you all will not understand the SIGNIFICANCE of the NATURE (Swabhav)!

Saturn in Aswini - does NOT get the required nourishment and support that SATURN would want. What does this mean?

But before we get into it - first understand that SATURN placement simply shows the ‘KARMIC DUES’ or in other words the FOCUS of your KARMA in this life.

Now the QUALITY is based on SIGN but on the deeper level - the real quality is only seen through the NAKSHATRA in which SATURN is placed!

Whenever any PLANET is PLACED in KETU’s Nakshatra - that planet’s overall matters are NULLIFIED. Meaning now SATURN is totally disarmed - HE is asked to become NAKED. Now tell me how will you feel if you are asked to become NAKED? Especially if you are highly material by nature, and you want to acquire as much as you can - that is the nature of Saturn - to ACQUIRE - to ACCUMULATE - to CREATE A SYSTEM - and now KETU - the NAKSHATRA LORD is saying - “Shut up and get naked - it is time to drop everything.”

So Saturn becomes helpless in the abode of Ketu - Aswini. And so the ancient seers have specifically mentioned that Saturn is debilitated (helpless) in Aries Sign (Aswini Nakashatra)

So you all have to understand that SATURN DOES NOT DEBILITIATE just because it is placed in ARIES SIGN - SATURN debilitates ONLY - when SATURN is placed in the ASWINI NAKSHATRA of ARIES SIGN.

Weak Saturn in First House is not always bad. If Saturn is MARAK or BADHAK planet and is placed in Aswini Nakshatra than it is a ‘blessing in disguise’!

Such a person goes through many difficulties in life but those troubles and difficulties help him evolve into a mature person - a much better person!

Whenever Saturn rules 6th, 8th, 12th house and is found in Aswini Nakshatra - it is a wonderful placement.

Whenever Saturn rules 10th, 11th, 7th, 4th and is found in Aswini Nakshatra - it is an unfortunate placement.

Depends on which house Saturn signify - if the house is positive - it is a bad placement. If the house is negative - it is a good placement.

Now in this case - for Aries Ascendant Saturn - Saturn rules 10th and 11th house. So it is not a good placement, since Saturn becomes helpless in Ketu’s Aswini and thus is unable to provide good results of 10th and 11th house - he just can’t!

And then you can say that the QUALITY OF KARMA in the PAST LIFE was too poor.

But for Leo or Cancer Ascendant - Saturn signify 6th 7th or 7th 8th - and so though the matters of marriage will suffer - still the matters of 6th and 8th house will significantly scale down giving a certain peace to the individual.

So in such matters the quality of KARMA in regards to MARRIAGE - in the past life was poor but the quality of Karma in regards to providing service, practicing penance, following certain spiritual protocol was of good.

So many things are there - but for now this much is enough for you all to know that Saturn in Aswini is also NOT BAD - because it all depends on whether SATURN is YOGAKARAK or MARAK. If MARAK - then this placement is good - it is always to good to disarm a ‘terrorist’ who is going to be your KILLER. But if YOGAKARAK - then this placement is bad - it is always bad to discourage the ‘FATHER’ whose role is to you UPLIFT you and HELP you progress in life.

So the very FIRST MISCONCEPTION that I am breaking is:

SATURN is ALWAYS BAD in ARIES - MY TAKE - That’s wrong.

SATURN in ASWINI makes no sense - MY TAKE - That’s wrong.

SATURN in ASWINI means bad past karma - MY TAKE - That’s wrong.

Because as mentioned above - it is all situational - you cannot just ‘label’ ASWINI SATURN as BAD - because to generate ELECTRICITY - NEGATIVE is also required along with the POSITIVE!

In Aries - BHARANI Nakshatra - Saturn is NOT debilitated. Here in Venus’s Nakstara Bharani, Saturn in FIRST HOUSE surprisingly gives positive results - now the person is less pessimistic, less miser, less saturnian by nature - because a mixture of Venus has now been added - leading to an altogether new chemistry. Now the person appears more appealing. Now the person shows more understanding. Now there is some spark in his or her personality.

In Aries - Krittika Nakshatra - Sun overtake Saturn and so here Saturn becomes weak but not as weak as Saturn is in Ashwini - Ketu’s nakshatra.

There is a difference between getting totally NULLIFIED (ZERO) and getting OVERPOWERED.



See how beautiful Astrology can be! In Ashwini - Ketu’s nakshatra Saturn becomes helpless.

In Kritika nakshatra Saturn is unable to give its own natural results (Saturnian) because the LIGHT OF THE SUN is so much - now remember - every horoscope has certain LEVEL OF CONSCIOUSNESS. To some - SUN is the LIGHT OF CONSCIOUSNESS. While to some - the same SUN also signify inflated EGO!

So depending on the LEVEL OF THE INDIVIDUAL’s consciousness - the SATURN in Krittika is either overpowered by his or her own LIGHT OF AWARENESS (Consciousness) or by his or her inflated EGO. The crux of the matter is that SATURN cannot give its results pertaining to the house it rules when is placed in Krittika Nakshatra.

And so the bottom-line for ARIES SATURN is that EXCEPT BHARANI NAKSHATRA, SATURN in ASWINI and KRITIKA - becomes impotent to provide its results in totality.

10th house and 11th house Lord - Saturn in the FIRST HOUSE for ARIES Ascendant is a good placement ONLY when SATURN is placed in BHARANI (Venus) Nakshatra. Apart from Bharani - if Saturn is placed in Aswini or Krittika - then it is not a good sign for the native.

In the ancient days - the sages observed the chart purely based on NAKSHATRA! The concept of ZODIAC didn’t exist until it was ‘imported’ from the Romans.

Interestingly - the “National Calendar Committee” setup by Nehru Government to finalize a specific AYANAMSHA - had mentioned in their findings that the ancient seers of Indian subcontinent specifically used TROPICAL ZODIAC and NOT Sidereal. In fact the committee headed by Saha and Lahiri had also suggested to implement the TROPICAL ZODIAC instead of SIDEREAL but the Government could not accept this suggestion as that would mean - going against the scriptures - the age-old tradition of following sidereal astrology!

Interestingly - Krishnamurthy who introduced the famous KP Astrology method - accepted the Tropical Astrology while combining it with Sidereal Nakshatra system! If you know about KP Astrology then you are perfectly aware that KP CHART or KP CUSP CHART is purely based on Tropical Zodiac and not Sidereal. But still KP Astrology uses KP AYANAMSHA

Then there is one man - Ernst Wilhelm, a learned Astrologer in the West - who simply does not use any AYNAMSHA but has come up with a unique methodology where he creates the chart using Tropical Zodiac with Sidereal Nakshatra. If you use his way of creating chart then your chart will appear totally different than what you have been seeing your whole life!

Many scholars have been sharing the fact that this was the actual TECHNIQUE the ancient seers implemented - where they used TROPICAL ASTROLOGY to create charts while referred to Sidereal Nakshatra to make predictions.

Therefore in the larger interest of my insightful readers and followers - I want to emphasis the significance of WESTERN ASTROLOGY/TROPICAL ASTROLOGY - which unfortunately is sidelined by the growing IGNORANCE of so called Vedic Astrologers or Indian Astrologers.

Ayanamshas are over DOZEN - and they all are based on ASSUMPTIONS.

So the best and safest way to ACTUALLY IDENTIFY THE ‘RASHI’ or ‘ZODIAC SIGN’ in which your SATURN is placed or any other planet - is to cast your birth chart using SAYAN - Tropical methodology or for more accuracy using the Ernst Wilhelm way (Combination of Tropical with Sidereal Nakshatra with no specific Ayanamsha)

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