Saturn in the 12th House

Saturn in the 12th house is like Saturn in Samshan (श्मशान) . I love Samshan. Lord Shiva also loves Samshan!

Samshan (श्मशान) is an Indian Hindi word for 'Graveyard'. Graveyard or Samshan is the place from where the journey of a new life begins! The physical body fades away and a new cosmic life begins!

Samshan is a place of great transformation - the master always loves the Samshan. Shiva always loves the Samshan. Buddha always loves the Samshan. In fact every Shiva temple having a natural Swayambhu Shiva Linga is found near a श्मशान Samshan Ghat (Graveyard)!

It is in the graveyard (Samshan) - that great tapasavi (Yogis) do intense penance under the guidance of their benevolent divine master! Lord Shiva is only experienced in the silence of the graveyard. When the seers address Lord Shiva as the Lord of destruction - this destruction is of all your materialistic thoughts and your attachments and your nature of clinging. In the abode of Lord Shiva (12th house - the Samshan, the Graveyard) - the real question is not of learning but of UNLEARNING much!

That is what Jesus says to Nicodemus - that is what Krishna says to Arjuna and that is what Buddha says to Ananda - that unless and until you DROP ALL YOUR LEARNING and all your preconceived notions - unless and until all those WALLS OF SCHOLARSHIPS and KNOWLEDGE that you have build around yourself - you will not able to experience the TRUTH - the LOVE and the GOD that you seek!

Shiva - the 12th house conveys the same ‘MESSAGE’ that Jesus shares with Nicodemus, that Buddha shares with Ananda, that Krishna shares with Arjuna - the MESSAGE to first destroy all those material illusions and the source of these illusions - your MIND - only then can you attain enlightenment - only then can you become an enlightened being! Enlightenment is indeed a destructive process - and when we say that Shiva is the Lord of Destruction - the destruction is aimed at your EGO - your MIND - because until the MIND is destroyed - the SELF cannot rise - the SELF cannot be realized!

Enlightenment therefore happens only in the abode of Lord Shiva - only with the blessings of Lord Shiva - and every drop of my blood and every vein and every breath of my body will always speak of Shiva because without SHIVA - there is no LIFE - without SHIVA - there is no enlightenment - without SHIVA - there is nothing that I could ever imagine!

Once it happened - in the Himalayan region once a disciple asked his master - what is Shiva?

And the great master - one of the greatest of all and my Guru - inscribed - शिव - with a stick in his hand and said “Now erase the mark above शिव” - when the mark above शिव was erased what left was शव. The disciple got the answer. शव means dead body. The benevolent master through just one simple action - revealed the whole essence of SHIVA - SHIVA is the ultimate consciousness - remove the consciousness and the body is dead - it is no more शिव (Shiva) - it has become a शव (Shav - dead body)!

As long as you are living with Ignorance - you are as good as a dead body - शव.

Saint Kabir used to say “साधो ये मुरदों का गाँव - “Sadhu Ye Murdon Ka Shehar Hai.” meaning “O saints - this is a village of dead bodies.” - Saint Kabir simply shares the fact that the majority of the world is filled with SHALLOW PEOPLE (Ignorant beings) who are as good as DEAD BODIES walking around the village or town!

But the last verse of this beautiful poem by Saint Kabir is something that should be written in GOLD - Saint Kabir says:

नाम अनाम अनंत रहत है,
दूजा तत्व न होइ,
कहे कबीर सुनो भाई साधो
भटक मरो मत कोई।

Only the name of God remains forever - only the name of God is immortal, only the name of God remains forever - only the name of God is immortal - says Kabir - listen oh gentle beings, don’t get lost.

12th house is the house where you find yourself! - 12th house is the house that prevent you from getting lost! 12th house is where detachment is seen, it is a house where the nature of Let Go is seen - this is the house where Forgiveness is seen - this is the house where the 'angels' connects with you - only if you allow them to - only if you have the potential to listen to their divine messages!

12th house is the most beautiful house - simply because it is the house of beyond! It is the abode of Buddha - interestingly in the Indian context it is said that Lord Shiva resides in Samshan (Graveyard). At the foothills of Mount Kailash is a sky burial ground - a graveyard always exists near Lord Shiva - because Samshan or graveyard is a significant symbolic representation of the destruction of the materialistic journey and the beginning of the spiritual journey!

Except for ghosts - nobody else can disturb your meditation in a Samshan (graveyard) - there is nobody who would ever come to the graveyard to meet you or to talk to you - in the graveyard - SAMSHAN - there is utter silence - and spiritual seekers need such silence in the beginning - and when they practice SADHANA (penance) in a graveyard under the guidance of a real master - then even Ghosts don't come to disturb and so the whole 'journey' of doing intense penance with love and devotion becomes much easier - all credit goes to the benevolent compassionate Guru - the master! Saint Kabir or Saint Dyaneshwar - all great saints therefore mention the immense significance of the Guru - the master!

12th house is not a house for the mediocre. The common souls or common beings cannot relate to the depth of 12th house - for that you need to have a 'foundation' of many past births and rebirths that were spend in devoting yourself to God - meditating on God's name. In simple words only a truly spiritual being (soul who had practiced penance in past lives) can relate - can resonate with the beauty of 12th house!

To realize the great intensity of the 12th house - to be able to appreciate the intense depth of the 12th house - one need to have a certain spiritual foundation - a certain spiritual background of past births and rebirths.

Someone like Diogenes, someone like Buddha, someone like Mahavira, someone like Jesus - they can very well resonate and relate to the depth and beauty of the 12th house - in fact they are the 12th house! Because they are no more meditating - they are 'Meditation'!

Krishna is Consciousness. Jesus is Consciousness. Muhammed is Consciousness. Mahavira is Consciousness. Buddha is Consciousness. Because GOD is Consciousness.

God is the ultimate fragrance of your Consciousness!

Shallow people will not understand a thing about the 12th house - so it is obvious that they will also not understand my sharing! To understand the depth of a subject - first the depth of understanding should be within you and understanding is not taught in any universities - no matter whether you are from Harvard or Boston University - understanding is something that has to evolve within your being - and it starts evolving only when you start turning inwards!

In the abode of Lord Shiva (Samshan - Graveyard - 12th house) comes an Administrator (Saturn). Administrator is always a disciplined person. And so when Saturn comes in the house of beyond - house of spirituality - house of meditations - Saturn brings along a disciplined nature! On the path of spirituality - a certain spiritual discipline is necessary to take control of your mind. Saturn in the 12th house has the capability to bring spiritual discipline in a spiritual seeker’s life.

Saturn 12 individual if is born in Hindu family - then is often found to be a great bhakt (devotee) of Lord Hanuman. Lord Hanuman loves discipline - Saturn 12 is a disciplined person - loves to have certain systematic way of life - sleeps at a certain time - gets up at a certain time - follows the watch - and also loves the watch - because watch helps him to follow a disciplined way of life.

Saturn 12 is a good placement - because a spiritual life should have a certain discipline.

A native with this placement follows the RULES diligently while executing his or her spiritual life.

Depending on the quality of the horoscope - the native can be spiritual or can be religious.

Spirituality has absolutely nothing to do with Religion. They are two ends that can never meet - you are either a Buddha or you are a hardline religious activist.

A wise man doesn’t get entangled in the rituals - he never follows any rituals - because you need to do follow a ritual when religion is outside you - when you become the religion - then there is absolutely no need to follow any rituals.

“Religion is not in books, nor in theories, nor in dogmas, nor in talking, not even in reasoning. It is being and becoming. Religions do not come from without, but from within.” - Swami Vivekananda

A moment comes in the life of a spiritual being - when he is no more following any religion because he has become the ‘religion’! A moment comes in the life of a spiritual being - when he is no more meditating because he has become the ‘meditation’!

Only a man who believes in himself can believe in God says Swami Vivekananda!

So whether you are spiritual or your are a typical religious person - irrespective of what you are - this Saturn compels the native to follow a certain disciplined way of life.

In the Samshan (Graveyard) - 12th house - all possibilities of the BEYOND can be explored. There are great Tantriks and Mantriks and Spell magicians and Aghori who do intense penance in the Samshan and there are also great spiritual Yogis who do intense penance for attaining certain Siddhis (supernatural powers) so that with these supernatural powers (Siddhis) they can help the people - such as HEALING the diseased, providing wealth and prosperity to those men and women who deserve, predicting the future so that one remains mentally prepared and many such life saving, life nurturing social activities.

It all depends on what is the 'level' of the native's consciousness is! So Saturn 12 can either lead one towards the negative side - 'occultism' OR the positive side - 'spiritualism'! Either the native will incline towards a Aghori or to a Yogi! Depends on the consciousness of the individual.

Point is - that this can go either way - negative or positive!

People have all sorts of fancies about themselves - in fact 90% people I meet - they already have assumed that they have become God and Goddesses. In fact there was one man who said "I have Venus in Pisces and so I have the potential to become a great Yogi."

Jaggi Vasudev (Sadhguru) - in his chart, Venus is in Virgo - so then should we doubt his integrity? In fact he is a genuine spiritual figure. In fact in my last answer on Venus - I had specifically mentioned that weak Venus is good for spiritual progress - I see that 40,000 people have read my answer so far - and many have appreciated - but those having Venus in Pisces will not appreciate because they have been assuming many things which have nothing to do with the reality!

There are many great Yogis who have weak Venus (Virgo)- weak Venus is excellent for spiritual progress - spiritual progress happens much faster with a weak Venus than an exalted Venus! Exceptions with exalted Venus happen only when Mars is weak in the horoscope. Venus is sexual organs - Venus is love. It is good to be in love - it is good to have your sexual organs in good shape. But remember - they become ACTIVE - they indulge in the ACT OF SEX only when MARS fuels in. MARS is the fuel - MARS is the TRIGGER - MAR is SEX and so by chance if you have VENUS in PISCES but MARS is weak and has no connection to VENUS then you are is a safe mode - then you too can progress spiritually! Y

You see - Astrology is multi-dimensional - it is not possible to share everything - truth cannot be shared in its totality by means of words - you need a student - you need a disciple who can understand that which is not spoken and yet delivered by the master in deep silence!

In deep silence - only that disciple who has become ONE with the Master - can understand the truth shared by master in deep silence! Real communication happens in SILENCE!

Silence is the language of the ‘Self’! 12th house is the house where there is SILENCE. Spiritual planets like Jupiter, Ketu do well in the 12th. Saturn is a materialistic planet - Saturn is all about ‘REAL MATERIAL’ that can be touched, utilized and has a certain practical purpose to it!

So ideally though Saturn brings its administrative quality in the spiritual domain - still it is not a great placement because Saturn also brings compulsion, and restriction to the domain of the unknown - the unseen - the beyond. 12th is the house from where you receive the signals from the higher souls - the evolved souls - the angels - and Saturn brings certain blockage in receiving those beautiful divine messages via dreams, or meditations! And so here Saturn brings hardship to the spiritual seeker - the seeker is like a man without a proper ‘range’ - very limited ‘range’ is available to receive ‘signal’ - that too in a very limited way! And so the seeker has to work hard - put more efforts to find the way ahead - you can say that this is a typical Saturn’s blessing in disguise - because by not relying much on the signals of the angel guides - the native puts more efforts and in that process becomes more stronger spiritually.

One interesting aspect of Saturn 12 - is that the native feels it a necessity or a compulsion to seek retreat at faraway places - foreign lands. At times this Saturn compels the native to move out of his country and go to some faraway land. Reminds me of Raja Vikramaditya - when his Saturn Saade Saati (Saturn period of 7.5 years) begin - he was miraculously taken to a faraway land by a black horse on which he had mounted! And once he left was transported to a foreign unknown land - his miseries begin (Saturn period!).

Whenever Saturn is close to Ascendant - the native appears as cold and detached and also at times ruthless when it comes to making right decisions for the larger interest of the society.

PM Narasimha Rao had Saturn in 12. A great Prime Minister who opened the gates of India to foreign companies - the man who introduced Manmohan Singh as the Finance Minister and Manmohan Singh too many brave decisions under the disruptive dynamic leadership of PM Rao - unfortunately because he belonged to Congress party - the dynasty politics of Gandhi - denied him the credit that he deserved - dynasty politics indeed is a curse to political system of any country! A person should get credit and status based on his WORK and NOT on his family name! And that is exactly what Saturn loves - Saturn is against dynasty politics - because Saturn is for those men and women who take efforts - who do the hard work and who remain honest and sincere and committed to their profession.

Just like the 6th, 8th house - 12th house is also a superpower high voltage house that can go either way - you can either become a DON or you can either become a great Saint! 12th house knows no middle ground - you are either this side or the other side. There is NO middle ground - there is NO compromise when it comes to the house of Lord Shiva - the 12th house.

Saturn is KARMATH by nature. The English word for KARMATH is - Diligent. And Saturn is also all about ‘being official’. So if you recite something that is not written in the scripture than Saturn 12 will oppose you! He will say “What are you doing - you should read exactly that which is written in the scripture. You should recite the prayers exactly the way the religious scriptures have mentioned.

Once it happened - there was high priest and he was walking on the streets of Jerusalem - when he came across a poor shoemaker. He was deeply engrossed in his prayers. He was saying to God “ God I know you have been walking in those ancient shoes - but God I will make new shoes for you. I will clean your shoes every day. And God - I will also cook for you - my wife is not a good cook, but I am a good cook, I will cook your favorite food. And God you have been travelling for so many millions of years and your clothes have become so dusty - but now you don’t have to worry - I will wash your clothes daily and GOD I am also a good tailor - I will stitch new clothes for you. God I LOVE YOU - and I also MISS you every day. Let your GRACE be upon me. Amen.”

The high priest wondered what kind of prayer is this! God needs shoes! And God needs clothes! And God needs food and this poor man is saying that he will do all of this - what kind of prayer is this. He thought to teach the poor cobbler - the right prayer - the proper way of praying.

The high priest must be a Saturn 12 person - because he quickly stopped at the cobblers hut and said to the cobbler - “What are you saying - is this your prayer?”

The poor cobbler was taken aback to see the High Priest of the church standing before him - he quickly stood up and bowed before the High Priest. The High priest felt happy - he thought this is not a dangerous man - I thought he was a rebel or something. The poor cobbler said “ Father - this is the only prayer that I know - I am uneducated - I am wearing old shoes and so I think God also must be wearing old shoes, and I am hungry and so I think God also must be hungry and so this is my prayer - this is all I know - this is how I pray….”

The High Priest said “ Look - I will teach you the proper way of praying - now sit down in a proper position…..”

And the High Priest taught the cobbler - the RIGHT WAY OF PRAYING - and then happyily he left.

After a while he reached the Church and then he looked up in the sky to see how happy God must be because just a while ago - he had taught the right way of praying to a poor man. But God was angry - very angry - in fact very upset with the High Priest. God said “ What have you done? I had the most beautiful devotee who so lovingly prayed to me - that I would leave everything and listen to his prayer. And now you have taken away my devotee and taught him the right way of praying - now he will pray but that prayer will be so FORMAL - so LIFELESS. What have you done - dear? I have send you to bring people closer to me and by teaching them FORMALITY of praying - you are taking them away from me - what have you don?”

It is said that the High Priest went back to the cobbler - and said to him “ You continue to pray the way you were praying - I am SORRY - please continue to pray the way you were praying because GOD has listened to your prayers but not mine! I am SORRY. I am VERY SORRY.”

And this is what happens with Saturn 12 - the native becomes more formal, more technical, more practical in the execution of his or her spiritual or religious offerings - they are those kind of people who will tell you “You should read the Bible this way or you should read the GITA this way or you should read a certain Shloka this way and that way.”

Too much focus is on the ‘outer’ elements when the real focus should be on what lies beneath!

Saturn 12 person can be easily impressed by the ‘appearances’ because he lacks the intuitive wisdom to ‘see’ the real person behind those attractive ‘appearances’.

If you have a Saturn 12 boss - then you can easily impress him by talking sweet, and looking attractive and saying all those things that makes him happy - he will instantly give you raise in appraisals - because these are men who get carried away by that what ‘APPEARS’ to their naked eyes. They miss to realize that what APPEARS is not always a REALITY!

This deceiving happens because - the 12th house is blocked - restricted by Saturn - and the 12th house is the source of realizing what lies behind the curtains - behind the appearances!

The message to Saturn 12 natives is don’t take everything on ‘face-value’!

Look deeper for hidden meanings or veiled intent - because people are NOT always the same as they appear to the eyes!

That is how many marriages fail - and many relationships come to an end!

Saturn 12 is a calculated risk taker. He is not afraid of taking risks but he takes a long time before he actually ‘jumps’ into the unknown - the unseen - the new arenas of life. They generally avoid taking risks without calculating the plus and minus - and many time in this process - they miss good opportunities.

Saturn 6 and Saturn 12 works wonders as far as DRISHTI (7th aspect of Saturn) is concerned - because when Saturn 12 casts its 7th Aspect on 6th house - it restricts the negative matters of 6th house! And the negative matters of 6th house are court disputes, conflicts, hidden enemies - black magic spells, plots and intrigues - cheatings, back stabbing, chronic diseases etc.

So this Saturn 12 becomes a blessing in disguise as the person suffers less from the matters of the 6th house.

Saturn 8 aspect becomes a challenge in regards to maintaining good bank savings - but Saturn 12 and Saturn 6 is not an issue as far as finances is concerned - person maintains a good saving account balance.

Saturn brings compulsion, restriction and generally makes the matters of the house - a limited version. And so meditation, astral journeys - supernatural experiences - all of these comes under the restricted rule of Saturn - when Saturn is in the 12th. Either the person feels compulsion to participate in PRAYERS, in MEDITATIONS or is restricted to following his religion/faith. These are people who FEAR GOD and so they visit temples and church and mosque just to ensure that GOD is not angry on them!

SATURN brings fear of the unknown - but the same Saturn also bring compulsion to explore the matters of the 12th house! The person feels burdened - at times he feels very tired and exhausted.

Rahu 12 brings obsession to connect with foreigners, foreign lands but Saturn 12 brings compulsion to connect with foreigner and foreign land.

Rahu 12 wants to appear as some kind of God Man - he is fine to go through illegitimated means in order to raise his image as a GOD MAN or some kind of SPIRITUAL HEAD of an Ashram.

Saturn 12 genuinely takes the efforts and follows the legitimate path towards progressing spiritually in life. He follows a spiritual disciplined life - follows the proper restricted diet (Saturn Drishti 2nd house) - and generally is a fellow who remains true to himself.

You can say that he is not a man born with gifts - because to have the spiritual gifts - the 12th house should be free of Saturn.

And so Saturn 12 man - when starts walking on the spiritual path - he has to be take more efforts and more hardships - more penance - to attain self-realization - to attain the gifts of the cosmic world!

To Saturn 12 natives and to all my fellow followers and readers - always remember - efforts need not be BIG - small efforts are more than enough.

The sword will not help because where a needle is required you are using a sword - where small effort is required you are putting more and more effort!

Saturn loves to put effort - wherever it goes it compels the native to put efforts in the matters of the house it resides. Saturn 12 natives are compelled to put efforts to progress spiritually - or to connect with the foreigners - or to work for orphanages, social work etc. But while you put efforts - be realistic and don’t use a ‘sword; where a ‘needle’ is required!

Small efforts can move mountains! Small efforts - small techniques are atomic by nature. When Hitler and Mao were working with BIG MASSES - Einstein and Planck were working on small units of atoms in their laboratories. Through those small units of atomic energy - Einstein created the nuclear atom bomb - and only one atom bomb stopped the World War TWO - the moment POTUS Franklin Roosevelt dropped the atom bomb on Hiroshima Nagasaki - Japan surrendered to the US and the war was over.

One small effort of working on the atomic units - brought such a BIG difference to the world politics!

BIG effort is not required - small effort is required - that is the message for Saturn 12 natives and that is also the message of the divine master.

Every day take small effort - you can start with 10 minutes meditation - just 10 minutes but with totality - total devotion - total effort.

A student who takes small efforts every day to understand a certain subject - scores well in his examination! It is an open secret!

Similarly you should start with small steps - small efforts - then whether it is related to your spiritual growth or material growth - always focus on taking small efforts consistently and one day you will find success!

With this I complete my Saturn Parikrama (circumambulation) - I took small efforts - because writing for all Saturn 12 placements in one go would not have been possible considering my other work commitments.

But with small efforts I was able to complete these gigantic series of Saturn in twelve houses. I am also thankful to all my regular followers and readers who followed my Saturn Series - so diligently!

I prostrate before Lord Saturn - and soon with HIS blessings - will start SATURN CONJUNCTIONS SERIES - followed by the most beautiful long series “URANUS NEPTUNE PLUTO” - there is a real life story to this series that I would love to share soon.

Jai Shani Dev. Aum Sham Shanicharaya Namaha. ओम शं शनैश्चराय नमः

May Lord Saturn bless all my dear readers and followers by helping them to expand their consciousness - because it is only when you become conscious - aware that life starts changing for good - then you are no more the same - everything around you is the same but you you are no more the same - then you are a dance, a music - a beautiful painting!

Love to all my readers and followers - with my master’s blessings and with the blessings of all my readers I will soon start with URANUS NEPTUNE PLUTO series and before I start - I will definitely share the ‘reason’ that inspired me to start with the series of the most beautiful planets and yet the most ignored planets of our galaxy - Uranus, Neptune & Pluto!

Stay tuned and stay blessed as this ‘journey’ of sharing and caring - continues…

The ‘journey’ never stops - always remember this - after every ending - there is a new beginning - after every full stop - a new sentence begins - the ending is always the beginning…

Jai Shri Ganesha. Jai Guru.

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