Saturn in the 11th house

Cautious Money-Maker but slow on spending. When you earn well and spend less - it is but obvious that you will have a good earning! And so a native with Saturn 11 is generally a - पैसे वाला - meaning - a man or woman who always has ‘good amount of cash’.

Saturn loves the finance! Saturn is very blunt when it comes to the facts of life. Saturn will not accept all your fancy ideas and poetries and long tales - Saturn will simply ask - “How much you have in cash?”

It is a possibility that the man who composed the famous Hindi Song "Baap Bada Na Bhaiya - Sabse Bada Rupaiya" (meaning neither the father nor the brother - if at all anybody is greater than it is MONEY) or the man who sung the song “Paisa Bolta Hai” (meaning Money Speaks for itself) must be a Saturn 11 man or Saturn 2 man or Saturn 6 man!

Money - is in the 2nd, 6th, 11th house. Here it is that you find the 'real money'!

I have met many millionaires who had Saturn in the 6th, or 2nd or 11th. Money is hot in these houses - in fact if you miss positive aspects to 2nd, 6th and 11th - you are going to struggle your whole life for those crispy currency notes - Money, Paisa!

Whether it is SEX or MONEY - Saturn is straightforward - to Saturn the ‘ACTUALS’ matter - when it comes to SEX - Saturn demands ‘prolonged orgasm’ and when it comes to money - Saturn compels you to have good savings - long term saving schemes! Saturn loves all kind of ‘schemes’! That is why natives with a prominent Saturn become good construction developers (builders) and bank executives and C-class - boardroom sales directors.

SATURN is REAL - SATURN is that man who will not be impressed by all those fancy features of the car that you are trying to sell - rather he would simply steps ahead and asks only one question “ KITNA DETI HAI?” meaning how much mileage the car gives? Very practical - pragmatic and blunt is the nature of Saturn.

The famous advertisement of Maruti Suzuki “Kitna Deti Hai?” was so far the most SATURNIAN PRAGMATIC advertisement but now recently TATA MOTORS has gone much beyond “KITNA DETI HAI?” and asked the most important question that reflects SATURN’s cautious nature - the TATA MOTORS advertisement asks “ KITNI SAFE HAI?” (How safe is the car) considering the growing accidents in India!

So you see - such advertisements are typical SATURN - asking very practical question about mileage, and safety.

Once there was a man - he had come to master and he was those typical ‘intellectual type’ Mercurial person - and then he started asking question. One question that he asked was “ Which is the greatest flower - the most important flower in this world?”

The man was thinking that the master will say ‘Rose’ or ‘Lotus’. So were the others thinking.

But the master is REALISTIC - very REALISTIC - and so the master smiled and said “The most important flower on this planet is ‘Cotton’.”

Very straight. Very practical answer. We all would have been NAKED - had there been NO COTTON FLOWER available on this planet! The comfort and the softness that a cloth made from cotton provides is something that no other material can provide!

SATURN is just like the benevolent master - REALISTIC!

Saturn is very practical by nature. There are men and women who start feeling as if they have become saints and seers - then they start planning to build an Ashram or to head towards the Himalayan mountains or to start some advertisements of how enlightened they have become! Now tell me - will the real enlightenment being want any advertisement or publicity? He is happy to be in a quiet place than otherwise! All sorts of people come to me - some have fancies of being enlightened - some feel or rather believe that all their 7 Chakras are activated and now they have become the Buddha! A few days ago one such ‘enlightened’man had called me - he said all his chakras are now activated and soon he is starting a ASHRAM - I said “ Why have you called me? What is it that you want from a common man like me?”

The man said “ I am in trouble. Actually I was invited by a family for spiritual purpose and I had an affair with their younger daughter. I had a break-up with that young woman but now I am feeling restless - now what to do - I read about you so I wanted your consultation.”

Now this man was saying that all his chakras are activated and he is now starting a Ashram - and look what mess he has got himself into!

Spiritualism is not so easy - but people are shallow and so I just keep my ears open - listening to all such ‘enlightened’ men who get entangled with woman! Terrible but that’s the truth my fellows - that’s the the naked hard truth of these so called ‘enlightened ’beings! Reminds me of PAPAJI - a great divine master and his beautiful quote:

I am happy and I also enjoy a lot when people come to me and they say that they are ‘enlightened beings’ - because the moment they say or try to say this - I realize that they are in the illusion and NOT enlightened beings! Thanks to Papaji for making this whole process so simple and effective.

For ages people have created many misconceptions and myths about Saturn - as if SATURN hates SEX, SATURN hates MONEY - no that is not the case! Remember - SATURN rules the most COMMERCIAL PRACTICAL PRAGMATIC SIGN - SIGN OF CAPRICORN. And the same SATURN also rules the most FORWARD SIGN - most LIBERAL and most REALISTIC SIGN - the SIGN of AQUARIUS! In fact I have met many women and men having Aquarius moon sign and 99% of all those woman had been ‘REBEL’ - ‘UNCONVENTIONAL’ and way ahead of their AGE or TIME!

So SATURN is all about the REALITES of LIFE! And MONEY is the most important REALITY of LIFE. Interestingly - if you observe closely then the SOUTH DIRECTION comes under LORD SATURN! And maximum cities have the most wealthiest localities either in the South or South East. South Mumbai or South Bengaluru are a few to begin with.

Contrast to NORTH INDIA - SOUTH INDIA always have had more blessings of Lord Saturn. If you look back into the history than the Southern part of India had much peace and prosperity than the NORTH territory which was always found in fights and invaded by the foreigners.

Saturn 11 native is very cautious when it comes to allowing others to join their ‘Group’ or ‘Network’. They will not quickly let you step inside their circle of friends. They will ‘test’ you, they will ‘observe’ you closely and only when they are 100% sure that you are NOT going to cause any harm or cause any problem to their ‘image’ - only then will they let you step inside their ‘circle of friends’. In short they are conservative when it comes to making friendships - and generally they are not open to strangers.

And because of this conservative reserved approach towards making new contacts or new friends - Saturn natives are not so good in networking. They network and they socialize but with much caution.

Saturn 11 has all the potential to help you rise to position that would bring much wealth and popularity to your name. Remember - 3, 7 and 11 house are directly connected to popularity and Saturn does well in all these 3 houses - interestingly the 3rd Sign Gemini, 7th Sign Libra and 11th Sign Aquarius are perfect signs for Saturn to provide best results - especially in 7th and 11th house and sign!

US POTUS Richard Nixon and US POTUS Gerald Ford had Saturn in the 11th.

In KAMA house (Sexual House) Saturn has the potential to provide many sexual pleasures.

US POTUS Bill Clinton also had Saturn in 11th house and his quest for sexual pleasures is well known - especially the sexual scandals that happened in the White House during his presidency.

Saturn is connected to Masses. So when Saturn is in the 11th house - then mass popularity is highly possible. Even when Saturn is in the 7th house - mass popularity comes (Shahrukh Khan - one example of Saturn 7). Saturn 3 brings more popularity in the bureaucratic circle or within a large organizations.

Although popularity comes and native enjoys top positions in the society still the PRESSURE to keep their ‘social image’ intact is always on their head. They are compelled to maintain the ‘IMAGE’ that they have so well crafted for themselves. Saturn 11 also brings pressure in ensuring that every time they perform on stage, or deliver a speech, or do acting, or participate in debates - whatsoever they do before the public or for the public is perfected and brings more glory to their persona (image in society).

Generally the elder sibling is somewhat cold, reserved and loves to criticize other, including the native.

Saturn 11 connect you to masses - meaning people from all walks of life - especially the poor, the farmers, the downtrodden people of the society.

Jupiter 11 connect you to a certain class of people who belong to the wealthy, to the upper class of the society.

That is how a Saturn 11 native has more scope to become popular figure than Jupiter 11. We have already seen 3 Presidents of the United States with Saturn 11 (Bill Clinton, Gerald and Richard Nixon).

Person is popular among the masses - Miss World and noted actress Aishwarya Rai also has Gemini Saturn in 11. Aishwarya is born on the Venusian Purvaphalguni Nakshatra (Leo Ascendant). Women born on the Nakshatra of Venus (Ascendant) are blessed with natural beauty, charisma and a certain class, a certain elegance to their persona. Woman born on Bharani Nakshatra (Aries Ascendant), woman born on Purvaphalguni Nakshatra (Leo Ascendant) and woman born on Purvashada Nakshatra (Sagittarius Ascendant) are born beauties - and irrespective of what caste or religion they are born - they have that natural magnetic personality that drives the man crazy!

Rahu 11 is a poor substitute for Saturn 11. Saturn is REAL and Saturn is REGAL. Rahu has no regality - Rahu is considered as SHUDRA or someone who wants to take credit by using his network of friends who are at higher posts or taking advantage of friend who belong to the higher society.

Saturn 11 is not like Rahu 11. Saturn 11 will not take advantage of his friends. Saturn 11 native will NOT use his friends as a medium to climb the ladders of his career - instead Saturn 11 will be a TRUE friend - someone who will walk the talk. If a Saturn 11 promises something than he makes sure that he lives to his word. I will NEVER trust a RAHU 11 native - but I will always trust a SATURN 11 native - that is the difference between REAL FRIEND (SATURN 11) and a FAKE FRIEND (RAHU 11). Understand the difference. Savor the difference.

Saturn loves to have friends - real friends. But Saturn 11 native forgets the fact that with real friends comes the real enemies also!

Once Gautam Buddha was asked, “Does the enlightened man have friends?” and Buddha said, “No.” The questioner was shocked because he was thinking the man who is enlightened must have the whole world as his friend. But Gautam Buddha is right, whether you are shocked or not. When Buddha says, “The enlightened man has no friends,” he is saying he cannot have friends because he cannot have enemies. They both come together. Friendliness he can have, but not friendship.

Enlightened man - one who has attained the ultimate truth never has any friend - because to have friends means also to have enemies! Friendliness HE can have - BUT - NO FRIENDS. NEVER.

Buddha is friendly with everyone but Buddha will never have a friendship with anyone. Because ‘friendship’ brings attachment and to someone like Buddha - attachment has no place in HIS life.

But Saturn 11 is all about being ATTACHED to friends - having friendships. Saturn’s nature is to hold on - to cling - to remain attached. And so Saturn 11 brings intense attachment to friends and the native loves to make friends but with a very cautious approach. But once the bond of friendship is made - then they literally stick and remain loyal friends. To have a girlfriend who has Saturn 11 is a good thing - because she will not cheat you and will not abandon you. Same is the case with a boyfriend who has Saturn 11 - he remains loyal as they take ‘friendship’ very seriously! Serious guys - you see - Saturn 11 are serious guys as far as friendship is concerned and as far as ‘profits and gains and money’ is concerned.

11th house is considered as MARAK (KILLER HOUSE) this is because this is the house of DESIRES and PLEASURES. Why you want money? Why you want regular income? Why you want PROFITS? Why you want DIVIDENDS? Because you want to FULFIL YOUR DESIRES. You see - on the higher level - this house is therefore considered as the house of desires. And the ancient seers and sages were not just astrologers but were also highly spiritual mystics! And so they were perfectly aware that it is DESIRES that eventually lead the soul into the unending cycle of births and rebirths and sufferings and miseries and therefore the made a note in their scriptures stating - 11th house as one of the KILLER HOUSE (MARAK HOUSE) in the birth chart.

SATURN in the house of desires does not stop or deny the fulfilment of desires - but Saturn regulates the domain of desires - meaning not all desires are fulfilled - as Lord Saturn puts certain restrictions to the native’s desires, the native is compelled to drop his or her desire.

Many natives with Saturn 11 - face issues with children or generally are blessed with only daughters and not sons. In fact the most interesting part is that by chance even if they are blessed with son - still they don’t get any happiness from their son but only from their daughter.

Whenever I talk about Saturn or share about Saturn - one thing comes prominently before me and that is ATTACHEMENT! And that reminds me of a story - a true incident that happened when Jesus was a small child.

It happened - Jesus was small child - must be 6 yrs old. And he was visiting a Jewish temple with his father and mother. After a while, Jesus was lost somewhere in the crowd, so they tried and tried to search for little Jesus but they couldn't. Finally in the evening, they could find him. He was sitting with some scholars, and he was just a child, and he was discussing with them things about the unknown. So his father said " Jesus, what are you doing here? We have been worried about you the whole day."

Jesus said," Don't be worried about me. I was looking after my father's business."

The father said, "I am your father - and what type of business are you looking after here? I am a carpenter."

And Jesus said, " My father is there up in the heaven. You are not my father."

And this is not the only incident where we see Jesus in the state of detachment - there is one more incident - a very beautiful incident but only a meditative being can truly understand the significance of it - the rest cannot.

It happened - Jesus had returned to Jerusalem after spending many years outside Jerusalem. It is said that Jesus spend many years in the Himalayas and there have been many books revealing his visits to Kashmir and how Jesus was inspired by the teachings of Buddha - that is why we find many similarities between Buddhism and Christianity - in fact there are books written on these similarities! So Jesus had arrived to Jerusalem as an enlightened man - a man of many miracles and many people had started following Jesus - and one afternoon Jesus was standing and sharing his thoughts with the people of Jerusalem when someone came rushing towards Jesus and said “Jesus, your mother is waiting outside, and the crowd is so large she cannot come in, and she want to see you."

Jesus said " No one is my mother. Tell that woman, no one is my mother." - Now this may sound rude and hard to your ears. But Jesus cannot be rude and cannot be hard. But sometimes truth is rude, truth is hard. And Jesus cannot lie, he is right: "No one is my mother."

Always remember - and I specifically say this to only those few of my genuine followers and readers who have a certain depth of understanding - always remember - SPIRITUALISM BEGINS ONLY WHEN YOU COME OUT OF THE WOMB OF YOUR MOTHER AND FATHER. Until you remain attached to your mother and father - you cannot come to the master, you cannot surrender to the master! Jesus puts it very clearly and bluntly - because the REAL MASTER is always blunt - he has nothing to hide and there is absolutely NO AGENDA. And so Jesus says “If you want to become my disciple - you have to hate everyone - you have to hate your father and mother and everyone.”

An ordinary shallow man or a shallow reader may not understand a single word of Jesus - he may distort the whole meaning and imply that which is not the real meaning.

Jesus is simply giving a message - that until you remain ATTACHED to your people - to your relatives - to your father and mother - you cannot truly surrender to me - and unless you surrender to me - how can I make you my disciple?

How deep and how beautiful is this - only a true spiritual seeker can relate - others cannot.

Remember the Mahabharat War? What Krishna says to Arjuna - Krishna says “Shoot Arjuna - the man standing before you is not your grandfather but enemy of DHARMA - don’t see Bhishma as your grandfather - drop all notions of relationships and remember that you have surrendered to ME - so follow my word - SHOOT your ARROW and KILL that old man - BHISHMA.”

Unless you disconnect yourself from RELATIONS and RELATIONSHIPS - you cannot truly listen to the word of the master - you cannot truly surrender to the master. Arjuna stands tall in the whole history of Mahabharata because of his immense devotion towards Krishna - because of his TOTAL SURRENDER to KRISHNA!

You cannot surrender to the master in totality until you ‘cut-off’ all the ties - that is why Jesus says “Hate everyone - only then can you come to me - only then can you surrender to me - and only then can you become my disciple.”

How beautiful is Jesus - and how beautiful is Krishna - people talk a lot about Jesus and Krishna - but how many have really understood the essence of Jesus or of Krishna - how many have truly resonate with their message - their word?

Saturn 11 should meditate on words of Jesus, words of Krishna - because too much of attachment only brings sufferings and miseries!

You can love your wife, you can love your husband, you can love your children - but who is asking you to get attached? But that is how the MIND is! The nature of the MIND is to cling - and a person who follows his or her mind - is always found to be attached - he thinks that it is only through attachment that you can love - in fact the shallow society and shallow people always see attachment as love which is one of the greatest blunder and which leads to many miseries!

Someday the child with whom you have been 'attached'- becomes an adult. He will fall in love with some woman. And then the mother suffer, a competitor has entered. But this is because of attachment. If a mother really loves the child - she will help him to be independent. She will help him to move in the world and to make as many love contacts as possible, because the more you love the more you are fulfilled. And when her child falls in love with a woman she will be happy, she will dance with joy. Such a mother is the most beautiful mother - she understand that LOVE has NOTHING do with attachment but has more to do with detachment.

And what a beautiful co-incidence that I am talking about the unconditional motherly love - the detached motherly love - and that is exactly what Saturn 11 woman should understand because Saturn 11 casting its aspect on the 5th house of children makes you more inclined towards attachments with children - so be aware - love your child but when you love let it well up through the state of detachment and then there will be a dance - then the love between you and your child will rise to new heights and will remain intact forever! Because LOVE blossoms only in a FREE ENVIRONMENT and you can give FREEDOM to the person you love only when you remain DETACHED - only when you DON’T become possessive.

Generally Saturn 11 native has only one or two children - unless there are any supportive planets for having many children. In cases where you have only one child - you become too possessive of the child - and a time comes when the child starts suffocating - that is how many fathers and mothers suffers - not because of the child but because of their POSSESSIVENESS.

For a newly-married bride who has a Saturn 11 mother-in-law - it becomes a challenge because the her husband’s mother is too possessive of her son and that leads to many frictions between the newly-married bride and her mother-in-law!

Saturn 11 scales down the happiness of marriage. Native expects more and the native’s marriage partner is unable to satisfy the expectations of the native. However this doesn’t imply that Saturn 11 would file a DIVORCE. SATURN is a very traditional ethical and tolerating planet - social image, social obligation, marriage vows and promises - all of these means a lot to Saturn and so Saturn 11 generally never files a divorce - a temporary separation is possible but a legal separation is not possible and is beyond the nature of Saturn.

RAHU leads to DIVORCE mainly because either the native is cheating on his wife or the wife is cheating on her husband. Divorces caused by Rahu are generally due to extra-marital affairs.

Ketu also leads to DIVORCE but here - the case is little different. Here extra-marital affair is not the primary reason - the primary reason is not being satisfied sexually in marriage - or being ignored by the partner who always keeps himself busy and treats his wife as a ‘not so important person’. So the reasons for DIVORCE caused by KETU are bit more on the ‘mental’ level - it is less about cheating and more about not being compatible in thoughts, behavior and understandings.

Saturn is a very forbearing by nature - in our Indian context there is a beautiful word that captures this tolerating nature of Saturn - the Hindi/Marathi word is सोशिक. Have you ever visited the slum areas of your city? I have. I had a friend who lived in the slum area of Bhavani Peth in Pune. And he was not an ordinary friend - he was a great magician, and he was 20 years older to me - must be in his early 60s. We met accidently in a Dargah - and we became friends. He was a old man - and he had great respect for me - out of love - pure love. He always used to say to me “Addittya Bhai - you tell me if anyone cause you trouble - just give me his or her name and I will do the rest.” - I would always acknowledge his love - he was a simple man but very dangerous magician and highly expert in the art of black magic and spells! But he had a heart of humanity. He lived in a slum area but he was always found to be happy. People learn all sorts of things - what is important is for what purpose they use it! This man had saved many lives - one woman had gone in coma - he visited the hospital - did his small ritual and the woman came out of coma - and there were many such real incidents - the best part was he used to tell all of these real stories without having any ego whatsoever. Once he said “A young man was haunted - I helped him recover - today he has become a Union Minister!”

Many people would come and many people would also talk many abusive things to him - but he would remain silent - forbearing by nature - सोशिक! One day - he showed his birth chart to me - and you all will be surprised to know - 5 planets were exalted!

Exalted planet give good qualities - and not necessarily money!

I have many friends in the Police too - it happens - it always happens - one day my passport expired - as usual process - two policemen came for home address verification. And when they came - they came as ‘Policemen’- but by the time they left - they left as ‘my friends’. Because in that ‘gap’ - the time they were at my residence - the topic of verification was left behind - and I was discussing with them about their horoscopes! Touched - they left smiling, happy as ever!

Saturn loves the common man - Saturn loves the poor - Saturn loves all those who live in the slum areas because majority of them are forbearing by nature - सोशिक! You try to cause harm or you trouble those innocent men and women who are forbearing by nature - सोशिक - and you are taking a direct PANGA (confrontation) with Saturn! And then Saturn will ensure that you start spending sleepless nights - that is for sure!

Jesus loved the poor. In fact Jesus moved among the poor. That is the major difference between Jesus and Buddha! Buddha limited himself to a certain class of people - but Jesus was found more with the poor. And always remember - the challenge for Jesus to share the truth with people was more difficult than Buddha - because Jesus was the son of a poor carpenter while Buddha was the son of a King!

People will listen to you - when you belong to a rich family - a royal family - a family that has a certain authority! Buddha was the son of a King, Mahavira was the son of a King - so it had been a tradition of rich wealthy beings who renounce and become great saints - their word - their message was accepted by the masses - so far that was the tradition in India - but JESUS - JESUS was the FIRST POOR MAN to who declared to the world - “ I AM THE SON OF GOD”! That was a great revolution - a great rebellion because no poor man had ever dared to say “I AM THE SON OF GOD” - and so people of those times would wonder - that what does a poor man really has to RENOUNCE at first place? He is already poor - what is he going to renounce?

But shallow people forgot the fact that renunciation has nothing to do with wealth or power or status.

A poor man can renounce in the true sense than a wealthy man because even if a wealthy man renounces - he will have that subtle EGO within that “I HAVE RENOUNCE MY WEALTH, MY RICHES, MY MERCEDES, MY BMW, MY BUNGLOWS….and the list goes on and on” - yes, it is true that he has renounced all his wealth - BUT that is not the real renunciation - that is not what is going to make him a Buddha - it is only going to make him worse than he was! Your renunciation will fructify only when you have renounced your EGO and not just your WEALTH - remember this - this is very significant.

And then there are people who don’t do well in material life - they fail, they lose, they are frustrated because they are not able to do business - to do a good job and then they find the most easiest ESCAPE ROUTE - renunciation! Then they start spreading rumors about HOW MUCH THEY HAD and HOW MUCH THEY HAVE RENOUNCED! In reality they had NOTHING. Reminds me of a story - a real incident - there was a doctor - a homeopathic doctor - and those were the old day - people were not aware of homeopathy medicines and so his practice was not great. Very few patient would come and that too many of those patients would come for a nice chit-chat - the doctor was a good talker.

And then after a few years - one of his patient found him in Kolkata! And the doctor was not the same man - he had grown a long beard - there were many followers - and he also had established a small Ashram - and people were coming and touching his feet and then they all would talk with each other - they would address him as BABA - and then they would say “You know - BABA had millions and millions of rupees and so much of gold and then he renounced everything.” The old patient was shocked - because he was a good friend of the doctor and he was well aware that the doctor was struggling to have enough money to run his house! So you see this is how rumors' are spread - in reality the doctor who became BABA - was running out of money - and now he started this BABA BUSINESS and people are talking about how many millions he had and how he renounced everything! In reality he had only two hundred and sixty rupees in his bank!

TRUTH can move the ground beneath your legs. The old patient questioned the ‘doctor turned BABA’ - “ You are the same Homeopathic doctor?”

BABA said “ Don’t speak so loudly. I am no more a doctor.”

The old patient said “ You are the same. And what are your followers saying that you renounced millions of rupees? I know you had a few hundred in your account. You should simply say that you have renounced a few hundred rupees and not millions.”

The ‘doctor turned Baba’ looked into the old patient’s eyes and said “ Don’t speak so loudly - you will destroy my reputation.”

You see - this is how this whole MARKET OF FAKE BABA AND SANYASI has been running from the very beginning of time - the whole reputation is based on HOW MUCH YOU HAVE RENOUNCED! And so then the AMOUNT has to be BIG - in millions and in crores - when in reality these men and women didn’t even had a small car to drive!

But stories are cooked up so that the ‘reputation’ remains larger than life!

Saturn 11 is far better than Rahu 11 native. Saturn 11 native knows when to stop - but Rahu 11 native will simply go on expanding his network - many times Rahu 11 native feels exhausted because of his or her ‘obsession towards socializing and networking’ - in that context Saturn native is far better - because Saturn is authentic - real and loves to operate in a restricted, reserved manner.

Saturn 11 impacts the ‘programming’ of the native - the programming software (psychology/intelligence) of every individual is based on the quality of 5th house and 5th house lord. When Saturn 11 is strong and positive - then the ray of unique intelligence (programming software) is seen!

One of my personal favorite Saturn 11 native is Carl Jung. Carl was a great Swiss psychiatrist and psychoanalyst who founded analytical psychology. Jung's work was influential in the fields of psychiatry, anthropology, archaeology, literature, philosophy, and religious studies. Jung's thought was formed by early family influences, which on the maternal side were a blend of interest in the occult and in solid reformed academic theology. Carl Jung is widely known as the father of analytic psychology. But the most beautiful part of Carl Jung - is his spiritual perspective - his focus WITHIN and not on the outward!

Carl Jung is indeed one beautiful example of Saturn 11 - it is said that he was born on Aries Ascendant - on Aswini Nakshatra! Native born on Aswini Nakshatra (Aries Ascendant) is a happy carefree person. Such a person is very intelligent, you can say he or she is above average person. Generally succeeds in attaining their goal and financially they remain lucky as they never fall short of money. They are generally found to be modest in spite of being very successful - as success doesn’t go into their head - they remain grounded.

Carl was a spiritual man - and in one of his beautiful quote - he mentions the incident when Jesus calls the Jews “You are God” - Jesus is simply making the Jews realize that God is within them and not outside!

A brilliant spiritual man who is also respected as the father of analytic psychology. Carl Jung had Saturn 11 in Aquarius sign - a very apt and strong sign for Saturn to provide best results!

Many US Presidents, Actors and Scientists are born with Saturn 11 - as mentioned earlier - they never fall short of money - in fact in many cases they have more money than anybody else in their family or friend circles!

Always remember - Saturn does exceptionally well in 3rd, 7th and 11th house of the Ascendant chart.

Lastly - it is good to have a Saturn 11 friend - because they understand the significance of friendship - they remain attached to their friends! It is good to have friendship - but I would rather go a step ahead and say that is much better to be FRIENDLY than to have FRIENDSHIP!

Always remember - one who is close - is the one who can backstab you! One whom you believe to be the best friend can become your greatest enemy! It happened - it happened with Jesus too! Judas was very close to Jesus. In fact Judas was the only literate person out of the 12 Apostles of Jesus - and he was always around Jesus. And Jesus showered so much love on him - and yet why Judas betrayed Jesus? Why Judas sold Jesus to the Romans - for a few silver coins? What went wrong?

It happened that evening - when Jesus declared to all his followers - Jesus said “ Nobody is going to be my successor. I have not come here to create a dynasty. My kingdom is the other world - the Kingdom of God.” and when Jesus declared this - Judas was also present - and all his hope and all his ambition of becoming the successor to Jesus was broken with despair. He was standing just a foot away from Jesus - but after the declaration - the distance between him and Jesus seemed to have grown to thousand miles. That evening itself - out of anger - Judas informed the Romans about Jesus’s whereabout and the Romans captured Jesus and later crucified him!

You see - this is how it happens often - those who were close - go far away - they betray and those who were far come close, they stay - they remain loyal!

Always remember - that is the message for Saturn 11 natives - be more friendly - let there be more friendliness rather then getting entangled in friendships!

A wise man never falls in relationships or friendships - but that doesn’t mean he is not friendly! In fact only a Buddha can be truly friendly - when Buddha says “I don’t have friends” - he is right because when you have friends - you also are going to have enemies! Friendship is ‘attachment’ - relationship is also ‘attachment’ - and whenever there is attachment - there is bound to be ‘other’ side too! That is how only FRIEND becomes an ENEMY - only a lover can become an enemy - and that is how you see ‘husband’ and ‘wife’ fighting out in the courts for that one piece of paper called “Divorce Order”!

And so love - but love with detachment - make friends but don’t get into friendship - you can be friendly - to be friendly is always good - to relate with others is always good than to be in relationship. Life is all about ‘relating’ - life is all about being ‘friendly’ - but people are ruled by their MIND and the nature of the MIND is to CLING - and so people have been relating LOVE to ATTACHMENTS when LOVE has more to do with DETACHMENT!

Look at the master - the real master is like the lotus flower - rooted in the water (in this human world) but still above the water (detached)!

Be like a lotus flower - learn to live with detachment - nobody is stopping you from socializing and nobody is stopping you from experiencing LOVE - but while you do so - always remind yourself - always observe consciously on whether you getting attached - whether you are getting entangled - because that is how people get stuck - and then once they are stuck - they remain stuck!

The only way to get going is to start living your life in a Let Go. You can Let Go when you start becoming detached. And you can become detached when you start moving away from your monkey mind! The nature of the mind is to wander - the nature of the mind is to cling - but you must realize through your own self-effort (meditations) that you are NOT the mind - says Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi!

And to Saturn 11 - Let go the attachments to your friendships and Let go the attachments to your children - just live in a Let Go and then you will start feeling lighter - then there will be a dance, a song to your life!

Meditate every day and learn to live your life in detachment - that is how you can overcome the clinging nature of Saturn 11 by Letting Go!

Go out into the wide, open spaces of nature. When you take it all in – the unending horizon, the whispering wind, the swaying trees – you find that it’s all a dance! If you just ‘let go’ for some time, you will feel that everything is constantly celebrating life, dancing around you.

Let-Go – and dance Your Way to God!

Don’t take life too seriously - sing, dance and just go with the flow of this beautiful journey called ‘life’!

Jai Shri Ganesha. Jai Guru.

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