Venus is not directly related to sex but the Goddess of love. Being a romantic planet, it is well-known for recreation sources, dance, music, and beauty. It is also a morning star and can be seen easily in the northern direction in the early dawn. It actually rules pleasure of life, what we value, and sentiments. As described by Addittya Tamhankar in his books, blogs, and various podcasts, it is precisely clear that beauty, charm, and grace all ruled by Venus. Addittya Tamhankar once again enlightens us with his ever green wisdom blogs on Venus in Astrology. His predication actually comprises nature of planets and deep observation of houses. In fact, his followers and fans always wait for his latest releases. Tune in to your favourite Author - Addittya Tamhankar's blogs and learn more about planet Venus in Astrology.   

Dec 17, 2018
Black Magic is related to Venus or Rahu?

Black magic. AGHORI. VOODOO SPELL. WITCHCRAFT. In life, negative people use all sorts of ‘tools’ to attain their goal of causing harm t...

Mar 03, 2019
Who is the common friendly planet for both Jupiter and Venus in Astrology?

A damsel sexy model. And a holy divine priest. And you are asking who can be a common friend of these two opposite polarities. Rahu &ndas...

Feb 14, 2019
When Venus is in the 8th house what gemstone remedy is recommended?

It is a strange world. Man and woman sleep together and when the honeymoon is over they remember the astrologer! Then they rush to the astrologer a...

Jan 01, 2018
Can a Scorpio ascendant with Moon and Venus in the 9th house wear a Pearl Gemstone?

When everything is in harmony – why you want to cause a disturbance? And this is the greatest tragedy of the human world. People wa...

Feb 02, 2019
How is Venus in the 12th house?

Venus is not sex. Venus is pure love – but for reproduction – sex is required – and for sex – you need a certain energy &nd...

Mar 03, 2018
How is Venus and Mercury in 9th house?

This idea of ‘exalted’ planets creates an illusion among many. Do you know – that the most popular personalities – across a...

Nov 02, 2018
What will be the effects of Venus and Rahu in Cancer in the 9th house for a Scorpio ascendant?

Much has to be done, much has to be experienced, much has to be earned. The word ‘Much more’ is what RAHU is all about! And s...

Mar 21, 2018
How does Venus acts in Shatabisha Nakshatra ruled by Rahu?

Depends on the quality of RAHU in the horoscope. Such a man or woman has out-of-the-way ideas about love, sex, and relationships. An Aquarius venus...

Jun 05, 2020
Does astrology match matter in marriage?

It is said that ‘marriages are made in heaven’. Now nobody has really gone to heaven to check if this is true. Those who have been divo...

Sep 25, 2019
Is a Pisces woman compatible with an Aries man for marriage?

Venus is LOVE. Venus is not SEX. SEX is MARS. Signs of Mars are more SEXY. Men who belong to the signs of MARS have more sexual drive the...

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