Spirituality has become of the significant topics to people these days. It is a search for something sacred that encourages individuals to be optimistic and positive, which may be expressed in many of our life practices. People approach the realm of spirituality through personal reflection, yoga, meditation, and religion. Do you know spiritual blogs strive people toward a life with better quality and consider personal growth? Because spiritual people tend to be more inquisitive, that is why one of the bestselling Indian authors Addittya Tamhankar brings a series of spiritual blogs. It is a special collection of blogs that enlighten you and motivate you to meditate every day by turning inwards. For all those who are looking to have a deeper understanding of spirituality in detailed then Addittya Tamhankar spiritual blogs are for you.

Jul 27, 2020
What connects you to SUCCESS?

  There was a young man. He also had a question - but his question was a little philosophical - you see. He wanted to know GOD - he ...

Jul 27, 2020
What leads to your birth in a specific family?

Birth happens. How it happens? What leads to your birth in a specific family? What is a family? Family is a group of souls that...

Jul 27, 2020
Observe without observing

Have you observed anytime - the pace of your breathing? Observe closely - when you are in lust - the breathing is heavy - very heavy, when you are ...

Jul 21, 2020
I am trying to change the woman I love - can she change for good?

She will never change. And this is what we all try to do - we all want to CHANGE the other person and that is the greatest mistake - the greatest i...

Feb 03, 2020
Why does Astrology and Karma seem so important in the lives of Hindus?

A Man of Awareness - irrespective of whether he is HINDU, MUSLIM, BUDDHIST or CHRISTIAN - understands the immense importance of KARMA. ...

Jul 03, 2020
How to overcome low confidence & negativity?

Confidence comes when you focus on the SELF. SELF is represented by the SUN. SUN is the source of consciousness - the greater the conscio...

Sep 09, 2019
What exactly is this thing called - Job? And does it lead to happiness?

There are many dimensions to this wonderful question that you have asked. JOB helps you earn your living – BUT at the same time &nd...

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