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Jul 27, 2020
What connects you to SUCCESS?

  There was a young man. He also had a question - but his question was a little philosophical - you see. He wanted to know GOD - he ...

Jul 27, 2020
What leads to your birth in a specific family?

Birth happens. How it happens? What leads to your birth in a specific family? What is a family? Family is a group of souls that...

Jul 27, 2020
Observe without observing

Have you observed anytime - the pace of your breathing? Observe closely - when you are in lust - the breathing is heavy - very heavy, when you are ...

Jul 21, 2020
I am trying to change the woman I love - can she change for good?

She will never change. And this is what we all try to do - we all want to CHANGE the other person and that is the greatest mistake - the greatest i...

Feb 03, 2020
Why does Astrology and Karma seem so important in the lives of Hindus?

A Man of Awareness - irrespective of whether he is HINDU, MUSLIM, BUDDHIST or CHRISTIAN - understands the immense importance of KARMA. ...

Jul 03, 2020
How to overcome low confidence & negativity?

Confidence comes when you focus on the SELF. SELF is represented by the SUN. SUN is the source of consciousness - the greater the conscio...

Sep 09, 2019
What exactly is this thing called - Job? And does it lead to happiness?

There are many dimensions to this wonderful question that you have asked. JOB helps you earn your living – BUT at the same time &nd...

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