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Feb 09, 2019
Can Ketu give huge fame and wealth?

For Ketu – Fame is Foolish. For Jesus – Fame is useless. For Buddha – Fame is a nuisance. But who is willing to listen to the tru...

Sep 15, 2019
What role does KETU play in human life and how it contributes to spiritual life?

KETU is ZERO. KETU is SHUNYA (शुन्य​) – Ketu is a Nobody. And yet Ketu can get you to Everbody. ...

Sep 18, 2018
Which is the worst house for Ketu?

The doctor is never harmful else he would not have been a doctor! The Master is never malefic – else he would never have been a Master. The Y...

May 04, 2018
How worshiping Lord Ganesha can help you to benefit from Ketu and Mercury?

Lord Ganesha is the only God that has NO HUMAN HEAD. Lord Ketu is the only entity in the whole gamut of astrology that has NO HUMAN HEAD....

Aug 07, 2018
What happens when Ketu is with Moon?

KETU is a healer. And so KETU + MOON is NOT a Vishyog – it is a SHIVYOG! ...

Sep 12, 2018
What are the effects of Ketu in the 10th house?

Ketu is no nonsense. Ketu is pure consciousness. Ketu is being ‘still’ – Ketu is the source of meditation – Ketu is not med...

Mar 02, 2018
What will be the effects of the Sun and Ketu in the 7th house?

KETU is Shri Ganesha! And so SUN KETU – is simply an indication from Lord Ganesha to drop your EGO – and to realize your ‘self&rs...

Apr 03, 2020
How is this situation of Pandemic going to shape up in coming times? And does Ketu has anything to do with the Virus?

Ketu has absolutely nothing do with the VIRUS. Virus is physical. It is a living organism. It is a reality ...

Jun 24, 2020
What will happen when Ketu is in the seventh house?

This is a good question. I liked it. And I also like Ketu. Only a man of awareness can like Ketu, can love Ketu. And this is of significance, but o...

Jun 24, 2020
What are the effects of Ketu in the sixth house?

Ketu is not bothered. Let this be very clear, Ketu is simply not bothered. For a meditating man - Ketu is a blessing in disguise. A lot of noise on...

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