Addittya Tamhankar

Astrologer & Bestselling Author of “How to Overcome Rahu” & “Why Ketu Can Heal” - Addittya Tamhankar shares his unique thoughts, knowledge through his website. This is a special SPACE where his sharing is made available to his over 15000+ unique followers. Addittya Tamhankar is also Alumni of IIM - the prestigious management institute of India. He has also authored five internationally acclaimed books. Currently he has two bestselling books on his name. To avail his consultations which is highly spiritual by nature — schedule an appointment.

Rahu in Moola Nakshatra

DHARMA (Righteousness) – is the essence of Moola. Moola born natives are religious by nature. However the definition of ‘Religion’ differs and is very subjective. To natives existing at the base level of consciousness – religion means following a certain dogma, certain rules, certain customs and traditions. However natives whose consciousness has evolved …

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What to do in Rahu Mahadasha? Which gemstones to wear?

RA is SUN. HU is the SHADOW. RA-HU is a state of being in which AWARENESS (SUN) is SHADOWED by INTENSE DESIRES that eventually cause IGNORANCE (RAHU). This IGNORANCE then leads to SELFISHNESS, SELFCENTEREDNESS leading to a man or woman who just crush all those who come between them and …

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