Astrological guide for buying a new laptop

Every BRAND reflects a certain Number. This Number signify a certain planet (nature of energy) in Astrology.

Yesterday Mohan came. He said “ I am caught up in confusion….”

I asked “What is the confusion?”

Mohan is a tech savvy person, highly educated with a computer degree from a reputed university. But he said “I want to buy a Laptop – but I am really confused on which one to buy. I have seen hundred of laptop review videos on YouTube but still the question remains – which one to buy?”

I said “Buy any laptop that has the configuration that suits your requirement….”

Mohan said “Almost every Brand has models having similar kind of configuration. And so it is not about configuration; it is more about the BRAND – which Laptop Brand is lucky for me? I have been using DELL laptops all these years but now I want to switch to some other brand, but which brand is suitable for me – astrologically?”

And this is a deep question. In fact, it connects to many levels of astrology but always remember – no matter how BIG a BRAND is – you have to first see if it suits you – astrologically!

Now let us discuss the top laptop BRANDS that currently we have in Indian markets:

  1. DELL
  2. HP
  3. ACER
  5. ASUS

Mohan always had severe problems in life because of his RAHU placement in the 4th house. So any brand that signify RAHU – is not suitable for Mohan.

Similarly to all my close followers and readers – I insist that first check RAHU’s placement in your chart. Whenever RAHU is in:

  1. First house
  2. Fourth house
  3. Fifth house
  4. Eighth house
  5. Twelfth house

… should NEVER buy a BRAND that signify RAHU in Astrology.

However whenever RAHU is in:

  1. Second house
  2. Third house
  3. Sixth house
  4. Seventh house
  5. Ninth house
  6. Tenth house

… can buy a BRAND that signify RAHU in Astrology.

Who should buy HP & ASUS?

So now let us see which top LAPTOP Brands signify RAHU in Astrology:

  1. HP – RAHU
  2. ASUS – RAHU

So only those individuals who has a good placement of RAHU in their birth charts should buy HP Laptops & ASUS Laptops.

Individuals who have problems from RAHU in their birth chart should NEVER buy the above two brands.

Who should buy DELL & LENOVO?

Those individuals who have good placement of VENUS in their birth chart should buy any of these two laptop brands.

VENUS is good when placed in:

  1. Second house
  2. Third house
  3. Sixth house
  4. Seventh house
  5. Tenth house
  6. Eleventh house

So if you have your VENUS placed in any of the above house of your birth chart then just go- ahead and buy a DELL or LENOVO laptop. Because both these brands signify Venus in Astrology.

Who should buy ACER?

Only those fellows who have excellent placement of MOON in their birth charts.

Moon is good when placed in:

  1. Fourth house
  2. Fifth house
  3. Ninth house
  4. Twelfth house

So when you have your MOON placed in the above house of your birth chart then go-ahead and buy ACER Laptops.

Nowadays almost every Laptop Brand comes with similar kind of configurations – so you just have to check which BRAND is astrologically suitable – just the way Mohan was trying to find out.

However the story doesn’t end here…..picture abhi baaki hai mere dost😊

Now comes the LEADER of all LAPTOPS – the APPLE of all LAPTOPS: The Apple Macbook

APPLE is indeed a wonderful company whose founder – Steve Jobs was a highly spiritual person. In his early twenties – Steve Jobs had come all the way to meet the divine spiritual master – NEEM KAROLI BABA – however Baba had taken Samadhi a year before Steve arrived at Vrindavan Ashram. Steve and his friend stayed at the Ashram for a few days after which he left for USA. And then began his journey – when he established the Apple company and started working from a garage. The impact of Neem Karoli Baba was quite deep on Steve and he made APPLE as the Logo of the company – simply because the favorite fruit of Neem Karoli Baba was Apple!

The founder of Apple – Steve Jobs was spiritual by nature. In fact, Steve’s Rahu was in Moola Nakshatra. Rahu’s Nakshatra placement is of great significance – MOOLA is a highly spiritual Nakshatra! And look – the Brand Name: Apple signify number 7! Number 7 is the number of KETU! That is why many sports persons consider the number 7 – as Lucky 7!

Apple Brand also signifies the number 7. No doubt it has been a lucky charm for many people across the globe.

However – as mentioned earlier, no matter how BIG a BRAND is – you have first check whether the BRAND is suitable and lucky for you – astrologically.

So although anybody can buy any brand – and anybody can buy Apple brand – still one should definitely buy APPLE LAPTOP if his or her Ketu is in the:

  1. First house
  2. Fifth house
  3. Eighth house
  4. Ninth house
  5. Twelfth house

If you are having a dominant KETU in your horoscope – then you should just get a APPLE brand laptop without thinking too much.

Too much thinking is a poison that kills your happiness, and steals your peace of mind. Stop thinking too much. Get out of your head and get into your HEART. Think Less and FEEL MORE.

RAHU blocks you in your HEAD.
KETU sets you FREE from your HEAD so that you can start FEELING the VIBES – you can start LISTENING to what your LIFE is saying. It is only when LISTEN to the voice WITHIN you that you no more remain frustrated – you no more remain angry at life.

On one side is the RAHU BRANDS:
On the other side is the KETU BRAND:

Interestingly, from medical astrology perspective – RAHU gives birth to ACIDITY. Whereas KETU pacifies ACIDITY. APPLE – the name Apple signify KETU and medical fraternity says that Apple pacifies ACIDITY!

You see – how interesting Astrology can be! Only if you are a man of heart – you can understand the true essence of Astrology. Always remember – Heart is the source of intelligence – and intelligence is superior to intellectualism. Intellectualism is of the HEAD – but The Intelligence is of the Heart! When Head starts listening to the HEART – intelligences is born!

The question that Mohan asked was an intelligent one – because it doesn’t matter how BIG a BRAND is – what matters is whether it is BIG for you – meaning suitable for you – astrologically!

Which color of Laptop is suitable for you – astrologically?

When selecting a brand new laptop – be careful of the color you choose. Which color to choose? That must be your next question.

And the answer is simple. Truth is always simple. God is always simple. Love is always simple. And so the answer is – choose SILVER if your Moon is positive and placed in 1st, 4th, 9th, 12th house. Choose BLACK or GRAY shade if your Moon is weak or not placed in 1st, 4th, 9th, 12th house. If your Moon by any chance is placed with KETU or MARS – then you should never buy any electronic products, car or bike having SILVER color. Always remember – chose wisely.

It is only when you bring more awareness to your being that you will start making the right choices in life. Our Mohan is always focused on raising his awareness so that he can make good choices in life.

One afternoon, after seven days – I received a call – and it was Mohan. Happy and satisfied – he said “ Guruji I have finally got my new laptop. Thank you so much for your help, I am blessed to have met you – and now I can restart my work on my new Laptop – with peace and joy! More strength to you – as always!”

Mohan got a brand new Lenovo Laptop – his Venus is well placed and just look how certain aspects of life are connected astrologically – his old laptop was DELL (which signify Venus- 6) and his new laptop LEVOVO also signify Venus – the number 6!

Indeed Mohan is a Venusian man – always light-hearted, always honest, always grateful and always faithful!

You too can get a suitable brand for yourself – all you need is to focus on what lies beneath and then you can find your brand!

Remember – BRANDS should not influence YOU. YOU should select your BRAND based on what suits you – astrologically, because every BRAND carries a certain VIBRATION – whether those Vibration suit you or not, is something you need to find out before you swipe your debit card!

This sharing is specifically for my close followers and readers – others can ignore.

Always remember – when you walk with the Master – everything starts appearing crystal clear – the way appears as you keep walking with the Master. Whenever you have a doubt – remember your master and keep walking….and the way will appear when the time is right. TRUST in HIS Timing, TRUST in HIS Process.

The masters says “You don’t know what I am doing NOW – but later you will.”

Love to all my followers, readers and fellow travellers – keep walking, and when you walk – let your FAITH become LARGER than you FEAR.

Stay blessed and remember to meditate every day.

Always Love. Because Love is Fearless in the midst of the sea of fear!

Reminds me of Rumi – when he thanks God – for it is through the Light of God Consciousness that he self realizes the significance of – Love!

Love. ❤️

Jai Shri Ganesha. Jai Guru.



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