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Addittya Tamhankar is based in Pune, India and is a celebrity astrologer, internationally published author, spiritual coach, and motivator. His internationally acclaimed book “Gift of Consciousness” is available worldwide on Amazon sites. One of his BESTSELLER – “How to Overcome Rahu” – is now available on Amazon and Flipkart. His recently published book – “NO MIND”  is a unique book on Spirituality and is must read book for spiritual meditation practitioners. “NO MIND” is also available on Amazon and Flipkart.

Addittya Tamhankar has also authored one of the best book on KETU - "Why Ketu Can Heal" - the book has recently become a bestseller.  Addittya believes in the Buddhist concept of "TATHATA" (Acceptance) and his latest published book "BEAUTY OF ACCEPTANCE" is now made available across all international AMAZON sites.

Addittya is also one of the TOP PODCASTER with an extensive listing of his inspiring informative engaging podcasts on Google Podcast and Apple Podcast Channels.

With his deep astrological insights, Addittya has been addressing the various problems and challenges that one encounters in life. Addittya believes in the power of possibility and works around to bring that positive change. Addittya provides Astrology Consultation on a case-to-case basis. He believes that only those who have unwavering faith in their heart can find the real answers to their problems. His astrology consultation is purely spiritual in nature and is exercised solely for the benefit of the people.

By Profession –

  • Internationally Bestselling Author of five books based on spirituality and astrology
  • Practicing Astrologer and Numerologist (consulted people across various geographies and from all walks of life)
  • An innovative leader, executive coach & experienced counselor with strong motivational mentoring and deep spiritual focus
  • IT Software documentation specialist & consultant
  • Enthusiastic Entrepreneur

Addittya is a highly experienced and internationally traveled professional, with an MBA from the prestigious IIM (Indian Institute of Management), and Masters in English, and an Advanced Diploma in Software Multimedia Technology. Addittya hails from a spiritual family of astrologers. He has been ever contributing his extensive knowledge of Astrology and spiritual experiences to the betterment of the people, and his friends and family. Addittya has often been listed as the most viewed writer in Jyotish on Quora. He also has a huge following on Quora and LinkedIn.

With a good fellow following, Addittya has been truly a motivating guide for people from all walks of life and continues to be a motivating guide for people across the globe.

Addittya believes that with deep spiritual practice and meditation – the solutions to all our miseries can be found. From last 18 years, Addittya has been consulting people through his deep spiritual insights and coaching people across the globe to live life with more and more awareness. Addittya lives his life with the deep self-realization that: “God is the creator and I am his humble servant.”

For Addittya - Astrology is beyond mathematical calculation. As he says often that  "That the real astrology begins when all mathematcial calculations end."  And so he is very selective when it comes to consulting. All his consultations are strictly by appointment.

People come and people go. Someone today is a friend - tomorrow becomes a stranger. Situations change, people change, the MIND is always changing - the nature of the mind is to change! What remains STILL - is the SELF. One who is meditating - is coming closer to the SELF, overcoming the MIND - and then he or she is no more dependent on who turns what. The external factors won't affect him anymore - because he is no more focused on the outside - he is turning inward - focusing on the SELF.

In real-life -the human being is also like a gemstone! Because just the way NO GEMSTONE is perfect - similarly NO human being is PERFECT! Life becomes a misery when we chase for perfection. And the same life becomes a garden of bliss when we focus on BEING TOTAL. Totality is possible. Perfection is impossible.

A man of awareness will NEVER compromise. He is aware - he has experienced the TRUTH - he has felt it - he has lived it - he will never compromise. Only a man who has absolute no experience, will compromise, he is still 'figuring out' - he still caught up in his 'mind' and the mind can never let you experience the TRUTH - the mind always keeps you 'busy' in many thoughts that have nothing do with the reality - the truth.

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