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Astrology is the light of consciousness. The greater the consciousness, the greater is the understanding of astrology.

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"A real guru is the one who liberates us and with whom we are in deep love, faith, and reverence. A guru is a presence. Through him one gets the first glimpse of divinity." - Osho The significance of the benevolent master - the Guru is beyond the power of expression....
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It is always a pleasure to provide consultation to those who deserve it. Addittya Tamhankar through his deep spiritual insights and astrology expertise provides consultation on matters related to the following aspects of life:

  • Marriage 
  • Relationships
  • Family affairs
  • Career
  • Business
  • Children
  • In-laws
  • Spiritual guidance
  • Personal counseling
  • Start-up Businesses

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Addittya Tamhankar
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Touched by the many beautiful emails that I receive from you on daily basis, I now present you all with a collection of answers through my blogs. Read my blogs, delight yourself, enlighten yourself and stay blessed.

30 Apr

What are the signs of a STINGY person - from astrological perspective?

A stingy person is a burden to our planet - Mother Earth. But the larger question is why a certain man or woman is so stingy? Low income is NOT the answer - because I have met people who have had large hearts and who would NOT think even twice when it comes to spending money f...

29 Apr

How to see astrologically whether a person is large-hearted or not?

Nobody has become poor by GIVING! But to GIVE - you need to HAVE. And you always have a heart that beats with love and compassion! A compassionate heart touches millions of lives. Everybody has a heart - but not everybody has a LARGE HEART. And because not everybody ...

27 Apr

What is the difference between aspects and conjunction of planets? And what are the positive conjunctions of planets?

Conjunction is Marriage of two energies coming together. If these two energies share a common bond — if their essence ( Tatva) is in harmony then such conjunction or marriage proves beneficial for the native. Mercury Venus or Jupiter Mars or Sun Mars or Jupiter Sun are some of the...

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